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Free agent offensive line possibilties narrow

Forget Rodger Saffold. Forget Chad Rinehart.

Two Dolphins free agent offensive line possibilities are not headed to Miami.

Saffold, who the Dolphins contacted over the weekend, had been on the team's radar as a backup left tackle possibility had the Branden Albert chase not worked out. But as I've reported today, Albert to the Dolphins is almost done.

The Dolphins liked Saffold enough that there was thought he might come anyway -- as a guard or perhaps a right tackle.


Saffold is going to get left tackle money and that means he's not coming to Miami at all, according to a source. Saffold is likely to land in Oakland.

That's that.

Rinhart, a guard with the San Diego Chargers, is staying in San Diego. The Chargers announced minutes ago they have re-signed Rinehart so he will not be hitting the market.

The Dolphins continue looking at guard and right tackle possibilities.

As discussed in this space on Saturday, the best right tackle possibilities are Zach Strief of New Orleans and Austin Howard of the New York Jets.

The guard possibilities?

Do not dismiss Davin Joseph, cut by the Bucs last week -- because of his ties for Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey.



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We still have the 2 Chiefs guards available and Beadles too. It was a nice try to get Saffold.

Mark, from the last blog about Byrd and him really making a lot of sense with a team. I hate to say it, but the Jets have a lot of cap room and I think Byrd could thrive playing under Rex Ryan. I hope it doesn't happen, but I wouldn't be shocked.

Yep, this changes things. Just because of the limited choices I would bet money that Davin Joseph is a Dolphin soon.

Because of his circumstances he should be pretty cap friendly.

Mando if you're there, you think there's any chance we sign Albert, Strief and Joseph......?

Joseph & Strief are both 30. Albert is gonna be 30 late in the season.

What we saw last year was a team piece together a bunch of mid 20 year olds to develop & be around in their primes for the next 4 or 5 years.

What I think we may see now is rebuilding the OL with veterans to add leadership & a known quality to keep Tannehill protected.

I don't think any contracts we sign OL to, with the exception of Albert, will be long term. I think these will be 2-3 year deals to have some known quality up front while using the draft to select developmental OL to eventually take over.

Saffold would've been a nice get but at the time I was reallyn underestimating the interest he would receive. never discount the Raiders I guess. They appear to be trading down there at LT. Saffold is a gutsy LT but not a guy you want to write down in ink at that position...

NeMO, Jets, yeah I can see that. NYC lifestyle, Rex Ryan, having your face on NFL Network every five mins ... dam

One thing that seems certain is that regardless of how Free Agency shakes out, Hickey will get two O-Lineman pretty high in the draft.

Looking at alberts age and some of the other free agents, we have to reload through the draft with some youngsters.

Either way, as usual, it will be interesting. Especially with Hickey in charge. Ireland always seemed to be trying to do too much. Instead of just getting the talent that was right there in front of him. He was always trying to be smarter than everyone else and it seems he just outsmarted himself. Always trying to find value and always taking chances with injured players. Last years group hardly made it on the field!

Hopefully Hickey is a little more straight forward.

Yeah FYI, we are looking for solid vets to provide competent o line play for a few years while adding a guy or two near the top of the draft oveer the next cuple of years...

Forget McKinnie at RT, then he will be facing the #1 pass rusher all the time.

Must, must, must get Zack Strief to play RT.

Sign a Vet guard and draft Z. Martin at 19 and the line is set. Z. Mart can play guard and even move to tackle if needed.

There is always this from JD.

Jeff Darlington ‏@JeffDarlington 46s
I could see Collins and Talib in Washington. I could see Albert and Byrd in Miami. But that's just educated speculation. We'll see tomorrow.

Odin, I for one don't see an o lineman in round 1. nice to say you would take one but they have to be there. The standout tackles and perhaps the first guard will be off the board by 19.

I like the round 2 guys for the intreior just as much next year. Bitonio, Gabe Jackson, Sua'Filo, Brandon Thomas are my favourites. Yankey also there but I'd move him back to round 3.

if one of these guys should fall to tround 3, then I can see two taken. Otherwise a development guard late would be my guess as to a 2nd lineman.

As long as they don't draft Cyrus or Morgan Moses, I'll be content.

Texas, I just got hard a little bit from that tweet.

No shame in saying so.

re-sign Jerry for backup OG money....adds depth, you know what you got (not good but not awful), experienced....and his price tag should be low

Elway told Beadles and all of their FAs to test the market. I think bringing him in is a high priority, but his loyalties are in Denver since he's from the area.

