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Hickey not picking former boss as assistant GM

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a 4-12 record last year and that got general manager Mark Dominik fired. Meanwhile Bucs director of player personnel Dennis Hickey got promoted to general manager by the Dolphins.

And as Hickey worked for Dominik for quite some time and the two seemed to get along there was speculation that Hickey, now in charge of his own personnel department, might hire Dominik as his assistant general manager.

That seemed particularly possible after Hickey fired former assistant general manager Brian Gaine.

But no.

Dominik today accepted a post at ESPN as an NFL front office "insider." He will appear on the seemingly infinite ESPN platforms -- you know, NFL Insiders, NFL Live, SportsCenter, ESPN2, ESPN radio, ESPN the bus, ESPN the kitchen utensil, ESPN in your underwear -- to provide commentary and insight.

And while that assignment does not preclude Dominik from joining a front office in the future, it clearly shows he's not joining any NFL front office, including the Dolphins, anytime soon.

The Dolphins don't currently have an assistant general manager as they enter the homestretch of their draft preparations.

The Dolphins, by the way, still don't have a head trainer, either, following the February firing of Kevin O'Neill as a fallout from the Wells Report. And while O'Neill is preparing legal action against the Dolphins for what he apparently believes to be wrongful termination, the Dolphins are going slow methodically in their search for a replacement.

FoxSports1 (sports network that doesn't have a bus or kitchen utensil) reported the search continues with names under consideration including Dave Price, former trainer of the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets, Green Bay Packers assistant trainer Bryan Engel, and Kevin Bastin who was the head trainer for the Houton Texans from 2001-2009. 


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Fight back

Posted by: Go gogo | March 20, 2014 at 11:51 AM

Piss off. You're to easy to make a mockery of. It's almost boring.


I thought you were on the fence on Amaro? You sold on him now? You thinking second or third?

I know you wanted a FA RB. Who you looking at now? Draft?

Fine, doctors/trainers, I stand corrected. Either way, they EFFED UP! Culpepper out of the league, Brees HOF'er.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | March 20, 2014 at 11:57 AM


Not trying to show you up, friend, it's just that this seems to be one item that fans get wrong all the time. I guess it's because team doctors are people we usually are barely even aware of---let alone know their names.

But this deal was ALL on Uribe. And like I said, he is a nationally respected doc who continues to work with some of the top athletes in pro sports but on this one he certainly flubbed it!

Posted by: The Blog | March 20, 2014 at 11:57 AM

It appears as if you've done a great job of identifying ExposingTheFraud as the fraud.

Well done!

It doesn't matter whether we're sold on Tannehill or not, because barring a miracle he's your starting QB in 2014. I highly doubt Miami drafts a QB this year, and I don't see any movement on bringing in someone to seriously compete with Tannehill in FA. So Tannehill is it folks. The team will succeed or fail on his shoulders. The question will be what happens next year if the team is still 8-8, or even 9-7 without making the Playoffs and another end-of-year collapse. What does the team do then (continue with Tannehill or go another direction)? Probably depends on what happens with the HC, but that's territory I'd rather not get into if at all possible. Tannehill can help my aching heart by leading the team to the Playoffs THIS YEAR!

I think hickey tried to get that above average RT in free agency but those that he approached had already made deals with other teams
At this point there are no more good OL left in free agency
I think the top 15 OL in the draft are better and lots cheaper
So we got 2 good OL in free agency
We probably need 2 more unless one already in camp steps up
I am sure one will be a high priority for us
The other one will be a third or fourth rounder
I like the way hickey is reacting to this free agency
Not panicking and signing mediocre players just to please the fans
We will probably get our 2 OL in the draft
I think we are not done in free agency one more free agent probably
I think we will sign a RB or a good blocking FB in the next 2 weeks so that it gives us more flexibility in the draft

I'd rather watch odin blabber for hours about hotties, guns & pain killers than read some of the incessant whining of fraud, gogo & their ilk.

Lake Ontario Raptors sounds kind of cool ...

The Drew Brees injury was a total lie. Saban admitted he manufactured the injury story because he wanted Culpepper.

Posted by: FYI | March 20, 2014 at 11:51 AM


Wow. You just lost all credibility here in two short sentences.

That is not even remotely close to accurate. The decision to go with Culpepper over Brees was SOLELY because of the bad medical opinion Saban and the staff received from Dr. Uribe. There was no secret agenda, no cloaks and daggers, no nefarious plan.

