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Dolphins decline to play tag

Last season the Dolphins made Randy Starks their franchise player. The Dolphins also used their franchise tag on a tackle in 2011 when they used it on Paul Soliai.

So former general manager Jeff Ireland used the franchise tag twice in the last three seasons -- both times on a defensive tackle.

Change is afoot, folks.

This year new GM Dennis Hickey had the chance to use the tag on either of the two DTs because both pending free agents hit the market and he declined to use it on either.

The Dolphins indeed did not use the franchise or transition tag on any player Monday.

So the Dolphins won't be guaranteeing a huge sum of money on either of their tackles and that seems to be a plus. But that plus has the potential to backfire if the Dolphins lose both their interior defensive line veterans when free agency begins.

That possibility now exists because the team must lock up either Starks or Soliai before March 11 when free agency begins.

The Dolphins continue discussions with both players, according to a league source. But those talks have not advanced to the point a signing is imminent.



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I never scored a touchdown in a game but I laid a path for a plenty! KaPOW!


I'm not saying no to DT. Based on "right now" I'm just trying to predict the "logical" way this fo is most likely to go.

Say we drafted Donaldson #19, our other 1st rd DT(Odrick) is still not as consistent as we like, so our rookie has to bee consistently dominant the "ENTIRE YEAR" or we're shitcreek without a paddle(run defense).

Then still we've fixed nothing over 2013(run defense) plus lost an effective draft pick(#19) in the process. The DT drafted may greatly blossom in the future, but for right now, there's "NO GUARANTEE" he'll bring that.

Itsa little scary for me to have "inexperience" playing next to Odrick(not as consistent as we would like) right now. Not flip flopping.

Ithought Starks had a more solid season than Paul. Stark was laying fools to waste, but seem uniterested at times. Solia was just there to me with the occasion backfield blow up. Bargain barn discount or bye bye.


Exactly what Im saying about Odrick. He's demonstrated "solid at best". He plays, then disappears at stretches, especially in run defense.

I like the idea of investing highly in Jairus Byrd, provided the Bills don't sign him. Just recognize that all of the top-tier defenses routinely have stellar Safety play. We need gamechangers in our backfield. Grimes, a healthy Patterson (big if there, I know), and a Safety like Byrd could give return us to the Killer Bees glory. We'll also find out a little more about Jamar Tayor this year as well.

Borland is a beast. Will be the better Pro.

CJ Mosley is suspect to me. The problem with Alabama Defenders are 2 things. The Sum of the Whole is better than its parts. And the System.

The Alabama defense is so loaded that players get more chances to make plays because the offense is constantly under pressure.


The System Alabama runs actually hurt players when they become a pro. Because they are drilled into doing things a certain way, it makes it difficult to pick up another system. Bama just doesn't run a 3-4. They run a certain version of it that almost nobody runs.


You are correct. I Googled, Soliai /Starks are the same exact age. Same month, only like a week apart. In the media, so much has been made of Starks age, and nothing of Soliai's. I guess it's natural to assume Starks is older.

You just made it a little more difficult to choose Soliai over Starks. One thing for sure, can not keep both at their present age. Both only a 2yrs away to sliding downhill fast as starters.

I guess its a very difficult decision to resign either. At "longterm starter" money anyway. Neither garner more than 2 seasons guaranteed money. Only comes down to "how much" guaranteed money do you give them.

Grimes gets $16 million. Definitely, neither Soliai nor Starks, deserves that much.

Wilson has his head in way too many other areas ATM. He thinks he has arrived, and that is not a good thing for a player.

Posted by: deity | March 04, 2014 at 12:21 PM


I think you have Wilson confused with RG3...

