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Grimes contract great for player first 2 years, great for team final 2 years

The details of Brent Grimes' contract are in and, predictably, the sides answered the issue of the player's age, which will be 31-years-old when the 2014 season begins, by basically splitting the baby.

King Solomon would be proud.

The Dolphins make a strong commitment to Grimes the first two years of the four-year, $32 million deal that includes $16 million in guaranteed money.

Grimes gets a $6 million signing bonus that is guaranteed and $10 million of his base salaries the first two years are fully guaranteed. Those base salary numbers are $2.475 million and $8.475 million. In the second year, only $7.525 million is guaranteed.

So Grimes is going to make $17 million the next two seasons and $16 million of that is fully guaranteed. That makes sense for him because he's assured himself of being around and earning big paydays when he's at his youngest and his play is likely to mirror what it was last season when he went to the Pro Bowl.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, protect themselves from a sudden drop in performance when Grimes hits his 33rd and 34th birthdays because he could easily be cut those two years.

The cap hit for cutting Grimes in 2016 at age 33 would be $3 million ($1.5 million if they designate it after June 1). The cap hit for cutting Grimes the final year of his deal would be $1.5 million. And by cutting Grimes those years the Dolphins would save $8 million in cap space in 2016 (assuming they designate the cut for post June 1 or $6.5 million if they take the $3 million in dead money all in one lump sum.)

The Dolphins would save $5.5 million in cap space in 2017 if they cut the player at any time before the regular season begins.

So, in that regard, the Dolphins are really committed to Grimes for two years.

One more thing: The cap hit for Grimes this season is $4 million. That's less than the cap hit for Grimes last season. And the while the cap hit will climb to $10 million in 2015, the salary cap itself is expected to climb next year for all teams so that will mitigate that pain.

By the way, there's $100,000 in reporting bonuses throughout the life of the contract -- $25,000 every year.

Pocket change, right?

What a world.


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Posted by: Big D FinFan | March 05, 2014 at 03:53 PM

I like your FA-Draft results if we could get that I would be one very happy camper with our new GM
the only comment is we would still have plenty of CAP room under this scenario so I would go for Jairus Byrd instead of Delmas as our safety it only costs us about 4 million more and that is very affordable
I wonder if this is the year we get a fullback so that we can get the short yardage and help protect Tanne a bit better
That would be an awesome off season and draft

Walter Football has Bortles, TeddyB and Manziel ranked 12, 13 and 14 respectively ranked in their Big Board. My, how they toy with Football ignorant!

f4l, any thoughts on RaShede Hageman. I think as of today (now mind you a lot of players still have to go through their pro days) - if Lewan and Donald are off the board, this guy should be the pick.

Sam just got crushed. His feelings are hurt. He just took his ball and went home. Poor Baby.

Don't expect Sam back for a couple more hours when he will return and troll at his regular hours.

Losing Solai would be idiot.

Who knows, this is a whole new different Ballgame. Ireland was kind of predictable in choosing Players nobody knew about. Hickey seems more down to earth.

This franchise has clue what they're doing. Its comical how inept they are.

For all the punishment Dawn Aponte has taken in this space over the past several months, the Dolphins cap situation has been great over the past several years.

Dawn.Where's the SB eH?.Dawn Where's the P/O's eH?.Dawn where's the QB eH?.Dawn,are the barbies still the laughing STOCK of the SPORTS Realm eH?.Until all the above is corrected, all SHE ATTEMPTS TO DO is KRAP eH?

Wow, this blog's been down for over 2 hours. :)

Read your post Sam, i have to disagree. No way Zach Martin falls to the second round
Im loving our situation right now. We have so many options whether its draft or FA.

Bloggers I got that one(Grimes) outta the way so I can move quickly now in the next few weeks and since I started out right its the same thing as first impressions.
I would need to really screw up after my initial move for you prospective season ticket buyers to think less of me.
BTW I havent gotten any suggestions in my box at Dolphin headquarters maybe Mr Salguero could provide an e-mail for such a purpose because you bloggers DO YOUR SHOOTIN WHILE HIDDEN much like a sniper.

They need to Draft Chris Boreland in the 3rd round. Zach Thomas type player.

E of R

If we signed Albert or Monroe, no need to draft Martin 1st rd. W Camp says he 1st 2nd rd. I would draft him 2nd rd if still available. But, as a LG, not LT.

Like you said, a fa LT really opens our options all over the offseason board.

Chris Borland is no secret to anyone. Exactly why having a "3RD RD" grade deeply disturbs me. WC also says he may be a better fit as a 3-4 ilb, not a 4-3, in which we play.

If he's such a jewel, why the hell does her have a "3rd rd" grade when ALL OF THE SCOUTS know who the hell he is? Are dolfans better than all of the scouts?

Guys, last thing we need is to end up with is a 3RD RD career backup and special teamer. Remember, you want this guy to be able to "START DAY ONE" right?

