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Dolphins PR department going in a new direction

PR man Harvey Greene was fired half a dozen times by former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and hired five times. But in 1989 he decided to get away from the cold and uncertainty of the New York Yankees and accepted a job as the Dolphins head public relations man.

It started an era that lasted 25 years, spanned nine head coaches, three owners and a lifetime of stories and secrets he keeps closely guarded.

Well, today Greene is moving on.

He is out as the head of the media relations department and now becomes the Dolphins vice president of Historical Affairs -- a newly created position.

Jason Jenkins becomes the Dolphins new PR chief.

Greene announced the moves in an email minutes ago ...


I want to let all of you know personally that effective immediately I am transitioning from the Dolphins Media Relations Department to a new role with the team as Vice President, Historical Affairs.

The organization is making a concerted effort to make our unique tradition and history a more meaningful complement to our current team and its fans, and my new responsibilities will entail developing major initiatives to continue that process. Having been a part of the Dolphin organization for 25 years, the institutional knowledge and relationships I built during that time will serve me well to head this initiative. I will concentrate on developing historical programs that will highlight our special  heritage and enhance and expand our historical displays and commemorations; including an upcoming 50 year anniversary celebration. After spending so many years in media relations with the Dolphins, I am looking forward to contributing to the organization in a new and challenging way and to expand my own administrative portfolio.

As a result of my new responsibilities, Jason Jenkins will now be your primary media contact for anything involving the Dolphins and Sun Life Stadium. After spending 14 seasons in the NFL, including the last five with the Dolphins, he certainly is well-qualified to head the media relations department. Many of you have worked with Jason in the past and know very well his professionalism and helpful manner. For those who have yet to get to know him, I am sure you will find working with him a pleasure.

 As I look back at my tenure in media relations with the team, one of the things I enjoyed the most was building friendships with so many of you over the past quarter century. I am looking forward to continuing those relationships in my new role with the organization.

 Many thanks.



Interestingly, Greene's new email signature includes his new office address. It is listed as Sun Life Stadium rather than his usual spot at the Dolphins training facility in Davie.

It's an end of an era, folks.


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We must beat the jets and bills twice each this is crucial

Posted by: Marc from nj | March 07, 2014 at 07:37 PM

Foggetaboutit aint happening. We couldnt even beat winless Tampa.


Marlins, Alvarez beat Wainwright, Cardinals

Associated Press
JUPITER, Fla. -- Henderson Alvarez retired all nine batters he faced in his first start since pitching a no-hitter on the final day last season, leading the Miami Marlins to a 7-3 victory over a Cardinals split-squad Friday.

Alvarez was slowed this spring by a shin infection. He hasn't allowed a run since Sept. 24 or a hit in 12 consecutive innings.
"I felt good," said Alvarez, who only needed 26 pitches. "I was just trying to keep the ball in the zone, let the batters swing, just throw strikes."
Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright was equally efficient in his first start of spring training. Wainwright faced the minimum in two innings while striking out one. The right-hander needed only 25 pitches to get through the first two innings.
"I didn't go out there and try to blow anything out," Wainwright said. "I wanted to be very under control and tried to finish square -- and for the most part I did."
Wainwright was slated to make his first appearance Thursday at Minnesota, but that game was rained out. He will pitch again Tuesday, working on three days' rest, to get him back on track to start opening day.
The Marlins roughed up Lance Lynn for five runs in a third inning that featured doubles from Donovan Solano, Adeiny Hechavarria's and Giancarlo Stanton.
Matt Adams hit his first homer of the spring, a drive that hit the Cardinals' clubhouse beyond the center field wall on the fly.

Of course you take Shield.

Way to early to predict

At least, we got rid of Mike Dee, I guess the inventor of all those celebrities shows(which never increased any attendance) and the Tim Tebow Day(in which he managed to beat us and further decrease attendance). Or was it Ross?

unrelated but amazing fact……Bernard Hopkins is 49 years old and is the IBF light heavyweight champ…….defends his title in April……49 yrs old……49

regarding Shields, and why we cant have 2 CBs making 7-8 mill/yr when we just used 2 high picks on CBs…..check out whats going on with the Saints…..Sproles likely done there too now……considering trading P Thomas…..every team needs, must have, cheap talent contributing--Taylor or Davis better start after this year, and when Patterson is gone, and better contribute some this year as nickels…..like his talent but not at that cost, so no to Shields

Green is either a close friend or mole for Mando. As head of PR he escaped the Often personal,harsh, unrelenting, mocking public attacks That Aponte, Philbin and Ross endured. He was the head of the f-ing public relations and his name was not mentioned ounce by Mando for all the PR gaffs that he lambasted the Dolphins over.

