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Finnegan: Coming to compete for starting job

Cortland Finnegan represented himself in his free agency negotiations and one thing Finnegan the player wanted Finnegan the agent to get him has apparently been delivered.

The player wanted a chance to start again in the NFL.

And Finnegan says the Dolphins are going to give him that chance.

"I'm coming in to compete for a starting job," Finnegan said on a conference call with reporters.

That competition ostensibly will include 2013 draft picks Jamar Taylor and Will Davis and any other younger corners the team adds in free agency or the draft.

As to Finnegan's much criticized play in 2013, it is not a new topic for the player. And he seems to relish the critique as motivation. "Good, love it," he said when told there is such criticism.

"At times I played good and at times I didn't," Finnegan said. "I know I was hurt most of the time."

Finnegan played only seven games last season. He finished the season on injured reserve with a fractured orbital bone. He said he will be completely healthy for the start of offseason camps.

The full Finnegan interview is below. Listen, it contains a little flub by Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey -- he's human:

Download 3.14.14 Cortland Finnegan




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O Line anyone?

The Dolphin is swimming his ass off to alert the Coast Guard that the ship is sinking fast.

At least he played ore than Patterson, did he have any INT'S?

Great move, good move, or bad move. Which one is it and why?

Nice move, adds quality depth and will push Taylor. Steve Smith inks 3 year deal with Ravens

The more DB competition the better!!

@ArmandoSalguero: Updated salary cap report from NFLPA has #Dolphins at $25.22M cap space:

I take back my last blog post....if we gave Finnegan $11.5 million over the next 2 yrs then this is a horrible move!!! Why not keep Patterson for a lot less??? Why not use that kind of $$ on OG's?? Why not use some of that $$ on TE, RB or WR????? Damn Revis is going to only cost Pats about $4million in 2014??? WTF are we doing?????????????

bill we dont know details. maybe first year is for 2 mill?

Finnegan is better than who I thought we would sign at CB. He was a good player not that long ago. Hopefully we luck out and he at least somewhat returns to form.

Good move teach the young corners and wr how to play tough

Five yrs too late.

That's true Dusty....maybe Sam or Marco will contact there league sources to get us the particulars!!

I can only conclude that the staff is comfortable with "coaching up" the o-linemen already on the staff and using about 3 of their first 4 draft picks on the oline. Look for Clabo to be back on the right side. A healthy and humbled Finnegan is a fine signing.

I like people with proven talent and experience who are motivated. His wheels still appear to work well too.

30 is not old, maybe he still has something for us. Carroll was as good as he was going to get which is not as good as this guy was. Maybe, maybe

Dolphin FA hysterical
One good move so far

No better than Ireland
Maybe worse

clabo better not be back

IDK....I really do not like this signing? We now have 2 starting corners that are 5'10". This is not the model for success at that position anymore. Now its the 6'2"+ 230lb CB that runs a 4.5 or better.
We are constantly taking injured players (coming off a major injury) or drafting injured players (") whyyyyyyyyy??

Dusty, I have to disagree. I think we should bring Clabo back, if for nothing else, depth. The man had ONE bad season in his career. Maybe he tried to do too much. Bring him to camp at least

Clabo is the best RT left out there and he played pretty good last half of season. I wouldn't mind having him back. Up to last year he was a pro bowl OL.

if ur talking backup bobby i could deal with it. if hes starting again we are in deep cacha

Friday night.....NYC is my backyard......Im out! Peace

I go back to my post yesterday.

I think Aponte and Philbin conspired and threw the last 2 games last year. It got Ireland fired so they could get someone in they could work with/control. Our o-line was bad, but has upcoming talent which wasn't doing too bad until the last 2 games. If Albert had been at LT it would have been passable.

No way Buffalo or the Jets were better teams than we were.

But, we have to replace Gibson. As of right now we don't have a slot receiver. Is Gibson coming back?

Clabo might play better now that there is a new OL coach the whole group might play can't be any worse.
Turner had no coaching experience should have never been put in that position.

That's all on the conference call? How about the details of the contract? What a bunch of lousy reporters on that call.

There's no way it's an $11 Million guaranteed. Has to be heavily incentive based and probably similar to Patterson's deal last season thus effectively a one year contract. If so it's plenty of motivation for Finnegan to play his best.

I don't understand what all the negative posts are for. Here is a quality veteran cb to compete and add depth. No guaranteed money.

Come on!!!

Wow being reported as a 2yr 11milloin deal! & finnegan was his own agent! Wtf

IMO, Hickey and company have done a very good job so far considering the FAs that were available and the contracts they've been able to sign.

I am confident Hickey can draft better than Ireland too because pretty much anyone with a pulse and a dart board could do so.

Okay, after checking, the AVERAGE CB deal that is not a rookie deal is 5.5 million per year. I hope his contract is incentive laden and backloaded but it is not some ridiculous deal.

OKAY!! Shelley Smith...JOIN THE PARTY DUDE !!!!!

finnegan e:60


"Why not keep Patterson for a lot less???"

You want to pay a guy to sit on the bench the whole season but are against signing a former pro bowler who's play was spotty because of a minor injury? Glad you're not the GM.

