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Dolphins decline to play tag

Last season the Dolphins made Randy Starks their franchise player. The Dolphins also used their franchise tag on a tackle in 2011 when they used it on Paul Soliai.

So former general manager Jeff Ireland used the franchise tag twice in the last three seasons -- both times on a defensive tackle.

Change is afoot, folks.

This year new GM Dennis Hickey had the chance to use the tag on either of the two DTs because both pending free agents hit the market and he declined to use it on either.

The Dolphins indeed did not use the franchise or transition tag on any player Monday.

So the Dolphins won't be guaranteeing a huge sum of money on either of their tackles and that seems to be a plus. But that plus has the potential to backfire if the Dolphins lose both their interior defensive line veterans when free agency begins.

That possibility now exists because the team must lock up either Starks or Soliai before March 11 when free agency begins.

The Dolphins continue discussions with both players, according to a league source. But those talks have not advanced to the point a signing is imminent.



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Great Breakdown round by round. I don't know about drafting a DE. I wouldn't mind seeing them draft 2 OG. But I still hope that we can find a starter out of D.Thomas and S.Brenner.

A.Donald and Odrick will make a heck of duo for the next decade.

I know you want Soliai back. And out of the 2, I will also take Soliai over Starks. But I believe we need to get younger at DT. We already have 3 Young DEs. Time to get someone young to pair up with odrick.

Dashi, I agree that next year's RB class will be elite. Todd Gurley is Hershel Walker revisted.

I do think this year's RBs are much better than last year.

You don't like Bishop Sankey? I think he's Ray Rice revisited.


Shula has drafted rb's 5th rd before that only predominantly became st's players. It's far more "PURE LUCK", than anything else, that you draft a rb ready to start 5th rd.

You can not judge a rb drafted 5th rd the same way you judge one expected to start RIGHT AWAY". NOBODY has "pro bowl" aspirations for Gillislee. Just hopes one day he HUGELY surprises us by:

SHOCKING THE WORLD! Or at least dolfan nation. Placing expectations of greatness on a "5th rd rb" is just "pure insanity".

Seriously...over pay for DT's that couldn't stop a watermelon from running through them. I mean its not like we had the number one defense against the run. Was that 24th in the league at 125 ypg. Isn't that where DTs count the most? Keep one, not both and not over paying.

I read the other day that the Dolphins had some interest in Cam Thomas from SD. He's a big guy at 6'4" 330 lbs. That is a big boy.

I like the Mocks above from Mark and Dashi and would be happy with either.

I am waiting on FA to start to do another mock.

Wow, I leave for an hour and dashi boy is still howling about insecurity.

Um, who's fault is that?

Dashi, definitely agree with getting younger at DT and as you know I would've started last year with the #12 pick. If Donald is off the board, i would really like them to take hageman. nobody is really talking abotu him and he is not as dynamic as Donald but could be a lot better in the run game and perhaps be a better compliment to Odrick. I do like Soliai's prescence though and I think he would be great at holding the fort until the young guys catch up.

My DE grades are a bit skewed right now because every guy missed at least one important drill so the grades will change by draft time I imagine, as will jace Amaro's inflated score when Eric Ebron does his pro day. My head right now would much rather have Bitonio or Montcrief in the third but Martin's individual score is just too high to ignore right now. And at his side, he can also play inside on some downs so out out of third round pick, if you can get a guy who is position flexible and can rush the passer from almost anywhere, I think you take it. Perhaps turn the d line from a unit of four starters with two des and two dts to 6 football players that play multiple positions depending on the situation. Again, teh issue of our D co-ordinator being smart enough to pull this off ocmes into question.


Pulled this off twitter regarding your message

David Canter ‏@davidcanter 22h

“@PhinManiacs: @AbramsonPBP You know what's ironic about Cam Thomas? @davidcanter represents him and Soliai.”

David Canter ‏@davidcanter 22h

It's all smoke & mirrors at this point until the name is signed on the line which is dotted Don't sweat the small stuff. Just work

...I would go as far as saying that I wouldn't think about drafting a running back before the 5th round. This is not a great draft for the spot. There may be a few guys that emerge.

All of these prospects at RB are flawed. IMO the best back in the group is Williams from BC. But for this system...I think he is far from an ideal fit. He can't block, he certainly cannot catch. The first being paramount for what we do. Now if we get a clue, and install some formations that involve a blocking tight end, or a fullback...Then Williams comes into play. But for now..Forget it. The defense knows that is most likely a run if he is in the game. Until he learns the pass game..We need help now. He doesn't fit our scheme, he doesn't help us now.

