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Grimes and Dolphins sign a contract (updated)

Brent Grimes and the Dolphins are close to getting a contract done that will return him to the team, according to a league source.

[Update: Gimes has re-signed with the team. He will be returning.]

Grimes, who had been a candidate for the franchise tag, will not be tagged as the deal will be for multiple years.

The Dolphins have until March 11 to finish the deal before free agency begins and Grimes can sign with another team. Pending free agents can also begin negotiating with other teams March 8 but not sign a deal with those until the 11th.

Grimes, 31, was Miami's best defensive back in 2013 when he played under a one-year deal.

[Update: Grimes told Josina Anderson of ESPN the contract is a four-year deal. So the structure will be interesting as most CBs don't make it to the final year of their deal when they're 34.]

[Update: ESPN is also reporting the deal is for $32 million with $16 million guaranteed. So Grimes is getting an average of $8 million per year and the equivalent of two years guaranteed.]

He led the team with four interceptions and was easily the most effective defensive back in coverage. Grimes was selected to the Pro Bowl.

On another matter, agent Drew Rosenhaus is hoping he can get a contract offer for safety Louis Delmas, who visited Friday, but negotiations have not yet begun.

[Update: The Dolphins can still use the franchise tag by the end of today. That won't happen with either Paul Soliai or Randy Starks, if what the team has told both agents is true. Soliai agent David Canter tells me the club has told him multiple times he will not be franchised and a Starks associate has told The Herald's Barry Jackson that he does not expect Starks will be tagged.

Is that true?

Anything can happen by the end of business today but I would guess the Dolphins don't lie to the folks they're negotiating with.]



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No Evidence

http://vimeo.com/64087071 . Is that Lauren Tannehill? Wow.!

Awesome news Mando !

Interested to see the terms of the deal, but Hickey seems to be off to a great start this offseason. I hope he can keep it going.

Why do you need evidence? Can't you take the man at his word until proven otherwise?

This is good news when proven true.

Great move. Grimes was one of the few difference makers last season for the team.

Dennis Hickey - 1-0 this offseason *resigning Grimes

Joe Philbin 2-0 this offseason *Hiring Benton and Lazor

Lets keep the winning streak going!

Fins resigned Grimes to a 4 year deal. Good start for the Hickster!

4 year deal, but I guess only the first couple of years are guaranteed like with most NFL contracts.

No 1 priority for this off season can be checked off the list. Now let's see what they do about the O line.


Who tf is Josina Anderson?

"The Dawn" wrote the contract, you know those last 2 years arent guaranteed.You all know this!

Great news! Now we can tag Soliai or Starks if need be.


Desperation on the part of Hickey. A man would've told Grimes to go fcck hisself.

Thank Heavens!!!!

This was a good move by Ireland that turned out to be a great move for this team!!

Not Dolphin related.But Jason Laconfora is wrong again LMAO I think his sources like to give him fake info!!

Updating a previous item, ESPN's Ed Werder says the Redskins are prepared to use the franchise tag on OLB Brian Orakpo.
CBS' Jason La Canfora is hearing the exact opposite as he reported Monday morning that the Redskins are unlikely to use the tag. It's a game of poker. The two sides are working on a long-term deal and the tag is leverage GM Bruce Allen can hang over Orakpo's head. He wants his top pass rusher back, but only at the right price. The Redskins can't afford to overpay with so many holes on their roster.


When you find a mark clean him out fast - Rosenhaus anxious to get Delmas signed here also, you know the same same Louis Delmas that brought such a winning tradition to the Lions of Stafford, Megatron etc.

Rdubs, I saw that. LaConfora is a joke. Good point on Dawn negotiating the contract. For all the heat she has gotten around here, she has put us in a great cap situation.

"The Dawn" I like that nickname for her, we know she is the head of this family. I am so clever LMAO

I hope we can keep the ball rolling and sign some good players with our needs at the O line and the secondary. Bill

Grimes as our #1 corner makes me happy! Actually would like to see if Patterson can stay healthy as well. He actually had more INT's than Grimes and was on fire before the groin injury.

