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Dolphins think value with benefits and repercussions

It's not right to say the Dolphins are bargain shopping in free agency. Not when Brandon Albert got $20 million in guaranteed money two days ago and the highest average per year salary of any left tackle signing during free agency.

It is more accurate to say the Dolphins are value shopping. General manager Dennis Hickey has said that over and over, again and again.

"Again, we always look at value," he said. "That’s what we’ve done so far, and that’s what we will continue to do. Putting a number on those things, again we are just trying to get the best 53-man roster."

And so this is what you must keep in mind as free agency continues ... According to sources familiar with the Dolphins thinking, the club is now value shopping for a cornerback. Miami is value shopping for a running back -- and on this one, the shopping may very well lead to the draft. (More on that in a moment).

The Dolphins are still shopping for both a guard and a right tackle, although getting good value on this front may be more tricky, one source tells me.

Value shopping takes time.

And it is risky because other teams with similar needs can easily set higher values on players.

But this is apparently what the Dolphins are committed to doing. Sometimes it works and the value the team places on a player leads the player to or back to Miami -- think Randy Starks. Sometimes it fails and the value the team places on a player leads him elsewhere -- think Paul Soliai.

There are other instances where setting a certain value or price point for a player doesn't get it done. And the offensive line offers multiple examples of this.

The Dolphins offered guard Zane Beadles a contract they believed to give them (and him) good value. But the Jacksonville Jaguars blew Miami out of the water with a five-year, $30 million deal that included $12 million in guarantees.

That's right tackle money, folks.

Beadles is a guard.

The Dolphins also wanted Rodger Saffold to play alongside Albert at left guard or perhaps right tackle. But the Oakland Raiders blew Miami out of the water with a five-year, $45 million deal that included $21.5 million in guarantees. Think of this: The Raiders were going to pay Saffold, who is not durable and not a home run as a left tackle, more guaranteed money than the Dolphins were going to pay a proven Pro Bowl left tackle.

And the Dolphins offer was to pay Saffold as a guard or right tackle.

They couldn't compete. Thankfully, actually.

Well, last night the Raiders either got buyer's remorse or the team doctor became the smartest man in the organization. The Raiders failed Saffold in his physical.

Saffold is now going back to the Rams.

So where does that leave the Dolphins?

Again (as Hickey likes to say) the Dolphins are hunting for a veteran cornerback, a guard, a right tackle and a running back.

The cornerback issue is one where value has just reared its head. The Philadelphia Eagles this morning announced they agreed to terms with now former Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll.

The Dolphins like Carroll. He's big, he's fast. His best football is in front.

But they didn't value him as a starter. They valued him as a No. 3 type guy.

Carroll valued himself as a starter, or at least someone who could compete to start. And the Eagles convinced him he had a place there. So the Dolphins lose the player who started 22 games for them the past two years -- more than anyone else.

The hunt continues for a veteran corner -- one who can compete to start but can slide into the No. 3 role if he doesn't win the competition. The Dolphins like San Francisco's Tarrell Brown. They've shown interest in Walter Thurmond.

Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie and Antonie Cromartie are out there. But both are starting corners who expect to be paid like big-time starting corners. Do the Dolphins value them as such? That's the only way Miami has any interest.

I have no idea who the Dolphins are targetting at guard and right tackle now. [Update: The Miami Herald has confirmed Rams guard Shelley Smith is scheduled to visit tonight and tomorrow. He has visited the Giants and is currently in New England. He's looking for around $3 million a year. Good luck with that. He'll soon understand Dolphins are looking for value.]

The Dolphins initially called on New Orleans right tackle Zach Strief and apparently were scared away by 1. His strong desire to return to New Orleans. 2. His price. (Perhaps this changes, perhaps not).

The team desperately and I do mean desperately needs to add a couple of more veterans on the line. The consensus top guards and right tackles are apparently spoken for. What is mostly left are mid-level players.