If the Jets cut Holmes & Sanchez as June 1st cuts, they are going to be loaded and spending HUGE in FA. They are looking for a RT & a OG too & will have over $51 in cap space. Even if they are not targeting the same guys we are, they might get involved to drive up prices.

Have to get Albert & a starting quality OG or RT.
Hickey better have a plan on DT too. I feel as if Red Bryant would have been a cheaper & suitable alternative to Starks / Soliai.

That's funny Mark!!! That would make my year if we got Albert and Byrd.

I agree with your Oline assessment/lineup above. I would add Richardson LT from Tennessee to that round 2 list but that is just my opinion. He'd make a good RT.

Oh lawd Mark is Hard!

Yep Mark, they have to be there. All I can do is guess and speculate. I personally think there will be some viable options at 19. Even if they have to reach(unggg)a tiny bit.

Jerry sucks and too slow won't be back...

How did the Jets get so much cap room? I thought they were saddled with big contracts unless dumping dirty sanchez and holmes saves them that much money?

Benz- repeat after me- John Jerry will never be a Miami Dolphin again. and honestly- good riddance. not just for bullygate- because he sucks!

One other OL will be signed for good money. Whether it is a RT or LG who knows. Maybe both. I still think Micheal Oher can be had at RT for cheap enough money. Same with Zach Strief but my guess is strief wants at 7 mill per year. Oher can be had cheaper I believe and he is younger. Im not holding my breath on Zane Beadles but do beleive that Davin Joseph and maybe Donald Penn( if TB cuts him) will be on our radar.

That's funny Mark!!! That would make my year if we got Albert and Byrd.

I agree with your Oline assessment/lineup above. I would add Antonio Richardson LT from Tennessee to that round 2 list but that is just my opinion. He'd make a good RT.

Remember the Raiders OL coach is Tony Sopraro.

isnt this draft supposed to be deep for Olinemen? If so, trade back with our 1st pick and grab another 2nd or 3rd, and draft 2 or 3 in Rds 2-4--and hope Dallas Thomas can crack the rotation

Must be missing something here. Why go after Albert ranked 28th by PFF when Monroe is ranked 12th?

I was wondering about Joseph as well. I noticed he had been cut by Tampa. What about that big dude we drafted in the third round last year out of Tennessee? Dallas Thomas, what's going on with that guy? That really sucks to think our 3 round pick last year is not ready to step in this season.

frank--dont feel strongly about re-signing jerry, yeah he's not very good but as we've seen time and again, many backup OL guys arent very good....thats all--Clabo mostly stunk last year (and was very good in his prime), Garner is exposed over time....Samuda never cut it, D Thomas cant even get on the field....just saying that instead of signing someone else's crappy guy, may as well sign our own ex-crappy guy for similar money that we at least know, and knows our system--thats all--we're gonna need alot of bodies on the Oline....do the math.

Cocoa- the market for Monroe isnt there for some reason. HEs gone with his tail between his legs back to Balt and is going to be lucky to get 8 mill from Ozzie newsome. Oak, Ari, and Mia all have shown little interest in the "best" LT on the market in Monroe so something is definitely up with Monroe.

I find it interesting that the Phinsider is preaching about not paying jarius Byrd the money he wants. All I know is- the guy averages 1 turnover every other game he has ever played. He is a force. If everyone thinks there is too much money in the secondary, than restructure Jones deal. At 7 mill per year- hes over paid although this year he only counts less than 4 million against the cap..

Walter Campbell

Ryan Shazier*, OLB, Ohio State
Height: 6-2. Weight: 226.
Projected 40 Time: 4.68.
Projected Round (2014): 1-2.

2/8/14: In 2013, Shazier recorded 143 tackles with 22.5 tackles for a loss, four passes broken up, four forced fumbles and six sacks. He has good instincts and covers a lot of ground with explosive speed.


"Shazier needs to get stronger to shed blocks and hold up on runs coming straight at him."

A MLB that can not shed blocks in the NFL makes tackles 8YDS Downfield. Anyone else notice Walter Campbell has him listed OLB, not MLB?

Scratch him as an NFL MLB.

Yeah Frank, must be something they know we don't. Hmmm.

As to how the Jets have so much money. They cut Cromartie and will cut Sanchez and Holmes. They also traded Revis and his fat contract away. They basically spent nothing last year to rebuild their cap into good shape for this year. The new GM Idzik is smarter than his predecessor.

Nice to see that Darlington tweet, that would be great.




Yeah NeMo, I hope Darlington highly educated.

Safety is not a premium position....cant be spending 15mill on 2 safeties....Jones and Clemons were 5th or 6th rounders....would love to have Byrd but thats too much money tied up in a position where most teams find good talent for much less, or in later rounds


You guys know that the more negative the comments on this blog the more i like it, that will never change.

