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Free agency gives the final view of drafts

One thing the annual foray into free agency does -- particularly once the early mad rush to the best players and biggest contracts ends, as it has this year -- is it allows time for reflection on past drafts.

It is my belief that you judge a team's draft once that draft class hits free agency, normally four or for some players that sign longer deals, five years later.

And doing that exercise we already know that six years after the 2008 draft, which was the first undertaken by the Bill Parcells-Jeff Ireland-Tony Sparano administration, we can judge that undertaking as an unmitigated disaster.

No player from the 2008 draft class is left on the Dolphins roster today. That means that no player taken that year was judged good enough to keep through a second contract once he hit free agency. Talk about no value out of a draft.

Left tackle Jake Long at No. 1 overall was let go by Miami last year. Long, a good player, proved to be not durable -- which I remind you is a critical factor in judging players. He'd finished two consecutive years on injured reserve when his contract came up last year and the Dolphins were wary of that lack of durability so he went to the Rams. And then he finished his first season in St. Louis on injured reserve.

Well, you know who this year's signature free agency signing is for the Dolphins?

Left tackle Branden Albert, who was taken No. 15 overall in the same draft that Long was picked No. 1.

The 2009 draft was a much greater success for the Dolphins but only in the sense they have one player from that draft on the roster today.

Wide receiver Brian Hartline, a fourth-round pick in 2009, is the only player the Dolphins deemed worthy of keeping long-term through a second contract. First-round pick Vontae Davis was not, second-rounder Sean Smith was not. Second-rounder Pat White and third-rounder Patrick Turner didn't even make it out of the their first contracts with the team.

(The Dolphins kept fifth-rounder Chris Clemons through a second contract but it was a one-year, fill-a-gap kind of deal and we all know Clemons is done with the Dolphins now.)

That brings me to the 2010 draft ...

First round pick Jared Odrick is still on the team as a sometimes starter and contributor. But his first contract is not complete yet. His deal expires after the coming season so it will be interesting to see if the Dolphins deem him worthy of a second contract.

Second round pick Koa Misi, a starter, got a second contract from the Dolphins. No, he's not a playmaker. He's not the pass-rusher the team billed him as when it drafted him. But, hey, judging against the return the 2008 and 2009 draft offered, Misi is a stud! (Yeah, not good.)

Interestingly, the Dolphins this offseason were very interested in signing guard Zane Beadles as a free agent before he went to Jacksonville for more money. Beadles was picked five slots behind Misi in 2010.

Guard John Jerry has not been offered a contract by the Dolphins and has been told to test the market, which is a huge indictment on him considering what a significant need offensive line help is for the Dolphins. Jerry was a key figure in the workplace harassment scandal involving Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito and his days as a Miami Dolphin are likely over unless the Dolphins become extremely, extremely desperate to find some guard help.

So that third round pick was a waste, especially when you consider ... yes, it's coming ... that tight end Jimmy Graham was picked 22 slots after Jerry in the third round.

Indeed, San Francisco picked Pro Bowl linebacker NaVorro Bowman 18 slots after the Dolphins picked Jerry. Tennessee picked Pro Bowl cornerback Alterraun Verner and Baltimore picked former Pro Bowl tight end Dennis Pitta one round after the Dolphins picked Jerry.

The Dolphins picked A.J. Edds in the fourth round in 2010. He never played for the team. The Cincinnati Bengals selected Pro Bowl defensive tackle Geno Atkins the very next pick after Edds.

The 2010 draft is often shown to be something of an embarrassment to the Dolphins because of the players they took and the players listed above on which they passed. But compared to the disastrous 2008 and 2009 drafts, this one was actually a success.

That's because when all is said and done at least two players, and perhaps three depending on what happens with Odrick, will have been judged valuable enough to keep through their second contract: Misi and safety Reshad Jones.

I realize two and maybe three solid-but-not-great players staying on the team isn't exactly great return value for an entire draft. I suppose that's the reason the Dolphins are a mediocre team.



