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Free agent offensive line possibilties narrow

Forget Rodger Saffold. Forget Chad Rinehart.

Two Dolphins free agent offensive line possibilities are not headed to Miami.

Saffold, who the Dolphins contacted over the weekend, had been on the team's radar as a backup left tackle possibility had the Branden Albert chase not worked out. But as I've reported today, Albert to the Dolphins is almost done.

The Dolphins liked Saffold enough that there was thought he might come anyway -- as a guard or perhaps a right tackle.


Saffold is going to get left tackle money and that means he's not coming to Miami at all, according to a source. Saffold is likely to land in Oakland.

That's that.

Rinhart, a guard with the San Diego Chargers, is staying in San Diego. The Chargers announced minutes ago they have re-signed Rinehart so he will not be hitting the market.

The Dolphins continue looking at guard and right tackle possibilities.

As discussed in this space on Saturday, the best right tackle possibilities are Zach Strief of New Orleans and Austin Howard of the New York Jets.

The guard possibilities?

Do not dismiss Davin Joseph, cut by the Bucs last week -- because of his ties for Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey.



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Amazing the Patriots won the division every year Brady played for a decade straight now

What happen to the once proud Miami Dolphin franchise

Oh yeah, they keep starting QBs like Tannehill

Ha, Ha, ha

Went to the urologist & it's confirmed. Herpes & warts.

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Home is a 67 yrs old black woman

Amazing how my mom thinks that just because I'm 50 she doesn't have to take care o me anymore.

Wow... how can someone be that pathetic and lonely. Gotta figure a suicide attempt failed somewhere.

Never give up!

Hey, have you guessed that I don't like Albert by now?

I mean, how obnoxious & annoying do I have to be?

Am I worse than Craig Moron yet?

14-3 Pats on NFL network in route to SB win.

4 more SB appearances after this and . . . the Dolphins did something 45 yrs ago or something ike that no one remembers or was old enough to watch.


Brady looks good here!

I love Ryan Tannehill starting for the Dolphins.

In case you missed this too in my nauseating & rendundant posts. I THINK TOM BRADY IS CUTE!

There, I SAID IT! Darn you Giselle!

Don't know why you crying on the blog Home. Nothing gonna change the fact Tannehill is the QB and Albert will be signed. It is what it is. Don't go to the games if you are unhappy. Simple solution. I haven't renewed mine and let them know why. With a decent O Lime this team has the talent to easily be much better

Also, don't mind be being a fukwad for saying in route instead of en route!

That's just me being me! AKA DUMB!

I don't have a lot of time to educate myself. Standing in line for food stamps. Hangingon the street corner begging for change. Then scouring the inner city for some crack.

And you people wonder why I sound so dumb?

Joe looks good like my bro.
Hope taneeehill starts again this year.

atta boy bobbyd, glad ur back

BTW, I still don't like Albert.

In case you were wondering.

Look, I started changing my name cause I'm being ridiculed mercilessly. Rex Ryan is me.

You prolly know my routine by now.

No, it does it makes Joe look younger and more sophisticated.

@ 3:55, where is that? Standing over you while you kneel in front of him?

Wipe your mouth!

Look at me changing names. UNpredictable!

That's enough Dashi!

Remember when I clamored for Tebow.

That would've worked out!

I dunno what it is. I say so much dumb sh*t then constantly repeat myself.

As if anyone's reading it or gives 2 shi*s. I really do have problems.

Shazier put up 25 reps on the bench and had by far the most explosive lower body test results of any LB. he is plenty strong enough - there is porbably nobdoy with more functional strength in this draft. If he has a problem shedding blocks - it's probably more technique and anticipation than physical ability.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 10, 2014 at 03:12 PM

Meaning maybe you draft him at OLB, not MLB. Drafted a "NON-STARTER" 3rd overall 2013. Can not risk another 1st rd pick on a possible non-starter at MLB.

