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Dolphins decline to play tag

Last season the Dolphins made Randy Starks their franchise player. The Dolphins also used their franchise tag on a tackle in 2011 when they used it on Paul Soliai.

So former general manager Jeff Ireland used the franchise tag twice in the last three seasons -- both times on a defensive tackle.

Change is afoot, folks.

This year new GM Dennis Hickey had the chance to use the tag on either of the two DTs because both pending free agents hit the market and he declined to use it on either.

The Dolphins indeed did not use the franchise or transition tag on any player Monday.

So the Dolphins won't be guaranteeing a huge sum of money on either of their tackles and that seems to be a plus. But that plus has the potential to backfire if the Dolphins lose both their interior defensive line veterans when free agency begins.

That possibility now exists because the team must lock up either Starks or Soliai before March 11 when free agency begins.

The Dolphins continue discussions with both players, according to a league source. But those talks have not advanced to the point a signing is imminent.



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Jarius Byrd new Dolphins starting safety, Eh?

The corner deal was good for both sides. Now we can turn our attention to Randy and Paul. I say Starks is more valuable because he can play outside or inside.

They could easily lose 2 more top players. YIKES!

I'm glad we re-signed Brent Grimes; however, the secondary needs another addition. Hopefully, FS Jarius Bryd who's a great ball hawk.

Paul Soliai and Randy Starks took critical games off last year--especially against Tampa Bay and Buffalo where they ran all over the defense.

Time to move on from them and look at Red Bryant or someone else. As for Wheeler,? I honestly don't know what to do with him...perhaps another chance but he takes stupid 15 yrd penalties that kill the defense.

sign vick!!!! he would hit that deep ball 99% of the time nd let him nd thill complete..albert is going to be a cornerstone left tackle.. pair shields with grimes! if we let both tackles leave,, we definitely should pay byrd...its a deep draft a lotta vslue. cut wheeler nd move jordan to that linebacker position..if we make these moves,, we will be very dangerous

It's all Obama's fault.

Salguero get back to your cubicle at THE HERALD,oh my bad I forgot they knocked it down to build a casino for the Japs.From now on I AM IN CHARGE and I will RID THIS FRANCHISE of its diseased parts wherever they may be stay tuned fans its gonna be a hellava ride.

Eugene Monroe would be my first choice at LT, even if it requires a huge contract. He is a much better run blocker than Albert and alot younger too. Albert is a very good pass protector, but the running game needs all the help it can get.

Someone actually said "Sign Vick" on an earlier post...HA! Can you say "past his prime"!

I believe we are all curious to see how Tannehill performs in Lazor's new offensive scheme...including a rebuilt O-line and if were lucky we draft a REAL feature RB.

still need
a qb ©

@ 2 watt. no we don't you dumby, tannehill will be top 5 in few years.


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Mr. Roarke nice name where did that derive from a walrus?

Has Philbin been fired yet?

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Delmas or byrd is an upgrade over chris "im always around the ball but cant get an interception" clemons

It's all Obama's fault.

Posted by: gary | March 04, 2014 at 07:05 AM

Obama is blaming Bush.....

Whatever happened to nobdoy will want to sign here? Signed Grimes to the exact contract he deserved.. no overpayment.

2 watt, you may not have a lot fo material this year...

wow, my typing is even worse when I'm working a weekend full of caribbean rum from my system....

2watt you need to trade mark, "still need a qb"

Funny how this becomes a ghost town when the Dolphins are doing good.


Do that and this is a Playoff team.

Get Mike Wallace a decent QB and we make the playoffs.

Signing Byrd will be to expensive. I would rather spend a 2nd or the #19 pick on a FS.

I would either sign Delmas or C.Clemons to an Average deal.

We already have 2 guys in the secondary making top dollar. Grimes and R.Jones.

You can't spend to much on any one area of a team.

i agree dashi. I spend 5 days on vacation, excited to come back and hear that Pouncey won't be moved or suspended, Grimes signed long term to a smart contract for both sides, and I'm pumped to be talking Dolphins and nobody is here.... weird.

By the way, the Dolphins better get a safety fast in free agency as the ones in this draft are pretty blah. A first on LMFAO or Pryor would be a poor choice it appears.

