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Evan Mathis trade will be discussed, but actually done?

Yes, Eagles Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis is available in trade, as multiple NFL media have reported today.

Yes, the Dolphins could use an upgrade at guard, as the entire Earth knows. So the issue will be discussed internally. And former Eagles assistant Bill Lazor, now the offensive coordinator with the Dolphins, will obviously be part of that discussion. Lazor knows intimately what the Eagles coaching staff thought of Mathis throughout last season.

So naturally, the question becomes would the Dolphins be interested in Evan Mathis enough to try to get him?

I do not know for sure.

But let's examine the facts ...

Mathis is 32 years old. He'll be 33 in November. That's not a good thing. That's a bad thing. The Dolphins had zero interest in 32-year-old guard Travelle Wharton this offseason despite his solid play for Carolina in 2013.

Mathis has a contract that will pay him $5.15 million this year in base salary, $5.5 million in 2015 when he's 33-34 years old and $6 million in 2016 at age 34-35 years old during the season. I understand why the Eagles are trying to trade him.

It is not a good guard contract for the team because of the player's advancing age. You can happily pay $5 million a year for a 25-29-year-old guard who is a Pro Bowl player and rated 2013's best NFL guard by ProFootballFocus.com, as Mathis was. But at age 32-33? That is something of a stretch.

The Eagles also want compensation for Mathis. Understandably so. He's really good.

But to give up a valuable draft pick -- anything between the first through fourth round -- in one of the deepest drafts in a while for a player who may not be around in two years is also something of a desperation move.

Combine the two -- paying the big base salaries and giving up a draft pick and the deal is not exactly a slam dunk.

Obviously, the Dolphins could ask Mathis to redo his contract. Well, if that's the case, he'd probably like a raise rather a trim in salary. Hard to do.

They could wait on the Eagles to simply cut Mathis, which seems like a possibility because they want to get out from under the contract, but then the player becomes a free agent and is able to negotiate with other teams.

So the Dolphins face a question. Do they solve their guard issue short-term at a very, very steep price?

Or do they go into the draft and try to resolve the issue at a much lower cap hit with a player who is young and has his better days ahead of him?

Obviously the latter includes the unknown of whether the selected player turns out to be good or not.

These are the questions GM Dennis Hickey and his team will have to answer. 


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That was quick.

The Dolphins will answer the rest of the O-line questions thru the draft.

final comment from previous blog.....given the recent situation, and how the situation itself and every word was heavily scrutinized and many feel blown (WAY) out of proportion.....how can you be shocked, Mando, that they've gone further toward reserved/bland/non-commital commentary?--they dont want to paint themselves into a corner, probably on just about any topic--and with the way they were skewered (Mando, YOU called them a laughingstock), do you blame them?

Miller will make the pro bowl. Write it down. Dashi knows.

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Iggles need a backup QB and Moore is on the last year of his deal--trade Moore and a late rd pick for him.

I agree Dashi, they go the Draft route. No sense paying a 32 year old for a year.

The NFL is so cash strapped and uninnovative that they can't secure a goal post that is fully dunk proof? I think this is garbage personally. If it was me, everytime I scored the dunk would be coming and I would be trying to bring the Fker down in the process. Knees up and arse in the air for the Home-O.
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Posted by: deity | March 26, 2014 at 01:07 PM

Oh yeah the post....... YAWN
Good goob sweeping that last turd under the rug though.

Good goob = Good job, in case you didnt know that!

rdubs @ 12:53, I guess that's the final nail in Channing Crowder's comback aspirations. he says he did it every game... he might have actually clamoured for the dark pants...

deity, your dunk post on the last blog was awesome!!

What? Pee? Nah B, that sweat stains! It HOT out! Missing tackles is hard work.

Brandon Thomas, 2nd round, Clemson... get the next pro bowl guard ... not the last one...

No Fun League is trying to turn itself into a game of badminton. Bro, did you just disrespect the shuttlecock? PENALTY! Never disrespect the shuttlecock!


I like Thomas too. Wait to see if Mathis is dropped and if they miss out in the draft then see if hes still available on the cheap. This guy would help but there are other options.

deep draft. don't overpay.

First 3 rounds in 2014 draft= OT and OG, then BPA of the TE,ILB or RB

If they wanted a guard they should've signed Asamoah or Schwartz. They would be younger, cheaper, and not cost a draft pick.

The only thing Mathis has going for him is that he may be better for a year or 2. Then again who knows with age.

