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Free agent offensive line possibilties narrow

Forget Rodger Saffold. Forget Chad Rinehart.

Two Dolphins free agent offensive line possibilities are not headed to Miami.

Saffold, who the Dolphins contacted over the weekend, had been on the team's radar as a backup left tackle possibility had the Branden Albert chase not worked out. But as I've reported today, Albert to the Dolphins is almost done.

The Dolphins liked Saffold enough that there was thought he might come anyway -- as a guard or perhaps a right tackle.


Saffold is going to get left tackle money and that means he's not coming to Miami at all, according to a source. Saffold is likely to land in Oakland.

That's that.

Rinhart, a guard with the San Diego Chargers, is staying in San Diego. The Chargers announced minutes ago they have re-signed Rinehart so he will not be hitting the market.

The Dolphins continue looking at guard and right tackle possibilities.

As discussed in this space on Saturday, the best right tackle possibilities are Zach Strief of New Orleans and Austin Howard of the New York Jets.

The guard possibilities?

Do not dismiss Davin Joseph, cut by the Bucs last week -- because of his ties for Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey.



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Albert should fit right in line with all the other FA busts we've collected.


Im still not "ruling out" drafting Z Martin 1st rd. "SUPER ATHLETIC", can be drafted as an "OG" too.

"SMART" and "SUPER ATHLETIC" sounds like a "very good fit" in the "ZONE-BLOCKING" scheme. Great run blocker and pass protector.

So, it doesn't surprise me if Z Martin's still our 1st rd pick, even after signing Albert. LT or OG, he's a perfect "zone-blocking" fit.

Sam, definitely am thinking of him as an OLB and only with that in mind. Now he is super active in the run game - he may be one of those guys that you put outside and don't need a super ILB because he is so efficient at mopping things up.

But I do think the two DTs in Donald and Hageman currently have precedent over Shazier right now.

Posted by: SAM I AM | March 10, 2014 at 04:26 PM

Yes if he is still there at 19th Sam. If not trade down to 23-26 and get Hyde with an extra 3rd and take the next best OG in the 2nd. There a re some decent G's available in the second round. We really need that powerback though SAm and not another back-up guy, with average power, vision or ability to push defenders back. D Thomas will be cut soon, go get Hyde, the class power back of the draft. I would rather have Hyde than Martin to be honest, but that's because Im sick of the poor product at back we have had here since Ricky left.

I don't hate Albert. I like big butts. I cannot lie!

Why won't anyone comment on anything I post? I'm so lonely.


How many pro bowlers this year were his draft picks?

i think albert is solid but in a slow decline. we will def be overpaying. i wanted monroe

I see, I'm actually the opposite......I was never really impressed with Monroe.....but he is younger

Wouldn't say Zach martin is super athletic. He's very athletic. Very good. There are some guys who are superlative in the athleticism department though - Martin isn't one of them. He does have some excellent tape on him thought that will solidify him as a top pick inlcuding the Stanford game when he shut down a very good player in Trent Murphy.

There will always be complaining from fans here and elsewhere about moves made by teams (both FA and Draft).

But our new GM, Mr. Hickey, has shown me a few solid first steps in his early Miami career.

10 Grimes was our priority this offseason and he kept him at a fair total comp deal.

2)He didn't panic and try to resign Solai and Starks at costs they were trying to demand, which is likely overpaying for players who are getting older and have seen productivity diminish.

3) He didn't overpay to keep players who were mediocre to poor performers - McKinney, Clabo, Jerry, Clemmons and Carroll.

4) If rumors are correct he is going to land one of the top available FA's this offseason in Albert. Some might prefer anothe OT over Albert but the reality is there was a select group available and everyone has OPINIONS on who is best suited for Miami. We don't know if Monroe was willing to play here. But if Albert wants to play here and his comp package is not completely out of line with the market this seems to be a very good move as it was the biggest NEED position on the squad.

Off to a good start here. Lets see what Hickey does wiht the rest of Free Agency and then the Draft. I understand the skeptics based upon the teams' past history but lets give this new GM a fair chance at the things he actually conrols.

Hyde is garbage. No lower body/funtional strength at all - think Ron Dayne. Same conference and all...

