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Dolphins think value with benefits and repercussions

It's not right to say the Dolphins are bargain shopping in free agency. Not when Brandon Albert got $20 million in guaranteed money two days ago and the highest average per year salary of any left tackle signing during free agency.

It is more accurate to say the Dolphins are value shopping. General manager Dennis Hickey has said that over and over, again and again.

"Again, we always look at value," he said. "That’s what we’ve done so far, and that’s what we will continue to do. Putting a number on those things, again we are just trying to get the best 53-man roster."

And so this is what you must keep in mind as free agency continues ... According to sources familiar with the Dolphins thinking, the club is now value shopping for a cornerback. Miami is value shopping for a running back -- and on this one, the shopping may very well lead to the draft. (More on that in a moment).

The Dolphins are still shopping for both a guard and a right tackle, although getting good value on this front may be more tricky, one source tells me.

Value shopping takes time.

And it is risky because other teams with similar needs can easily set higher values on players.

But this is apparently what the Dolphins are committed to doing. Sometimes it works and the value the team places on a player leads the player to or back to Miami -- think Randy Starks. Sometimes it fails and the value the team places on a player leads him elsewhere -- think Paul Soliai.

There are other instances where setting a certain value or price point for a player doesn't get it done. And the offensive line offers multiple examples of this.

The Dolphins offered guard Zane Beadles a contract they believed to give them (and him) good value. But the Jacksonville Jaguars blew Miami out of the water with a five-year, $30 million deal that included $12 million in guarantees.

That's right tackle money, folks.

Beadles is a guard.

The Dolphins also wanted Rodger Saffold to play alongside Albert at left guard or perhaps right tackle. But the Oakland Raiders blew Miami out of the water with a five-year, $45 million deal that included $21.5 million in guarantees. Think of this: The Raiders were going to pay Saffold, who is not durable and not a home run as a left tackle, more guaranteed money than the Dolphins were going to pay a proven Pro Bowl left tackle.

And the Dolphins offer was to pay Saffold as a guard or right tackle.

They couldn't compete. Thankfully, actually.

Well, last night the Raiders either got buyer's remorse or the team doctor became the smartest man in the organization. The Raiders failed Saffold in his physical.

Saffold is now going back to the Rams.

So where does that leave the Dolphins?

Again (as Hickey likes to say) the Dolphins are hunting for a veteran cornerback, a guard, a right tackle and a running back.

The cornerback issue is one where value has just reared its head. The Philadelphia Eagles this morning announced they agreed to terms with now former Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll.

The Dolphins like Carroll. He's big, he's fast. His best football is in front.

But they didn't value him as a starter. They valued him as a No. 3 type guy.

Carroll valued himself as a starter, or at least someone who could compete to start. And the Eagles convinced him he had a place there. So the Dolphins lose the player who started 22 games for them the past two years -- more than anyone else.

The hunt continues for a veteran corner -- one who can compete to start but can slide into the No. 3 role if he doesn't win the competition. The Dolphins like San Francisco's Tarrell Brown. They've shown interest in Walter Thurmond.

Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie and Antonie Cromartie are out there. But both are starting corners who expect to be paid like big-time starting corners. Do the Dolphins value them as such? That's the only way Miami has any interest.

I have no idea who the Dolphins are targetting at guard and right tackle now. [Update: The Miami Herald has confirmed Rams guard Shelley Smith is scheduled to visit tonight and tomorrow. He has visited the Giants and is currently in New England. He's looking for around $3 million a year. Good luck with that. He'll soon understand Dolphins are looking for value.]

The Dolphins initially called on New Orleans right tackle Zach Strief and apparently were scared away by 1. His strong desire to return to New Orleans. 2. His price. (Perhaps this changes, perhaps not).

The team desperately and I do mean desperately needs to add a couple of more veterans on the line. The consensus top guards and right tackles are apparently spoken for. What is mostly left are mid-level players.

So can Hickey fight off desperation and not sign a mid-level player for starter money because those mid-level players are going to start?

As to the running back issue, the Dolphins are in something of a tight spot. It is no longer a question of whether the team will add one. Sources tell me that is definitely the plan. The Dolphins want a big, bruising back that can pick up the short yards and also run over people in late-game situations protecting the lead.

(Good-bye Daniel Thomas).

Is there anyone out there like that? Ben Tate is available, but I don't know that is likely because he wants a bundle of cash to be the man. The Dolphins intend to run by committee.