Does this mean that Jordan, Pouncey, and Wake are on the trading block?

benz, your right. you take corners in the 2nd and 3rd round last year. One of these guys should be filling that spot this year. To be under the cap you must blend higher payed veterans with younger players.

The blog is dead tonight. Some of you are learning.

The blog is dead tonight. Some of you are learning.

Posted by: It's only a game. | March 07, 2014 at 09:49 PM

Its the offseason!


Care to waste some time giving us your mock draft that no mammal, reptile or insect gives a hoot about?

I'm doing my own mock on which way the wind will be blowing for each round of the draft.

And a friday night! Only the degenerate master-baiters like Oscar and YG keep this puppy humming on a Friday night, in the offseason.

Keep up the good work Master-Baiters!

Stroke away!

We know goes righty then lefty.

Yeah, friday nights ocar usually talks to himself all night.

We know

Did YOU know that you don't need to use protection when jacking the pipe?

How does one know if they have no life? Easy. They post a mock draft.


Matt Leinart
Colt McCoy
Brady Quinn
Vince Young
Tim Tebow
Chad Henne
Pat White

Henne is the last one standing!

I knew henne was the best

Attention attention breaking news daylight saving time might be bad for your health ok resume wacking off

What will we do with out Harvey ?

Dashi still in hiding! The kiddie boy has gotten burned up lately. Well, he asks or it.

do the Dolphins give anyone else diarrhea?

I stopped giving a crap about this garbage team, now I don't get the Hershey squirts anymore. Now I have to stand up off the seat to pinch it off. Sweet

Sup Pubes

I'm a proud Dolphins fan, there's only a very few of us left, everyone I talk to says they are one of the worst teams to ever play in the NFL, yo Pubes, what up?

I have enjoyed sucking off young men for over 50 years

I love the smell of good dick. It makes my mouth water.

Folks don't kid yourselves. 2014 is a wash year. Philbin has lost the team. He is a lame duck coach in his last year. 2015 will be a planned setback, fresh start, new rebuild. 2018 before any playoff talk becomes viable.

Every single HC that has come to the Dolphiins meets death of their career. Name one single HC of the Miami Dolphins that has gone on to success in the NFL after leaving the fins.

Miami is a death trap.

Soccer is not a sport.

Rd 1 Zach Martin LG Notre Dame
Rd 2 Chris Borland ILB Wisconsin
Rd 3 Daniel McCullers DT Tennessee
Rd 4 Lamin Barrow OLB LSU
Rd 5 Isaiah Crowell RB Alabama State
Rd 6 Dontae Johnson S NC State
Rd 7 Brandon Linder RG The University of Miami

Football players are not athletes

beerphin..... Not a bad effort.... Not bad at all...

My only 100% disagreement is Borland.... Undersized and slow... (Yeah, I know, Zack Thomas... Right?)... Nah... Zack was an extremely rare and pleasant exception to what a solid ILB should look like.... He had more heart then a blue whale and was absolutely relentless... I wish to God he'd consider coaching be he's "not one bit interested"... Per himself.
McCullers is projected as a 3rd or 4th round pick. I've seen him ranked as high as the #9 DT in the draft and as low as #13. At 6'6" 348 he's damned sure a load and would create passing lane issues for QB's... I like that pick, but like him batter in the 4th.
Barrows is ranked as high as #14 and as low as #19. He's projected from the 3rd to 5th rounds. I like him, but I always wonder why players would have such a wide range in projection. It usually means there isn't a consensus about him. He may be a boom or bust. But I do think you have a good selection in the right round. My only hesitation is his school... LSU Players are dumb man.... Clemson players have no heart, LSU players are dumb, and USC players will either ruin and make your draft... I'm hoping to GOD The Jests take Marqise Lee from USC... He's classic USC WR bust material. And Sammy Watkins, WR from Clemson..? He's stiff and will be a soft azzzz player... They all are from Clemson. That school doesn't attract (or recruit) players that bite.
While I like Crowell, and he's is CERTAILY one of the best power backs in this draft... There is no way in hell he passes Hickey or Philbins character profile... Sorry, but you don't get tossed out of The University of Georgia for carrying a gun on school ground and get drafted by Miami... Crowell needs to go to a small market team or one in the Mid-West, Think Indy, Carolina, Tennessee or Pittsburgh. If he goes somewhere like Miami, New York, San Fran, Dallas, New Orleans or Atlanta... he'll be is prison within a few years...
I like Lorenzo Taliaferra, RB, Coastal Carolina
Height: 6-0. Weight: 229. His blocking at the senior bowl was head and shoulders above the rest of the RB's. He also caught 50 passes for Coastal Carolina and is a SERIOUS LOAD... Taliferra is projected to go between the late 3rd through 5th round. He's a product of a good background and small school with big heart.
I don't know much about Donte Johnson so I deffer. He's not ranked on a few sites a Frequent. I know Miami has a couple Safety's in development right now. Jimmy Wilson is playing CB at the Nickle, but he would take Clemons spot if he bolts. There is Michael Thomas who is going into year 2. Jordan Kovacs from Michigan who was a rookie last year. And Don Jones, another rookie from last year listed as a CB but better suited at FS. Without knowing Johnson, if Miami was drafting a safety late I would also think about... Isaiah Lewis, S, Michigan State
Height: 5-10. Weight: 211. He's projected in the 4th to 6th. or Dezmen Southward, S, Wisconsin
Height: 6-0. Weight: 211 projected at 3rd to 5th. Safety seems pretty deep at 3rd to 6th rounds, high end guys are short in supply.
As far as Linder goes... I'll always stand behind a "|_|" player... But Linder was awful at the Senior bowl. Walter Football called him the worst O-line guy there. Reports had him being dominated by mediocre talent. It was also reported that Linder wasn't a bad player... But a poorly coached one... Sound Familiar..?
We do have a good O-line coaching staff now... But I'm not sure HUGE projects are the best bet this year... But I'll always back a "|_|" draftee...

