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Grimes and Dolphins sign a contract (updated)

Brent Grimes and the Dolphins are close to getting a contract done that will return him to the team, according to a league source.

[Update: Gimes has re-signed with the team. He will be returning.]

Grimes, who had been a candidate for the franchise tag, will not be tagged as the deal will be for multiple years.

The Dolphins have until March 11 to finish the deal before free agency begins and Grimes can sign with another team. Pending free agents can also begin negotiating with other teams March 8 but not sign a deal with those until the 11th.

Grimes, 31, was Miami's best defensive back in 2013 when he played under a one-year deal.

[Update: Grimes told Josina Anderson of ESPN the contract is a four-year deal. So the structure will be interesting as most CBs don't make it to the final year of their deal when they're 34.]

[Update: ESPN is also reporting the deal is for $32 million with $16 million guaranteed. So Grimes is getting an average of $8 million per year and the equivalent of two years guaranteed.]

He led the team with four interceptions and was easily the most effective defensive back in coverage. Grimes was selected to the Pro Bowl.

On another matter, agent Drew Rosenhaus is hoping he can get a contract offer for safety Louis Delmas, who visited Friday, but negotiations have not yet begun.

[Update: The Dolphins can still use the franchise tag by the end of today. That won't happen with either Paul Soliai or Randy Starks, if what the team has told both agents is true. Soliai agent David Canter tells me the club has told him multiple times he will not be franchised and a Starks associate has told The Herald's Barry Jackson that he does not expect Starks will be tagged.

Is that true?

Anything can happen by the end of business today but I would guess the Dolphins don't lie to the folks they're negotiating with.]



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So much for all the. Trolls that say, 'nobody wants to come to Miami' or 'most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL'......fukking idiots!

Posted by: Craig M | March 03, 2014 at 11:28 AM

You're the fukkin idiot, idiot!

He didn't have to come to Miami, he was already here


hey Go...."singing praises"?--most here have basically said "good move", which it was....and its also a positive move/good vibe, things that have been in short supply in recent months--hard to understand?

Really. Someone is suggesting we tag Carroll? You guy are NUTS! Over $11 million for this guy? Hes not worth $5 million.

Posted by: Craig M | March 03, 2014 at 11:33 AM

Yet again, Craig Moron shows how gullible & how much he lacks reading comprehension skills. He can't even tell when a troll is joking. He is a blog trolls wet dream.

Gotta be hard being the Moron. Taking everything so seriously. Hard to take note of all the trolls & remember what they have said over the years.

The life of Craig Moron.

I'd franchise by 4pm if they can't get a deal done with him. Its the team's right. You can't go into this new season without both Starks and Soliai. Means getting DT in FA and the draft is a must and makes it too obvious to other teams and agents. If you thought the run defence was bad last year wait until you see what its like this year without Starks and Soliai.


SWEET! hopefully this is the start of a good offseason.

Franchise Soliai if necessary.

dolfanSF @ 12:03

Our offseason started 2 months ago - horribly

All I want to know is , what kind of birthday cake is Grimes going to get from Miko this year ?

Resigning Grimes was an excellent move. 8 mil per year for a ProBowl CB is not bad at all. Much better than franchising him or paying more for another FA corner.
The offseason is off to a good start.

MassDolphan @ 12:06

See ETF @ 12:05

I think I read the franchise tag for a D-Tackle was 9.6 million. I wouldn't do it. I'd try to get Soliai or Starks for 3-4 years or find a replacement in free agency or the draft.

Yo brick house, your argument about the cap space would be valid if we would be winning...but we are not, we are average, so leaving every year $30m on the table is simply not using all resources at hand. take a look at the winning teams they are up to the neck with cap space.

The witch ain't doing us any favor, some might even call it being CHEAP.

I hear you Benz....but isnt that exactly my point

Who knows about any other options for Soliai? What are the options for tendering to get an extra pick or be able to match contract?

Great news on Grimes. NeMo, was on vacation in St. Martin and was supposed to leave yesterday. But the plane had a mechanical issue they couldn't fix (thank God I was in 1st Class, we were sitting there for 4-5 hours). Back at the airport today to try again. Apparently they flew in the technician that could fix the issue and then we'll be off (as long as the airport in DC is open). But this news makes my rum punch EXTRA sweet!

man the everyday commenters on here who are always fighting with each other should really go outside once in a while, at least so your moms can clean your basement.

1 point Hickey and 1 point "The Dawn". Nice work getting Grimes resigned.

The Crack of Dawn

I'd be surprised if the team resigned Starks as he had issues with the coaching staff (middle finger, anyone?)and I can't see Philbin keeping him around.
That means resigning Soliai is a must. He won't cost that much, and the last time he resigned here the contract was pretty affordable. He's the only excellent run stopping DL this team has.

Pure speculation Texas, but my hunch is Soliai has expressed bitterness for the way he was treated and the team rather he walks then has a disgruntled player on their hands. I agree with him by the way.

Starks to me seems more likely to come back at a reasonable price due to his age.

Dc, I could think of worse places to be stuck. I hope it was an awesome vacation, it sounds like it was besides the plane.

Texas, no other options to keep Starks and Soliai from hitting the market but the franchise tag.

Hopefully Hickey and The Dawn can give at least one of them a decent offer before the weekend, we still have a little time.

I honestly think they will both walk though and at least test the market. Soliai already took a discount once and Starks got franchised and then flipped the sideline the bird.

Love to hear people's Plan B if they think the right move is just to let both Starks and Soliai walk. Its not about just adding 'anybody' in FA or the draft. There's only a few guys on the planet that can do what a guy like Soliai can do. You want to cheap out? You're going to see teams run on the Dolphins all season long. Get used to seeing what the Bills did to us in Buffalo.