However in the spirit of the free agent season I will refrain from saying anything negative for 24 hours beginning at 8 pm today.

Must be missing something here. Why go after Albert ranked 28th by PFF when Monroe is ranked 12th?

Posted by: cocoajoe | March 10, 2014 at 02:15 PM

Reports are that most teams see Albert as #1 & Veldeheer #2 & Monroe 3rd.

So, it's not just Miami that sees it that way. Pretty much everyone except PFF.

Sam, Shazier put up some freaky numbers at his pro day. I think his 40 was in the 4.3's. From what I have seen of him playing I have been very impressed by him. Admittedly, it hasn't been too much. I'm not smart enough to know if he could play MLB or would have to go outside. Just a guy I would keep an eye on.

Just a little info on Davin Joseph. The Bucs cut him because he is a big cap hit and his play hasn't matched it the past two seasons.

He really hasn't been the same since he tore his patella tendon two years ago.

Maybe we sign him to lower contract as a stop gap but I'm not sure he's huge upgrade.

I'm thinking we have to go guard in the draft at least 2nd rd. Maybe first.


If any of them were going to stay that would've been announced already.

I said this the other day....maybe Monroe's camp is just using other teams to squeeze more money out of the Ravens.....maybe teams know that he strongly prefers to stay there anyway--good team/organization, always a contender.....hard to blame him

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | March 10, 2014 at 02:31 PM


Thats a pretty tall order for you ETF. Good Luck!

Fraud, I appreciate the positivity. Glad to see Henne made some more money, I wish him the best.

10 million for maybe 10 games for fat Albert and a multi year deal worth perhaps 50 Million is going to sink the fish

This lazy pompous self centered manipulative LT hit gold last year by being franchised and then left the team on a golf cart OUT w a precautionary knee injury

Fat Albert then sat out the rest of the season missing the last 4 games again after missing 3 games the year b4

Fat Albrt's agent told him he better show face in their Wildcard game where the slob could not hold a 38-10 lead and collapsed in the run game
Indy came back and won the game, meaning the the lazy fat self centered greedy manipulative LT could not hold the fort w a 28 point lead to advance into the playoffs

Miami is going to pay for this dearly when Fat Albert is on the sidelines and they have no LT

Fat Albert wont care though
He will balloon up again like he did earlier in his career when he was playing at 40 lbs overweight

This will hurt the team for a few years like drafting the failed WR/QB over the best LB in the league and then hiring a dim wit MLB and a loose Wheel

God Save the Fish !

Texas, I just got hard a little bit from that tweet.

No shame in saying so.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto |


Posted by: Home Cookin | March 10, 2014 at 02:39 PM

You have to worry about that with these types of players. you have to put something in the contract to protect yourself.

With a new TV contract coming the CAP is expected to exceed 150 million in 2015 and 160 million in 2016. I say sign away, sign Albert, go after Byrd, go after an OG or a RT and a DT.

I know everyoneis saying the Albert deal is done but It wouldn't surprise me in the least if we ended up with Monroe or the kid from Oakland. Theres a lot of games going on right now and I won't believe anything until its done.

Exactly Texas. 2015 JIMMY GRAHAM!

Theres a lot of games going on right now and I won't believe anything until its done.

Posted by: Craig M |
Ghey ?

You need to keep in mind while the new offense will be more fun to watch, their will be mistakes here & there while the team is learning the new offense this year. I'm just hoping that the offense can keep the turnover rate under control, because if they can do it Tannehill should progress into the elite level of QB's this year. Oh & no matter what anybody thinks, I am sure Joe Philbin, Dennis Hickey, Bill Lazor & everybody else will have this year + next year before Stephen Ross will make any more team changes. Don't anyone be stupid enough to think anybody is on the hot seat ! Now after next year that's another story. I'm sure Stephen Ross will give a 2 year window to see MAJOR strides before contemplating organizational changes again (particularly with all the changes coming in this year).


Barring failing the physical, the Albert deal is 100% done. Are you spewing crap just to be different? Geez!

I wonder if that kid Brenner will continue to progress ? He played pretty good for a stretch last year when he had a chance to play.

Rick,WELCOME To Fantasy Island.Tattoo has the crack cocaine laced with PCP you requested for dinner.

More on Fat Albert:

Albert’s poor play has weighed heavily on the Chiefs (http://www.kansascity.com/sports/chiefs/story/1637742.html)
The Kansas City Star

The thermal food bag is there every day, never far from Branden Albert’s locker. Inside it are his prepared meals — the low-calorie, smart foods that helped him lose nearly 40 pounds in less than six months before this season.