I'm told the team believes there can be value in finding that RB in the draft -- and not necessarily early in the draft. So this can happen later.

I suppose that's what hunting for value is about. Waiting for the right time to strike. And that is often ... later.



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It's a shame I've been impotent for 5 years


Tannehill should throw underhand to Wallace

He would be more accurate



Ross thinks we're a playoff team. He thinks we're "real close"?

Next time you see Ross, ask him to show you his "EXPERT" football credentials. Trust your "own eyes" not Stephen Ross, nor Armando.

I'll take Helen Keller over Armando or Ross any day. Wasn't she considered the "Miracle Worker"? Why the hell isn't she our new GM? :)

Seems we have an awful lots of "Helen Kellers" on this blog that can fix this team in a "single offseason", don't we? Funny how they didn't show for the GM interview. :)

TannePuke ranked 37th in yds per pass play.

Getting Tate would be nice. Its kind of a luxury signing imo, but thats ok. Runningbacks don't break the bank. Having the Texans O-line coach Benton is helpful.

I can see why people aren't thrilled with the team not making any luxury signings. I'm ok with it though. I want to see how things take place in the next week or so. The plan may be to strongly target O-line in the draft.

Get Mike Wallace a real QB

Wallace. hates Tanny. lol

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Wish it'd just take the hint & let the grown ups talk.

Wilfork wants release from Patsies...can you imagine Wilfork, Starks, Odrick, Wake, and the now free to do his thing Jordan?
And Brady's face when his O-Line is pushed back under his feet?

You guys like all my aliases?



Dolphins, go all in? Say you're kidding right?

At this stage, if Dolphins "went all in" we're more likelier to experience "CAP PERGUTORY" than a meaningful season.

Basically, it would mean "GROSSLY OVERPAYING" for every good fa available. Hell, we didn't even have enough cap space available to begin with to accomplish this.

Only way to ensure they all signed with Miami would have been to "GROSSLY OVERPAY". Even if were possible, youre talking "ONE YEAR RENTALS" at best.

Oh well, I just desperately need you guys to like me. No one else does :( Whatcya say?

Who still uses smileys! Oh wait, me! lol


To go "all in" this season to win championship. It would have greatly helped to have about $80 million in cap space. Then, we could have signed every great fa out there. :)

6-10 again

Sam - I would take a wild card game at this point :)

Cortland Finnegan coming for a visit? PLEASE PASS!!!!!!!! Guy was toast last year!

Come on Hickey, bring in Thurmond!

Cortland Finnigan to visit Fins tomm. I like him as a 1 or 2 year player

Can you say Dysfunctional Franchise?

Value I guess depends on the acumen of the evaluator. Ireland was pretty bad at that bringing in Ellerbe and Wheeler who did no perform close to what they were being paid to do. I don't know Hickey, but he must be better than Jeff in that respect at least. We'll see, as always.

Im still home. But, you knew that.



Wildcard is exactly where we should sit after draft and free agency. If not, bye-bye Philbin, "IF" Ross has an ounce of sense left in that old brain of his.

I wouldn't book it on Vegas though.

Carlos Hyde and A, Williams, the bruising RBs in this year's Draft, might, just might, be had in the 2nd Rd.

Shelley, Strief at O line and Mitchell at DT are all 2nd, 3rd tier Players.

YG, it's a dream to expect a team to spend money they have? NE spends $12M on one all star when he becomes available on next years cap.

That one move alone struck more against the cap than Albert+Mitchell+Starks will for next year or pretty dam clsoe right off the top of my head.

Think any of their fans are cmplaining that adding a multiple time pro bowler was too expensive?

You say we are not New England? Well I think we should do anything to try to close the gap. If not, why spend any money whatsoever, why don't we just realease everyone possible under the gap and bring in the Saskatechewan Roughriders to take their place and pocket all that dough in savings? And just wait for tom Brady to retire...

I have mentioned his name and so have others here have mentioned him as well. But after reading the latest press on him I'm not sure sure Michael Oher is worth the trouble. It sounds like a Clabo all over again.

According to the Baltimore Sun, re-signing free agent RT Michael Oher "isn't a priority" for the Ravens, and he's "probably seen his last days in Baltimore."
A rare first-round whiff by GM Ozzie Newsome, Oher has been a below-average starter since entering the league in 2009. Across 16 starts in 2013, the 27-year-old graded out 68th among 76 qualifiers in Pro Football Focus' tackle ratings. Oher may have to settle for a one-year, "prove-it" deal in free agency.


