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Free agent offensive line possibilties narrow

Forget Rodger Saffold. Forget Chad Rinehart.

Two Dolphins free agent offensive line possibilities are not headed to Miami.

Saffold, who the Dolphins contacted over the weekend, had been on the team's radar as a backup left tackle possibility had the Branden Albert chase not worked out. But as I've reported today, Albert to the Dolphins is almost done.

The Dolphins liked Saffold enough that there was thought he might come anyway -- as a guard or perhaps a right tackle.


Saffold is going to get left tackle money and that means he's not coming to Miami at all, according to a source. Saffold is likely to land in Oakland.

That's that.

Rinhart, a guard with the San Diego Chargers, is staying in San Diego. The Chargers announced minutes ago they have re-signed Rinehart so he will not be hitting the market.

The Dolphins continue looking at guard and right tackle possibilities.

As discussed in this space on Saturday, the best right tackle possibilities are Zach Strief of New Orleans and Austin Howard of the New York Jets.

The guard possibilities?

Do not dismiss Davin Joseph, cut by the Bucs last week -- because of his ties for Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey.



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New GM to push around...I bet agents are chomping at the bit with the Phins front office.

The Miami Herald reports the Dolphins are expected to let free agent DTs Paul Soliai and Randy Starks walk, and are interested in free agent Earl Mitchell as a potential replacement.
Mitchell has also been connected to the Bears. Appearing on ESPN last month, ex-Bucs GM Mark Dominik labeled Mitchell one of the top sleepers of free agency. A fifth-year former third-round pick, Mitchell started 14 games last season, playing 553 snaps. Mitchell wou

Cross some T's and dot some I's

Why would anybody want Monroe or the kid from Oakland when Brandon Albert has been a proven top 5 LT over his whole career ? Brandon Albert is the best pass blocker, the most physical & has the best track record of all the FA LT's. Why do you people think Baltimore just let him walk, because he was a all pro caliber player ?

Rdubs, busy as all hell. We got a lot of rain out here in Los Angeles and my house needed some sandbag work

If you can believe what all the reporters are writing about our free agent plans, it appears we will in fact be drafting a guard in the 1st rd.

The free agent plan appears to be Albert LT, Mitchell, Hatcher, or Joseph DT, Delmas safety, and one of the RT's. Maybe Strief.

The free agent guard market is thin and it appears most other holes can be addressed.

Then again none of it may happen. Albert looking pretty certain though.

get veldheer.
u want him or fatso


That sucks, I heard about all the rain you guys were getting.Hopefully the damage wasnt too severe

Of OAK is getting Saffold at LT, what's up with their LT, where's he going?
I don't care if they overpay, this isn't MLB, you can get rid of guys or renegotiate if they suck, so sign everybody for all I care. Yes, get Byrd, get Albert, get another top shelf OL.
I would love Brandon Spikes at MLB for Fins, he would not cost a lot, it's a no-brainer IMO

he can play
lt and rg at the same

Rdubs, I think the Dolphins are going to let the market determine how much to pay Big Paul and Starks. I don't think Starks is going to get what he wants by any team, but Paul might. If we can get two linemen in free agency, I think it would free up our 19th pick in Round 1 to go DT.

Spikes is great against the run but sucks against the pass.

Texas, I did forget some tackles in juwaun Jones, Billy Turner and Charles Leno in my list. Some other guards too like Cyril Richardson. Point is, the beauty of the o line selections is in rounds 2 and 3 after round one rapes up all the top LT candidates.

Good thing is, it appears we no longer need a permanent LT solution - but a guy who can fill in at LT for s short spell or later in his career would be worth a little premium.

Marios, the rumor mill currently has

Albert to Miami
Monroe staying in Baltimore
Veldheer leaving Oakland to go to Arizona
Saffold to Oakland

Again just rumors, all will become clear tomorrow.

