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Dolphins visiting with UFA D'Qwell Jackson

D'Qwell Jackson did good work in Cleveland but was cut for salary cap reasons last week. Well, he's gotten a jump on unrestricted free agency and is including the Dolphins among his scheduled visits.

Jackson, 30, is scheduled to visit the Dolphins starting tonight, according to the Tennessean in Nashville. Jackson has already visited the Titans and Broncos already.

Jackson isn't looking to sit on the bench. He's been a starter and expects to continue starting somewhere.

The Dolphins must know that. And if they're still serious enough to bring him in, they obviously believe that can happen despite the fact last year the team signed their entire linebacker corps -- Phillip Wheeler, Koa Misi and Dannell Ellerbe  -- to new contracts.

That means one of those guys might be on the outs.

And if Jackson and the Dolphins go down the long road to getting a contract done -- not a certainty, by the way because Jackson has other suitors --  I would believe the player currently signed who should be worried is Wheeler.

Wheeler was among the Dolphins leading tacklers last year but he also led the team in missed tackles and, by the end of the season, was sharing playing time with rookie Jelani Jenkins.

Wheeler was also inconsistent in coverage and, interestingly, his coverage skills is a primary reason he got his five-year, $26 million deal that included a $13 million signing bonus.

It won't be easy for the Dolphins to simply let loose of Wheeler. His $5 million base salary this season is fully guaranteed.


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'His $5 million dollar contract is fully guaranteed'....

So much for the moron that was on here a couple of months ago telling us that they could cut him after June 1st without any cap consequences. What say you now, Sir?

The Dawn signs Grimes and is headed to London to get the Dolphins trip there in order. That's a hard working women. What have you done today? Lol

I don't see any signings while she is away, but who knows

DC (from the last blog),

No player wants to be franchised. Players want the security that comes with a long term contract and guaranteed money. Having said all that, not every player on your team can get that.

Soliai may not have been happy to have not gotten the contract but that doesn't mean he's 'bitter'. Big STRETCH there bud.

Very simply his agent knows he holds the cards here. Theres a market for Soliai and some team will pay handsomely. Not sure whats to be achieved by being 'bitter'. Hes been paid well for his time in Miami. This is business.

Wheeler was pretty undermotivated after his big K apparently. Hopefully something like this provides the missing motivation.

Guys, I'm so close right now. Just a few more comments and I should get there.

I think Wheeler will stay in 14 since his salary is fully guaranteed. If anything keep him as a backup.

Wheeler is garbage. If they can sign Jackson and Delmas, that's 2 immediate UPGRADES!

Agree with rdubs....no contracts while the dawn is gone.

What time is it here when it's dawn in London?

I keep hearing how great Dawn is.... nice contract here huh??? Fully guaranteed year 2?? 13M signing bonus for what? Why does she always escape scrutiny?? How do you guarantee the whole 2nd yr deal of a guy like Wheeler - it's not like he is a yr in yr out all pro! That is just a very bad contract that she should have to answer for.

Don't you think Ireland was part of the contract? Dawn reported to him.

She reports to Hickey as well.

Throwing lots of mud against the wall...

Maybe the Fins are contemplating much more of a 3-4 look?

Let Starks go? Adding D'Quell would give them a pretty good vet presence.

We still don't know what their plans are for D. Jordan? Try him more at DE or OLB conversion?

I also saw where the Fins were reported to be shopping D.J (Mando refuted the report)...maybe there is some fire to that smoke? I mean if someone wants to bid high enough, anyone on the team should be for sale. That said I have no delusions of people offering top 10 picks but maybe late first? Could it be like a RB Richardson trade where one team doesn't see him as a difference maker after having him in house so the trade him away?

Then the Fins could take advantage of this draft's depth and make two 1st Round choices or go chase one of the best OT's in the draft?

Lotta tea leaves to read. Time will tell.


The GM makes the deals, Aponte works out the cap numbers. Everyone guarantees at least 2 years of multi year contracts...

