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Dolphins decline to play tag

Last season the Dolphins made Randy Starks their franchise player. The Dolphins also used their franchise tag on a tackle in 2011 when they used it on Paul Soliai.

So former general manager Jeff Ireland used the franchise tag twice in the last three seasons -- both times on a defensive tackle.

Change is afoot, folks.

This year new GM Dennis Hickey had the chance to use the tag on either of the two DTs because both pending free agents hit the market and he declined to use it on either.

The Dolphins indeed did not use the franchise or transition tag on any player Monday.

So the Dolphins won't be guaranteeing a huge sum of money on either of their tackles and that seems to be a plus. But that plus has the potential to backfire if the Dolphins lose both their interior defensive line veterans when free agency begins.

That possibility now exists because the team must lock up either Starks or Soliai before March 11 when free agency begins.

The Dolphins continue discussions with both players, according to a league source. But those talks have not advanced to the point a signing is imminent.



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I agree with you completely on getting rid of Thigpen. Man he was awful on punt and kick returns..No spark.How many times did he let a punt bounce and let it roll back another 10 yards. Man that makes me mad!

Pairing Odrick with a quality vet like McDaniel and then drafting Donald if we can't get Soliai and/or Starks back would be great.

I'm not sure Donald will get to 19 though after he blew up the combine.

On an unrelated note WR is stacked in this draft. I could see 6 going in the first round: Watkins, Evans, Lee, Cooks, Beckham Jr., and Benjamin all have first round talent.


I believe Seattle can do that because they don't have to pay their CBs a lot. Wait til Sherman has to redo his contract. That would be the end to the Legion of Boom.


lets c
tpuke avg'd 3.5
pts the final 2 games
so it will take
tchoke 17 and a 1/2
games to reach 61

A.Donald was on my radar before the Combine. But after the combine I am impressed. And not just by his strength. But how quick he was. Plus, he isn't one of those guys that is 300lbs but 50lbs is Fat. A.Donald is built like a Tank.

The only problem with Donald is that he is short for the position. But that is it. He is Faster and Stronger than any linemen over 280lbs in this draft.

Chancellor is paid about 7 mil a year almost exactly what Jones is paid.

Earl Thomas only made 3.66 mil a year for the 5 years of his rookie contract. Quite a discount.

Sherman has been paid peanuts between 550k and 600k a year for his rookie contract.

I see both points from Dashi and Mark. We would have a ton of money invested in safety, but Byrd is such a good safety he might be worth it.

Coyle needs to find a way to get Jones back to his 2012 form, 2013 was a mess.

Agreed on Thigpen, better as a rb than KR, jacoby ford is out there....

NeMo, don't forget Allen Robinson of penn state, he's a deserved first round pick too. then the 2nd rounders are also first round talents especially in comparison to last year. Davonte Adams, Jordan Matthews, Martavis Bryant, and Robert herron also good stuff. I know this is going to be hotly contested but i think the best WR of them all is Brandin Cooks. Small for this class but elite speed, excellent upper body strength, very very productive, top shelf agility (think a bigger Desean jackson), and decent explosiveness. I'd take him in a second ...

dashi, as far as Seattle, yeah, they will have to blwo things up when Russell Gets his money and then they will suffer the Baltimore effect as Wilson hasn't proven he can carry a team and deserves 20% of your cap. SF will experience that now. kaep is purely average. Personally, I would have no problem telling him to hit the road. Even with matt Moore that team can win 12 games. Oh well, sucks to be them...


You know what my Top 3 Priorities in Free Agency are.. #1 LT, #2 RT, and #3 RG.

If we fix the O-Line in free agency, Hickey can blow the draft and we should still make the Playoffs.

By the way, NeMo, even if Donald is gone, team shouldn't trade up because RaShede Hageman would also be an excellent DT selection at #1. He would be an excellent run stuffer in a 4-3 and a perfect compliment to Odrick. Would be equally excited with either - just slightly different type of DTs.

Agreed Dashi on your offseason plan. And I'm old school in my approach for the draft. I don't look at the next season in isolation when wanting my pick. I look at the best players period. Even if you draft a position of strength, it allows you to jettison older more expensive players in a year or two. There is no downside in BPA. Free agency is for plugging holes.

Last year at 12, my best player was Sheldon Richardson. How good would that pick look now? A lot of people told me I was crazy. With that pick, we could've told Starks to take a hike last year and not have to put up with his greed and immaturity. Even if we had picked Richardson last year, I would still pick Donald this year. A three man rotation os Odrick, Richardson,a nd Donald would be how good? And you could play Odrick at DE on run downs. here, run on this!!!

behind LB play the main reason for run defense deterioration was taking Odrick away from DE.


