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Dolphins PR department going in a new direction

PR man Harvey Greene was fired half a dozen times by former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and hired five times. But in 1989 he decided to get away from the cold and uncertainty of the New York Yankees and accepted a job as the Dolphins head public relations man.

It started an era that lasted 25 years, spanned nine head coaches, three owners and a lifetime of stories and secrets he keeps closely guarded.

Well, today Greene is moving on.

He is out as the head of the media relations department and now becomes the Dolphins vice president of Historical Affairs -- a newly created position.

Jason Jenkins becomes the Dolphins new PR chief.

Greene announced the moves in an email minutes ago ...


I want to let all of you know personally that effective immediately I am transitioning from the Dolphins Media Relations Department to a new role with the team as Vice President, Historical Affairs.

The organization is making a concerted effort to make our unique tradition and history a more meaningful complement to our current team and its fans, and my new responsibilities will entail developing major initiatives to continue that process. Having been a part of the Dolphin organization for 25 years, the institutional knowledge and relationships I built during that time will serve me well to head this initiative. I will concentrate on developing historical programs that will highlight our special  heritage and enhance and expand our historical displays and commemorations; including an upcoming 50 year anniversary celebration. After spending so many years in media relations with the Dolphins, I am looking forward to contributing to the organization in a new and challenging way and to expand my own administrative portfolio.

As a result of my new responsibilities, Jason Jenkins will now be your primary media contact for anything involving the Dolphins and Sun Life Stadium. After spending 14 seasons in the NFL, including the last five with the Dolphins, he certainly is well-qualified to head the media relations department. Many of you have worked with Jason in the past and know very well his professionalism and helpful manner. For those who have yet to get to know him, I am sure you will find working with him a pleasure.

 As I look back at my tenure in media relations with the team, one of the things I enjoyed the most was building friendships with so many of you over the past quarter century. I am looking forward to continuing those relationships in my new role with the organization.

 Many thanks.



Interestingly, Greene's new email signature includes his new office address. It is listed as Sun Life Stadium rather than his usual spot at the Dolphins training facility in Davie.

It's an end of an era, folks.


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Wake Francis. Odrick. Jordan

Wheeler. Ellerbe. Jenkins

Grimes. Patterson

Thomas. Jones.

Not to shabby we need a little depth at defensive tackle that's about it.

I would bring back tony McDaniel but not for big money maybe 2 mil a year for two years

It doesnt matter how good your D is when your stinkin QB can only get 3 1/2 pts/game!!

But our offensive line is a total rebuild except for center, our skill positions are fine and we do indeed have our franchise quarterback yes that's right ,clay and sims are solid at tight end and maybe egnew will finally get it

Dude if you can't block your offense will not work

This dolphin team will make noise this year

Would you guys trade Tanny for Henne? He is playing better.

It doesnt matter how good your D is when your stinkin QB can only get 3 1/2 pts/game!!

Posted by: NJPHIN | March 08, 2014 at 11:29 AM


Hold it,I'm still laughing.JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

Excuses for Tannehill?? Dude, if your QB cant hit the broadside of a barn more than 10 yds away it doesnt matter what the OL does.

breeze, My concern is run defense especially with likelihood of Starks and soliai being gone... Ellerbe and Wheeler need to be replaced next year. They are both overpaid and weren't very good. I'd look to trade both or cut them next year. Borland is a playmaker and true MLB. Capable of being a field general and stuffing the run. McCuller and Odrick would start at DT. Big bodies... Barrow and Jenkins I believe in the next year would be our starting outside linebackers... while I like Misi he is not a fit in 4-3 defense... he was a 3-4 linebacker DE in 4-3 in college.Trade him for a pick in the draft. Barrow and Jenkins give the speed and burst needed on the outside. The linebacking fix is almost as important as the Oline imo. As far as Crowell and Johnson they are polar opposites n yea Crowell is a risk but in the fifth rd it's not that big a loss if he gets into trouble. He was the top RB 3 years ago before his incident and I think deserves a chance at redemption, Charges were dropped and he was expunged. It's in the past. I completely disagree with your assertion LSU players are dumb. That's just ignorant and a lil racist. There are atleast five LSU players who I'd draft without hesitation. Craig Loston in the 4th would be a good alternate for S.
Brandon Linder was nominated Team MVP for UM and his performance at Senior bowl doesn't worry me at all. He is a steal if available in the 7th.
Anyways don't mind criticism at all and enjoy the debate...

Last time Matt Moore started he was voted team MVP. START HIM!

How does Failbin bench the team MVP QB for Tannebust? Are u F'N kidding me? WTF?

Matt Moore... wow get off of the sinking ship.. how did it pan out for him the last time he played?
Matt Moore couldnt beat his way out of a wet paper bag.. good guy great back up

It is funny how NO ONE complained about the OL when Matt Moore was starting...

I know its Saturday, and the comments section around here on Saturday is meh, at best. but come on Armanda. "Free Agency" just started about 10 minutes ago. Don't you have a job to do bro?

Matt Moore has no arm his ball just floats like a duck in the air , Ryan is our guy period we should unload Moore for a fifth round pick and draft Aaron Murray in the late rounds if you know football you will see tannehill has the goods

They should try and get a couple more late draft picks with trades...

It is past 12:00
Any news on free agents
Mando what is going on ?? Give us an update

Let's hope they sign a couple Tackles... Monroe Veldheer or Albert for LT and Strief for RT would be giant wins...

LT and RT with a RG in the draft or LT and RG with a RG in the draft. There is a LG on the team already between a few guys.

**LT and RT with a RT in the draft. Finding a good G in this draft may be easier on day 2 or 3 than a RT. Either way I would bring Clabo back for a nother year, as I have stated on multiple occasions.

**RG, JHC I give up

LT is a given
Question is which one
And who else RT and a guard ?
How about MLB ; safety; RB
Do we have to wait for PR to give a statement
Mando we are waiting ...........

I'm just wondering if anyone has given some thought to upgrading the offensive line this season.

I would be fine bringing Clabo back. We only need to find 3 O-line men. We should be able to shake one out of the guys we have. I have the feeling Benton will coach theses guys up

In regards to the safety position . What is the deal with the p squad guy we got from San Fran at the end of last year that picked off Tom Brady? I have heard Harbaugh was really high on him. He offered him a raise to stay. San Fran has a good track record of finding and developing Dbs. I wonder if this kid will be in the mix ?

@ Brickhouse Yes he will be in the mix. We signed him last season & he will be one of 90 at camp.

I for one saw more natural instincts from Thomas in 2 plays than Carroll's entire tenure as Dolphin. Let Carroll walk, restructure Patterson contract according to playtime or Cut'm loose. Let Thomas, Taylor, Davis & maybe f/a fill the void.

Brandon Albert is our guy he's the number 1 tackle on the market it's a done deal

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