One RB I am keeping an eye on is Andre Williams from BC. Guy was a workhorse and likely will last until the 4th or 5th rd. If Phins don't get Carlos Hyde, he'd be a good pickup later in the draft as a power back.
If Ebron or Mosley are there at 19, I'd take them over Martin, unless Phins get no RT in FA.
If McCarron slips to 4th or 5th, I'd like to see him get picked too just in case Tannehill slips back next year.

Problem with Monroe, Though younger than Albert, AFTER 6 SEASONS he's already as good as he's ever going to get. At 29, Albert is still "slightly better".

Youth isn't a great advantage for Monroe in this case. Do not let Armando fool you. Armando told me Jimmy Graham was "too much of a project" to draft 3RD RD. Now, he denies ever telling me this.


I would like to have Z Martin at OG, it gives a a GUARD who can "pull very well". With he and Pouncey, we would be able to pull left or right with the same effectiveness.

Seems it would be a nice boost to the run game.

Sam, to me the difference between the two isn't really their age. I see Albert as a better pass blocker and a better run blocker in space, whereas Monroe is a better run blocker at the point of attack.

Williams has a tonne more power than Hyde. Faster too. between the two strictly as a two down back just running the ball - Williams is the better back. Only all around back I like better in the draft is Bishop Sankey. receiver/Blocker/ productive/fast/explosive - I would take him over anyone. 210 at 5'9 is not exactly small - best pench among the rbs too so he is no weakling.

Sam there's a bunch of guys in the 2nd round that can do the same but don't have the gloss that Fighting Irish products usually get. Brandon Thomas of Clemson is a more atheltic version of Martin - also see Joel Bitonio of Nevada who is given a low ranking mainly on his school but against big name schools did very well. Also much more athltic than martin. Either can easily be had with the 2nd pick.

One thing you guys will eventually learn about Armando. He never admits when he's wrong. Or will just simply deny he ever said it.

Can't go back to find where he said a thing, because he simply erases it to cover his tracks. :)

MIT - C'mon Man! Carlos Hyde is not 'garbage.' The kid looked dominant this year and he looked really strong at the bowl game. He runs well. Catches well. Blocks well.

Is he worth the #19 pick in the first round? Likely not. There will be better value instead of him. But GARBAGE is not fair.

If the kid is available in round #2 I'd be very happy to see the Fins take him.

Admittedly I live in Naples and may have a warm place in my heart for Hyde as a local product. But I just can't swallow the descriptor of garbage.

Sam ............. That's the best blog of the day.......actually the year


yes but huge difference is albert has a chronic back issue

Posted by: JPAO | March 10, 2014 at 04:52 PM
Hyde is the best powerback available and will be a great for us for years to come. Now D Thomas is nearly garbage, however to right a player off for little or not reason is very strange. Hyde played well against the best schools and blew people away with a combo of power and speed.

Hyde pushes people back and can drive the pile for us or at least bring the safties up to the line to help us go down the seam more often this year.

Hyde had a strong pro day work out and many 'gurus' are seeing him as a very capable TRHEE DOWN back. His ability to catch the ball is HUGE. His size will ensure he gets the tough 2-3 yards needed - something the Fins haven't done well with in years. He is being compared to A. Foster and I think that is a solid comparison based on overall style.

Are there other backs worthy of a second round pick? Absolutely, yes!!

But when you add in the other backs already on the squad I would go with Hyde as my first choice for the Fins. I think he and Miller would be a good pair for years to come. I also think bringning him to his home state ensures he will WANT TO be here.

Finally, I still don't think the Fins should take him at #19. I also think this is very unclear until FA is over. Maybe they lock up their DT and OT needs in FA? Maybe they land Tate?

It's just to early to know what they should do in round one.

Dusty, point taken........hopefully he can stay healthy. The real question is whether we have a guard in our sights tomorrow

I love the 305!


Lets face it, many issues on this roster, at least a "TWO YEAR FIX".




OL, LB, DB, RB to me it doesn't matter which 3 but we need 7 new players so if we can get 3 FA's and 3 draft picks and an acorn or 2 we might just be okay next season.

There's plenty of STUDS at #19.

We going franchise safety.

2014, "REAL PROGRESS" can be measure at 10-4. Anything less is disappointing and marks either "spinning the wheels" or "bobbing below water".