I though you were a smart guy. A smart accountant even. How do you figure the cap hit next season for Revis is about the same as the cap hit for Starks, Mitchell and Albert? You accountants always like to fudge the numbers.

And besides we NEEDED those three guys. We don't NEED Revis. The Pats NEEDED Revis. I think its comical the way the way the media has a hard on for Revis. W've got a damn fine cornerback right here in Miami in Grimes but his signing never got half the publicity that Revis to the Jets got. Just comical to me. You'd think Revis was the second coming of Jesus Christ or something. He's a FOOTBALL PLAYER for God's sake. A very good one but a Football PLAYER nonetheless.

Finnegan interview...... 3 or 4 yrs too late.
Where are our FA O-LINE Men?
Shamefully poor job on the long-promised & long-needed O-line overhaul!

But hey! We saved money! Hooray!

They should spend some money IN Fa on another quality lineman otherwise we could still be be in trouble and perhaps use the first pick on and offensive linemen if it makes sense at the time. I always like playmakers with the first pick but the o line needs a lot of work.
Ireland could never figure out how to build a team , sometimes he would add talent and then he would subtract in the same ear, NOT SMART, and is why he is gone hopefully Hickey is smarter go FINS!!!!!

Hopefully, Hickey is more Beathard and Young than the past two bozos we have had running the team. Hard to think this coaching staff equal Shula's, a staff that could turn mid-level players into no-name stars.

Get L. Blount, Finnegan is fine competing for that second spot with Taylor. The real question is can we trade D. Ellerby.

Sign the best guard available, then move up to get S. Watkins in the first round and prepare to trade M Wallace. This is supposed to be a deep draft for linemen.

Oh yea, offer K2 the vet minimum at TE.

Ross cheap cheap cha cheap cheap..

200 Million to his old school alumi- Michigan?
400Million to Joe Robbie

I'm relatively confident in saying he's not overly worried about a 133 million cap..

More to it than that. Could it be planning for the future & not having to constantly rework contracts to keep players or worse having to release them. This is a bad example but you think Jerry wanted to release Ware? Bad example but that's the idea..

C'mon man..

Wasn't Finnegans poor season due to his eye socket? Or was that yr previous?

hickey is a retard worried about saving a few pennys instead of try to build the best team he wont be around more then this year w the schedule we have and the cheap players he wants to add ..... value ??? he wants to pay starters back up money ....... mean while u got a back up QB making 5.5 mil to hold a clip board ........ tate and moreno are 220+ and can carry load late .... and if he knows that guard is asking even pats for 3.2 and we're being jews why waste his time .......... yeap another years gone what u guys think7-9 or 8-8 or maybe 6-10 we are do for one of those .......... mean while the pats broncos seahawks falcons colts are souping up w more players yet pats and 49ers have been to 3 str8 conference games + 1 superbowl broncos and falcons have been no.1 seeds and one minutes from superbowl one loser of superbowl......... oh yeah the reigning champs....... and colts are changing identitys but linining up to make a run ............. dolphins how ever got the 2nd richest owner besides seahawks for some reason hes got to keep settling on 2nd and 3rd choice coach and gms....... one GM spends like a idiot replaces a MLB who averaged 120 tackles who just had career year and burnett whos average 100+ tackles and had solid season and paid about 6.5 miil dead money to get us stuck w wheeler for atleast 3 years 6 mill each no way out and ellerbe same and 9.4 mil next year so going to have to do a 3 mil buy out

its ross faault should of fired ireland when parcells left. as good as oderick is and solid misi is ... is he any where near dez bryant ? cause we had pick 12 that year but we take oderick over bryant and john jerry jimmy graham . we trade 2 seconds for a top 5 WR but trade him for a 3rd x2 or how but us taking that PU$&^ martin infront of wagner MLB for seattle and up and comming allpro alshon jeffries oh yeah same year we traded 12 to 27 getting oderick when we had solai and starks and langford who we let walk cause we used a 1st so really hes not a bust but we took him over dez bryant and earl thomas oh yeah make things even better we had pick 145 in 5th rd which was part of trade to get daniel bust thomas in 2011 guess who was 146 year we needed corner cause we took jimmy wilson in the 6th . and we prob didnt even need to move up for thomas he prob would of came to us and if he didnt we be better off demarco murray and stevan ridley came after our pick