So can Hickey fight off desperation and not sign a mid-level player for starter money because those mid-level players are going to start?

As to the running back issue, the Dolphins are in something of a tight spot. It is no longer a question of whether the team will add one. Sources tell me that is definitely the plan. The Dolphins want a big, bruising back that can pick up the short yards and also run over people in late-game situations protecting the lead.

(Good-bye Daniel Thomas).

Is there anyone out there like that? Ben Tate is available, but I don't know that is likely because he wants a bundle of cash to be the man. The Dolphins intend to run by committee.

I'm told the team believes there can be value in finding that RB in the draft -- and not necessarily early in the draft. So this can happen later.

I suppose that's what hunting for value is about. Waiting for the right time to strike. And that is often ... later.



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Omar 2 Home watt Reel on youtube

Coyle will be the interim HC after Philbin is fired.

Anybody expecting Tannehill to torch Revis when he's covering Wallace

Problem is Tannehill cannot get the ball to Wallace deep in a game of 1-1 catch

coyle hc

I guess FA is pretty much over...

Dolphins still lookin hard at Satele


Anyone expecting NE to get their monies worth in Revis

Problem is Rexie isnt the DC in NE just like not in TB

Craig, come on, we saw what happens when you go cheap with a huge need position like we did last year on the o line? It turned into the biggest catastrophe in the league.

Now? We look for more cheap players so we can be $60M under the cap next year. Fastastic.

If this was the plan all along, fine, say so, but if it was then they signed the wrong LT and the wrong CB. They should've gone much younger. Also don't go around telling the fans (Ross) that you will spend all you can spend to make the team better - that's a lie. They could've spent on one or two big tag free agents and not break a sweat on the cap going forward. There isn't even a point applying to roll over this year's unused cap space forward. You honestly believe the team will even attempt to use it? No progress in free agency was made on this team - none. We are still waiting for the o line to be improved. We are still waiting for the run defense to be improved. We didn't even get a shot at a luxury player to make solid units even better. None of it happened.

People are expecting the draft to improve this team? Then Hickey better be one heck of a draft wizard. Free agents are primarily comprised of the 09 and 10 draft classes. Who do we have to show for those drafts? Odrick, Misi, Rashad Jones and Brian Hartline. That's from two drafts. Yet people are expecting this year's draft (when we draft late) to fill up 3 starting spots minimum... laughable. The team owed it to the fans to do everything in their power to stock up this team. Now we look like we may be rolling over $20m .... shameful.

Unless Tannehill takes a gigantic step forward next year has no shot.

Think about it, have you ever heard me say this?

Satele snapping balls to Luck. Parcells fail for showing Satele the door.

Believe the Pats will make a serious run for the SB

Brady needs a ring for his thumb

I think if there is guy you think has a high percentage chance of filling a need you pay WITHIN REASON what it takes to get him.

I think there are 3 problems in play here. Number one we have too many holes to fill on the o-line at one time thanks to silly gate.

Number 2 its somewhat of a thin year for guards in free agency.

Number 3 the Fins are looking for someome athletic with specific zone blocking skills.

It's looking to me like BPA will be out of the questiion in at least the top of this years draft.

It's not unreasonable to think that we could get two solid o-line starters from the draft.

Use the pic of Albert on the Herald today

Looks like a real smart fella, Huh?

Pretty fair to say he aint gonna be splittin the atom anytime soon

U see ^

Pats have chance at SB every year because they play in a division with the Bills, Jets, and Phins. Pretty much guarantees them a first round bye and a record better than they really are, which then gets them home field for at least one game. Most overrated team in football. But them in NFC West and they'd win nothing.

MIT throwing in the towel on 3/13/14?




We have star skill players too

We have, ... , well, .... Egnew

Yeah I'm really surprised to hear you saying that Mark. I think the team has a plan and until Hickey shows me otherwise I'll have faith in him. I don't think you this all via the first two days of FA. I think we need to be patient and see what they do. The addressed LT and brought Starks back. The filled the holes for Soliai and Clemmons. And I don't think we're done yet. They're going to do it all in 48 hours. I still have faith that we're on the right path.