Deity is correct, the world is run by dorks. Take a gander at the corporate world, people have to hide their coolness, that is if they were ever cool at all. Suit and tie, sedan or SUV, you're expected to conform to an image. A corporate gig sucks the soul right out of a human being. Still, when The Phins had Shula, Csonka, Kiick, Morris and Warfield. Woodley, Franklin and Harris, Marino and The Marks Brothers, Zakk and J.T., they were cool, had style, had soul. It's a dorkfest now like never before, with major dork Ross as the ringleader. The RossPhins are embarrassing to the enth degree. What do you think J-Lo and Fergie and the rest of Ross bought and paid for friends think of him ? They return his phone calls because the guy has four billion...they go along with his ideas because he has four bil... Privately they're embarrassed to be associated with him, he's an utter buffoon, trying to buy cool with his money. Phins up anyone ? Dork. T-Pain fight song ? Dork. Orange carpet ? Dork. I'm reminded of Dr. Evil trying to do the Macarena. "I'm hip, I'm cool." No you're not Mr. Ross, never have been, never will be, not for one minute of one hour of your life. Which is pathetic in its own unique way. Four billion dollars by itself would make anyone a freak. Ross is a freak, so were Robbie and Huizenga...again volumes of money does that to a person. However Robbie and Huizenga stayed out of sight, Ross wants to buy your acceptance. He wants people to think he's Steve Martin. Imagine that doucheb@g trying to dance at Club Liv. They should put that on the big screen at the stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie. It'd be more entertaining than the game or any of Ross' other side show circuses. In flashing lights around the stadium it could read "COOL GUY, COOL GUY"

Ditched this team I no longer recognize for The Seahawks a year ago, my third favorite team since I was a kid. The team you support is a part of your image, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, or the music you listen to. I'm not even one to worry much about image, yet I don't want to be associated with some thing as embarrassing as The RossPhins. Forget the true fan nonsense, that's born of consumer propaganda and it's for kids and unaware adults. The Dolphins still had the cool thing with Pennington, Porter, R. Brown, A. Fasano, that was the end.The RossPhins are embarrassing to wear on your sleeve..and by posting that I'm not even referring to the g@y logo devoid of tradition.

The Heat are cool.

The RossPhins are far beyond lame in 2014.

Ross' goofy ears on the sides of the helmets couldn't make the team anymore lame at this point.

No signal, I don't.

Sam/Dashi, I think the media makes a big difference about age, but it should be seasons played. Soliai and Starks are the same age, but Soliai has played only 7 years and Starks has played 10.

As I said on the last page I would offer 4 years 25 million 8.5 guaranteed. That is more than most d tackles make, especially at their age. The guaranteed money is going to be a bit on the low side though, so the Dolphins could cut bait if age catches up to them.

Oh, I see. Well Sam, I definitely think Big Paul should be brought back. That should address your run defense concern from our Dts for next year. If you can't bring back Big Paul, there are several other guys that are proficient at stopping the run in free agency such as home grown product Linval Joseph. But Big Paul should be the priority because he is a leader and a guy that loves being a Dolphin. Those intangibles are extremely important in my opinion. Still think Donald and hageman should be the top of any draft baord come our pick at 19. Several others hould also be in the mix including jace Amaro, Justin Gilbert, and brandin Cooks.

And depending on results from the pro day, NeMO's guy in Timmy Jernigan will also be in the mix.

What about running back?

Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas have failed to impress me. Lamar lacks the North/South ability and it seems like neither EVER battle to win the extra yard or two.

I still really like Gillislee, but he may never get a full blown opportunity and it pisses me off as to the why? Maybe I'm mistaken and he's unimpressive in practice-> but looking at his Florida tape that guy just seems to do everything well. He's got all of the intangibles, and over time I think we would create more opportunities, from running, receiving, and even blocking. He also can fight through contact and demands that extra yard which I think is a MUST with every NFL-caliber RB.

Here's what Muschamp had to say about him when he coached him: “He’s a guy that never complains,” Muschamp said. “He was on our kickoff return team and our punt block team last year. He never complained. He’s a very unselfish player and works extremely hard. You come to our practices, and he puts in the work every day. He’s a great example for our younger players.”

Also, I know we don't currently do a lot of FB sets, but with a new OC you never know. Having said that, Le'Ron Mclain would be interesting. He's still under 30 and for the right price could add options to our running game that would make us unpredictable.

