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Dolphins think value with benefits and repercussions

It's not right to say the Dolphins are bargain shopping in free agency. Not when Brandon Albert got $20 million in guaranteed money two days ago and the highest average per year salary of any left tackle signing during free agency.

It is more accurate to say the Dolphins are value shopping. General manager Dennis Hickey has said that over and over, again and again.

"Again, we always look at value," he said. "That’s what we’ve done so far, and that’s what we will continue to do. Putting a number on those things, again we are just trying to get the best 53-man roster."

And so this is what you must keep in mind as free agency continues ... According to sources familiar with the Dolphins thinking, the club is now value shopping for a cornerback. Miami is value shopping for a running back -- and on this one, the shopping may very well lead to the draft. (More on that in a moment).

The Dolphins are still shopping for both a guard and a right tackle, although getting good value on this front may be more tricky, one source tells me.

Value shopping takes time.

And it is risky because other teams with similar needs can easily set higher values on players.

But this is apparently what the Dolphins are committed to doing. Sometimes it works and the value the team places on a player leads the player to or back to Miami -- think Randy Starks. Sometimes it fails and the value the team places on a player leads him elsewhere -- think Paul Soliai.

There are other instances where setting a certain value or price point for a player doesn't get it done. And the offensive line offers multiple examples of this.

The Dolphins offered guard Zane Beadles a contract they believed to give them (and him) good value. But the Jacksonville Jaguars blew Miami out of the water with a five-year, $30 million deal that included $12 million in guarantees.

That's right tackle money, folks.

Beadles is a guard.

The Dolphins also wanted Rodger Saffold to play alongside Albert at left guard or perhaps right tackle. But the Oakland Raiders blew Miami out of the water with a five-year, $45 million deal that included $21.5 million in guarantees. Think of this: The Raiders were going to pay Saffold, who is not durable and not a home run as a left tackle, more guaranteed money than the Dolphins were going to pay a proven Pro Bowl left tackle.

And the Dolphins offer was to pay Saffold as a guard or right tackle.

They couldn't compete. Thankfully, actually.

Well, last night the Raiders either got buyer's remorse or the team doctor became the smartest man in the organization. The Raiders failed Saffold in his physical.

Saffold is now going back to the Rams.

So where does that leave the Dolphins?

Again (as Hickey likes to say) the Dolphins are hunting for a veteran cornerback, a guard, a right tackle and a running back.

The cornerback issue is one where value has just reared its head. The Philadelphia Eagles this morning announced they agreed to terms with now former Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll.

The Dolphins like Carroll. He's big, he's fast. His best football is in front.

But they didn't value him as a starter. They valued him as a No. 3 type guy.

Carroll valued himself as a starter, or at least someone who could compete to start. And the Eagles convinced him he had a place there. So the Dolphins lose the player who started 22 games for them the past two years -- more than anyone else.

The hunt continues for a veteran corner -- one who can compete to start but can slide into the No. 3 role if he doesn't win the competition. The Dolphins like San Francisco's Tarrell Brown. They've shown interest in Walter Thurmond.

Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie and Antonie Cromartie are out there. But both are starting corners who expect to be paid like big-time starting corners. Do the Dolphins value them as such? That's the only way Miami has any interest.

I have no idea who the Dolphins are targetting at guard and right tackle now. [Update: The Miami Herald has confirmed Rams guard Shelley Smith is scheduled to visit tonight and tomorrow. He has visited the Giants and is currently in New England. He's looking for around $3 million a year. Good luck with that. He'll soon understand Dolphins are looking for value.]

The Dolphins initially called on New Orleans right tackle Zach Strief and apparently were scared away by 1. His strong desire to return to New Orleans. 2. His price. (Perhaps this changes, perhaps not).

The team desperately and I do mean desperately needs to add a couple of more veterans on the line. The consensus top guards and right tackles are apparently spoken for. What is mostly left are mid-level players.

So can Hickey fight off desperation and not sign a mid-level player for starter money because those mid-level players are going to start?

As to the running back issue, the Dolphins are in something of a tight spot. It is no longer a question of whether the team will add one. Sources tell me that is definitely the plan. The Dolphins want a big, bruising back that can pick up the short yards and also run over people in late-game situations protecting the lead.

(Good-bye Daniel Thomas).