Need a "TRUE MLB", then kick Ellerbee outside. Still, there's the problem, "What to o with the #3 overall pick Jordan?

They're showing the iced down champagne and Superbowl championship football caps now in the Patriots locker room

still in the 3rd Q

Compared to J Martin.......I LOVE ALBERT

The blog learned today that I take advantage of my mother. Stalk Tom Brady & dislike Brandon Albert.

All in about 200 spam posts. It was a good day.

no doubt silverback, its an upgrade. id just prefer someone younger

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#54 is awesome LB


should have retired his number

Teddy Bruschi has 3 Superbowl rings

Look at me talking about Brady & the Pats again.

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Interception Patriots! with 3:25 left in the 3rd

John Madden announcing is excited!

Brady 1st down to Brown!

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That's what I'm about. Meaningless stuff.

Anyone want to see a picture of my Tom Brady male enhancement pump?

You guys impressed by my stupidity yet?

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Also, with Shazier as a MLB, better have great, not good pair of DT's. Just like with Zack. Once our DT play went down, so did Zach with injuries.

Shazier's 230-235lbs, very "ZACK THOMAS-like" in weight. Shazier as a "smallish mlb" would be very "great DT-play dependant". As of right now, we have "ZERO STARTING DT's" signed to our roster.

Shazier's projected as an NFL "OLB' by all of the so-called experts.

I just love Tom's hair when he arches his back ready to throw. MMM MMM MMM

FG 17-3 Patriots 1:18 left

I usually prefer fat lineman but, Toms hair is to die for.


Thank god the TV posts the time digitally cause I can't read a real clock.

Home, I hope you enjoy that super bowl from 15 years ago. Pats haven't won jack since spygate.

I just wanna kill myself.

Fat Albert waiting at Golden Corral buffet for the big call and the fish to fork over at least 15 million in guaranteed money

said he was sorry for missing the last 4 games of the season, but eh, it's just 4 meaningless games

meh, ...


I said the same thing 4 or 5 times at 04:14 PM & no one has laughed or commented yet.

I wonder why I keep trying? I'm so sad & lonely & need attention.

Dusty, I feel you about the age, but if he stays healthy I think we can 4 good years out of him

Pats win the division every year w Brady and the Patriots
for a decade
Why bother even watching

Same thing this year and next year

Ok, the Golden Corral jokes aren't working.

I'll try another tact. Red Lobster?

God I'm such a loser. Does anyone else hate themselves?

There's Larry Izzo with his Patriots Superbowl ring

I think I've run the Golden Corral, Pats/brady, Fat albert lines out there enough today.

Wait, I'll get original. I promise!

Sorry gang, I got nothing.

I literally mean nothing. No wife, kids, house, job, friends...I'm so sad.

Albert is the right choice. The best players available in the greatest need, its a no brainer really. Now we can even trade down and land Carlos Hyde whilst bagging an extra 3rd rounder to support our ILB depth.

Bremner will get a shot at LG and we should be able to land another vet at RG in FA. Albert will give Thill that extra time and no more excuses.

Wait, I got more Pats lines!

silver living in kc ive seen him to much, i can tell u he wont stay healthy 4 years

After New England won its first Super Bowl after the 2001 season, Izzo and former Dolphins Damon Huard, Grey Ruegamer and Terrell Buckley sent a picture of the group flashing an obscene gesture and wearing their Super Bowl rings for display in the Dolphins' locker room.

Dusty, what's your feeling on his overall talent level?

Posted by: SAM I AM | March 10, 2014 at 04:05 PM

Jenkins and Jordan should be the starting outside LB's. I'd play Misi inside and have Ellerbe rotate in and out with Jenkins. Wheeler will stay on the bench and play ST until next year when we can bin him. I see us take an ILB in the 3rd and get him lots of playing time on ST and see if he can break into the starting line-up, the competition isn't that hot at ILB.

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