Hey man. I like chatting with you in these blogs. You are a wise man. this is why Im surprised to see you get so upset about the OL. ITs obvious they are going to find the pieces. They reached out to Strief on day 1, which if signed, would have given the team bookend OT, but you see why they pulled back from Strief. Strief, it sounds like, is willing to give NO a hometown discount and they still cant afford him. HEs 31 and this could be his last chance for a substantial contract, and hes waiting on the team that discarded him? Screw him if thats how he feels.

Collins wanted to be paid like a LT. He got $6 Million per season. If he signed with the Dolphins as the RT, he would have made less than that. Do you blame him for signing for the most money he can get elsewhere? We dont even know if he would be a fit at RT anyway- hes a LT.

To me, I dont know why Evan DietrichSmith has not been brought in. Hes a G/C. HE could fill in for Pouncey if Pouncey is suspended and could then be moved to OG when Pouncey returns. My guess is that he wants to remain a C and knows C get paid more money than OG and that is why he hasnt been brought in.

Shelley Smith is rated a B minus OG by Polian and he would be a system fit for the John Benton led OL. He would be an upgrade over John Jerry. He can pull. HE should be signed for anything in the neighborhood of $2-3 Mill per year. TEAMS DONT OVERPAY FOR OG. ITs just the facts man. Davin Joseph is another possibility but is a shadow of his former self.

Now that Collins signed in TB, Donald Penn might be cut loose. Donald Penn would be a solid addition at RT though the Raiders are not scrambling for a LT after saffolds failed physical and might overpay for Penn. Michael Oher is still on the market. Eric Winston is still on the market. Tyson Clabo can always return in a pinch. Charles Brown is rated a solid B by Polian and can also play RT.

I just think you are panicking too early man. I want that OL shored up and Im sure Steve Ross prioritized this. But give the team credit for not overpaying. There are talented players out there for good prices...

Heard NIKE is after TE Egnew

Gonna have his own $150.00 sneakers

U got your "Egnews" on?


Right on Mark in Toronto!

It is the witch work, I'm telling you

5 months before pre-season. Que the Queen theme music. dada dunt dunt dunt da da da da dadunt

Because Albert is an excellent pass blocker but so-so run blocker their next OL signing really needs to be someone who can actually run block.

Somewhere ALOCO is eating spaghetti out of a can

it's been a while, that florida sunshine seems more appealing with every winter that goes by up here in frigid pennsylvania, reirement is not far away and if we do relocate to florida to spend our golden years, maybe, just maybe the fins will be peaking at the same time...anyway, i like these latest moves, i like the attitude, i like the perception in that it seems as though were all on the same page, i've been screaming for a powerback to allow us to move the chains, you know a runningback who gets a 100yards a game the hard way, (not from 3 or 4 large scampers of 30+ yeards) with the other 20 carries mostly being tackles for loss. i like how this new leadership answered the bell at left tackle as the priority that it is, i also like how they promptly filled the vacancy created by the loss of big paul solia, we absolutely can NOT afford to answer problems by creating others of almost equal importance...what good would it be to land albert if we had to give up our inner defensive line(i'm still a big fan of louis nix though)...i know it's really early in freeagency and we did get a LOT better in the secondary with delmas, and you are exactly right, the secondary is 3/4 complete and all that is needed to make our defense smothering is another great corner, signing cromartie would complete the defense and give our front seven and dion jordan that extra second to get to the quarterback...and my last thought is...what's up with DUSTIN KELLER? did he rehab well, is he healthy enough to resign, i certainly hope he is cause i've been dreaming about our offense since the day we signed him!

that would be the
jaws theme

deity, the offseson can be saved if they sign a Donald Penn, even Michael oher or Charles Brown - someone I know won't 2 watt their pants at RT or OG.