"Still, when The Phins had Shula, Csonka, Kiick, Morris and Warfield. Woodley, Franklin and Harris, Marino and The Marks Brothers, Zakk and J.T., they were cool, had style, had soul"

All of those examples worked for the dorks, save maybe Shula.

"The team you support is a part of your image, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, or the music you listen to."

Really? Are you 15?

"Forget the true fan nonsense"

Fan, short for - fanatic
Fanatic - a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal

"The Heat are cool"

LBJ is cool? LBJ is a dork, a very talented and athletic one. Spo is a "dork" Standing by the bench like he is actually running things. HAHAHAH!

Ah yes, diety will poke holes in all of your theories.

Dashi, Alabama guys in general are overrated. Julio and Chance Warmack are the exceptions but so many of these guys come into the draft process with very high reps and never measure up during the draft process.

Think about it, since Saban has taken over bama, besides Julio, who is a star in the NFL? I guess Lacy but also think about how many guys were drafted in the top two rounds in the last five years. This is not the U in it's heyday. Saban does well to bring in a bunch of coachable guys who will win in college - he brings in the ebst talent on average but individually? meh.

AGE OF POSTERS N BLOG///////////////////

YG4L 66



The director of football operations at Wisconsin is the son of a friend of mine...

I asked him about Borland, since he has been mentioned a few times on here. Of course, the first thing mentioned is he reminds many of Zach Thomas.

A few other notes...

A little slow, and he is sometimes jokingly referred to as T-Rex, due to a short arm span.

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

yeah!! i'm the youngest!!!

Shave 5 years off my age, ALoco!!

Dashi is 17


To be or not to be ALoco
How old am I?


Soliai and Starks are the Same Age. Difference is pro experience.

R.Starks became a Pro at 20 and Soliai at 23. Starks played less college football. Soliai still had to play 13 Games a year in College. Only a 3 game difference.

Not that big of a difference.

Difference in pro years played. Not that big of difference in games played over the last 10 years.

Is anyone surprised that Incognito is nuts?

Good to know that the biggest troll here is 68.

Dashi doesn't turn 30 til later this year.

But I do know how much you want to be Dashi. And you have always been "Insecure" about your age.

One flew over the coo-coos nest

I always had a feeling the 2 of you were about the same age(late 60s). And the 3rd one is only 1 generation away.



A question for all the locals. How did none of the schools in the state find room for Khalil Mack? Why did he have to go to Buffalo which would prbably have a tough time beating Booker T Washington straight up?

Another reason to love Jose Fernandez

As if we need more impetus to like Marlins phenom Jose Fernandez, he says this to MLB.com: "My goal this year is to have a 1.95 ERA."Love it. Love that he has set a goal that will be outrageously difficult to achieve but firmly believes he can do it.
| David Schoenfield | ESPN.com


I have been watching Borland for 3 years now. He is a Z.Thomas Clone.

Not saying that I watch every game. Just that I occasionally watch Wisconsin games.

The Height and the built give it away. They look identical on the field. But what really makes him a Z.Thomas clone is the motor. The guy doesn't quit. Plus, his instincts are amazing.

Before with Ireland, I wouldn't even think about the fins getting a guy like this. But Hickey has scouted for a 4-3 almost his whole Career and Tampa has been known for undersized LBs that can just produce.

Mark, not a Miami local, but I heard Mack played basketball and only played football his senior season. Buffalo was the only school who actively recruited him and offered him a scholarship.

Hickey has scouted for a 4-3 almost his whole Career and Tampa has been known for undersized LBs that can just produce 4-12 records.

What does everyone think about Gillislee? What does everyone think about the RB situation in general?

Brown Donkey,

YG= Sam I Am. And before that 0-17.

Soliai is the better run defender. Starks the better pass rusher. Soliai also often ate up double teams so that Starks and Co. could make plays. I think Soliai can be had cheaper. Starks PO'd this coaching staff. My money is on Soliai staying and Starks going.

But what really makes him a Z.Thomas clone is the motor. The guy doesn't quit. Plus, his instincts are amazing.

Posted by: Dashi | March 04, 2014 at 02:13 PM


That is exactly what he said regarding the Zach comparison.