Delmas is good but injured often. We already have one of those in patterson.

For me, it's either Byrd or Clemons...

7th consecutive losing year coming up...


I expect that to happen a lot this season. It is easier to complain than to compliment.

They have been wrong about a lot of things recently. But don't expect them to have the integrity to admit they were wrong. Expect them to hide like they usually do.

I'm talking about the 3 Stooges.

Not the regular posters.

Mark we were all talking about it yesterday haha. I hope you had a good vacation.

Dashi makes a good point we already invested a bunch of money in Reshad Jones should we really be putting more into a safety?

Then again, a top 3 safety has hit the market and we have cap space, why not go for it?

I actually am one of the few who agrees with Mark. I like Clemmons over Delmas. Delmas is probably better at making impact plays, but is hurt often.



61 points? Big Deal, we had a 2nd year player score 50 for the Raptors already ... meh.

NeMo, I would love it if Hickey had a plan in place to fix the o line in free agency primarily, keep Big Paul and still have room for Byrd...as like you said - he is every bit as good as Earl Thomas or at least in the same vicinity.

But if it isn't possible and we bring Clemons back that works for me. I'm not big on the upper end of free safeties in the draft but a 6th round kid for North Carolina State in Dontae Johnson is very intriguing. He's a bit light but very explosive and atheltic and was very productive for the Wolfpack. he's got a 6th round grade so obviously he won't be an immediate starter but give him a year or two to develop and he may work out.

I like Byrd, but I feel he is to expensive for the dolphins. You should only have one Safety making a lot of money. The other guy should either be a guy in his rookie contract, or an Average Veteran Starter.

I agree, I don't see any real playmakers at Safety in this draft. I wouldn't spend any of my Top 2 picks on a Safety.

I would actually go into the season with J.Wilson and D.Jones battling it out at camp for the SS spot.

I believe Jimmy Wilson has played enough pro football that he won't be a big liability in coverage. And J.Wilson is a playmaker. And a decent tackler.

And Don Jones. Yes, he was a 7th rd pick last year. But anytime I have seen him play.He is making an impact. That guy wearing #36 laying people out on special teams? Don Jones. By the end of the year he was taking snaps away from C.Clemons.

D.Jones is also probably the most athletically gifted DB we have on the Team. 5'11" 200lbs 4.35-40 42" Vert 17 BP

He just went to a small college. With Coyle being the Secondary Dashi that he is. I expect D.Jones to be a player some day for the fins. Hopefully as early as this year.

Resign Clemons.

Anyone else besides me think the Dolphins can have any of the LT's on the market they want? I am so surprised the Ravens didnt franchise Monroe and the Raiders didnt franchise Veldheer. Great year to be looking for an LT. Even with Grimes we have 36 mill left. Not bad considering we signed one of our highest priced FA's

Even you still question Spo. And you are his fan.






Let the process work Starks no longer wants to be in miami , he flipped off coaches on Monday night football. If sola I will play for fair price resign him and draft or pick up another dt/ younger and cheaper no big deal. They need to fix online first before any big spending on defense. ILB and Saftey must be addressed but they actually have depth on saline if they add one player.

athletic oline please...

fins will be a running team. a dynamic running team, w swing passes & bubble screens. this will open the deep ball. our young RBs Miller, Gillislee, Thigpen will explode. Thomas for the late 4th.

Tannehill can scramble.

we'll control the clock.

we will win. again & again.

(someone woke up on the homer side of the bed!)


Bring back Clabo.

Let Starks and Solia. Pair Odrick with young DT.


This would be my free agency wish list. If Hickey could do this I think we would be in great shape going into the draft and could take best player available.

Re-sign Soliai

A franchise left tackle- Monroe, Albert, Veldheer in that order of preference for me.

A quality guard- I like Geoff Schwartz and Jon Asamoah from the Chiefs, they opened up a ton of holes for Charles and are both young.

Jarius Byrd- We would have a ton of money invested at safety, but I see him as the best player in free agency and a player that can change games. I could see him being our Earl Thomas and Jones being our Kam Chancellor.