I have no such faith in Shelley Long - 2 starts and we would depend on this guy? Nyet.

I thought I was the giant homer here but then I hear people expecting this team to produce two starters on o line in this draft when we got one very good starter in all positions from the last two? And another who's average and may yet become very good but questionable?

Wow, there's always hope...

MARK FROM T- read my post @ 133 man

LOL @ 137

u kno how much I
and the other rogues
hate the o
but me tinks Brenner
with a whole lotta
ota's and tc and ps
will surprise u
do u kno y
cuz he wants 2 play
big diff from just wanting the $

Pats would've won the SB last year if they hadnt been totally devasted by injuries. Their top 4 WR's got injured plus starting RB plus WILFORK.

someone I know won't 2 watt their pants at RT or OG.

HA! There's the humor!!

That's the fact, Jack

Wow, there's always hope...
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 13, 2014 at 01:38 PM

There ya go bud. Day 3 of free agency is upon us!

jax, the lb's also
all back healthy in
two zero one four

don't get Elway near any 1"
nylon cord

Aint no reason
The Dolphins cant win 6 games this season

Pats would have scored less then the Broncos if they made it to the big game.

and mallet
3 seasons of watching

Brady's wife is worth over 300 Million of her own money

not a bad catch


i don't think it's Ross who's holding out on luxury players, i think it's more on the Lady apointe. She's obviously trying to make her self look good by not spending and we all kno Ross LOVES her to NOT say something so yeah i think this is all on her. Sucks to say that but i don't blame Ross on this one. Yes it's good in a way that she can limit the spending but at the same time we are not getting better all around as a whole. It sounds like Hickey knows what he wants and i trust that he will go and execute it the right way without hindering or making 2014 a long season for us.

"In Hickey we trust" i guess....

Guys, I just didn't think this team would be arrogant enough to allow itself the luxury of time considering what happened both on and off the field last year.

They could've fixed this quick, efficiently, and with quality instead of drawing it out trying to save a mill or two when they already have 27 in the bank.

Personally I thought they owed it to fans to provide a quick end to this embarassment. I just hate the idea of trying to fix giant needs on the cheap when you can afford the luxury of doing it with known commodities and certainty.

Brady showed his true colors vs Denver. Don't hurt the patsie.

Seriously teams not only game plan for Michael Egnew

. . . . they fear him

Pats so bad they could not sweep the Dolphins.

Armando the Racist!

Bill Bellichick loves to stick it to the Dolphins.

Say what you will about Ireland, at least he was trying to do the same to NE last off-season. We stood up as contenders.

Now we've sat back down. (Oh yeah, in three years we'll be good.)

Pats will be mean and back in the playoffs. Jets will be hot on their tails. Dolphins will be conservative, polite, nice and very mild mannered and will be home watching TV in January.

Where's Hernandez? Gronk? Gronk? LOLOLOLOLOL

Be patient Dolfans, 3 more years, 3 more years

Phins 1st Jests 2nd, Pats last this year. Bet on it

Who needs Jake Long, Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett, Tony McDaniel

They're not Philbin type guys

Go Fish!

Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer 21s

Buccaneers announce they've released OT Donald Penn, with the addition of Anthony Collins coming.

You might really owe it to your pen15 to get a BJ, but if the hook-her is charging 500 bucks. Then sometimes a HJ is okay in the end.

Somewhere Joe Philbin is vacuuming drapes


Looking at FA moves so far, seems like Hickey's approach is NOT win now--no matter what it takes. Which makes sense in the long run. Hickey might have that time, wonder if Philbin does.

We wouldn't have to be writing this dribble if there was any real news out of the franchise today to talk about.

Instead, we're talking about non-moves.

I thought we were close!

Bazooka Joe should be fire by next year
Tanneeeehill released

WR Nicks deal w Carolina should be done soon

Be nice if they also sign KR/WR Edelman

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