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Dolphins PR department going in a new direction

PR man Harvey Greene was fired half a dozen times by former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and hired five times. But in 1989 he decided to get away from the cold and uncertainty of the New York Yankees and accepted a job as the Dolphins head public relations man.

It started an era that lasted 25 years, spanned nine head coaches, three owners and a lifetime of stories and secrets he keeps closely guarded.

Well, today Greene is moving on.

He is out as the head of the media relations department and now becomes the Dolphins vice president of Historical Affairs -- a newly created position.

Jason Jenkins becomes the Dolphins new PR chief.

Greene announced the moves in an email minutes ago ...


I want to let all of you know personally that effective immediately I am transitioning from the Dolphins Media Relations Department to a new role with the team as Vice President, Historical Affairs.

The organization is making a concerted effort to make our unique tradition and history a more meaningful complement to our current team and its fans, and my new responsibilities will entail developing major initiatives to continue that process. Having been a part of the Dolphin organization for 25 years, the institutional knowledge and relationships I built during that time will serve me well to head this initiative. I will concentrate on developing historical programs that will highlight our special  heritage and enhance and expand our historical displays and commemorations; including an upcoming 50 year anniversary celebration. After spending so many years in media relations with the Dolphins, I am looking forward to contributing to the organization in a new and challenging way and to expand my own administrative portfolio.

As a result of my new responsibilities, Jason Jenkins will now be your primary media contact for anything involving the Dolphins and Sun Life Stadium. After spending 14 seasons in the NFL, including the last five with the Dolphins, he certainly is well-qualified to head the media relations department. Many of you have worked with Jason in the past and know very well his professionalism and helpful manner. For those who have yet to get to know him, I am sure you will find working with him a pleasure.

 As I look back at my tenure in media relations with the team, one of the things I enjoyed the most was building friendships with so many of you over the past quarter century. I am looking forward to continuing those relationships in my new role with the organization.

 Many thanks.



Interestingly, Greene's new email signature includes his new office address. It is listed as Sun Life Stadium rather than his usual spot at the Dolphins training facility in Davie.

It's an end of an era, folks.


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probably another New York hiring.

Anyone notice Pat Devlin singed a one year deal on march 4? I didn't.

Yeah, I did see that Mark. I think he was an exclusive rights free agent and got paid the minimum 570,000.


Then I immediately put on LOBSTERTUBE to celebrate, along with Joe Philbin

Good move! This will buy us a new image and at least one more win in 2014.

Who cares? Shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. As long as Ross is the owner, the Dolphins will remain irrelevant.

Another Wells report firing, I'm sure. Dolphins got destroyed on the PR front last few months.

Dolphins PR department going in a new direction??

Havent we heard this hogwash before from Ross? And it wasnt true?

hahaa, rdubs, shots were fired!

If they want PR they better get rid of Pouncey.

Pouncey has 2 friends

A Hernandez in jail


R Incognito in a psych ward

This is the kind of edge-of-your-seat "stop the presses" news that I come here for.



When Ross has a problem, he makes up a new position or committee to specialize in the topic. That seems to be his M.O.

The problem here is the present PR for Dolfins is a disaster, so now we have a VP of "Historical Affairs", ha ha ha.

When your present situation is deplorable, live in the past right?

Greene's new job is to talk about the 72 Dolphins day and night.

It's not the PR Dept creating our Public relations nightmares, it's those running the ship. As long as this continues, doesn't matter if "INSPECTOR GADGET" were head of PR.

We're still with our underpants around our ankles in public.

Sam, from the last blog interesting on Grice. I'll have to watch him a bit.

2 years 8 million with 4.5 mil guaranteed for Henne. Good for him, nice work if you can get it.


Interesting fa LT situation that can be in the making. Agents for both Albert/Monroe could be holding out for the other to sign first. This way, they get the "best value" for their client.

It maybe in Albert's "best financial interest" to allow Monroe to sign first. It could mean the difference between getting and not getting possibly an extra, up to 1/2 million a year. Huge when considering total guaranteed money over the life of a contract.

Huge for the agent when considering his share is measure in percentage of that guaranteed money. So, I expect that the LT fa signing may come to both agents playing a game of "chicken", that may lengthen the LT signing process a little.


Grice does come with some warts, seen as high as 4th, as low as 6th rd. But, easily the best receiving rb in this draft.