Oh, How we are going to have the last laugh. All those proclaiming R.Wilson to be the next big thing are going to have to eat crow. Just like the Flacco Lovers.

Kaep is an Average QB. His major problem is he has Henne Arm. Kaep only throws the ball one speed, Laser. Doesn't matter if it is going 5yds or 50yds. Plus, Kaep can only make 2 reads max.

Yeah, lots of good D-tackles. I actually like Jernigan from Florida State too even though he had an average combine.

Nix is probably better suited as a 3-4 nose tackle, but could be a Soliai 1st and 2nd down type in a 4-3.

Lots of good players will be there at #19.

TannePuke cant hit the broadside of a barn more than 12 yds away. How come no one on the Dolphins noticed that BEFORE they drafted him?

All those proclaiming R.Wilson to be the next big thing are going to have to eat crow.

Posted by: Dashi | March 04, 2014 at 12:12 PM

Ya mean like you ate Crow for saying two time back to back NBA Champion Spo' couldn't coach?

Or for predicting 12-4 last season?

Or for getting busted on your bogus $1000 fund raiser dinner?

TannePuke = Another Irescum bust

I guess if you predict playoffs every single year like dashi boy does, one day he will be less than 1% right.

Remember how Dashi was a proud Ireland fan? Notice how Ireland's name hasn't even come up once even for a ball boy job.

Wilson has his head in way too many other areas ATM. He thinks he has arrived, and that is not a good thing for a player.


The Fins should've went 10-6. Which is what I had predicted, Dyckass.

$1000 isn't the most I have ever spent on a Dinner. Just the most I have spent on a plate. But keep hurting your feelings with my life.

Dashi told you it would be better for your own safety for you to believe that Dashi rides a bus to work and he is a janitor at an elementary school. You are one of those who can't accept that other people are better at life than you.

Now go shoot yourself. Dyckass.

If Marks comments bug you all that much. Don't read them.

Besides the quality players that will be FA this year, look for a lot of cap strapped teams to dump quality players simply because they are up against it.

The Fins should've went 10-6. Which is what I had predicted, Dyckass.

Now go shoot yourself. Dyckass.

Posted by: Dashi | March 04, 2014 at 12:22 PM

Do I detect some hostility? LOL

Hate to tell you, every fan says shoulda coulda woulda/ You coulda shoulda woulda been right, but you weren't LOL.

Could shoulda don't can't.

Your Dykass vocabulary is from where? The Santo Domingo finishing school? LOL

Dashi boy should say - he shoulda coulda been 95% right, but he was 98% wrong.

Just a question of semantics I guess.

The NBA is terrible right now, just terrible. And the good games that are played, well those teams don't even get a spot on TV.

STFU you Idiot.

Hostility? Ha!!

You are a Joke!! Nobody here takes you serious, Dyckass.

And give it a break. You are a Punk!! Who got bullied his whole life!! And you think that by jumping on a blog and changing your name every time you get scolded it will take away from your embarrassment that you have towards yourself.


Your lack of Self-Esteem shows when you ramble on about Dashi.

haha, dyckass!!!

That's for sure neMo, multiple time pro bowl talent will be there at 19, another reason why I cringe when people say the pick MUST be a lineman.

By the way, if the pick is going to be an o lineman at 19, and it isn't one of the three big LTs, it should be Xavier Sua-Filo, not Zach Martin, especially if we get our tackles in free agency. These ND guys worry me.

Sorry, but I do not see the Dolphins drafting a DT at #19 under any circumstances. Great, many of you did "your" due diligence, no matter all for naught.

Big Paul will be resigned, Starks walks. Remember, this same coaching staff begin 2013 starting "ODRICK" over Starks. IMO, it was a PREVIEW into the "MINDSET" to the future direction of this present coaching staff.

Far more likely than not, our 2014 starting DT's are Soliai and Odrick. So, temper your disappointment once March 11 arrives.

So go on with your insecure self and show us how bad of a Typepad Gangster you really are.

And repeat the same 5 Dashi insults. Like we expect to find it funny.

Again, it shows you weren't really good at insulting people. Cause in any social setting you will get ridiculed for repeating the same insults. You lame.

But you wouldn't know since I bet your self-esteem is so low you spent most your life socializing with yourself.

You don't think we notice how Jealous you are of the bloggers with Self-Confidence.