Good effort.... beerfin.... I hope that my comments don't come as a criticism... They were not meant that way... Just as a breakdown of what I think... That's all... There is good talent there. I REALLY WISH Crowell would work out... But not on this team... Not with this Manager and coach.

Dolfans care about every aspect of anything remotely Dolphin. Green must know ONeill real well?

Daniel McCullers DT Tennessee


Let's draft a pair of balls

This defense was soft last year look for us to bolster the o-line , then the d-line but only the tackle position don't look for any sexy free agents or draft picks just the big uglys

You must build from the inside out , we need to get more physical up front

This defense was soft last year look for us to bolster the o-line , then the d-line but only the tackle position don't look for any sexy free agents or draft picks just the big uglys

Posted by: Marc from nj | March 08, 2014 at 08:32 AM

right on

I think I'll miss the acorn hunt this year. I am still doing my own, but watching Ireland dig them up has become an annual event. My #1 small school acorn is : Jeremy Butler WR Tenn-Martin.

Sproles should be brought in. How many passes did the dolphins RBs catch last year? Sproles hurt the dolphins in that prime time game so I hope they took note..

the first thing their PR needs to address is the media and how they portray the team. I think a slight improvement in the local media's attitude towards the organization might help lighten the national, perceived view and ultimately improve the Dolphins chances of landing more talent.

we kill ourselves in this town with negative nancy writers. i am originally from chicago, where they have had weathered many losing teams and tenures but manage to keep it positive and refrain from being bandwagoneers...this town, to that regard is pathetic.

Now a new Puerto Rican and next a new QB eh?

#-8 in the league in POINT's allowed is not soft eH?.That is a Super Bowl caliber Defence eH?
WTF do you want eH?
It's the QB STUPID eH?

the first thing their PR needs to address is the media and how they portray the team.

Posted by: Bobby | March 08, 2014 at 10:26 AM

Just another example of how dumb people are today.

The most important thing a lawn mower needs to do is cut grass.

If you think our defense was Super Bowl caliber you should have your head examined there is something wrong with you . Our once stout d-line was pushed all over the feild hence losing to the bills and jets and getting gashed all over the feild

Field woops

Sproles should be brought in. How many passes did the dolphins RBs catch last year?
Posted by: Frank from PA | March 08, 2014 at 09:59 AM

Letting Reggie Bush leave was MORONIC!!

Our D was excellent last year....the LEAST of our problems.

our unique tradition and history?
ruined by your stupid logo and uni change

Tradition? History?

It's just a meaningless game that has no bearing on anything. It is nothing but another vehicle for advertisers to bombard you with stupid beer commercials featuring dumb fun dudes like yourselves choosing a $1.20 can of bud over a hot babe.

The Broncos wish they had our D. They would've won the SB.

We must build our lines first forget skilled positions we have enough we are fine at RB ,wr ,cb we can find a te in the draft all we should focus on is ol , and dt maybe mlb

Cant win without a QB....

The NFL bills itself as an Entertainment organization. They make money selling airtime to sponsors, just like stupid sitcoms with laugh tracks. It is meaningless, frivolous entertainment.

If you have even a scintilla of concern over a football teams new uni's, you may start to seriously consider getting a life.

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