While the Dolphins may have concerns about Wheeler and his contract, they don’t have many options available to them right now. He has a cap figure of $6.4 million for the 2014 season, and releasing him now would cost Miami a cap hit of $4.2 million, according to OverTheCap.com. However, designating him as a June 1st release would eliminate that cap hit.

You bubble nutter! EVERYONE knows the M in your name is for Moron.

His contract is guaranteed meaning they have to pay him.

In regards to the cap, if they designate him a June 1st cut, he has a neutral ($0) cap hit.

Crawl back under your rock Moron!

Like I said on the last thread, Craig Moron writes what everyone says in a book to regurgitate months later. And still get it wrong.

Oh, the life of this pathetic moron!

With Jackson coming in there could be a SLIGHT CHANCE this is a sign that a 3-4 defense is coming to Miami. It's a slight chance…here is my thinking.

They know they can't keep Solai and Starks.
They sign Solai to keep the flexibility he brings and double teams he commands.
They know that leaves Odrick, Shelby and a few inexperienced DL's.
They know that Shelby and Odrick and serve as 3-4 DE's.
They have Wake who can play 3-4 DE or OLB depending on situation.
They have Jordan who can play 3-4 OLB.
They have Ellerbe who played better with the Ravens in a 3-4 as ILB
They have Wheeler who would likely play better as a 3-4 OLB
They have Misi who can play 3-4 ILB against the RUN
They add Jackson who can play 3-4 ILB against the PASS

still need a qb

Chad, someone who gets it! There is hop[e for this blog yet!

Hopefully Moron reads it. It's really NOT hard to understand. Unless you're a moron!

It's as if people forget we created double the cap space when we cut Burnett & Dansby as designated June 1st cuts.

Who cares if they have to pay him? It's not our money, it's Ross'. What matters is what impact it has on the cap. And if it's a June 1st cut, it's ZERO impact.

Is Craig M still a condescending douchebag?

You are right in my wheelhouse jpoa. That's what I'm thinking as well. Fitting the personal you have to the best scheme fit.

The Fins DEF did not get it done last year. They had quite a few sacks so there are some athletes but they need to stop plays more at the LoS especially vs the run.

Coyle has to see it too...he has been around the block enough times.


HAHA. Yes, they still need a QB

Think about it fellas 3-4 scheme next year with starting rotation:

RUN Downs:

Shelby (DE), Solai (NT), Odrick (DE)
Jordan (OLB), Misi (ILB), Ellerbe (ILB), Wheeler (OLB)

PASS Downs:
Wake (DE), Odrick (NT), Vernon (DE)
Jordan (OLB), Ellerbe (ILB), Jackson (ILB) and Wheeler (OLB)

It preserves Wake as he is getting a bit older. It gets Jordan on the field and using his athleticism. It gives another LB to help Wheeler and Ellerbe. It keeps Solai and Odrick together helping against the RUN.

I really don't see much problem with this approach at all.

The way I interpreted the June 1st cut with Wheeler is that we still take the cap hit for this year and next year. Even since its a June 1 cut we can't dodge the cap hit since its guaranteed money.

So we still have the cap hit of what Wheeler would have been paid this year, but the cap hit doesn't INCREASE even though we cut a player with guaranteed money left.

I'm not sure if that is 100 percent right or not.


Grimes not being FRANCHISED, being RESIGNED instead, should resonate like a gigantic bolder being cast into the sea, as far as kicking off our free agency to successful levels.

It shows a "PREMIUM NFL PLAYER" actually WANTS TO BE HERE. Hickey has HIT THE GROUND RUNNING my fellow dolfans!


If he is released June 1st he does not count against our 2014 Cap
But he still gets paid his guaranteed money
It's a technicality where even though he gets paid it does not count against the CAP
that is what I understand anyway

go get'm

And Carolos, you'd be correct! Another one who gets it!

People who get it = Everyone
Those who don't = The 1 & only Moron

Wouldn't Wheeler still have a cap hit of 2.5 mill for each of the next 2 years?. He does have a 13 mill guarantee and he's only received . Also his bonus would have to be accelerated causing more cap hit.
Using the Cap Calculator from Over the Cap it reads that if he was cut he'd have 6.4 mill of a cap hit. Even if it was split over 2 years that would still mean a 3.2 mill hit this year

So...do we franchise anyone today before 4pm?