The Normal one here isn't you. It is OK to think Highly of oneself.

I agree, My Self-Confidence borders on arrogance. But that is my problem, not yours.

You have such low self-esteem you have contemplated suicide. By your own accord.

No need to eat up cap space on DTs. No reason at all.

haha, dyckass!!!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 04, 2014 at 12:35 PM

Please, MIT

Dashi needs no extra incentives to go all day long with "VERNACULAR" homophobic diatribe. Remember, with poop, comes stink.


Houghton Mifflin


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2.The everyday language spoken by a people as distinguished from the literary language.

3.A variety of such everyday language specific to a social group or region.

the vernaculars of New York City.

4.The idiom of a particular trade or profession.

in the legal vernacular.

5.An idiomatic word, phrase, or expression.

6.The common, nonscientific name of a plant or animal.


1.Native to or commonly spoken by the members of a particular country or region.

2.Using the native language of a region, especially as distinct from the literary language.

a vernacular poet.

3.Relating to or expressed in the native language or dialect.

4.Of or being an indigenous building style using local materials and traditional methods of construction and ornament, especially as distinguished from academic or historical architectural styles.

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a vernacular disease.

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with poop comes laughs! Well with me any ways

And Everyone has at one point or another has said, I wish I was dead. The difference is you spend hours thinking on how you would end yourself.

OK, that is the last time I will address any of the fool's comments today. Specially after the pounding -I just gave that Dyckass.

Back to Football...

"Specially after the pounding -I just gave that Dyckass."

Thats what Sam said. Too soon?


Teams eat "cap space" on DT' like it or not. HAVE TO HAVE THEM ON YOUR TEAM.



Mark, I like Sua-Filo too. Not impressed with Yankey from Stanford at all. Reminds me of another John Martin.

I think I like Zach Martin a little bit more than you. I don't think he's the sure fire pick at 19 if he's there though like a lot of the mock pundits do.

Sam, good theory. I think you might be right, I was just kind of theorizing the alternatives if they both walk.

As I mentioned earlier I would love if Hickey could

Get Soliai
Get a left tackle
Get a guard
Get Byrd

Then drafted BPA all the way through.

Having a rough day, Sam?

Why are you yelling at me bro? Calm down man. I understand a team must have DTs, just like they must have players at every other position. Very much disagree that you can't be a very good defense without a very good one on your team, very much disagree. It is a luxury, especially in this defense. LB much more important. You can also have a "good one" without paying him well if you draft a good one. Then, for 4 years, he is inexpensive. So again, I would rather focus a "chunk" of that cap money on another area in free agency other than DT. Thanks for your enlightened input though.

I must eat right because my chit don't stink.

NeMO, I don't dislike Zach martin, I just think it's a boring pick with little upside. Zach martin may be as good in year one as he is in year 7 - kind of like Pouncey.

I think Sua'Filo can make an intense mess in a zone blcokingn scheme and would be a better guard than martin - but it's close. Martin has the advantage of playing a good right tackle I guess.

I see the offseason approach same as you except I would rather get two tackles than 1 tackle and a guard. Either way, I would be happy.

Damn The Dolphins are lame. Now the names Philbin, Aponte, Garfinkel and Hickey dominate these message boards. At least Sparano and Ireland had cool names. Dork for an owner, dork for a GM, dork for a head coach, dork logo and uniforms, doek image, dork fans. Ross' Dolphins are in full effect. Only the no lifers with no pride are still interested in rooting for this garbage. Afraid of dealing with the withdrawal if they stop eating volumes of fat and sugar, and distracting themselves with football circuses. Phins are a heaping pile at this point. The team should just change its name and stop embarrassing what once was...


Oh, and by the by on guards. The guys in top two rounds i like are Sua'Filo, martin, and Gabe Jackson .. yes, Gabe Jackson. I know Mayock said he's purely a bulldozer but look at those feet in the shuttle and cone. he's an extremely agile big man and tonnes of explosiveness. yes, he will pull. may take him a little longer than martin or Sua'Filo but when he gets there, he's going to leave splatters that used to be linebackers.

You guys make me laugh on here you dont even talk football most of the time, you just insult each other. Anyways Dolphins Should FA: Andrew collins, Alex Mack, (move pouncey to guard)McKinney to RT and grab one of the guards from KC for other guard position, that would be good line and still have money left to grab Jaryius Byrd and Then drop Patterson or restructure his conctract and get Shields from GB. Then you can go BPA in draft. I like this idea, what do you all think.