Holy crap Grimes just played Hickey like a fiddle! Congrats to Grimes. Ouch to the Dolphins. 4 year deal for a 31 year old, injury prone, short cornerback?

I am glad "The Dawn" doesnt come up with stupid contracts like this

Terms: Donald Butler’s multi-tiered deal with #Chargers. First 3 years worth just under $20M. Option for 4 more years worth $8M to $9.5M per

Butler will earn just under $12M in first year, $15M over 2. If team picks up option, guarantee in first year of “2nd deal” is under $15M

The guy might be short, but there is NO quicker corner in the league!!!

What signs has he shown of slowing down???


hhmm, so no prime free agents want to come to Miami, huh? (or stay, in this case)--we sure about that?

even the trolls are struggling with this one....weak comments boys

This is very good news. My guess is that the contract numbers are going to place him at a cap figure of about 8-9 million with a good deal of it guaranteed up front and the rest will be backloaded in case Grimes loses a step.

One of Hickey's priorities was to resign the number 1 Miami dolphins free agent. Mission accomplished..

Nice! Now we can tag Incognito and then focus on the rest of the O-Line. Good job Hickey!

Dubs, I think The Dawn might stick. I saw Mason's combine numbers and they were pretty good. I'd be happy if we grabbed him in round 2 or 3.

Benz, good point on the trolls. Funny stuff.

good/very good CBs make solid coin, so there wont be much drama as to what the exact dollars are.....getting Grimes to agree to a 4 yr deal (vs 5, which I'm sure he and his agent wanted) is a win for the Dolphins--deal works for both sides I'm sure

From Barry Jackson:

"Grimes said Hickey made a point to tell him recently how much he values him."

Something Ireland reportedly never did and part of the reason Jake left last year. At least that is what has been reported anyway.

Hopefully Hickey can keep the momentum going this offseason.

Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 1m

Dolphins gave Pro-Bowl CB Brent Grimes a four-year, $32 million deal that includes $16 million guaranteed, per ESPN source.

That amount of money is kind of what I expected it would take to get it done. It seems fair for both sides. I'm very glad to have him back at that price. Really happy with Hickey so far.

Nice to hear some news that does not include Michael Sam or bullygate for a change! This is good news.I did not want Grimes going to another team like most of our fans felt about him. He was one player that performed last year, unlike so many that just mailed it in.

Drew C.now that is real funny re-signing the Cog!

Now Franchise Tag Nolan Carroll PLEASE!!! We cannot lose him.

To bad Paterson couln't stay healthy. When him and Grimes were on the field together the defense play great. I hope they can talk him into restucturing his contract. Let Carrol go and bring the youg guys along.

like I said, the numbers are the numbers for good CBs....we've all seen the numerous articles, not just here....8 mill/yr was mentioned as the benchmark by pretty much everybody.....ie. 7/yr would've been a steal, 9/yr or more wouldve overpaid.....8/yr is very reasonable to slightly below mkt value, which usually gets inflated when a good player hits the market and muliple teams are in the mix--Fins keep a very good player at a premium position, and solid/vet guy-nice

lol is Grimes on the trading block now to? Just kidding, but really. This was a great move for the Dolphins and for all the negative attention she's received, we should probably credit Dawn Aponte for getting this deal done.

"Even the trolls are struggling with this one . . ." Best comment of the day :-)

The additions to the coaching staff have been solid. Now grimes locked up... solid. Now just keep making good solid moves going forward. That's what will pave the way to the playoffs. So fer so good.

MIKO GRIMES should be sending out a tweet any time now!!

Carroll has more value than alot of fans here probably think.....he sucked (awful) early on but I give him alot of credit for working/improving, and is at least serviceable now IMO--he's young and very experienced at this point, and is a good to very good depth/4th or 5th CB, and probably and average nickel/3rd at this point--those are in demand across the league....he'll have no problem getting a solid/decent contract, and with Patterson on the last year of his deal, the Fins should re-sign Carroll if they can

Franchise Nolan Carroll???? And pay him more than Grimes for one year? I don't get it...