So what do we do? Lamar Miller is not the type of back that I think can carry the mail. He is a good part to a whole. We need to find someone to share the load. Jennings from Oakland? Tate? Gerhart? all would be nice additions. But as far as the draft goes. I would put running back on the back burner..I just do not see the value there

Nice Rdubs,

We have a week until we know about dotted lines. But that is pretty interesting stuff.

Hey Rdubs,

Was it you talking about moving to a 3/4 D. Doesn't Cam Thomas play in a 3/4 D?


Stop hiding from the truth.

You even skewed Gillislee stats to make him look better.

Dashi was the one saying Gillislee is a 3rd down back at best. You were the one crying Gillislee is better than Lacy and better than L.Miller.

I could care less about Gillislee. But you kept insisting.

Texas, I remember this board discussing Cam Thomas to death in 2010 when we drafted Odrick - Dan Williams was the other guy discussed to death.

If re-sign Soliai and/or bring in Cam Thomas, we better be going to the 3-4.

DD, glad you are here, please discuss your boy Jordan Tripp. Guy is a definite possibility in the 3rd round.


I never really talk about schemes. I am more concerned with players playing better and coaches coaching better, to me that is way more important than the scheme.Do those 2 things and either system will work. I would rather have Linval Joseph over Cam thomas. Cam hasnt had a sack in 2 years.............PASS!


Ray Rice clone?

Agreed. Sankey looks good. And I like him better than the Mason. But unless he can throw a Tyson like Uppercut, Sankey is no Ray Rice. Sankey has more wiggle.


I would suggest that you take an enema, if not for the fact that in your case, it may need to be applied orally.

Whatever, you're constitutionally incapable of admitting when Dashi's wrong, have a great day. End of discussion.

...MIT.. Tripp is climbing up the board. His stats from last year won't wow anyone. It was definitely how Gregoriak used him in the defense. Tripp is definitey a made for the NFL will backer in a 4-3. He could play mike in a 3-4. But for sure a 4-3 team will put him on the weakside for now. He is a the type of player that is always around the ball. Don't let his Senior stats fool you, or paint the picture of who Tripp is as a player. Again, he was playing within the confines of the lame scheme the Griz played with.

Go back to when Breske was the D-Coordinator at Montana. If you can find the OCT 30the Weber State game. That will tell you all you need to know about Tripp..

I'm not sure where Tripp would fit into the plans here. Especially if DJ is going to play some LB. He would be a special teams guy. A player fans would love because he is more then just an effort guy. But I think we have enough LB's that as much as I would love it. I can't see the Phins drafting him. In fact. I don't think the Phins have him on the radar as far as the folks I have spoke with in the know

Agreed. No more Go, Go-Go. Only Go-Go dancers.

Wow this was entertaining..
We have "who cares and why" posting his miserable life away. That man is living proof that you can survive your life through without a scent, or touch of a woman!

And then the typical , non- football educated, fans that should lose any right to post again!
" The verdict is out on hickey!" "you must be drinking the hickey kool aid" Hey Idiots!! He just began! Stop being stupid! He'll have 4 years to be fairly judged! not a few moves!

Matt Moore , or Pat Devlin would've won those games and Tannehil is the problem?? Moore wasn't even better then Henne, don't be stupid! No QB could've done better with the crap Tann is dealing with on this team! Hopefully Gibson, Keller can stay healthy. Hopefully we get a legit RB on this team , since we don't now! Which means defenses , again, will be chasing our QB all game. Then there's the off line... If it doesn't improve, we won't do a whole lot beter! fact of life folks! No time to throw = No points on the board! " TAnnehil has to do it this year, no excuses" UMMM Do What?? LOL!! A SuperBowl? What about Romo? Stafford? Cam Newton? MANY MORE! Like it or not He earned his right, and earned his start, and earned more then " this year or else" ..
The stupidity of this fan base never shocks me anymore.. Always blame / cut/ fire this one person and rebuild!!!! lol Too funny..

Go Go, Dusty, & Brickhouse.. are all right...there wouldn't be a Loss if we got rid of Most of our Dead weight... Some rookies, have to be better than what we had last year.. & for Tucci.. Tenny can't hit people wide open, cuz he was on his ASS 98% of the time... if he gets worse this yr , we look for another QB in the draft.. Just don't think a lot of it was his fault....

So no tag was used, thats fine with me. Maybe try to resign one of them and have them play along with Odrick. I am ok with that.

As other tags go, I say we make an offer for TE Graham and give up 2 1st round picks. We have not been known to have very good 1st round picks anyways so f-it!

The team is dysfunctional garbage

Matt Moore should start the opener

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