Anything greater than 10-4, then, we've "FINALLY" arrived. We're in the right neighborhood!

D Mitri Patterson released.

Patterson cutt!!!!

Patterson was great ... when healthy, which was an issue last season.

Seems like there putting faith in our rookies to fill in for the other CB spot.
Good luck jamar taylor and will davis

Read this in yahoo sports

"A person familiar with discussions told The Associated Press on Monday that the Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams are among a number of teams that have expressed interest in signing Byrd.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because talks have not been made public. The person revealed those three teams specifically as having contacted Byrd's representatives since Saturday, when the NFL allowed discussions to begin with prospective free agents".

I agree we have the money - we have the need - it would take care of another Dolphin Need to fill positions.

If Byrd goes to the Cards,"GET IT JAJA" The cardinals win the Super Bowl in 2014/2015 with that D and That QB eH?

So Ross bites the bullet
Don't let it be said he is cheap
you can say other things like way too loyal to Philbin, but cheap he is not
here is a quote:

MIAMI (AP) -- A person familiar with the situation says Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is set to announce he's going to pay for up to $400 million in renovations to the team's stadium, which will help keep South Florida competitive in bidding for Super Bowls and college football's championship games.

The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Monday because Ross hasn't spoken publicly about his plan. The person said Ross is talking with Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez about the plan.

The person said Ross has decided to pay for the work himself because Super Bowl applications are due in August and he wants to get the process started. Renovations will include a canopy to shade seats that are now exposed.

I was already jacked for tomorrow, but possible renovations to the stadium.......NIIIIIICE

D Patterson released?

10 mill per year for albert,wow least we cut patterson

with the release of Crom and Holms the Jets are at 18 mil cap, the can get 7mil more if they release Sanchez which Rex said he will not do. someone said the jets have 51 mil in cap space Wrong

Gotta give Ross credit. I would have moved the team to LA or somewhere with the lack of support he's been getting.

He's struggled at the football thing but it certainly hasn't been from the lack of trying.

agree rick, just a clueless guy when it comes to nfl. keeping philbin was a disaster

the Dolphins have signed free safety Louis Delmas to a 1-year, $3.5M deal. That means Jairus Byrd is no longer an option

not happy about delmas if true, dude sucks

Hyde is garbage. No lower body/funtional strength at all - think Ron Dayne. Same conference and all...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto

He's durable, shifty for his size, patient, and a human plow. His biggest issue is quickness, but it's not as big of a deal when you can just run through people, a quality Thomas and Miller have completely lacked.

This team has so many holes that it would be very hard to go wrong at 19. Mosley, Ebron, Clinton-Dix, Martin, Dennard, I'd be happy with any of them. But if a DT is taken I'll be a bit disappointed. Can easily sign a run stopper (even Soliai) to pair with Odrick, so if a DT is taken at 19 it means all the other needs (and there are alot!) will have to wait until later in the draft. One thing that will keep a team from improving is letting their own quality FA go, then draft to replace him.

Making some room for a run @ Byrd.

another solid signing by Hickey. Delmas on a one year deal is a good move!! Why didn't he sign Byrd? Who knows, maybe he was told by the agent it wasn't going to work out tomorrow and he moved on to another viable and much less costly option?

I am sure we need a Bruising Power back.
Who? I am not certain as I admittedly don't watch college ball.
I am certain we need to draft him though. If a f/a RB couldn't get it done with his current team, given ones avail they're not coming to Miami especially with our current Oline issues & transforming their career.

I say HYDE based on limited highlight film & what I've read BUT the last thing I'd want is a R Dayne if that's a good comparison.
I'm open to whatever back can get it done but we can't wait till later rounds to grab one, too risky!
As stated before 54% of all SB running backs in last 12yrs were drafted in 1st two Rounds.


Leroy Hoard, Minnesota Vikings

Some of you guys are mental midgets.We have no o=lineman and you complain when we get the best LT on the market!Some of you even want john jerry back.You guys need help!specially when your jealous of fat albert!Hey hey hey what can you say????

Random question for you more attuned guys/girls:
If you were GM tomorrow - L. Blount or MJD for Dolphins?
Amount of money and years in contract ? Incentives ?
Just curious.....Go Dolphins!!

And to you trolls - F**k Off !!

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