Is there anyone out there like that? Ben Tate is available, but I don't know that is likely because he wants a bundle of cash to be the man. The Dolphins intend to run by committee.

I'm told the team believes there can be value in finding that RB in the draft -- and not necessarily early in the draft. So this can happen later.

I suppose that's what hunting for value is about. Waiting for the right time to strike. And that is often ... later.



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Posted by: Tupac's Ghost |
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drawers every game day

Posted by: 2 watt |

2 watt
has the
vocabulary of a
6 year old


*would NOT*

I agree with the value approach (and by that , I mean right NOW , not necessarily all the time) and I agree that it's too early to give up on Daniel Thomas.

If the Fins wanted to fix the RB position. And really make it a RB by Comitee. They draft 2 RBs in the 3rd and 4th. The Mason and A.Williams.

By adding Mason and Williams you can get rid of Thomas, Gillislee, and Thigpen.

Have a 3-Headed Monster of L.Miller, T.Mason and A.Williams. All 3 can Kick Return. Then you can have a competition for the job. You don't have to worry about wear and tear because nobody is going to carry the whole load.

The Formations are endless ladies. T-Sizzle in the Gun with Miller and Mason by his side with Wallace in Motion. Wishbone. Wildcat.

Now the only way to do this is to sign a RG and A RT in Free Agency.

Daniel Thomas is yet another example of Ireland drafting good athletes rather than good football players. Thomas lacks vision, has no RB instincts, does not follow blocks well, and breaks tackles as if he weighs 185.
In his never ending search for 'acorns' Ireland overlooked the entire forest.

Forget watt Pac, he is aahhh...... slow. He is like the idiot at work, nobody likes him but he is kept around for entertainment value.

Like a Tardo.

Over the top?

Over 100,000 fans waiting for any season tickets to free up to immediately purchase

2014 All regular season games SOLD OUT in New England

I really think the Phins should take a look at Lache Seastrunk. RB out of Baylor. Very talented player that's flying under the radar.

Miss me yet?

1.21 jigga Watt got poop on his mouth



Is Fat Albert out injured yet ?!


For just saying, I know we all have an opinion, but to say you never seen a pro RB worst then D Thomas, are you sure? Bill

@ 11:13, if it wasn't for those bloggers, Mando would be out of a job.

2014 Dolphins 11-5

Delty, I guess I agree with what you are saying. This would be his last chance here, but I think we give him that chance. It just may work out.

Dashi, also true, but he does not run much different than a young Steven Jackson. The concussions are an issue if he gets another. I know he was an Ireland reach, and that pissed me off, I was not a big fan until I saw some of the things he did on the field last year, when there was an actual hole.

wasn't Home banned from this blog?

Go ahead try t say it w a straight face

. . . Go Tanny Go, Go Tanny Go


ah the Dolphins

lol, seriously


Not over the top at all. That's a pretty accurate and level headed description if you ask me.

Bingo coach! Except so was BDYG/Marco/Sam69. Its like one of those pesky floater turds. Just when you think it's swirled down the pipe. It pops back up to the top.

I like 2 watt, don't believe anything he writes, but i still like him.

Last year at this time we were chasing the Patriots. Now we're chasing the Patriots, Bills, and Jets.

Patriots win the division yet again.


What would a good day on this blog be considered?

One without have to scroll pass the nonsensical ramblings of Oscar, Dashi, YG/DB/Sam/Ape, Craig, Odin & MIT.

Posted by: The Blog | March 13, 2014 at 11:13 AM


Out of those names Mr.Loadswallower how many of those names are you?

I count 5, 6 if you include The Blog. You Homeless fan.

Home has been thrown out f 26 cocktail lounges and banned from 8 Blogs

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Home is the herpes of this blog. You can treat it (ban) but never cure it (keeps coming back)...

...in the meantime, it's fun looking for acorns.

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Home has been thrown out f 26 cocktail lounges and banned from 8 Blogs

Go Fish !


Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | March 13, 2014 at 11:31 AM

Your actually proud of this?

Let's talk about the Dolphins perfect season over 40 yrs ago b4 we were born

Gosh that was great

. . . oh remember the days

ah yeah those were the days

Fat Albert is passed out in gutter at South Beach

Tannehill throws deep

perfect pass right to Revis

Go Tanny Go !