Those are the facts. If you want to dwell in fantasy that's you're business but it won't change them.

Posted by: knows | March 20, 2014 at 11:57 AM

Totally incorrect. The Brees "injury" was another manufactured lie by the team and paticularly Nick Saban. He admitted it pretty recently. It was hear on the radio by many......just so you know.

Very poor decision (although by now does not take us by surprise)) by the Dolphins not to have hired a assistant GM to prepare for the coming draft and a new trainer. Is it the saving of money, because our new GM is all set for the draft, or lack of good candidates for both jobs?. Either way, it shows lack of stability and organization in our team.

Posted by: knows | March 20, 2014 at 12:01 PM

It's all good. This forum works as it should when posters can educate each other respectfully (like you've done).

Others here get disrespectful calling people names and that's when things devolve. But the adults know how to handle themselves. Thanks for the education.

I'd draft McCarron this year. I like this kid. His pre-draft grade is actually very much where Tannehill was. He'd be great insurance should Tannehill not pan out. I think you start the process NOW and I think you can get this guy lower than he should go.

Dr. Nefario's fart gun in Despicable Me 2 cracks me up...

the 21 fart gun salute ...

I counted 22!!

he hee, ooops!

Armando forget ESPN If You Are A Dumb Ass Ex Jock Who Can't Speak English Properly We Will Hire You, Overpay You, And Lay Off A Bunch Of Underpaid Employees Who Actually Perform Work Here.

Ross panicked, like the pussy he is, when he fired O'neil. O'Neil will win the day,,,,


I agree that the 2014 draft seems to have a lot of potential skill players who could help Miami in multiple ways. I hope one of the first two picks is used on an elite TE or WR prospect. At some point, the offense is going to have to get some attention in the draft one would think.

I know nothing
- Joe Philbin

Yes Joe, we know
- Go gogo

Craig, I'm waiting until I get as much info in on Ebron as possible ... Not 100% sold but be will probably be my #1 offensive guy on the board (Brandin Cooks #2 although word is the Jets are sold on him). He would also work extremely well with our Qb I think ... a lot of Gronkowski in Amaro and not so much Vernon Davis in Ebron I suspect ...

In any case I expect both Ebron and Amaro being available to us.

At Rb, I liked the option of Brandon Tate but he's gone ... so fine ... not broken up over it. My favourite guy in the draft is Bishop Sankey - guy is ready to go in all facets of the game - running, blocking, receiving... he is a guy in the mold of Shady McCoy and Giovanni bernard... love to get him.

Offer Blount $10 and a pack of smokes to handle goalline duties and we are ready to go.

I would also like to see the Phins draft McCarron if he falls to the 4th round. Need some kinda insurance in case Tanne does not progress.

I would draft McCarron's girlfriend...

Posted by: Asogue | March 20, 2014 at 12:06 PM

cannot spend time looking at asst GM records right now and then interviewing them, we are still in free agency mode
maybe in 2 weeks time he will start that process
Mark Dominic probably not a good fit - he gets more money with ESPN - he is happier and much less work
he probably is looking out for himself and family first and did not want the stress of asst GM.
plus we don't know if a conversation was had or not

trainer position can wait till after the draft there is no rush there - players are not coming to camp anytime soon.

its not a matter of cheap - its a matter of time
cannot do everything at once - must prioritize

he is probably knee deep in research, talks, negotiations, strategy, etc with Philbin, dawn, and different agents for that RB or FB

Saban after quiting the Fins also told his buddy Belichick to "get Wes Welker".

What exactly does Armando mean by ...

"ESPN in your underwear"

I find that phrase odd and full of possible hidden meaning


Maybe Drew Brees OWN WORDS on what happened will help educate you to the truth. From the Miami Herald last September:

"It’s been seven years since the Dolphins infamously passed up on quarterback Drew Brees to sign Daunte Culpepper. Brees finally set the record straight on Thursday .

“I do remember him (Saban) saying their doctors felt I had a 25 percent chance of coming back and playing,” Brees said. Brees said “I do believe I was (Miami’s) first choice” but that there “are no hard feelings.”

See that word? "Doctors?"

If you still want to argue otherwise, take it up with Drew Brees himself.

MIT, Shankey is a good one and should slip to the 2nd, or even 3rd round. But why do I get the feeling Hickey/Philbin won't pick him as they still like Miller?