There are good alternatives at guard out there in the draft.

It's just silly to me. It's NOT okay to dunk but perfectly acceptable to hurl 200+ lbs of man with plastic equiptment from head to toe into a crowd of people. SMH.

No on the Mathis trade. The Dolphins are where they are from a roster standpoint because they over invested in aged veterans. Beside salary, Mathis is likely to come at the expense of a high draft pick, 3rd round or better, in what is said to be one of the deepest drafts in years. IMO, rookies are much wiser investment for the Dolphins. Or a Free Agent like Shelley Smith, whose experienced, young with an unreached upside.

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Preach it, NeMo... exactly. Dashi said it right, at this point they are going draft and whatever they can't get in the draft they will fill from the one year rentals in the WalMart bargain bin...

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Ok am I an idiot. Ok I know I am, but would anyone else want to pick up Terrele Pryor? I would and drop Matt Moore in an instant. Its being reported that Pryor may be released by April 21st

Mark in Toronto,

What fragrance are you wearing today? As it is now Spring I would obviously suggest something a bit lighter and more citrusy than a traditional winter scent but it is difficult as the temperatures are still quite chilly.

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We had this guy in camp 3 or 4 years ago and cut him. If the Dolphins were decent at evaluating players they could have Long at LT, Evan Mathis at G and Pouncey at C. Three Pro Bowl Players. But...

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Nope. Zero interest. Why bring in a guy, still unproven, who wouldn't have the chemistry that Moore and Tannehill have established for two years. Is Moore overpaid? Very likely. But he was always just an insurance policy should Tannehill struggle. The next plan should be to draft a guy like McCarron, to groom and push Tannehill for down the road and perhaps next year take Moore's job.

Tons of changes in the offseason. First game of the season, New O line looking strong under a new coach. New O scheme puts Wallace in a position to break open down the field. Tannehill has a lot of time to throw a deep pass and he underthrows Wallace. Wah Wah Wah Wah.


style, thanks for the tidbit. I wear Acqua di Gio ... I like it's light but full fragrance.

I got Acqua di Parma as a gift but haven't got around to using it.

Your thoughts?

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Give them a #2, not a 3. We'd blow that pick anyway.

What about Dallas Thomas? Why does everyone who follows Miami forget that there are second year players coming in who are expected to contribute? Every player on the roster cant be signed in free agency or traded for.

You have to count on Dallas Thomas being the player they thought he could be. And early reports are that he's been the hardest worker this off season and is really looking to make an impact. So worst case he is a serviceable RG AND upgrade over Jerry which shouldn't be tough.

Then take your first pick and grab Zack Martin who will most certainly be there when we pick at 19. There's your line. You pick up another guard in the 4th rd as a project and see if he develops. And there will be veteran guards released that they could pick up before the season as insurance.

Seriously, it doesn't seem like rocket science here. No sense in spending all of that money on a 33 year old who is losing quickness and strength.

style, thanks for the tidbit. I wear Acqua di Gio ... I like it's light but full fragrance.

I got Acqua di Parma as a gift but haven't got around to using it.

Your thoughts?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 26, 2014 at 01:41 PM


No offense, but Acqua di Gio is a mass market fragrance that teens often opt for. It is unoffensive, yes, but rather forgettable.

Acqua di Parma is a refined, classic fragrance more suited to the adult gentleman.

Have you sampled any of the Creed line? It is almost comically expensive but all are beautifully crafted. Green Irish Tweed and Aventus are both masterpieces (although they retail for approximately 250 dollars for a 2.5 oz. bottle of eau de parfum)

A less costly and commonly available scent good for warmer months is Varvatos Artisan, although its sillage and lasting power leave a bit to be desired. Still, a very lovely pomelo, bergamot and citrus fragrance with undertones of bamboo that emerge during the dry down.

Phins, where are you seeing reports on Dallas Thomas? I would like to read them.

Boy Mark, you mention an uncomfortable scenario on an elevator and 2watt turns it into his personal fantasy. 2watt seems to be living vicariously through you, he's trying his hardest to make this happen. Look at all of the situations he's coming up with.

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Good points. Why is everyone so quick to write off a guy like Dallas Thomas after a year? He wasn't even healthy when we drafted him. Took Mathis six years in the league to make an impression. Why are so quick to give up on guys and then overpay for their replacements?