Carlos - that is my understanding. The Fins take on the $5m expense but it doesn't go against the CAP.

But they can still keep Wheeler and sign Jackson. They could let Carroll go. They can cut Patterson and save $4m-$5m. So, they have plenty of CAP space.

As I said here a few minutes ago, I think it comes down to running 3-4 scheme vs. 4-3 scheme. If you think your current talent fits one better. Or if you think you can attack more DLINEMAN vs. LB's.

They invested a lot in Wheeler and Ellerbe and both played much better in their prior teams/schemes. I know Ellerbe at the Ravens was definitely in a 3-4. Not exactly sure what Wheeler was playing in Oakland?

3-4 defense Eclusively coming to Miami? I really don't see where you guys are seeing this.

Wake and Vernon would play OLB. So, why are you signing D'Quell Jackson in FA? He isn't a 3-4 DE?

It would also mean Misi's gone. He wasn't resigned to warm the pine.

Like I said, this so shows me we're not going 3-4 D. Signing Jackson(OLB)shows continued commitment to the 4-3 D, and GREAT DISPLEASURE in Wheeler's 2013 play, as a 4-3 OLB.

I'd like to go back and clear up some comments we heard about signing Patterson as our second CB
Many of you are afraid that we would be wasting CAP space as he is injured a lot
here is an approach that I think Aponte might use
if the team wants to bring back Patterson this is from the NFL Rules book

" When players get injured and the player is put on IR their salaries can be reduced to make up for the fact that they are not playing. This is called a split salary. It is very common for players drafted in the last 4 rounds of the draft during their first two or three seasons in the NFL and for veteran players who have an injury history."

Article in the other newspaper said the coaching staff was not happy with Dion Jordan's commitment and work ethic last year. So the rumors of him being on the trading block may actually be true.

2 watt and Marc,

It's very hard to determine at this point if the QB probems are more bad Offensive design/playcalling and a terribad OL or if it's just Tannehill?

You can build a case either way easily I am sure.

Tannehill's is still in catch up mode trying to make up the 2 years in college he did not play QB. He was running for his life and had less time to throw than any QB in the NFL as evidenced by the league leading sack totals. When he can set his feet and fire his sideline throws show he has the arm strength.

Even under a lot of duress and a near nil running game his numbers improved.

On the flip side he doesn't feel pressure early (Similar to Henne but he was worse) enough and waits to run until it's too late. His deep ball accuracy has to improve of DEF's will only have to defend half the field.

This year 3 is really a crucial year for the Fins to decide whether or not Tannehill is a long term guy with continued growth. The Bolts drafted Phillip Rivers as an early 1st rounder when Brees was going into year 3. They were not convinced he had it. That year Brees made HUGE strides and kept Rivers on the bench. The Bolts let Brees go because he got hurt during the very last game and they had River huge contract they could no longer justify on the bench.

Many players blossom that 3rd year and I hope for the Fins sake this is the year of the light bulb for Tannehill despite learning a new system.


maybe Coyle can coach a 3-4 better than 4-3

Even Ellerbe & Wallaces contracts are escapable designated as June 1st cuts. Cutting Wallace would save $50k & cutting Ellerbe $25k!

Aponte absolutely did a masterful job with the contracts last year. Here's how it breaks down for Wheeler over the next 4 years:

Wheeler 2014 on the team:

2014 Cap space $39,181,273
2015 - $35,486,005
2016 - $50,579,058
2017 - $82,608,000

Designating him as June 1st Cut:

2014 cap space - $39,181,273
2015 - $35,686,005
2016 - $56,979,058
2017 - $89,008,000

Notice the 2014 cap number is the same!!!! Notice every subsequent year the cap increases!