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I am glad you enjoyed your poop

got to say...philbin and sherman's first draft was great, but last years was one of the worst i've ever seen! especialy when you consider the value and the amount of quality picks miami had at it's disposal to address the needs that became extremely obvious after a spectacular freeagency period that brought us the likes of brandon gibson, mike wallace...the areas of need stuck out like a sore thumb an hour before miami was on the clock with it's first pick...and the rest is history, our big michigan tightend(sims) may very well be the LONE bright spot of that entire draft. i actualy believe the 2013 draft had a stake in jeff ireland's departure, you pass on eddie lacey(5 times), you give away a first round pick to move up to draft dion jordan(#3 overall) who registered ONE measley sack and played a limited role and when he did play proved to be less of a talent then DE's picked much later then his lofty draft selection number, you also draft TWO cornerbacks and niether are pro caliber. yes we are interested and looking for another cornerback this freeagency, and rightfully so, as this is the final piece needed to make miami's defense rock(just look at the play of miami's D when dimitri patterson played and was healthly). so if some of last years draft selections(other then dion sims)are still on the roster this year don't be surprised, coaches and general managers do this all the time to avoid self implication....but that draft was a nightmare and a shocker to boot...if i had to stretch my evaluation of last years draft into a more positive one i would have to add juilani jenkins as showing promise...but wow, what a let down that draft was.

I really think Dashi is Jeff Ireland under a pseudo name. There is no way you would be making arguments for that bafoons competence otherwise. I'm not saying he was the worst but he is far from competent. The dolphins may not have been the only team that has whiffed majorly in recent drafts but that just speaks to the widespread incompetence of GM's in the league.

You are an idiot and you to say some of the stupidest things on here.

No Offense. But the truth is the truth.

Posted by: Dashi | March 14, 2014 at 02:03 PM

Did Dashi call someone else an idiot?? TOO FUNNY!

FA is nice, but the draft is the main resource to build a championship team. Unfortunately, FA is now being used to make up for all of Ireland's draft mistakes. Playing catch up makes it tough to build a champion.
The draft has plenty of OL and RB, so as long as they sign one other OL (like Shelley Smith) ong term and maybe another veteran like Eric Winston to a 1 year contract, the draft can be used to fill in the rest.

JPOA,you say that it is not bout the money with Streif,huh? If it's not about the money,why has'nt he taken the deal that his team,the Saints, have offered? Sorry,but it is always about the money. He just does not want to play for the Fins,at any price. Of course,after playing for the Saints and their coaching staff,can"t blame him no wanting to play for Philbin and Co. Just sayin

Emo, noo offense but, you're silly. YOU think we need more than just a LT. What if they don't? Sorry pal but, you don't know more than them.

Just because they didn't target the 3 or 4 names you knew doesn't mean they didn't try or are done. THey tried to get Beadles but, wouldn't ridiculously over pay. I agree.

The rumor from prior to FA is that they wanted Strief & Smith. Strief declined & they offered Smith a deal. Based on what insiders knew, they are going after the guys they are interested in.

Sorry if that doesn't mesh with the 3 or 4 names you recognized off a list. Good grief!

Posted by: Dashi, boy of 1000 names | March 14, 2014 at 02:08 PM


How many names have you used today you hypocrite.

And when are you going to remove that big log from your mouth?

Haha, how could vegas take offense to that? And technically he can't take offense since Dashi did say "no offense"

- great scene from The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

MassD, is that 4th best remaining G or 4th from the start? NO way a guy with 2 starts was the 4th best OG in free agency.

finfan23, are you paying these salaries? Look at all these people so concerned with the finances of a multi billionaire owner. Very conscientious and fiscally prudent people in here.

Actually if this was going to eb the plan, they probably shouldn't have signed Grimes nor ALbert either. Guys near or over 30 if they were going to take a 2 or 3 year approach. Now that is POOR value.

Douchey tell us again how D Thomas is Emmitt Smith

Wake up fans.... Except for Albert, this FA period has been a bust & is effectively over. Pouncy, Albert & three yet to be determined stiffs. THAT IS THROWING MONEY AWAY!
ALBERT can't block every pass rusher or run stopper. But hey! We saved Ross's money. Whoopee!

I have more value than Mark in Toronto

Smith is 4th rated FA G overall according to PFF. But all those rankings should be taken with a grain of salt. But it's all I could find.
MIT should immediately fall in love with Shelley Smith: "he excelled at the combine, ranking among the top offensive linemen in the 40-yard dash, the vertical jump and the broad jump"

Hickey calls Streif three days in a row to come sign a sensible contract.

Strief laughs on the other end of the phone ... I'm going to leave the Saints making little money to play for the Dolphins for little money?

hhhm, no.

Hickey understands value, doesn't understand leverage. When it came to Strief, he had none. Not going to get that guy to come to Miami by jingling the change in your pocket...