We play wc offense. With the great hands and decent pass blocking skills, was just wondering if this guy could at least be a "poor man's Roger Craig".

I'm not writing him in stone as the rb we must selecting, but, he has receiving skills that cabn allow him to play right away as in "3rd down packages".

I hear he great on screens too. Maybe he can allow us to "reintroduce" the screen-play into our offense.

The difference between SB victory and 0-16 is what exactly? One team gets an early vacation, the other team gets a shiny hunk of metal that will sit on a stand somewhere.

If one team is better than another, what bearing does that have on anyone not part of the NFL?

It's only a game,

Can you try and be a bit more, "CAPT OBVIOUS". We do not quite understand.

Interesting fact...Tannehill #10 in Jersey sales in the NFL. There must be a lot of fans out there wearing T-hill jerseys. So choke that down haters.

We do not quite understand.

Posted by: SAM I AM | March 07, 2014 at 05:02 PM

Quite obviously not. Let me put it this way, picking up gum wrappers off the street would be a wiser use of one's time than endless banter about a meaningless game that has no bearing on anything. Why even be alive?


Newsome keeps good players, that is why he is trying to sign this guy...

but he can't doesn't have the cash..LOL

6 year 60 mil. will get it done..guarantee 30 mil

Miami will not mess around this year. Ireland and his way of thinking is gone.

Miami will pay Monroe and not loose out again this year on the long term LT answer.

We could have our #1 T signed and still have at least 26 million with out cuts...

Anyone want to join me in watching a 12 hour video of an iguana staring at a fly?


We could have our #1 CB and LT signed and still have at least 26 million with out cuts...


I'm going to be starting a mock about which direction the wind in Miami will be blowing for each round of the draft. Care to join me? Here is my early mock?


Where are the football guys?

I guess it is time to sign off already...

Wally @ 5:44 I agree it will be something close to that for Monroe. Ozzie obviously likes Monroe, but can't afford to overpay with the Flacco contract already on the books.

I hate the Raven as much as the Jets and Pats..

would love to stick it to them...

So Ross creates the new position of Vice President of Historical Affairs. Yes, the PR Department and the entire organization are headed in a different direction. Ross will make the franchise a permanent museum celebrating our two Super Bowl wins and the perfect season back in the late 20th century. This will distract fans who will necessarily endure perpetual mediocrity.

Devin Hester...

let's get him in here to return kicks and punts, he is a game changer...

he would be an upgrade over Thigpen and can line up in 4 or 5 wide sets...

his age shouldn't matter as he won't be a starter.

Watch yourself It's Only A Game, the delusional homer crowd would be in need of shock therapy and heavy sedation if they were to understand the reality of your posts. Why even the privileged opportunities that they enjoy when it comes to paying NFL prices for memorabilia and merchandise would be enough to create withdrawl symptoms...that is, if they could only learn to go without. Fact is, most of the no lifers who take the entertainment that is sports far too seriously...they're immune to the types of perspectives that you're referring to...

The same can be said of armed forces propaganda, religion or nationalism. Pride in a country, ethnicity, or an army's accomplishments, a political party, a last name, or a sports team. These are ideas for the mentally weak who have little else to be prideful about.

Mark In Toronto thinks it's really important that The Dolphins third string quarterback was signed to a one year deal on March 4th.

He would also like us to believe that he's really a shrewd financial analyst, with ample time to devote to such important developments lmao.

I've been slapping these no lifers around since August.

They're an interesting study and they humor me.


All day long I dream about SPORTS.

Why even be alive ?

To live through a sports team referred to in possessive terms.

"My team, we need to sign this guy or that guy."

...and of course to get angry whenever someone, especially in the media, says negative things about "their team."

Like someone insulted them personally lmao.

Then parade around like they've actually accomplished something when "their team" has won.

Also, if you don't think that the team will win every game they ever play then you're accused of not being a "true fan."

Marketers have it all too easy with this sheepish crowd.

New era, new logo.

At least that idea flopped.

Like The Dolphin on the side of "their team's" helmet.

Circuses and bread ruled during Roman times, the sheer lack of evolution that exists today is mind boggling to me.

Only now it's football and beer.

I'd be willing to bet that more than half of the people here have moobs.