Don't listen to the Moron who thinks he's smarter than everyone here. He fools no one but himself.

so keep Wheeler this year and cut him next year if/assuming his cap hit is a good bit less (which has been reported at times)--not ideal but it happens, worst case is you have expensive depth in Wheeler, but I wouldnt let Wheeler's contract/situation get in the way of bringing in a quality starter (if thats what he is....they thought the same thing about Wheeler apparently).


You forget one HUGELY IMPORTANT thing with your proposed 2014 d lineup.

The NEW FAST PACE offense that does not allow you to get your defensive personnel groupings into the game. So, what you gonna do, CALL TIMEOUT to substitute your "RUN PACKAGE" with your "PASS RUSH PACKAGE"?

Exactly why teams now play fast paced offense. To wear down defenses and "SEVERELY LIMIT" substitution packages.

Wouldn't Wheeler still have a cap hit of 2.5 mill for each of the next 2 years?. He does have a 13 mill guarantee and he's only received . Also his bonus would have to be accelerated causing more cap hit.
Using the Cap Calculator from Over the Cap it reads that if he was cut he'd have 6.4 mill of a cap hit. Even if it was split over 2 years that would still mean a 3.2 mill hit this year

Posted by: Jeremy in the Canadian Cowtown | March 03, 2014 at 01:56 PM

There are 2 types of cuts. A cut & a June 1st cut. Try the June 1st cut on overthecap.com & you will see there is NO impact to the cap in any year of Wheelers deal. I posted the numbers above!

Ross should never agree to a game in London.

Sam, nice to hear your enthusiasm about Grimes getting signed. I agree with it.

I don't think we franchise anyone. 9.6 million for 1 year of Starks or Soliai is too much. Try and get them on a cheaper long term deal.

Another cap strategy they can do with Patterson is offer him game roster bonuses instead of base salary if he takes it.

So if his salary was reduced by 1 million and changed to a roster bonus he would only get the extra million if he was active for all 16 games. If he was active for half the games he would get $500,000. If he got hurt early and only played 4 he would only get $250,000 and so on.

Mass....Hyde's article said that Hickey was "gauging Jordan's trade value/interest in him"....which is much different than on the trading block--reality is that any good GM, and especially one new to a team, should get some sense of the value of any number of players on the roster

Do you think the arrogant snob who is always wrong from Canada would EVER admit he was wrong?

Not on your life!

Jackson yes. No thanks.on delmas

On the bright side Stephen Ross and the Dolphins come out looking like champions with the "new" Dolphin uniforms last year. Did you see Tampa's today? My God who approved this? Stevie Wonder? Between them and the Jaguars they could start their own 2 team Florida Arena League.

marc and twatt, two idiot starlings sitting on the power lines making the same dumb comments over and over.


I would surmise the Fins would have to have their best base 3-4 guys out there and switch when they can like every team has to.

That tempo stuff messes with everyone and it seems here to stay. Teams just deal with it as best they can.

Trotting out a 4-3 that gets gashed by basic run plays and short/mid range passes right and left would not be good.

I am not saying that is what the Fins are doing is converting to a straight 3-4 but maybe they are contemplating running much more of it in 2014?

Many teams have a bit of hybrid 3-4/4-3 or 4-3/3-4 looks in their playbooks it's simply how often things get run.

I totally agree with you the Chip Kelly, Pats, Broncos Omaha speed packages will have to be contended with in the copycat NFL going forward.

Cheers bro

rob in OC,
don't try to talk sense to people who only speak nonsense.

20-7 duhaison
get it huh?

I must say, there is nothing like seeing Craig M getting his as* handed to him on the blog.

Today is very reminiscent of when Armando had him running for higher ground over the whole bullying topic.

Serious beat downs but, the clown still shows up. No shame or humility...it's embarrassing.