As for the O-Line, we will have to rely on 1 or 2 stop gap starters this season (We had Clabo & Jerry last season). If we use our 1st round pick on the best lineman available, we'll enter training camp with 3 long term starters on the line (Albert, Pouncey & draft pick). That's better that last August even if you include Martin as a projected long term starter at the time. I think you'd have to go back 20 years to find a Dolphin's line with 4 or 5 long-term starters on it.

I don't expect our offensive line to be good this year, but we should be better than the 2013 version by mid October.

Mark from Toronto,

What OL should they have signed? You act like MIA was the only team looking for OL. Beadles they didnt over pay for. HES a OG! Winning teams dont overpay for OG hence DEN didnt resign him.

I said from the beginning that ALL signs pointed to Strief returning to NO and that is what he is wating for. HE hasnt taken any other FA visits.Hickey tried to entice him but he doenst want to leave NO!!! A commenter on another blog was in Cinn last night, where Strief happened to be attending a high school function. Strief said to he only wants to return to NO. Good for him. Not let NO underpay him. Good riddance.

Shelley Smith was a pre FA target. IF they signed him, they will have landed 2 of the 3 OL they targeted pre FA. The exception being Beadles- who they didnt want to pay $7 mill a year for! Neither did Sea- who not only didnt attempt to sign Beadles but also let their OG Giacomini go instead of resigning him.

Please anyone tell me who the F they were supposed to sign that they didn't. They showed interest in Saffold but OAK wanted him for LT and paid him LT money and he failed a physical anyway!

Mark, you are a reasonable man. I just dont understand your line of thinking that MIA didnt do enough. I want to OL fixed but dont want guys getting overpaid. C'mon man!

The 2009 draft should be an indictment of the coaching staff(s), not the "grocery picker". Vontae Davis has turned into a very good CB, one of the top rated CBs in the league last year, and Sean Smith had a very solid season as well. But the inability of the coaching staff to develop these players while in Miami, or actually playing to their strengths, made them underachieve while they were here.

The real story here is top draft picks performing better with other teams. When this happens, it is a coaching problem, not a draft problem.

I also think it is unfair to judge 3rd and 4th round picks with 20/20 hindsight. If it was so obvious that Jimmy Graham, Geno Atkins, Navarro Bowman, etc., were going to be such studs, why did every team in the NFL pass on them at least 2 or 3 times? Also- that Jerry pick was somewhat on Sporano and his staff as well, as they coached him at the Senior Bowl and "loved" what they saw.

I think the pressure to dump players and coaches if they don't perform almost immediately is part of the problem. Nobody wants to wait to see if Philbin's teams get better as he gets better as a head coach as has happened with many great coaches in the NFL. Also, no one wants to give a player a couple of years to learn the ropes and improve. A player has a bad rookie year and he is a bust in the fans eyes. Also no one wants to give a coaching staff and it's players time to learn and improve together. Continuity is what wins in the NFL but between a rabid media and the fans that lap up all of the negative reporting continuity is impossible because of the pressure to win now. It's madness.

Posted by: MassDolphan | March 14, 2014 at 02:15 PM


Well MassD, if he excelled in those exercises then that would indicate him being a system fit as those are the type of guys this coaching staff likes for their o lines.

What concerns me about pencilling him in as an upgrade is his backup status on every team he's been on. Makes me suspect that he may have the physical acumen but not be that great of a football player.

Same reason I say to look for Gabe jackson. Right now the top two Dolphins picks better be Zach Martin and Gabe Jackson if the Dolphins have any hope whatsoever for next year's line.

Hey Mark, isn't funny? I have an opinion that overpaying average players like stars is stupid.

You think it's great cause it isn't your money. Should I sit on a blog & act all snooty like you & say you have a total disregard for other peoples money? Like you do to those who aren't so reckless?

Get over yourself douche! You aren't very smart. And to be honest, aside from you, gogo & a couple of others, no one else is banging the table to spend all this money.

So, considering you're in the minority, you should prolly pipe down & stop acting like a d*ck.

I want to OL fixed but dont want guys getting overpaid. C'mon man!

Posted by: Frank from PA | March 14, 2014 at 02:22 PM

You have to overpay if you want players to join this garbage franchise. C'mon man


YOu dont know if Strief was insulted by the number. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING I read stated that Strief wants to remain in NO. He has taken NO other FA visits. The Dolphins tried to entice him, but he wants to remain with his team that he has played for the last 8 years for. HEs loyal. Good for him. Hickey tried. But you make it sound like Hickey gave an insulting offer- CMON MAN- you definitely dont know that!!! Dont talk with your emotions. Use your rational brain man.