Lets goooo Shelley

Swap Solai for Mitchell/Delmas for Clemmons and Finnegan for Patterson/Carroll.


(But let's face it I'll still be here on Sundays)

So, Finnegan is feisty, and was fined for rough-housing..and he battled with Andre Johnson.

...he's a tough guy...

...what a welcome phuhkin reliefthat would be !!!!

Courtland Finnegan...GO AHEAD ON !!!!!!!!!!!!


If you look at the photo from Hickey's welcome press conference it sure looks like Dawn is giving Hickey some arm boob.
It looks like Dawn hals already finished with Joe and moved on.
Philbum is finished he just doesn't know it yet.

He's a horrible bloke.

What happened?

Nobody wants to question my Math?

Steve the Stump,

Have you ever watched Finnegan play?

He is constantly getting into fights. And pushing and shoving. Finnegan was the Most Physical CB in the NFL for the past 5-6 Years.

I know Finnegan has been off the past couple of seasons. (Injury)




If V.Davis and S.Smith would've had Grimes and Finny as Mentors they would've been better pros.

Posted by: Dashi | March 14, 2014 at 05:55 PM

A Bad Signing would be signing a CB that J.Taylor can't beat out because of the guys contract so J.Taylor and W.Davis ride the pine for 2-3 years.

THIS IS A GREAT SIGNING, Because if the young guys play well they will still have the chance to start. And if Finny plays well we have a legit duo.

When Finny is on his game, his ceiling is higher than D.Patterson or N.Carroll.

None of the Cromarties will be good in Miami. They are more Man than Zone kind of CB.

Again, When it comes to DBs, Dashi trust K.Coyle. The other spots on the defense and the play calling, NO!! But Coyle is a great Secondary Coach.

Posted by: Dashi | March 14, 2014 at 06:00 PM

shelley smith!!!!! Whats that Mark?

Alright now lets draft Zach Martin to play RT and this line is complete!

Oh noes!!! Our o-line!! Day 4 of free agency!!!

Like I said lots of time to work things out.

OG Shelley Smith signs 2yr 5.5mil contract with miami i like what hickey is doing get a rb maybe blounte or mjd than go to the draft for best avaiable

They must be fairly confident he can still play. I didn't think he would get more than 2 million per.

It may not make any sense but I'm glad they do think seriously enough of the need at CB to pay that much.

I just thought Munnerlyn, Thurmond, or Tillman would be safer selections. Finnegan doesn't give me the warm and fuzzies. We'll see how it goes.

It can't be a straight 2 years 11 mil for Finnegan. Have to see the structure and guaranteed money. Glad we got Smith for 1.5 guaranteed. Hickey plugging holes.


Shefter reporting that Shelley SMith Signed with the Dolphins. 2 years-$ 5.5 million!!


Please let it be true. That would mean we only need to get 1 more player in Free Agency. A RT.

If Hickey does get the 3 Linemen in Free Agency, Dashi will be extremely Happy.

I don't want 3 Pro bowl starters. Just 3 Competent Veterans that can execute the Zone Blocking Scheme.

The Last thing you want is to Start more than one rookie on the line. It is different trying to block a 300+lb Man every Sunday, than it is to go up against 230lb Boys on Saturday.

The only way I would start a Rookie Linemen is if he has the right Functional Strength(30+ BP) from Day 1.


Why is no one reporting the smith signing?

Good Job Hickey, Keep Them Coming! The more competition in training camp the better.

i say put brenner or garner at the other guard spot and draft a RT in the first two rounds and than draft best available at 19 if a tackle is the best at 19 take him if another position falls all the way to miami that no one thought would take him

Now all we need is a QB and RB

I'm trying to be patient on the O-line thing. Like Darkoak is saying we still have a lot of time in Free Agency.

I have been disappointed that Hickey hasn't shown as much interest as I would like on the line. Maybe he has(Trying to get Streif to pair with Albert) and we don't know. But I would love to see the line fixed before the draft. That way we do whatever we want with our first 2 picks.

I understand you can't expect the Fins to have 5 guys earning over $5M on the line. So I see the need to "Value Shop" for linemen. Specially OG, they aren't as important as your OT and C.

I would just prefer to have 3 Veterans that can come in and contribute than have 2 Rookies that we won't know if they can play in the NFL until about half way thru the season. About 2 Weeks before they start hitting that Rookie Wall.

Last thing you want is 2 of your 5 linemen hitting a Rookie Wall at the same time.

You Truly Have ZERO SHAME!!

I Feel Bad for you Mother.

* Your Mother

Im reading on Finsiders that the Fins have signed OG Shelley Smith.


Smith 2 year deal

Dude these players are not coming here for there health we haven't been in the playoffs since 2008 we have not been winning so if you want players you must pay this is a win win for us finnigan play with a bad attitude I love the signing plus Delmas wow talk about being physical damn

Alright, Alright, Alright.

Have a great weekend everyone and keep your fingers crossed we sign at least 1 more linemen.


Hickey has reached out to Streif's agent several times to try and get him in for a visit but he's declined and has said he wants to stay with the Saints.

I really feel uncertain about the other RT's out there but would get 1 to compete with a RT draft pick.

I love hickey

Why are my posts being deleted?

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