Hey DC, how are things? Starks 1 finger salute is the only thing that seems to make me feel he is out. You have to be pissed to do that on the field for everyone to see. :)


'bitterness for the way the dolphins treated him'? You kidding me? Hes been paid handsomely and treated well since hes been a Dolphin. What would he have to be bitter about?

This is business, not personal. Not everybody can be paid huge bucks on multi year contracts.

More than likely his agent knows theres a market for his client's services. He trying to get his client one last big pay day before he retires.


Maybe lay off the rum punches. 'Bitterness'? I wish my bosses treated me like that so I can be 'bitter'.


Yeah, I read somewhere that Hickey's stance is let them hit the market and hope they keep Miami in mind with the option to match whatever they get. I just wasn't sure about the options such as what the Saints did for Graham.

Craig, I think I would try to sign at least one of them to a 3-4 year deal, but avoid the franchise tag. If they didn't like the Dolphins price let them test the market.

If they both signed with other teams I would sign a cheap stopgap type players like Tony McDaniel to pair with Odrick and look to target the position in the draft.

Hopefully Hickey can smooth over any hard feelings Soliai may have and get a contract done. Man, does any ex player have any nice words or feelings towards Ireland??

Great job getting Grimes back. He was consistently the best defensive player on the team last year.

As far as Carroll, he did improve last year. He went from terrible to mediocre. Is that his ceiling? Or can he become more than a league average DB on his best days?

Looking up Delmas, I have no idea what to make of him. His last 3 years are all over the place. At times very effective. At other times, atrocious. Thats based purely on the numbers. I havent seen enough of Delmas to give it the eyeball test

Let underperforming DT's move on. Sign Linval Joseph from Giants, nice run stopper and Melton from Bears or Raji from Pack. Do not resign Carroll. And please find a kick returner who can get past the 20.

Wow, D'Quell Jackson, He is visiting, that would be a hell of an upgrade!

I did my first mock of the season last night as a pre-run to the one I do after FA starts and had Miami actually taking Benjamin. In my mock I had all 4 top OL going in top 15 picks. I don't have another OL rated in the first round so it was between Pryor, Dix and Benjamin.

What do you think of Benjamin?

Hickey's first move as the GM makes sense. Glad Grimes is coming back and glad we didn't franchise him at $11m impact this year.

Keep drinking that kool aid with dickey and the witch, you are going to seriously regret it

Wake up guys!!!!!....do you see any other GM in the league taking advise from a capologist

Think about it this way...do you Imagen pat Riley doing that? I bet you can't ....why? I don't need to tell you, you all know why

One reads from cue cards and the other has no balls...failbin and dickey are nothing more that the witch BHes

How embarrasing

Texas, a lot of people on here like Benjamin. He has the size and had big production last year. He had some concentration drops, is raw, and needs to improve his route running. Those can obviously all be fixed and you can't teach his monster frame.

There are several really good wide receivers in this draft including Benjamin. I'm not sure if we will take a WR since we are in pretty decent shape at the position, but if he is the best available why not.

In summary, I like the pick.

Poi zen, what's up bro? I remember the salute, but think it's water under the bridge. Plus, like I said, Soliai will be looking for more than Starks.

Now to you Craig, you really should read more about the team. It's been WELL reported that Soliai thought he deserved to be given a contract earlier (in case you are unaware, and seems you are, players DETEST getting franchised). He feels he's been a good soldier, a good player and should be rewarded. Who CARES what YOU think, it's the player and team that matter. I'm just documenting what's been reported. So while I personally (if I was GM) would resign Soliai, based on previous reports (and my gut) think a deal won't get done. You can disagree all you like, we will all know in a week what happens.

I think alot of the hard feelings Soliai or Starks had, or still have, stem from Ireland mostly. With him gone, Hickey may be able to turn those perceptions around and get at least Soliai signed. Being paid good money, and being part of a DT rotation which helps reduce wear and tear, are attractive options here for a DT.
In regards to Carroll, if they can sign him cheap, that's fine. He's average at best so if he moves on who cares.

run D appeared to be LBs fault more than DL. OL was stood up, and LBs always seemed to hit the WRONG hole...could be scheme problem too.

anyways...its a passing league...who cares around run D? (he says provocatively)




I have to say I am glad to see Grimes signed. I think between him and the rooks we picked last year we could have a decent CB group but we'd need some depth.

Wheeler going to get the axe?

I get the feeling that the mock draft experts think that this is a very deep draft for Offensive linemen both at tackle and Guard
If that is true and the top 4 Tackles are gone by the time we pick I would go with the best available receiver although I feel that both our slot receivers will have great years this years - they were both very good until they got hurt
I think we do need to pick up a tackle or guard in free agency and maybe even one of each and then we can really concentrate on picking the best available player available with our first pick.
There will be good OL in rounds 2 and 3 we do not need to panic
Lets see how our new GM plays it - I get the feeling that now that he has the final decision as opposed to in Tampa where we do not know if the GM there executed all his recommendations
So far as with the vast majority of you I feel good about the start he has had and I hope he brings in some future hall of famers to our team.

So are we giving up on the 2 CBs we drafter last year (Jamar Taylor & Will Davis) or do they just need another year? Really interested if anyone has any insight since Mando doesn't seem to have a clue. I thought when you draft guys in the first 3 rounds the idea is to have them start sooner versus later. Interested to know what the plan is with these 2 or if they are just another example of wasted Ireland picks

guessing no one (here) knows. you do need depth @ DB position. both supposed to have loads of talent.

Grimes is essential, from field talent to locker room leadership. resigning was a must.

these guys need to get healthy and stay healthy. hopefully they are buddying up w grimes this off-season. he seems like a great guy, and could be a great role model.

Glad to hear about Grimes, or Grimey as he likes to be called.......

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