I think we actually might have the money to pull all of this off since we are so far under the cap. If Hickey can get 2 or 3 of these done I will be happy. He is already off to a nice start getting Grimes back at a fair deal for both.

Bucs new unis, numbers look like a circa 1994 alarm clock. Just terrible.

The Phins need a beast LB more than they need a beast S. Solia is a human man eater but should be allowed to walk, unless he signs for a bargain barn discount. They can find a good DT to pair with Odrick and be just fine. DT should not be an area of this defense that eats up a lot of cap space.


That to me is the best idea. Draft a DT to pair with Odirck.

D-Line set for the next 10 years. O.Vernon and D.Jordan as DE, Odrick and A.Donald at DT.

Grimes was the only critical re-sign. That is why it got done.

Having the D-line Set, and the Secondary Set. Allows the Fins to concentrate on the only hole on this defense. LB!!

Dashi, what about Chancellor/Thomas? They are both expensive and very good. The problem may be that Jones is not living up to his contract.

Not worried about secondary after resigning Grimes. Let Clemons see he has little market then resign him too. The only other move is whether you think Patterson can stay healthy for most of a season. If so, move forward. If not, release and bring in decent vet to replace. 2 redshirted rooks will see lots of the field in 2014.

Dashi then correct, LB only D concern. And of course the coordinator, but yeah. So someone to push Wheeler to the sidelines. He may already be on the team. JJ.

Offense. FA LT, LG on team, Pouncey, FA RG, drfat RT and resign Clabo. Beast mode back that can block to push Thomas to sidelines, and a WR that actually makes the corner fade an efective play. Resign Keller but dont forget about Sims, he will be more known in 2014. Clay moves to more HB role as intended.

Do not resign Clemmons. He cannot make a play to save his life. He also takes the worst angle possible when trying to make a tackle, look no further than the last play of game vs Steelers. He was last man and was so pathetic at his attempt to make tackle I wanted him cut that day. Let DT's go as well. Much better DT's in FA. Why is Matt Moore still on this team? Trade him already.

Also, after 2 season I am tired of watching Thigpen return kicks and punts. Lets upgrade that position in the offseason. I shouldn't be yelling at him on game day to take a knee in the endzone because I'm tired of watching the O start drives betwen the 10 and 15.

Clemons was best S on team in 2013. Is that a compliment for him or an indictment of Jones? A bit of both I think. Philbin should have used TO on that last play. D was gassed and most were standing around, not ready. J Wilson missed a tackle, Rapeinberger threw a forward pass, Jones took the worse angle and Clemons was hung out to dry.

dashi ross never got anything right, maybe his 7th choice was actually the best choice

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 03, 2014 at 06:39 PM

+1. I'm always late to the party.
Ross has made so many questionable decisions. The Harbaugh thing may be the worst. Embarrassing.

Harbaugh has got the 9ers to 3 NFC championships in a row. The most embarrassing thing is the fact that the 9ers haven't extended him and are allowing stories of his future with that org to be spoken. But regardless, he isnt going anywhere.

Dashi, I'm with you on the prospects for Wilson and Jones ... smae reasoning I have with adding a late round guy in Dontae johnson - these guys may turn into something over time. I think Wilson is really valuable as our nickel guy though - he's very solid - probably our best since Cousins. I wouldn't want to take him away from that job. Donnie Jones though - he may work but he has to take the job away from a relaiable solid vet.

But in the end, if you have chance to add a talent like Byrd, you have to take a run at it.

But the emphasis should be in adding - not one bit two tackles.

liek rdubs said, it's a great market and we are armed with a heavy, heavy hammer. Go at it hard and take two of these guys. Monroe-Saffold, Albert-Saffold, whatever, make it happen.

deity is on a roll today my friends. Mississippi moon wont ya keep on shinin on me. Ol black water keep on rollin.

Dashi, I think Aaron Donald should be our #1 priority right now entering the draft. if he is on the board with our pick, it shouldn't take more than 3 secs for Roger Goodell to make the announcement.

Guy is everything I look for in a player. Terribly productive, good program, off the charts athleticism. Haven't seen a defensive player of this talent be rated so low in the first round since JPP.

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