It's the QB STUPID eH?

I Much Rather See Our Offseason Go Something Like This:


1. Albert or Monroe OT
2. Jarius Byrd Safety


1. Aaron Donald DT
2. Zack Martin LG (Feel LG is where he'll be drafted)
3. David Yankey RG
4. Marion Grice RB AZ St(Best hands in this class)
5. Derrick Hopkins DT Va Tech(Rotational DT)
6. Aaron Murray QB
7. WR/Kick Returner

Get the new MLB 1ST RD in 2015 if need be. We're not winning the 2014 SB no matter what we do this offseason.

Ape Tamer,

By now, we ALL know it's the qb, eH?

We can address t6hat next time we finish awful enough to draft TOP 5 eH?

wth happened here? It is true that if they let Soliai and Starks both go(I doubt it) Hickey might go for a DT at #19. Then Nix or Donald.

If the Pats cut him. Bring big Vince home. We need leaders on this team like him.


Nix? Have you not learned from Ireland? ix went down early in 2013 with a blown out knee.

If ALoco got win you said Nix at #19, he will name you:




Please, no more "damaged goods" in Miami. We do not know if GRIMES will make it 2 in a row uninjured.


I do not expect Hickey to pass on both Soliai/Starks, until he has Albert or Monroe "inked in blood". Only then can the #19 pick be DT(Donald).

please no on albert. but big yes on monroe. solia and starks see ya, no biggie

I will never forget spielman passing on Vince Wilfolk for Vernon Carey. I hope we don't make the same mistake this year. When you pass on a great player to take a player of need. If there isn't one of the tackles sitting at 19 that they really like.... please take the best player avialable.

That year the Pats had no need at DT and took him anyway. I remember people up here crying about Belicheat taking him. They cried they needed help elswhere. Spielman was under pressure to get a right tackle. So he settled on Carey. Big mistake. Thats one of the moves that set this franchies on a path to mediocrity.

Sam, I believe that is the only time in big Vince's career he has missed time. No i wouldnt break the bank for him. I have the feeling Big Paul Solia is the type that will dog it after getting the big cash.

You no drate for need, you drafte for BPA. But harde to do. Gotta have big cajunas.

Solia and Starks have not been any good in a couple of years no big loss look for us to draft replacements besides we play four man fronts now so they don't fit hickey will work his magic , grimes was the guy we could not loose and we didn't now let's sign a couple of linemen

Oscar, Your right. It takes big ones. But it also took common sense.That year a lot of personel people were really high on Wilfolk. Not so much on Carey but we needed a right tackle. We could have grabbed a journeyman in FA that year or went after one later in the draft or the next years draft.

Dawn is a goddess she is the queen of all football we love you dawn

It's Daytona hacking the Blog, it's Daytona.

Hey, Daytona, stop, or I'll take away your lollipop!

Ross as put his FO in perpetual Win Now mode, which is often lose forever mode. They know they won't be given proper time to think of the future, their future is all on 2014.

Ross as put his FO in perpetual Win Now mode, which is often lose forever mode. They know they won't be given proper time to think of the future, their future is all on 2014.

It was Kyle Sousa, it was Kyle Sousa.

The Dolphins are a D league team with 7 consecutive losing seasons. They cant continue to charge NFL prices for their crappy on field product. Its not fair to the fans.

It is no coincidence that oscar is the name most associated with wiener.

Sam just got crushed. His feelings are hurt. He just took his ball and went home. Poor Baby.

Don't expect Sam back for a couple more hours when he will return and troll at his regular hours.

Posted by: Cause I Can and I Did | March 05, 2014 at 04:15 PM


I Broke Sam down to the point he broke the blog for 2 hours. he is such a puppet that he can't help but do as I say.

My summation of Nolan Carroll: great , great young man , high character guy.
Unfortunately , a relatively mediocre player. A change of scenery might be best for both sides here. Since the Vikings have had one of the NFL's worst secondaries for about the past twenty years , he makes more sense for them than he does for us , in my opinion.

Hefty Wiener Oscar has, Hefty Wiener.

the Dolphins cap situation has been great over the past several years.

Posted by: Fatty Parcells | March 05, 2014 at 06:51 PM

the Dolphins have stunk over the past several years. Maybe they should spend some money on talent for a change.

Hefty proof that a hefty salary cap by itself, does not a winner make.

That year the Pats had no need at DT and took him anyway. I remember people up here crying about Belicheat taking him. They cried they needed help elswhere. Spielman was under pressure to get a right tackle. So he settled on Carey. Big mistake. Thats one of the moves that set this franchies on a path to mediocrity.

Posted by: BRICKHOUSE | March 05, 2014 at 08:05 PM

That was as much on Wannstedt as it was on Spielman. The minute the Eagles leap frogged Miami to take Shawn Andrews (Ark. player we had targeted who could also play G or RT) The philosophy should have shifted to BA like you say, real amatuer Hr. stuff out of the Spielman/Wannstedt regime.