Barry, who cares? It's a dumb game that has no bearing on anything. It's like laugh tracks in a sitcom.

Join me in my Wind Mock?

9 Head Coaches???


Look at that. Someone else get's it!

So I'm not alone in the world. Cool.

The majority of sports fans (not all) are generally poor. They invest more time and money that they don't have to support mostly dumb thug athletes who eased through college like crap through a goose, in order to make them stinking rich.

Robin Hood would be PISSED! Robbing from the poor and giving to the RICH.

Ross fires the highly-respected Head Trainer and demotes to Siberia the highly-respected PR guy?

Yet HASN'T announced the:

Executive VP of Locker Room Cleanliness, Sanitation and Tied Shoelaces, Joe Philbin

Then parade around like they've actually accomplished something when "their team" has won.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS | March 07, 2014 at 06:21 PM

This is a very sad, but astute point that few bloggers ever consider.

I hate the Raven as much as the Jets and Pats..

would love to stick it to them...

Posted by: wallyfin | March 07, 2014 at 06:09 PM

Wallyfin, based on Ellerbe's performance last year, I'd say the score is Ravens 1, Fins ZIP.

The Dolphins are a d league team.

9 New players from FA players for fins this year:

1. Monroe LT
2. Strief RT
3. Kuhn FB
4 Moreno or Tate or McFadden RB
5. Hester KR
6. Sims or Hatcher or Melton DT
7. Rinehart or Schwartz G
8. Shields CB
9. Mitchell or Clemons S

Wallyfin, based on Ellerbe's performance last year, I'd say the score is Ravens 1, Fins ZIP.

Posted by: IMAWriter | March 07, 2014 at 06:43 PM

I here you but he will go back to outside LB and we can draft Chris Borland a true MLB...

Wallyfin, based on Ellerbe's performance last year, I'd say the score is Ravens 1, Fins ZIP.

Posted by: IMAWriter | March 07, 2014 at 06:43 PM

Brian McKinnie Ravens 2 Fins ZIP

monroe yes, tate yes, hester no way. shields would be awesome but no chance

Hester brings excitement on KR.

How much would Shields be looking for? 7-8 Mil?

I would rather do that than Patterson at 5.5 Mil...

cut Patterson an add the 2 mil difference...

yes wally but no guarantees on shields wanting to come here. no kickoff returns anymore in nfl, hester not needed

no, keep Patterson for the last year of his deal and expect Taylor to start next year--signing Shields means neither of our 2 young CBs start for at least a few years…..aint working for a 2nd and 3rd rounder

punts then

We will find out soon...

no, keep Patterson for the last year of his deal and expect Taylor to start next year--signing Shields means neither of our 2 young CBs start for at least a few years…..aint working for a 2nd and 3rd rounder

Posted by: benz | March 07, 2014 at 07:21 PM

they can all play in todays NFL and multiple WR sets and the way the TE is used now, plenty of room on the field for Taylor and Davis and Grimes and Shields...

Our team will be better than ever hickey is no dicky

Just stick to the plan and we will be fine

no way that works wally…..yes, plenty of opportunities but there is no way you draft 2 CBs in the 2nd and 3rd rd, and neither is your primary CB starter (assuming Shields and Grimes would be, obviously)…..one of both of Taylor and Davis should start opposite Grimes, the other would (should) be the nickel…..and you draft or sign another less expensive CB as your 4th or 5th--good teams manage the cap with young talent through the draft…...if neither a 2nd or 3rd rd pick starts by year 2 or 3, then those are brutal/awful picks

We must beat the jets and bills twice each this is crucial

teams occasionally have a 4th CB on the field……not often……3 CBs play regularly, yes, sometimes a 4th……the safeties factor into coverage too, obviously…..but there isnt "plenty" of room on the field for 4 CBs…..cant be paying 2 of them 7-8 mill/yr each when you just drafted CBs in the 2nd and 3rd rd--those are (or should be) starting caliber players, to say the least

thanks marc, solid input…..digging deep there, huh

This may be news to you Armando, but not to the fans we don't care about The Media Relation Department.

This may be news to you Armando, but not to the fans we don't care about The Media Relation Department.

Posted by: STRODIUM90 | March 07, 2014 at 07:43 PM

Speak for yourself. Most fans do care.

The time to get Hester and McKinnie was 10 years ago. GEEZ!

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