Davin Joseph would be a real solid addition IF healthy. Like to see it

Rdubs, luckily no damage at all. My house sits on an elevated foundation except for the back of the house near the backyard. So if the backyard floods, I have to keep an eye on that part of the house. It's more of a concern of mine, then a real threat. But hey, the back of the house is where the man cave is at, so I got to protect my Dolphin game HQ.

I thought Soliai would be retained this year. But the more I read, the less likely I think its gonna happen. I realize alot of this is smoke and mirrors, but he seems to be gone. I havent heard a whole lot about Starks though. Maybe he could return

Shazier put up 25 reps on the bench and had by far the most explosive lower body test results of any LB. he is plenty strong enough - there is porbably nobdoy with more functional strength in this draft. If he has a problem shedding blocks - it's probably more technique and anticipation than physical ability.

Lord take my house, but please dont touch my MAN CAVE!

If Joseph could get back to his old form it would be a coup.

He is a stand up guy off the field. They loved him in Tampa.

Might be a good influence for Pouncey come to think of it.

After 4:00 pm tomorrow, Home Cookin is going to be (as usual) the lonely troll trying to fabricate facts, trying to unconvincingly justify his own opinions, and attempting to put dark linings on a silver clouds. A voice of discontent in a sea of contentedness. Keep presenting your flow charts, junk science, and rumor mill gossip to the masses as Miami enjoys a nice free agency period.

It's almost guaranteed that Brandon Albert will get a contract similar to 5 yrs. 47 million approximately 9.2 mil per year with about 19 mil guaranteed & he will be worth every penny because he has never had a bad season according to PFF.

After Lazy Fat Albert signs the dotted line and gets at least 15 million for "playing the Dolphins" then he plans to eat himself out of the NFL

A sucker born every minute


It's looking like our new DT's will be Odrick and a free agent. Hatcher, Mitchell, or Linval Joseph.

"I needz at least 15 million guaranteed some my families can gets to eat @ Golden Corral 3 times a day"

"After dat I'm dun with fusbol!"

"Givez me my money!"

Cookin you aren't very bright


I hope it doesnt backfire and I dont see us signing Byrd. I think Nemo nailed it J-E-T-S


Expect Mitchell or Joseph. Hatcher is already 32. Team is building a roster than is primed for the next 3-4 years. Hatcher is not the guy.

I would not discount both Mitchell & Joseph...if they can get 1 of them on the cheaper side. Don't forget, Odrick is FA next offseason.

Mitchell & Joseph are 25 & 26 respectively which is 3 & 4 years younger than Soliai. Think of age & how we replaced Burnett & Dansby.

Amen brah.......can't be messing with the Man Cave

So the JETS won't spend $9m on a proven teammate in Cromartie but will do so for Byrd? I just don't see that. They are going to use their FA $'s on a QB insurance policy and WR's.

Yeah, Rdubs who knows what to make of D-tackle, we will know in a day or 2. I would like 1 of the 2 back, but I'm sure Hickey and Philbin have a plan.

I can't imagine the D-tackle market for 30 year olds being crazy, so maybe they will come back.

Like Joseph......he's a quality DT.....Hatcher I haven't seen that much. I still believe we could do real well DT-wise at 19

Albert has one job, protect Tannehill. That alone will make this team better. Rather have Monroe but happy with Albert

Ask Fat Albert why he quit o his team last season and missed the last 4 games w a "precautionary knee injury"

Why to sucker Miami back to the table, .... of course

Go Fish !


I've always liked both Soliai and Starks but their play did fall off last year. Maybe we could use some new blood.

Would have liked to kept one of them though. I personally liked Starks the best.

I think Philbin took Starks dislike of Ireland personally. I think he's the kind of player I would want on my team and I would have taken a different approach with him. He will battle when he has the right motivation and he can get to the QB. It is what it is though.