Admitted homer Jimmy Cefalo said we needed a new QB, 2 new RB's, and 4 new OL. He said none of our running backs could block, run, or catch.

Chicken a clean food?

You must have never been to a chicken farm.

Chickens eat their own chit.

What does everyone think about Gillislee? What does everyone think about the RB situation in general?

Posted by: Krillian | March 04, 2014 at 02:19 PM

I know what I think. Horrible RB group. Major upgrade needed in the offseason

I would compare Borland to the Waterboy. I know it is just a movie. But I always looked at Zach as the Water Boy. Mama said..

Like Hickey's thinking. No franchise tag necessary.

Solai and/or Starks gone.

Hello BJ Raji. Spend the $$ to put Sheild opposite Grimes- one of best CB tandems in the league.

More shakeups are welcome Hickey. This group wasn't getting it done anyway

Dashi Mock 2.0

Top 4 Picks

1-A.Donald DT
2-M.Bryant WR
3- C.Borland MLB
4- A.Williams RB

Yeah, get rid of some more good players...

Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio State, is a definite possibility at 19.

the NFL is considering a 43 yd. (ball spotted on the 25 before the play) extra point. Why not just get rid of the 1 pt. conversion and only have 2 pt. conversions? Or just get rid of conversions altogether?

Krillian, Gillislee was a wasted draft pick. he has no chacne to be a starter in the NFL. Just no physical upside at the pro level. We will be taking a rb if we don't go big in free agency. I keep saying to look at Bishop Sankey in the 2nd.

Since you wont let me draft Tre Mason in round 1

TRE LA SOUL ROUND 2 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krillian, I actually still have an optimistic view on the runningbacks. I blame the O-line more than the RBs.

Miller averaged 4 yards a carry and had 879 yards from scrimmage. Not what I expected, but not awful.

Daniel Thomas had 3.7 yards a carry. Not very good. He did get in the endzone 6 times, which is decent.

I liked Gillislee at Florida, but he only played that one game against the Jets if I remember right. He's a complete unknown.

Thigpen was good for a couple gadget plays a game and had the TD vs the Pats. He looked bad on kickoffs a big step back from year 1, when I thought he would improve.

I can't comment on their pass blocking too much. They all looked bad at times especially against the Bills. I'm not sure if it was the O-line or their fault. I'm not tuned in enough to the intricacies of RB pass blocking to give an accurate opinion. If i had to guess it was bad.

I would probably not sign one in free agency. The one I would consider would be Blount from the Pats. Hickey was part of acquiring him, but traded him as well. Might have only been traded cuz Schiano was a dikk and they had Doug Martin. I'm not sure if Philbin would go for Blount.

I'd draft one in rounds 2-4. Hell, I might double down on them and take one on day 3 as well. I probably like Sankey, Williams, and Mason the most. Sims from West Virginia had a good combine. The LSU kid and especially Hyde and Carey didn't have great combines. I need to see their pro days results.

Anyway I throw them all into a competition in training camp. Best guy starts, some fill in, some get cut. In a perfect world for me Sankey/Williams is the thunder and Miller is the lightning in 2014. Just my 2 cents on what I've seen so far. Sorry for the length.

I appreciate the post of who should be our #19. However, using a crystal ball instead of trying to "read tea leaves buried underneath mud" would be a far more effective method of determining this.

It's "IMPOSSIBLE" to gain any clarity of our #19 pick until fa has "come to pass". Only then can we rise from reading tea leaves underneath mud, and gain a "crystal clear ball" of what our #19 pick should really be.

Sam, you are 100 percent right mock drafts and the like are pointless until after free agency. However, we are in the what if season right now, so let us have our fun!

Nice mock Dashi, I do like all the guys you picked. and if any/all of them became Dolphins, I'd be ecstatic with the draft.

My mock

Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh
Gabe Jackson OG Mississippi State
Kareem Martin DE North Carolina
Brandon Thomas OG Clemson

My top five by round according to CBS draft grades. I know some of these draft grades are debateable.