As a UM fan you knew that Carey was even discussed as a Rd-2 pick given he wasn't a great Tackle and probably a better RG for the NFL. That was the Canes draft were 5 were a lock Rd-1 (K-2,S.Taylor,DJ Williams,Vilma & Wilfork) with Carey a dark horse who probably drops out of Rd-1 if not for us!

The thing that bugs me the most was we actually did pass on a STUD Tackle in that draft when we also passed on Chris Snee who went to N.Y. and was a BALLER! Snee ended up himself a better RG than Tackle but over his career played RT,RG and LG for the Giants at a eal high level.

I mean what good is having cap space when Ross is too cheap to use it? They have cap space because Ross wont pay for good players.

Everybody is doing a Mock; I think I will give it a try.

In FA we get a LT--hopefully Veldehere. Anyone else added is just butter on the bread.

1st-- Martin ND OL
2nd-- Tuitt ND DT
3rd-- Bitonio Navada RT or Hurst NC RT
4th-- Skov Stanford MLB
5th-- Johnson NCSU FS
6th-- Wilder Jr FSU RB
7th-- Mathews Cornell QB

In this draft it would be ideal if we trade down and still get Martin.

Tuitt falls slightly due to a slow '13 recovering from a hernia. It takes time to get that core strength back. This guy is very athletic, as we need this in a 4-3 from the inside.

Wilder falls a bit due to a bad 40 at the combine--plays much faster than a 4.8. He has the worst start from a 3-point stance ever.

Mathews takes the developmental QB spot and Devlin moves up to #2. Moore hopefully gets traded for the pick we loose on McKinnie.

Heck, when you let Brandon Marshall, Reggie Bush, Karlos Dansby, Sean Smith and Jake Long leave ....youre gonna have plenty of cap space LOL

Posted by: Coltrane | March 05, 2014 at 10:46 PM

Your guess is as good as any, I'm just waiting on FA before I take my shot at trying to figure out what our moves might be.

I believe not FRANHISING either DT is very telling and think we break the Bank on a LT eliminating the need Rd-1 unless by some miracle Lewan fell there to bookend at RT for a few Yrs. but like you I also really like Hurst who I've watched for a while as a Canes fan given NC is an ACC foe also found it interesting last Yr. when Top-10 pick Jonothan Cooper said it was the super athletic Hurst who helped him pull more freely given Hurst was an NCAA LT.

I could see the monterous R.Hageman being our guy. At 6'6"/320 won't get muscled inside and is quicker off the ball than his 5.4 speed suggest. I think telling is that the sack total wasn't high but it was the 9 pressures up the gut collapsing the inside that got my attention. The thing with him is his 6'6" size will have the smaller inside Guards and Center's looking to get underneath his pads. I haven't seen how low he plays or his Tech but it will be important to his NFL success.

After I believe BA Tackle and Guard Rds 2 and 3 if wego BA Rd-1 and the team BRAIN-TRUST feel it's a DT. You can't even rule out a leftfield pick like a Super T.E. which Ebron is (another NC kid) but again all depends on FA and what we do!!

Associated Press

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- Jose Fernandez had trouble sleeping before his latest start.

"I (kept) waking up, waiting for the game," the NL Rookie of the Year said Wednesday. "I was excited I was throwing three innings. I haven't pitched that long in who knows when, but I'm feeling good. I'm enjoying it so far."
If he was sleep deprived, he certainly didn't show it. Fernandez allowed two hits and struck out two in 3 1/3 scoreless innings as the Miami Marlins beat a New York Mets split squad 5-2 in 10 innings.
Fernandez had not thrown more than two innings since pitching seven against Atlanta last Sept. 11.
Eric Young Jr. hit a leadoff single in the Mets against Fernandez before the NL Rookie of the Year retired the next nine batters.
His fastball was mostly at 97 mph and ticked up to 98 on a couple occasions.

Does anyone have the O line man grades from the Combine?

We only have 1 player on the line.
Are we trying to have a good, decent or great o line by the start of the season?
Can Hickey fix the line in 1 year?


That is 1 mock scenario; I can see a myriad possibilities.

FA will tell a story, but I just wanted to throw one out there. Other desirable talents include:

in FA.

Other immediate thoughts on the draft include:

Crockett Gilmore( he may be the TE in this draft)

Something crazy would be to take Pryor in the 1st. Dix may be most heralded S ,and would probably fit this scheme, but Pryor is the new wave S. It would be great, if the refs called all the games like they called the playoffs. Let the players make plays.
I have a sleeper-- Jeremy Butler Wr Tenn-Martin. Check him out.

We do have to ask ourselves, what would Ireland have done?

I'm already seeing a stark contrast between the old GM and the new GM. I'm starting to think its the GM that sets the tone for a team.

Strong and decisive leadership --AT THE TOP-- has been lacking from this organization for a very long time.

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