this is why dolphins dont have rings twice in 2001 1st time we drafted jamar fletcher over brees would of had him chambers ricky williams and a top 10 defense then in 03 we took eddie moore over boldin , then 4 years later sababan passed on rogers for ronnie brown #2 then a year later after 9-7 team was solid 2nd time passed on brees again instead we gave a 2nd for a blown cuelpepper.then 2006 16th overall take jason allen(bust) over tambi alli nick mangold antonio cromartie jonanthan joseph oh and that 2nd rd we didnt need to give cause brees was free could of be greg jennings or MJD. make it worse we took joe toledo T bust over jahri evans and brandon marshall all pro guard ... then after knowing he blew it skipped town we took a gm and coachh not qualified who took ted ginn at # 9 "watch qhen u see him return kicks" over all pro patrick willis @ # 10 all pro beast mode lynch # 12all pro revis # 14 dwayne bowe# 23 pro bowler jon beason # 25 or all pro LT joe staley @ 28 hell we could of trade back from 9 and thats how a team that won 3 afc east titles average 42 wins in 4 years went on to win 20 games in 5 seasons pass on 2 hallf of fame qbs 3 times 04-08 thats not counting the two 1st rds for ricky who played 2 seasons and retired randy mueller and rick smith who to vikings fan comfort is there gm which was the dolphins gm 05-07 3 seasons when dolphins pssed on 2 hall of fame QBS 2 all pro WRS all pro LB pro bowl LB and best CB since dion

then parcells hit town to save us picking us over the falcons at time feel lucky now not so much wish it was dimetroff here. he started off where the last two gms did skipping out of franchise QB matty ice atleast we got the best LT long until he fell apart after 5 seasons. worse thing parcells did was bring in ireland. we could of traded back gained picks for teams wanting matty ice considering #12 clady ended up the all pro and # 14 albert is a pro bowler # 18 joe flacco 23 Demarius thomas we just signed and longs down w yet a 3rd year ending injury...... but then we had pick 32 cause of spy gate phillip merling instead of Desean jackson jordy nelson matt forte Calais cambell whos a all pro playing the same position as merling and ray rice all instead of merling then i guess chad henne looked good for the pick cant blame him that didnt work langford was solid in 3rd why i dont get we didnt resign him and merling instead of oderick 2 years later shawn murphy bust over brandon flowers and brandon carr when we needded corners. 09 vontae davis which we wouldnt of needed picked in front of clay mathews. biggest head scratcher pat white could of had lesean mccoy andy levitre mike wallace then 2010 we had 12th pick he started letting ireland take charge after we traded 2 2nds when we could of just draft dez bryant 12th or demarrius thomas 23rd or earl thomas 14th. then say we did the trade took oderick well then 2nd koa misi whos solid lb but not even a everydown backer 2 picks before gronkoski jason worrlids LB better then misi carlos dunlap pro bowl DE ben Tate RB then john bum jerry over jimmy graham we could of had gronk graham and brandon marshall even w trade.... erick decker too all after jerry.... then in 4th some guy aj edds 1 pick before geno atkins 7 picks before kam chancelor 2010 ireland first control draft he mesed up so bad parcells walked away and signed groves and smiley to 35 mil guranteed ross fault should of cleaned house right there