1st round

Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh
Taylor Lewan OT Michigan
Khalil Mack OLB Buffalo
RaShede Hageman DT Minnesota
*Jace Amaro TE Texas Tech

2nd round

Gabe Jackson OG Mississippi State
*Bishop Sankey RB Washington
Chris Smith DE Arkansas
Jackson JeffcoatDE Texas
Marcus Smith DE Louisville

Round 3

Kareem Martin DE North Carolina
Joel Bitonio OT Nevada
*Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss
Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraska
*Bruce Ellington WR South Carolina

Round 4

Brandon Thomas OG Clemson
Rashaad Reynolds CB Oregon State
Andre Williams RB Boston College
Prince Shembo OLB Notre Dame
Will Clarke DE West Virginia


Like you, I'm not very happy with the rb situation, for say. But, not quite at the point of playing "TAPS" for the unit either. Sure, they are not the elusive or tackle breaking quality we would like, but equal blame can be placed on the run blocking effectiveness of 2013's oline too.

Until "runblocking effectiveness" of the oline is fixed, it won't matter much who our rb's are, outsideof trading for "A-PETE".

If nothing else, this rb group MUST IMPROVE in "pass rotection" FAR MORE than run effectiveness. Unless, we became a rushing unit that averages on the "sugar sweet" side of 200yds per game. None of are expecting that to happen no matter who or rb's are, are we.

Whoever thinks they are going to hit on any of their mock drafts is kidding themselves. Even after free agency.

What I try to do. And I expect most people do the same. We make mocks of players we would want our team to draft.

We make the Mock more for the players than for the drafting.

Reason I had a First round grade on Lacy last year. I believed he was the best Offensive player. Not some Midget WR or Mediocre TE.

Just like MIT said he S.Richardson was his top pick on his mock. Because that is who he thought was best at #12 last year.

That some people are delusional and claimed that Gillislee will be better than Lacy. Yes, Agreed, That persons opinion shouldn't be taken serious.


I like how you place DT as a 3rd rd pick for now. As a 3rd rd pick, your guy should be able to come in an become an effective part of the DT rotational system right away.

Apparently some people are souring on Anthony Barr the UCLA Outsider linebacker and his stock is falling. I'm not sure if he's 100% a scheme fit, but if he could transition to 4-3 OLB I think he would be a great pick at 19. The problem is I don't trust Coyle at all to do this.

Discussing the RB situation is absurd to me. At least until we have a serviceable O-line.

I Agree we only have 1 NFL RB. L.Miller. The other 3 are clowns. All Hickey has to do is draft a RB late in this draft to compliment L.Miller.



And that is a Big IF!!!!

If the Fins choose to draft a RB high it better be next season. Which will be the Best RB draft in the past 30 Years.

For example. In which draft would you have picked a QB, in the 2012 Draft or the 2013 Draft? 2012, Because even the 5th best QB in 2012 is better than the #1 QB in 2013.


For the MILLIONTH TIME, it was never said that Gillislee was "BETTER THAN LACY. Only you wrongly repeat it as that.

It was said, their 2012 college numbers were "COMPARATIVE". How you comprehend comparative as better than is your own issue you must learn to overcome.

NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND said or has EVER SAID Gillislee was THE BETTER RB. Gillislee was drafted 5TH RD. NO WAY was Lacy going to be our 1st or 2nd rd pick, just because DASHI thought it needed to be so.

NO WAY Gillislee was going to be drafted any higher than he was. I thought Gillislee was a nice 5TH RD value, nothing more, nothing less. You twisted things with your comprehensional prowess, only so DASHI could beat Dashi's chest even harder.

What is this really all about, auditioning for a TARZAN movie?

need a
qb still

NeMo, I don't trust Coyle to do anything right except know when to ask teh guy next to him to pull his finger.

barr would most definitely fit the OLB in a 4-3 scheme. he s a premium in space pass rusher but he also has top shelf agility and good speed which would help him in coverage. But he is very much like Dion Jordan and Coyle had no clue what to dow tih him last year either.

I think Shazier is a better scheme fit. He wouldn't confuse Coyle into questioning whether he's an OLb or a DE and have him crap his pants in the meantime.

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