Lamar Miller too even though he will never be a "feature" back, he's a good speed RB.

How do you know he'll never be a feature back? It was his first year as a starter and he was playing behind arguably the worst line in the NFL and he still averaged 4 yards a carry. Why do fans give up on players so easily?

Fail-Bin has to get outta that bin and move into the Win-Bin.No hes not related to the worst Bin BinLaden

Ross the owner is a giant eared NERD that hires a Tampa Bay underling to become his talent evaluator all I have to say is WHERES THE TALENT DUDE?

Last year Fail-Bins buddy ran the offense like if he drew up the plays with crayons.I hope the new guy is betta but with the BIG EARED NERD at the helm of the ship me thinks
where heading for the rocks.

but last years was one of the worst i've ever seen!

How the hell do you know how last year's draft was after only one year especially after all of the players are still with the team. Ridiculous.


Dashi did say No Offense. ;)

You can't get mad after someone says No Offense.

I find the sensitive Home-O's here hilarious.

They love antagonizing the Great Dashi. BUT!! When Dashi starts laying down the beating. They cry foul and run to their Daddy.

Does Dashi at any point even with the 1000:1 night ratio of Dashi to Football comments gets unbearable for anybody else to talk football, Does Dashi get Mad? Dashi laughs it off.

Yet, let Dashi start getting his licks in and like Deity said, the Million Dollar Pussycat comes out.

Dashi never gets offended from all the racial slurs and degrading insults. But let Dashi make one comment. "Owww, my feelings hurt."




Dashi doesn't repeat the same 5 insults ad nauseum.

Like I said before. You can tell they weren't socially active growing up. And they are trying to live their teenage years again.

It must be some sort of "End Of Life Crisis".

I grew out of the clowning around and childish insults by my senior of High School. That is what happens when you live a normal life. You can tell who was the outcast. And I don't mean nerds. Nerds have friends. I'm talking about the loner who nobody talked to. That is them.

I can put money that they don't have friends outside this blog.

Which grown man will socialize with another grwon man who is constantly insulting him.

And I bet the 2, sometimes 3 clowns can't keep a relationship because of the way they act towards everybody.

People(Women) don't just naturally hate you. It is you(Dyckface) who is the problem.

For arguments's sake Frank... you don't think Anthony Collins at 5 years $30M was excellent value from TB. I knwo he was signed there to be their left tackle... but if they matched that, upped the guranteed portion or flat out topped that offer, you don't think he would consider coming to man the right and be the left tackle in waiting since Albert won't be able to play lT to the same level in 2 years?

It's not like the man would get another contract after this one so in teh end you think he would even care if he was playing LT from the start as long as he was getting paid like one?

There was also

Breno Giacomini
Austin Howard
Geoff Schwartz
Jon Asamoah
... and EDS is still out there...

Charles Brown
Donald Penn
someone... someone who's played and plays at a pretty high level.

I just want to see where tehy go form here because there were numerous options.

They better pray Zach martin is on the board. Cyrus would be the disaster of all picks @ 19...


Really? You think so? The dolphins have been big spenders two free agencies in a row. Where the F are you getting your info from? Garbage franchise? Really? Get the F off the page then if you think MIA is garbage, I love how people come here to insult the Miami Dolphins. Go suck on some cacks you pieces of shite.

Let the MIA Dolphins sign every FA. then everyone will be happy. You guys are all a joke.

MArk from Toronto- I really want to hear from you. WHO WERE THEY SUPPOSED TO SIGN THAT THEY DIDNT???

How the hell do you know how last year's draft was after only one year especially after all of the players are still with the team. Ridiculous.

It was a failure for year 1. You have 4 years to evaluate it, I agree. But when you have to poach a corner from the 49ers practice squad late in the season and then he plays ahead of your 2nd and 3rd round picks, you can be fairly certain that your draft was not successful. When you resort to Sam Brenner instead of Dallas Thomas to start for your decimated O-Line, you can be fairly certain that your draft was not successful. And when you spend your 2 top picks on a player who spends more time watching the game than playing in it, you can be fairly certain that your draft sucked :)

@Frank from PA

30 mill in cap space every year is big spending?? WTF? Are u a moron?