It was reported by Philbin yesterday that Dallas Thomas has been working his butt off this off season and they expect bigger things from him. Omar has said he's talked to him and he's gearing up to be a starter, doing everything he needs to do and more.

You can see any of these things on twitter or at the Sentinel. The Herald didn't cover as much of the presser. I was surprised at all of the things that were left out.

It was reported by Philbin yesterday that Dallas Thomas has been working his butt off this off season and they expect bigger things from him. Omar has said he's talked to him and he's gearing up to be a starter, doing everything he needs to do and more.

You can see any of these things on twitter or at the the other paper (can't say the name). The Herald didn't cover as much of the presser. I was surprised at all of the things that were left out.

My posts aren't coming through. Did they finally clean this place up? You can't say anything now. I'm fine with that, more football talk. But I got used to the free for all that was going on, time to adjust.

Cool Phins

Also, the Jo Malone line is ignored by many men but they are beautifully crafted clean and simple fragrances that are unisex in nature although some certainly veer more to the masculine, less floral side. I love the Fig and Cassis. Very green and fresh--wonderful for Spring.

They are only available in Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

Why would we trade a pick at this point with Travelle Wharton, Davin Joseph and Wade Smith still on the market?? I understand Evan Mathis is the better player in this group but we all saw Wharton and the Panthers last Yr. and they were the strong point of the O holding the 49ers pass rush up considerably in there Playoff game were Justin Smith lines up over the Guard.

Were all also aware that the drop off in D.Joseph last Yr. was about a torn pectoral muscle which he should be healed from and the former Hallandale High grad lives here locally and wants to stay in S.Fl meaning he'll be open to a reasonable deal for a player who commanded 6 Mil per just 2 Yrs. ago. In Wade Smith you have a former Dolphin player that Saban gave up on with ties to the new OL Coach. I just see alot of viable options in the 3 to 3.5 Mil range short-term.

I keep reading were some here keep posting/whining about not signing signing Streif and Beadles along with Moreno and the answer to that is pretty easy for me. Those signings would have pushed us up to the CAP ceiling when analyzing the 6 to 7 Mil we need to sign rookies and approx. 19.5 left in working capital. The truth is we could have had one of these OL intead of Finnegan (I liked Beadles as the best scheme fit and still under 30) but water under the bridge now!

Only 2 scenario's in blowing out the CAP and that's being in the situation the Cowboys were in releasing talent and they got lucky with the CAP increase from the TV deal or they're still slashing payroll. The 2nd is whether some of you hate him or not if Ryan Tannehill puts up another 3,800 Yds while tossing 30 Td's behind a revamped line and with a new more inovative O then your looking at paying him a boat load after 2015 or FRANCHISING him to a BACK-BREAKING 18 to 20 Mil for 2016.

The teams that can afford to blow out their CAP to the ceiling (Saints, Broncos, Colts, Pats ect...) Already have they're QB inked longterm! I'm not saying that Tannehill is in that select group but will wait out what he does Yr. 3 with better OL play and a young mind guiding the O. Cam Newton was considered a bit of an enigma Yr. 2 before hitting his stride anything is possible and the 10 Mil Aponte seems hell bent on saving every Yr. IMO is ear-marked for the pending QB deal this team needs to do at some point in the near future be it for Tannehill or for someone else to make a move into the next level.

The Eagles wil end up releasing him if no one bits anyways so just play the waiting game I say. If released he'd be worth a look but I would NOT trade a pick in this deep draft year.

It was reported by Philbin yesterday that Dallas Thomas has been working his butt off this off season and they expect bigger things from him. Omar has said he's talked to him and he's gearing up to be a starter, doing everything he needs to do and more.

You can see any of these things on twitter or at the Sentinel. The Herald didn't cover as much of the presser. I was surprised at all of the things that were left out.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 26, 2014 at 01:58 PM

deity, Herald, Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post, Twitter, Pro Football Talk. Learn to read.

Craig, to me, (just my opinion) it's the younger generations influence on sports and it sucks.

They're all caught up in fantasy football and video game football so they always expect the quick fix. They know nothing of the draft, player development, and roster/salary management.

On the other end I guess Miami has had a bad track record for player development so some people just expect everyone to be a bust. But at some point you have to start trusting the team again. There are totally different people in place now including a new GM who is on the same page with our coach. This will be a very interesting year to say the least.

And if these guys don't get it done I see a big name coach coming to Miami who will get a LOT of power.

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Well said. A lot of good points.

We'll see what happens.

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