That much hasn’t changed. What has changed in the months after the weight loss is the outlook for Albert, the Chiefs’ left tackle, and the role his slimmer body — he is listed now at 316 pounds but has weighed as little as 305 this season — has played in what has been a disappointing second season. Nine sacks allowed in 11 games, a number so high that it is second in the NFL, behind only the 9 1/2 sacks allowed by Oakland’s Mario Henderson.

“A humbling experience,” Albert said of his 2009 season.

He entered this season having been showered in praise and all but assured of greatness. Albert was one of the Chiefs’ most promising young players, a first-round pick in 2008, and it seemed only a matter of time before he was selected to a Pro Bowl. He lost the weight because coach Todd Haley wanted his linemen to be quicker, and Albert became the poster child for what was possible if players just followed the plan.

With the thermal bag with him always, Albert hasn’t strayed. But without the extra girth to keep defenders another step or two away from quarterback Matt Cassel, Albert has been far less reliable. Haley said that’s the downside to the weight loss: A lighter player has to sometimes work harder to block pass rushers, instead of just taking up space. But Haley insisted this week that heavy linemen are limited, and a 340-pound Albert wouldn’t be of much use when asked to pull, as he was asked to do Sunday against Buffalo, one of the many new assignments that rely on quickness.

“We need guys who are athletic,” Haley said, “who can move the way we need them to move and execute what we need to get done.

“We want our guys to be in condition, and he’s been a great shining example of that aspect of it. But there is an adjustment period there.”

That period, which seems ongoing, has required Albert to pay more attention to details. His steps, hand placement and mental approach have been tested perhaps as never before. Albert had always been able to get by on being big and quick — and, the Chiefs believe, that was enough to overshadow the rough edges that have become visible since the weight loss.

Now that they’re exposed, Albert has had to learn some things the hard way. Haley said he still believes in Albert’s long-term potential, but the reality of undergoing such a shift has led to mistakes. In addition to the staggering number of sacks allowed, Albert also has been flagged for five illegal-procedure penalties and three holding calls. One of those procedure penalties negated a 15-yard gain Sunday against the Bills and forced the Chiefs to convert a fourth-down play.

Albert said the mistakes haven’t come because his body has failed him but rather because he hasn’t always passed the mental tests he now faces more regularly.

“The things that have gone wrong for me,” Albert said, “they weren’t physical. It’s all mental.

I know everyoneis saying the Albert deal is done but It wouldn't surprise me in the least if we ended up with Monroe or the kid from Oakland. Theres a lot of games going on right now and I won't believe anything until its done.

Posted by: Craig M | March 10, 2014 at 02:45 PM

Hey dipsh*tter, who cares?

So what this tells us is that Saffold probably wanted too much money and Miami said no thanks. Miami has too many other possibilities at Guard and now has more money to throw at Byrd......hence the Byrd rumors

Albert will be on IR by week 7.

Albert or Monroe LT
Zack Strief RT
Jarius Byrd FS
Zane Beatles or another guard
Jason Hatcher DT
Ben Tate or Knoshawn Moreno RB
John Kuhn FB
Devin Hester KR

Sign them all, the money is there.

If need be restructure Patterson, Moore, Wallace, Jones.

Silverback, it sounded like Saffold is being offered left tackle money in Oakland. From what it sounds like we had to bow out.

Fat one year injured the next to missing 25% of the regular season

That's what u get Dolfans w Fat Albert

He's only lookin for a big payday and he has the Hickey & Philbin's pricks in his back pocket

We r gonna get burned big w this perennial loser only bucking up for a big pay day

This lard asss quit on his team last year
"Precautionary knee injury" and quit the last 4 games as sat on the sideline and got fat and out of shape b4 collapsing in the play offs



Where ya been bro?

NeMo I agree......let the Raiders make that mistake, hey I'm fine with Albert and Beadles or some other Albert and Guard combo. Now if we also sign Byrd.....I'm impressed

Prior to Fisher as the Chiefs were looking to replace Fat Albert"

With those mistakes in mind, Kansas City might be tempted this offseason with drafting or signing a left tackle, and discussions will be had on whether Albert — who plays for a coach and in a system that requires him to be at a certain weight, whether it’s a good fit for him or not — is the Chiefs’ long-term answer. From potential Pro Bowler to a player whose future is in question, that’s the burden Albert now carries around along with that thermal bag.

“I can’t worry about that,” he said. “You want to be a great player; you don’t want to just be another guy on the field making small money. … I can say it has been a learning experience. Everything is not perfect. I’ve just got to keep moving on and getting my money.”

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