(got to say)-budtki

and oh by the way, just as ireland forgot to address left tackle properly last year, i forgot to make my point! and that is exactly it! how on earth do you skirt the LEFT TACKLE position in freeagency, and then totaly ignore it on draft day.?.?...how do you pass on lane johnson who was deemed third best at his position by some, how do you spend a first rounder on dion jordan(correction) TWO first rounders! let me tell you, this had to get Mr. Ross's attention, and in a very bad way...oh, and by the way again, maybe i'm wrong, but i actually had lane johnson rated as the #1 left tackle overall in that draft, this is the year he will show it, he needed to add weight and muscle to avoid being bull rushed, he has the frame for it, and once he does he be all that and a bag of peanuts....he got the speed and the arm length to avoid getting beat by the cameron wakes, this guy is going to be great... and if you want to bash me since my ranking allowed for a year for him to develop, then what do you say about dion jordan...the only way this guy contributes this year is if miami's NEW regime owns up to last years bad draft selcetions in jamar taylor and the other undersized corner, and either lands a shut down freeagent, or gets it right in draft day.

finfan:despite the "silly" epithet, I'll take your position as a friendly disagreement. But it ain't names on a list. We had, by all objective & honestly-subjective standards, one of the worst O-lines in the history of Western Civilization. Record Sacks, Tons of Hurries, Hits after pass, Woeful run game.
Wouldn't FA, WITH FISTFULS OF AVAILABLE CASH, been a nice time to begin, IN EARNEST, to rebuild this mess. Or is saving cap space the Alpha & Omega of FA?


I got your post. The only name im curious about and agree with you is Evan Dietrich-Smith. MY guess is he wants to stay at OC and not play OG. As far as I can tell- Asamoah and Schwartz received 0% interest from the Dolphins. Austin Howard went for more money out to the black hole.

I hear your argument on anthony Collins. But he wanted to play LT and Mia needs a RT. I guess they could have paid him the same as TB but manh around the league feeled that TB overpaid even for the fact that he is a LT bc of his inexperience!

ff23, very eloquent and thought out repsonse. well said, you are obviously a gentleman and a scholar. Your mother must be proud.

Whoever said anythign about paying average starters like stars? Tell me where I said that? i said they shoudl pay a premium FOR STARS...

And what kind of grown man gets all angry and personal over someone having an opinion of the offseason of their team? What is missing from your life for you to behave like that? must be everything. Just because I have an opinion of my own, doesn't give you license to commence personal attacks.

Be a man, act like one. Cause I guarantee if you weren't behind that keyboard, your response would be much different.



I am as disappointed as you are with free agency.

And I wasn't even asking for 3 Top Shelf linemen.

We needed to get 3 linemen in Free Agency. 2 of them should be above average starters.

Right now we only have 1.

The way things are looking, Dashi is going to start the FIRE HICKEY!! Movement after round 2 of the draft.

C'mon Man,

30 mill in cap space every year is big spending?? WTF? Are u a moron?

Its the same $30M carried over from one year to the next. So you can't complain about it every season. Which season would you have spent it in? Honestly, which 7-9 Dolphins team do you believe would have contended for the Super Bowl if only they'd have spent an extra $30M?

Frank, i answered. i always have time to write a properly thought out response to a good poster like you.

Look, my opinion is far from unique. many people thought they needed to sign 2 or 3 high level free agents to the o line to have any shot. The thought of going with two rookies and a journeyman didn't exactly provoke positivity.

I said this, Dashi said this, NeMO said this, Mando said this and others.

Now if I turn around after the only noteable signing to teh line was Albert and I said yeah, cool, I can feel this - wouldn't take make me a hypocrite since it is the exact opposite thing I banged the table for since November or even before?

Mark continues to act like an arrogant Canadian doucher.

We need offensive lineman, and Incognito and Jerry are both available dirt cheap. Joe Philbin needs to swallow his pride and get both these guys back. Really...who cares that they teased Jonathan Martin? As long as they still have something in the tank and something to prove, get them back asap

Frank fair response to Collins and over payment - personally thoguh if he was good enough to push Whitworth inside to OG - who also was a fine LT for the Bengals then he is a man and capable.

Bottom line though, I think taking a calculated risk on Collins is better than where we are now to us fans.

I mean what happens now if Martin is off the board at 19 which is very possible. The whole offseason may be shot down the pooper.

When you had zero leverage like us and the o line, you have to be bold and go for it. Too easy and lazy to just sit here and say overpaid, overpaid, overpaid. I'd rather my team go for it than be afraid to make a mistake.