Poizen, its a troll. Can't only bad thing they can say today with us getting Grimes.

I agree with you Benz. I wouldn't mind bringing back Carroll at the right price. I thought he really got a lot better last year. Obviously he is not someone I would get into a bidding war for, but at the right price and maybe a Miami discount I would welcome him back.

The DAWN has done a grat job the last three years . The dolphins are in great cap shape. Even after last years big moves. Wallaces number is high this year but drops significantly next year when the fish need more cap room. Like her or not she knows how to work the cap.

This is GREAT! I'm hopeful we retain Patterson despite his poor health and high contract. When he did play last year, he was exceptional. I realize we're taking a chance, but it's a contract year for him so it's not that big of a risk.

I don't believe in Nolan Carroll anymore. He has moments, but those moments are both good and bad. Too inconsistent for me, but I like him as a veritable backup.

Great move! Be nice to get something done with Soliai, even if we have to franchise for a year.

So much for all the. Trolls that say, 'nobody wants to come to Miami' or 'most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL'......fukking idiots!

the early tweets from Miko bugged me....but honestly, she's shown more support/love for the Fins and the city than just about anybody over the last few months, and she's been consistent about it....even when the sh$*t was raining down....she didnt back down, and told fans/writers here to have a spine, grow a pair and stand up.....no doubt where she stands--I like her

Since when am I a troll? Really? I just can not see us paying Caroll the franchise tag price. Isn't that what we wuld have to do the Franchise him? That does not seem like good money speant...

You can get a much cheaper option than Carroll and Davis and Taylor are ready to step up. Someone will overpay for Carroll.

Oh God, Nemo, I read it wrong, sorry man... :)

Really. Someone is suggesting we tag Carroll? You guy are NUTS! Over $11 million for this guy? Hes not worth $5 million.

They wont bring back Carroll if they don't cut Patterson. They spent two high picks at that position last year. Thats how you work the cap. You need young guys to fill the spots you lose in FA. You can't resign everybody.

Craig, it was a troll that suggested the franchise for Carroll, my bad for bringing attention to it, Now I know the name. :)

no one is suggesting they tag Caroll....whoever it was, above, was just fishin'...

Tag carrol??Wow that made my day. Hilarious. Guy is garbage

Poizen, I didn't type it out that clearly and had a typo. Its all good.

Craig, a troll was saying tag Carroll. Obviously they can't say anything bad about us getting Grimes.

We really are setting our bar of expectations very low.

Signing Grimes is the right decision . However, wasnt that kind of obvious. I mean, we are weak at cb and the one star (pro bowl) we got his contract is about to expire. wasn't that like SUPER OBVIOUS we had to do that.

I agree it is the right move, but to hand out gold medals for that move only screams how desperate we are for any little good news we can get.

I am sorry but I want to see a heck of a lot more before I give dickey dawn any praises.
Signing grimes was a given, any of us would have known that

Desperate fans, that is what we have become
Too sad

Dusty Bottoms,

Garbage? Way too strong of a judgment. He's had some really strong moments and has shown signs of improvement. But I'll agree that he's too inconsistent to tag for $13 mill. I feel more strongly about gambling with Patterson for his final year than retaining Carroll with the tag.

Dump Clemons, Carroll, Soliai

Re sign Starks

Sign Byrd or Delmas, then Albert or Munroe

This happens I'm happy

Good move on Grimes all around.

I'd like them to bring back Carroll, but if they don't it's not the end of the world. If Patterson can stay healthy they are set anyway. Wilson/Davis/Taylor can play nickel. Hopefully the rookies step it up.

Also (I prefer keeping Patterson) if they let Nolan walk and cut Patterson, for what they would have cost they could sign a decent FA CB for #2.

Now re-sign Big Paul!

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