If we designate Wheeler a June 1st cut his salary does not count towards the Cap period
The dolphins guaranteed the pay so therefore if he doesn't play for anyone else the dolphins would still be liable to pay him the guaranteed money
and this is the biggie folks
If he is picked up by another team and gets paid by them the dolphins only have to pay him the difference if he is being paid less than what he was to make with the Dolphin
so for example wheeler was to make 2.5 Million guaranteed for the next 2 years and he signs with Cleveland after we cut him and after March 11th, for 1.5 Million a year then the dolphins would have to pay him the difference of one million a year, but it does NOT count towards the Dolphins CAP because he was designated a June 1st cut, even if he is let go tomorrow, he is still designated a June 1st cut to protect our CAP
That is the way that the rules are set up.
This is why you need a smart knowledgeable person (usually an accountant)as your CAP specialist that structures the contracts to give the team some flexibility

The thing that made Shula such a good coach is that he adapted well to his personnel. Even though he won Super Bowls by running the ball down teams throat with Zonk n Morris he became a pass first guy when Marino came to the Fins.

Yeah the SB victories did not pile up but that seems like more of a total team talent deficit and not Marino's lack of ability imho.

I hope Philbin/Hickey fill the roster and design plays with this in mind.

How many times were Fins fans screaming for a designed rollout to try and escape pass rush pressure when Sherman would call one once every blue moon?


Ralph, welcome to the knowledgeable side of the blog!

Just FYI, you are confusing people with your #'s. You list the cap space available for 2014 & 2015 with Wheeler on or off the team. The cap space $ are the same because it includes Wheeler's $. You state then it doesn't affect the team then. But it does because you still have the cost without a player. Miami still has the same cap space but 1 less player. If you cut him after June 1 ,the dead money doesn't affect this year but it will still affect the cap in future years, you don't get to wipe it off the books.

Wheeler's listed as $10.6M in "DEAD MONEY". Dead money is essentially, "ALL GUARANTEED $$". Wheeler has $13M guaranteed contract. $10.6M is still owed.

$6.4M is his 2014 cap hit. So, $10.6M - $6.4M = $4.2M.
Meaning his actual "ADDED CAP HIT" is only $4.2M buy cutting him now. Because he was going to be a $6.6M cap hit regardless.

Dead Money is only the GUARANTEED MONEY a player MUST BE paid before releasing him.


Still all of Wheeler's "GUARANTEED MONEY" comes due and that does counts against the salary. Wheeler is still owed $10.6M. His 2014 SALARY would count $6.4M, which has already been APPLIED to our 2014 cap.

We just add the remaining $4.2M, for a GRAND TOTAL of $10.6M against the 2014 cap by cutting him.

Ralph and FYI. I did as you asked FYI and you're correct, the cap situation is the same. But I think you're missing a very important part of the equation. Wheeler will count 6.4 mill against the cap either way,. And the Dolphins would have 1 less player under contract, so they then would have to pay someone else. So whatever they end up paying that person is going to reduce what we could pay for someone else.

Just FYI, you are confusing people with your #'s. You list the cap space available for 2014 & 2015 with Wheeler on or off the team. The cap space $ are the same because it includes Wheeler's $. You state then it doesn't affect the team then. But it does because you still have the cost without a player. Miami still has the same cap space but 1 less player. If you cut him after June 1 ,the dead money doesn't affect this year but it will still affect the cap in future years, you don't get to wipe it off the books.

Posted by: NO LONGER ireland's acorns | March 03, 2014 at 02:32 PM

I listed all 2014, 15, 16 & 17.

Yes, we'd be down a player & still paying him. HOWEVER, He sucks! Addition by subtraction!

Cutting him prior to June 1st, there is a hit. Cutting him after, there is no cap hit. Pay him & cut him loose.

When Jenkins played for him, I did not see a drop in performance. Why pay him & play him when he is a detriment to the Defense?

Pay him to not play. The team will be better off!

Teams pay for players all the time who are let go. Sometimes for 2-3 years after they're released. Often times there being a penalty to let him go.

IF we let him go designated as a June 1st cut, there are no penalties. Normally I would not advocate such an approach but, the guy stinks.

Aponte drafted the contracts to Wheeler, Ellerbe & Wallace with escape clauses. Parachutes to get out of it. Sure they have to pay them but, the cap will not suffer as a result.

Pay him to not play. The team will be better off!

Posted by: JUST FYI | March 03, 2014 at 02:49 PM

Agree 100%, he is pathetic.

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