Same reasoning I backed the Jordan pick last year. Not my personal pick there but I saw a GM who earmarked a player for greatness and went out to get him. I appreciate that ... I don't appreciate taking fans for granted and acting like you have the world by the balls when in fact you had a festering herpes sore for an o line in the previous year.

or as Ricky from Trailer Park Boys would say "Sometimes you just have to swallow your prize"

Incognito and Jerry? LOL :)

That'd be a hoot, wouldn't it.

I can't say I'd be totally opposed to it.

Assuming that Richie has been released from the asylum and Jerry has kept his weight below 500lbs.

Mark in Toronto knows a lot about herpes.

haha, rdubs, I also think signing Collins would be like "getting two birds stoned at once"

Dashi, yeah, we had like mind aas it pertains to the o line. Honestly right now, I'm very concerned.

Mark in Toronto knows a lot about herpes.

Posted by: The Blog | March 14, 2014 at 02:54 PM

He caught the lower region form of herpes from Dashi, the 3rd person rambling idiot.

blog, what's that on your lip?

The way I see the draft playing out.

1-E.Ebron TE or A Big WR(Benjamin or M.Bryant)
2- S.Henderson RT
3- C.Borland MLB
4- A.Williams RB
5- FS or OG
6- L.Thomas QB or one of the small school QBs
7- Santos K or any other Kicker not named Sturgis

Parcell was the biggest overrated jerk in the NFL
He never won anything without Bill Bellichick.
Ireland we all know was incompetent and I dont think he will never be a GM in the NFL again and Sparano is a mediocre offensive line coach. Believe me since Don Shula this team had not had a great Coach and that includes the egomaniac of JJ in my opinion Saban was probably the best but we all know what he did.
This year will be Philbin make or break year hope the 49ers don't win the SB and Harbaugh can be available them MR Ross can try for the 2nd time to get him.
Ross wants said " He wanted a Young Shula " and in my opinion Harbaugh is the closes to that statement. because for sure we know Philbin is not

Same reason I say to look for Gabe jackson. Right now the top two Dolphins picks better be Zach Martin and Gabe Jackson if the Dolphins have any hope whatsoever for next year's line.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 14, 2014 at 02:25 PM

Wait a minute, thought you said we were fukked if we have 2 ROOKIE olinemen starting?

Dashi Theory

(You don't have to agree with Dashi, just making conspiracy)

If the Fins win 1 of the last 2 games we are in the playoffs. Correct?

Now if the Fins would have made the Playoffs. Not only the Fans but Philbin and Dawn would be stuck with Ireland. How do you get rid of him after finding the future QB and making the playoffs. With all your picks and a ton of cap space.


Philbin being the smart man that he is, puts Zero effort in game planning for those last 2 games. And has enough ammunition to get rid of ireland in the off season.

I know, why throw 2 games.



Again, the Fins win 1 of the last 2 games and Ireland is still the GM. Hate to admit it but that is the Truth Truth!!

Nick Saban says NFL teams will regret passing on AJ McCarron.

I still regret you passing on Drew Brees, you overrated sack of shite

Dolphins have offered deal to Shelly, not like they are sitting on their hands. And I like trying to find system fits rather than whoever the name player happens to be.


Actually, I wouldn't mind at all if our 1st 2 picks were Zack Martin and Gabe Jackson.

oh sam, I still believe we're definitelly fukkked if this is the case but maybe these guys can help...


Not a big difference between the #4 Tackle Z.Martin and the #7 or #8 Tackle.

Z.Martin is one of the most overrated players in this draft.

I kind of feel you should always have a rookie or 1-2 year player on your o-line. Otherwise you end up losing the line all at once when the contracts come up for valuable vets. You have to keep cycling players in it's the nature of the game these days with the cap and free agency.

Most folks on here seem to forget our over spending days had us in a situation where we couldn't move on any significant free agent just a couple of years ago. We over payed for players that didn't live up to their billing.

Dooshy, tell us again how soccer players arent athletes

Zach Martin Overrated? LMAO......

Zach Martin offers position flexibility(og/ot). He could be placed at RT or either OG position if we draft him.

He pass and run blocks well. If not for the concerns of his "short arms" he would probably be the consensus #1 LT on the 2013 draftboard.

Dashi Spouts.... and spouts... and spouts. We all know what. :)

meant 2014 draftboard

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