You guys realize, we will probably sign a big price FA that none us will be expecting.Like we did with Ellerbe

Rdubs/JPAO, that Byrd to the Jets prediction has no basis in fact. Its just a hunch/theory of mine. As I said, I hope I am wrong. I would love to have Byrd here.

Brandon Albert is a very good system LT that fits us perfectly & has deserved a long term contract the last couple years in KC, only KC wanted to go the cheap route by drafting an even better one. People make too much out of his so called back problems, because Albert has played like a top 10 LT every single year in the NFL. Now Granted he's not one of the very best, but he is a model of consistency that ALWAYS GETS THE JOB DONE at a top 10 LT level. That's what Miami wants here a proven player that never fails. Does Eugene Monroe & Vanderbeek offer better upside yes, but neither has ever showed the kind of consistency Albert has over his entire career.


I could def live with both Mitchell and Joseph. Actually would prefer that than overpaying for Byrd.

Then sign Delmas and a RT and focus on guards in the draft.

I see a lot of talk of Miami looking for an ILB. WTH are we gonna do with Ellerbe if they're looking to replace him inside?

Is he a 4-3 OLB? I don't see it! What a clusterf*ck those 2 LB'er signings have become.

They were talking about moving Ellerbe outside and getting a better run stopping ILB. Wheeler's playing time would be reduced and yes it's a cluster.

Albert sat out the last 4 games of the 2013 season w a fake knee injury and the year b4 he sat out 3 games w a chronic back problem

Dolfans are soooo jaded

U can throw a Dolphin jersey in a pile of poop and all of a sudden its AWESOME

Do u believe ur own BS after awhile


Yeah, linebacker is a cluster F. I was so thrilled when we got Ellerbee the first day of last free agency. It didn't work out yet, but I hope things can turn around this year.

Fat Albert has one job protect TanneFAIL so he can miss Wallace 30 out of 36 times like last season

Go Fish !

Broken down lazy fat Albert will be 30 yrs old b4 his 2014 Thanksgiving dinner

Home's desire to be irrelevant on this blog is unmatched.

Get lost knuckle duster!

This season Fat Albert will be faking "the hammy" ijury and sit out 4-5 games

Hammy injuries are undetectable and then he can eat more pie

Something about fat, overpaid athletes that really makes me hot.

I like the idea of Shazier if he's there in the 2nd. He's projected as an OLB but played inside at college too. He seems to have instincts and tackling ability neither Ellerbee or Wheeler have, or will ever have.

I love Albert. Think he's the best of the best available.


Rdubs, if they go Earl Mitchell in free agency, you can write down in ink that the first pick is a DT. Mitchell is a sizeable step down from Soliai or Starks.

Odrick and Mitchell doesn't look that good but Mitchell, Odrick, and Hageman or Donald in a rotation looks a lot better.

I will miss Big Paul a lot. Starks - not so much - this guys an ingrate. he made what, like $30 from the Dolphins in his career and he flips off the coaching staff? F him!

Patriots Dynasty week on NFL now and all week for thosse interested in a winning NFL football team this decade


Pats beating the Rams on now

Go Patriots !

Reports say 8 mil a year for Byrd now down from 9. I'd do that in a second if its true.

I wouldn't trade for Revis at 16 mil a year like Mando is suggesting though lol.

I love Albert. Think he's the best of the best available.


Posted by: Home Cookin | March 10, 2014 at 03:42 PM

Me too ! well, not so much

lol @ my troll

dont like the albert move but love the interest in byrd

Hang on

Gotta get my Brady jersey on for this NFL network SB game

Go Pats !

How about that upset in Miami this year & tht int in the end zone! Great memories!


Can't wait til tomorrow. It will feel like Christmas to a Dolphins fan.


Dolphins definitely going to the Super Bowl with Tannehill and coach Bazooka Joe . . .

sooooo hard to say with a straight face


My mom called & told me she is cutting me off. Said 50 is old enough to finally grow up & be a man.

Guess I'll just have to steal her social security checks now!


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