Sam, on one side, you say no DT because we have a couple yet on the other said you must pay them and have them. Since you pay them, wouldn't it be extrememly prudent to draft Soliai's replacement for 2015 and say good bye to a $7m cap hit and use that money in free agency to plug a hole with an excellent vet?


Posted by: Dashi | March 04, 2014 at 12:33 PM

How many posts about insecurity did you just make? Not a subject I ever mentioned...therefore it must be what is on dashi boy's mind.

Tell us, how was dinner at the Governors mansion?

flip flop...

what did we learn last year. You cant stop the run without decent LB's. I dont care how good your DT's are

Posted by: FIRE ROSS | March 04, 2014 at 01:01 PM

You know dorks pretty much run the world, right?

Grimes is a miracle of modern science. No player with his injury and subsequent medical procedure has played a full season after having had his situation. He lasted one year, what are the chances that he lasts four ? He's the only good player on the team, along with Wake. Yet don;t expect him to ever have a year like he did in 2013. Players play differently when they're in a contract year, now that he's jobbed The Dolphins he'll not be the same. Besides, The RossPhins need more than just one db, they need a whole new secondary. Good thing Hickey and Aponte are on the case...

5-11 next year.

Can't wait.

rdubs, the one downside to this draft is that the top end S and ILB are kind of blah.

Again, the overrated Alabama part of the equation comes into play. If I had to pick an ILB near the top of the draft, Chris Borland would be my only option and it wouldn't be until well into the 2nd round. FS, wouldn't take any until about round 6 as a developmental type pick like Don Jones was last year.

Some people need to work on when and how to use words in a sentence.

And how do you post the definition of the word. AND STILL USE IT IN THE WRONG WAY, Befuddles me.

Vernacular= Language. As English, Spanish, Chinese, Etc.

The word your retarded Dyckass is looking for is much simpler. Vocabulary. Or Lexicon.

You know Dashi's Mastery of Words(Vocabulary). Not Language(Vernacular).

Interesting on Gabe Jackson. If he fit in the scheme he would be an awesome choice.

I know you mentioned Joel Bitonio from Nevada before. After watching him a bit I think he could make a very good right tackle or guard and maybe even develop into a left tackle in the future.

My name is FIRE ROSS and I am pounding my fists on the table and stamping my feet on the ground demanding that people pay attention to my contrarian unpopular views...



For me, keeping Soliai/Starks, one or both. Should not be an offseason question in 2014. The real question?


His natural position at Penn St was DT. Why isn't he already a "dominant DT? After all, he was a #1 pick for us, wasn't he? Right now, he's the primary problem why the Soliai/Starks question exists.

Were Odrick already "CONSISTENTLY" dominant, keeping "the much younger" Soliai over Starks would be a "complete no brainer".

Then, right now, we're discussing a 3RD RD DT that could be drafted and enter the "DT ROTATION" right away. Do you know of any "3RD RD" graded DT's that fit that bill?

I ask, because that could end up being the offseason route we take. Or take that route in fa.

neMo, yeah if i were to draft one OT considering our draft position, it would be Bitonio in the 2-3 rounds...

3rd round DT? Who's talking about a 3rd round dt? What are you talking about, period?

As we saw last year, there are plenty of snaps for three starting quality DTs on a team - especially when 2 would be making next to nothing in Odrick and Donald/Hageman.

Yep, hit a nerve with the insecure comment.

What is it horrible speaking voice?



Got bullied as a Kid?

Or is it all 4?

I say it is all 4, because you come on here and think everyone is like you. That usually happens to Short Fat People with a girly voice who got picked on as a kid.

And the Short and Fat thing, that was easy. You have always commented on being a viewer of a sport and never a participant. Even Soccer. Short and Fat People don't usually get picked to participate in athletic activities.

Heck, you don't even talk about scoring 5 TDs in a Pop Warner game.

You didn't even play with your own chit as a baby.

Sam, I thought Odrick was solid last year. You are right he did disappear at times though while having some dominant flashes (2 sacks against Pats in New England).

I feel confident with him as a starter in 2014. He has only 1 year left on his contract, so d tackle is a bit of a concern to me knowing that.

I think I'd offer Soliai/Starks 4 years 25 million with 8.5 or so guaranteed.

They are both 30, so I think that's fair at their position. If they don't take that they can test the market.

I love Big Paul and don't blame him at all for wanting to cash in. He already took a discount once, so if he wants to chase the cash more power to him. That being said I would love for to stay.

Soliai and Starks are the same age.

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