worst of all cant turn past but ireland put a great offseason together after good 2012 draft had 11 picks 30 mil left instead of signing bush keep the leadership and those extra plays and long to keep the line together cause im guessing he keep igcognito some what together..... andre smith sat on open market eric winston begged us to take him which he turned out way better then clabo even after long just 1 2nd rd pick we could of got albert to play LT which his pro bowl leader ship plus reggie bushs would kept locker room together and i get the feeling those two players would of kept igcognito in his skull line better bush would of helped keep coach miller who just turned 22..... a pro bowl LT and a running back which was super fast when u had wallace clear out a side and clay stepping up prob would of ran and caught another 1000+ yards and 6-7 extra tds and albert would of cut sacks by atleast 10-11 we lost 5 games by less then a td including the last 2 agaist losers and needed 1 win to be in...... but ireland made the wrong moves again so 13 years of missing out on 3 all pro WR's 3 ALL pro LT 2 hall of fame QBS 3 pro bowl qbs 3 super bowl winning qbs and the other made a conference basically revis and seattles whole defense miss chancelor by 2 could of had revis instead of ted ginn if not him patrick williss........ in 2010 and 2011 we could of had earl thomas jimmy graham in 3rd in the 4th either geno atkins or kam chancelor so after missing akk them in 2010 in 2011 we made good pick w pouncey but then chanced 2nd rd we had to give up for bust daniel thomas when we could of had ridley or demarco murray in 3rd and instead of gates we had one year we picked jim 3 picks in front of julius thomas and gave up pick 145 for thomas trade where we could drafted sherman consisering 20 picks later we take jimmy wilson CB......... oh yeah and we deal marshall while peyton was making his mind up and we were still on list cause which once we traded him we got scratched. so between 2010 and 2011 we passed on gronk graham pitta in 2010 then thomas in 2011 and demarco murray would of been much better then thomas and in 2010 we picked a safety 3 in front of chancelor then looking for corner had to wait 20 spots cause of thomas trade corner ranked right in front of wilson sherman.......... i mean everyone makes mistakes but 3 gms made about 23 huge ones in 13 seasons ireland being the worst since we could of changed last year w 1 2 yr 6 mil w bush and 2nd rd pick for albert..... and even picked wrong RT

so when in 2012 ireland finally got lucky drafting the QB second rd alot of people thoughth e could be first rd not his fault a 3rd pick developing nice after 56 tackles 10.5 sacks a 4th rd kid whos barely21 is great developing back average 4.7 behing terrible line and showing flashs jsut a good line and vet runningback to make him star a 5th rd lb kaddu whos a 6'4 245 4.50 40 developing LB whos 23 and is a good special teamer right now 6th rd 22 yr H-back charles clay 65 catches almost 700 yards 7 total tds then 2009 4th rd hartline developed back to back 1000 yards and 2011 7th rd mathews developing into good slot 36 catches 3 tds signed two good WRs wallace a big play star gibson can play outside or in who was comming out 30+ catches over 300 yards 2 tds in 4 1/2 games a athletic TD who lost his season can come back to prove himself a 5th rd hard running kid from sec gilisee aa promising 4th rd OLB from florida jenkins who is 21 who is already making impact on special teams and on some defense plays his actually 1st rd from 2010 is becomming a beast DE/DT interior player and 2011 1st rd becomes top 3 center lucky free agent gamble on corner rebounds and is a pro bowler and his 5th rd from 2010 is becomming a pro bowl caliber SS 2nd rd OLB is tought run stopping LB and his last draft he bet the house on a boom or bust athletic freak who can be a top defensive OLB/DE with rare size speed and skill guy and a CB from boise w talent and promise both held down by injuries making them miss mini camps and training camps and a 3rd reach who can develop and his first free signing 2 time pro bowl DT only 30 alot left in him with alot of promise an i know we finally got a QB who w the right nturing can be big in year 3

i mean after 6 years of trial and alot of error missing all that talent ireland has built utalent we are 4 or 5 FA's and a good draft from competing w everyone.............2008 FA we still got one of the most disruptive strong DTs only 30... 09 4th rd hartline back to bkac 1000 yards def one of the best # 2's 2010 got a beast disruptive DE/DT better DT see 1st rd prob been better keepin12th but atleast in his 4th yr finally used right he showed what he can do oderick handle mankins and10 2nd koa misi tough hard hitting OLB just uscks 2 withing 23 picks of him we could of had gronk or graham....5th rd reshad jones been solid had great 12 hopefully w a upgrade at FS and the 2nd corner spot he has the 12 season again 2011 draft all pro top 3 center pouncey daniel thomas best 6th rd dolphins had charles clay 67 catchs 7 total tds 2nd 6th rd jimmy wilson solid back up cb/s/ special teams 7th rd rashied mathews kaepernicks fav target had 36 catches 390 yds and 3tds in 10 games as the slot ............. then 2012 ireland actually hit a home rome #8 3rd qb should of been 2nd and top 5 fits part 6'5 230 strong arm sexy wife but also athletic and w a 4.64 runs .4 better then manziel if lasor can help his deep ball and get him to use his athletism more he will be a tier 2.... 2nd rd bust but u cant judge guys a pu$()y 3 year starting LT for harbaugh and luck i remember kiper saying steal guys athletic good lower strengh if he can strenghen uptop he will be a tackle for 10-12 years. 3rd got a solid beat 6'3 256 runs 4.60 from the u had 2.5 sacks and two blocked field goals then kindaa disapeared then showed up on the seen in 13 56 tkles 10.5 sacks and 6 tkle for loss 4th rd miller only was 20 needs a vet to really team up w shows plent of flash in 2 seasons only 227 carries but 957 yards and 4 4 40+ plus 41 catchs w 4.40 speed i see his best days comming josh kaddu great project line backer 6'4 255 runs 4.53 great special teams while working on being a starter only 24.... then 2013 signed home run hitting WR wallace who started comming on last 5 games 2 50 yarders and 4 35 yarders totaling 395 yaards and 4 tds in last 5 and slot and outside WR gibson in first 4 1/2 games had 34 catchs 360 yards 2 TDS def bright future denelle ellerbe MLB/OLB wheeler OLB then brent grimes who was best CB 48 tckles 4 ints and a TD ....... 2013 draft went all in on dion jordan but delayed by shoulder surgery missed all camps but unlimitless talents 14 promises to be a break out year still had 19 2.5 sacks 2nd rd jamar taylor sports hernia held him til 19 snaps then will davis 3rd cb will compete this year 4th jelani jenkins played hard on special teams showed alot of promise on defense too 5th gillisee hard runner didnt get on field then 6th run caleb sturgis hit his first 10 FG including a 54 yrder finished 26/33