PFF has Shelley Smith as one of the potential bargains still available:


@Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home, pleaz come home to me I miss you EH?

Steven Jackson is a Beast.

They don't make them like that anymore.

S.Jackson is E.Lacy on steroids. He is past his prime, but S.Jackson was as complete a RB as you would want. E.George is a RB that is similar to S.Jackson. SJ is better.

S.Jackson was E.Campbell like.

S.Jackson is what R.Brown should've been.

I have the up most respect for Mr.Jackson to even mention that RB we have behind L.Miller and him in the same sentence.

That is like comparing R.Bush to B.Sanders. Not even because they played for the same team.

Home is really Omar Kelly. So you know he knows nothing about football.


This Home guy is something else.


Jags have now signed 3 super bowl starters: Bryant, Clemons, Beadles (and all are linemen) plus Toby Gerhardt and Dekoda Watson.

Jeff Ireland Traded UP into the 2nd Round to Take Daniel Thomas.....????????????


Florida for free agents to sign.

Home loves WR that arent capable of catching with their hands.
And lineman that still suckle on thier mommas nipple.

@ 11:37. this o line needs studs, not bargains. I don't ccare about value for pay, I care about sheer performance... of course don't be ray Farmer but I would pay a mill or two more for a top level player v a bargain.

Of course the difference is bonus or guranteed money - which I don't pay but it looks like the owner might...


What's your point ETF? That the teams they rode to the SB with didn't think they were worth keeping around to get back?

Dolphins thinking VALUE, again? Thats why they have sucked for the last 6 years. If they really wanted "the best 53 players", Revis and Byrd would've been Dolphins by now.

So here we are again waiting to see if the Phins want to fish or cut bait. They still need to add to the O line but will they have the stones to follow through is the question. If your team is worried about "value" and others are scarfing up good players, then your team will be left cutting bait. Sometimes, you have to overpay to get better. If the Phins fail to fix the O line, you can kiss another season good-bye. Are you listening Joe Philstedt?


Would you go after Mack even though he has a transition tag from the Browns? And Pouncey would have to move to OG.

What about Collins if the asking price is 8 million yr avg.

Keep in mind the deep RT class in the draft.

I think I would be more inclined to go after Mack, move Pouncey to OG and then wait for thr draft for a RT.

My point is that guys we need like Beadles and a brusing back how about Gerhardt like the situation in Jax better than they like it here.

ETF, I'm with you here .. I expected a different free agency given everything that happened last year. This team is acting like they are the SF 49ers waiting for values and people who will outperform what we pay them instead of just taking the BPA...

Of course SF has years of solid drafting to back up this philosophy and a crapload of draft picks..

us, we have two years of good drafting to lean on and a giant infested open sore of an o line that didn't need some help, it needed to be completely re-done. Patience was a luxury here...

And Shelley Long is not going to be signed because he is rated nowhere near Schwartz or Asamoah... yet asking for same or more money...

home is a patriot fan. He posted one of the same comment on the palm beach post blogs as patriotic home. what a doooosh losing coward

MIT,I beleive you are refering to Shelley Long who was a star on "Cheers"and later was replaced by Kirstie Alley. Just sayin

Home loves DBs that rub Rex Ryans feet but can't as often in FL.

2 watts on crack.

no ol = t ouch

Free agency started well, but now what? We're not going to get three starting O linemen, a starting RB, and a starting CB in the draft unless Hickey is some kind of genius.

watch revis tear his acl again

1.21 jigga watts



I've been looking at RB tape all morning and taking notes my grades.

My ratings:

1) Tre Mason- best runner in the draft. Runs low, is shifty and has solid instincts. Not used often as a receiver. Late 1st- early 2nd rd grade

2) Kadeem Carey- most well rounded RB in terms of receiving and pass protection. He also has good vision and can run with power. Tends to overuse spin move which could lead exposing the ball to defenders often. 2nd rd pick

3) Lache Seastrunk- good outside runner with vision who can also catch the ball. Unproven in pass pro and doesn't look like a power back. 2nd rd pick

4) Andre Williams- a big back with vision who can adjust before impact to gain extra yards. Unproven receiver out of the backfield. 3rd-4th rd pick

In what decade will the Dolphins finally get a franchise QB?


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