2013 season tannehill threw for 3913 700+ yards more 2z the tds 24 58 % comp to 61 % his rating went from 76.4 to 81.6 238 rushing yards 5 300 games most 300 yard games and yards other then the name marin0 5 come backs 4 GWs out dueled andrew luck big ben brady andy dalton philip rivers ... even tho he had no help from running game and sakced 58 times while being hit or hurried another 39 x's still had them poised for playoff run 8-6 until they lost hartline and the Tackles caved

And in june richie incognito signs with Dolphins

8 wins 4 out of 8 were by 6 or less and hickey talkin about cheap deals ...... we need like 4-5 players more in FA like a vet corner cromarties etc ..... value u say steve smith seems firing for a 1 year incentive deal ...... chris chandler is 6'8 avg 32-35 catches and go redzone td threat A MJD prob take less at this point can run hard and could teach gillisee and miller STRief or maybe eric winston get the smith deal done... basically try to fill as many holes so we can go BPA thats when best drafts come ERIC EBRON or CJ MOSLEY be my 1st choice in 1st rd if cj mosley theres a solid pass catching TE from oregon OBV u still add a T and G... think ur talkin value and 5.5 for a back up whos 29 and could get us a 3rd or atleast a 4th and 6th if gabbert a 6th an ...d clears 4 mill and then we get rookie qb to groom and it will be like 2 mill for 4 yrs rather then 5.5 get nothing and he leaves for job next year and we get nothing........ right now mccown gone.... i want a edelman 105 catchs plus kick return ............ etc basically we beat the colts and feel we are atleast 5th best in afc as of now with roster in current former we got to fire bullets oone more piece to our secondary like a cromartie really upgrades our secondary well we got top 5 Dline and if jordan comes up big and vernon takes another step and cam wake stays healthy its like a top 3

Armando why did they not go after TOBY GERHART?!! he's that big bruiser RB that would make a terrific compliment to Miller. the guy has low mileage, averaged 8 yds per carry last year, 5 yds per carry for his career, and signed with Jacksonville for something like 3 years @ $12 million. that is SERIOUS VALUE right there. did they show interest at all in him? i would think he would much rather come to Miami than Jax. did they show interest in Anthony Collins as a RT? i just see so many other teams signing lineman and corners to decent contracts and the Fins doing nothing. they didnt trust Taylor to play at all last year and he's going to start next year?!! forget about Carroll. i remember SO many plays where WRs caught bombs with Carroll 5 yds behind. its just frustrating to see soooo many other teams buying and we seem to be doing nothing at all.

hey Armando, isnt Michael Oher still available as well? he'd be a good RT for decent price.

The Patriots sign a corner that has lost 2 steps,will lose their best DT in Vince Woolfolk, and somehow, they're assured the division title? The AFC east is dead even folks, 10-6 or 9-7 will probably win it. The Dolphins are going to be in this thing at the end, mark it down now.

I think Hinkey is putting together a solid off season right now and if you guys don't agree read this and tell us what u think!!! http://phinsnews.com/so-far-so-good/

if we have a chance to get tre Mason are the kid from Boston College we have to do it DT had his chance and did not produce time to move on

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