I AM sold on Ebron but I'll be shocked if hes still there at 19. Wouldn't surprise me to see him go top ten, maybe to a team like the Bills. I like this guy a LOT. I think its a weak year for TE's putside of this guy. A lot of question marks, IMO.

I'm all in for a Shady McCoy for this offence. Sign me up.

Sigh, yes, we do need to add some more skill to the offense. Right now we have nobody with any size to work the middle of the field. That is where the easy plays are. Think of every big play on offense last year and how many of them occurred on the boundary?

Only guy we have right now that comes close is Gibson and he was going to have a field day in there last year until he got injured - Keller too...

Saban said!! He lied!

MassD, probably because they pass on what's obvious in their face all the time???

Miller was a 4th round pick for a reason - he is fast but not an all around running back. he's useful,a rotational back but Sankey is a 3 down back. If we didn't ahve such a glaring hole on the o line I would say Sankey would be priority #1 in round 2 and would be there. But we may have to hope that he falls to the 3rd, maybe even 4th round... that would be tough although it happens in those fanspeak.com mocks all the time, so who knows...

Hey, I heard Saban admit he manufactured the injury thing. Believe whatever you like. I dont care.

Question: why did the Phins "doctors" believe Brees only had a 25% chance, but the Saints doctors believed otherwise and were correct. And notice "doctors" is plural meaning it wasn't just Uribe. I find it hard to believe a whole team of doctors would come to that conclusion. But then again I find anything Saban says hard to believe.
I am surprised Saban did not say Brees was harboring "weapons of mass destruction" and that is why he did not sign him.

Craig, Ebron will be a good one, no doubt but Vernon Davis is a once in a lifetime type of physical athlete. many were selling Ebron as the same and I don't think it's even close. He would be worthy of the 19th pick though but top 10? Not in this draft. It's stacked at the top.

As far as other TEs -there are some good ones who wuld be good fits for us (i.e. bigger guys who can block and work the middle of the field)

2nd - Troy Niklas (another Matthews gene here - Nephew) no way we would spend a 2nd on him though - not dynamic enough considering our needs on the o line

3rd- CJ Fiedorwicz - Dolphins actually showed a lot of interest in him at the combine

4th 5th - Aaron Lynch and Joe Don Duncan of small Dixie State

other than that - not much I like.

Well, I'm searching for ANYTHING to confirm your account and nothing is out there. Not to mention it seriously stretches the limits of believability to think Saban admitted "manufacturing" a falsehood about a player.

Simply put, you either misinterpreted something (an honest mistake) or YOU are the one manufacturing a tale.

Regardless, the facts are clear and they have been backed up by Brees himself. Wouldn't he be the BEST source about this??

This was a medical decision. An astoundingly WRONG medical decision but the doctors call alone.

Saban has been clear he wanted Brees and regrets it turned out that way, actually.

(and just to not: I'm not a Saban fan at all..cannot STAND the guy. but fair is fair)

And just to note:

Brees DID have real injury concerns. He was coming off a serious shoulder injury and had a torn rotator cuff at the time. There was nothing to "manufacture" about that. It was real, despite the doctors being so very wrong about his recovery.


Hey, not the first or last time two different medical staffs have come to very different conclusions. Bo Jackson famously received advice to retire permanently from all pro sports after his hip injury or risk permanent, debilitating physical disability but others felt he could do it---and he did (in baseball).

You go with what you think is the best advice. Sometimes it isn't.

Posted by: Craig M | March 20, 2014 at 12:08 PM

Craig, on a successful team yes, that's how it SHOULD be done with the most important position on the field (don't wait until it's over to find a successor), but this is the Miami Dolphins. They'll probably wait until they have no choice and be forced to draft a QB who will need to start right away. Or more likely get someone else's trash and think he'll be the answer.

Hey, for that matter maybe Brent Grimes would still be a Falcon today and not a Dolphin had the two medical staffs agreed about his injury history.

Big part of the reason Atlanta didn't resign him but Miami apparently didn't share those concerns and the result is we have a fine corner.

And one last note:

It's important to remember that these "medical staffs" and specific doctors are not used JUST by one team. I know for a fact that Uribe and the staff at Shands in Gainesville have probably worked on players from every team in the NFL and continue to do so (along with every other sport).

The medical stuff isn't strictly a team-by-team thing the way a coaching staff is. Same medical people are used by many teams.

I think I remember Saban saying that he felt a shoulder injury was harder to come back from than a knee injury and that is what led him to preferring Culpepper. I think he just took all the information he had and tried to make an informed decision. But it was his decision, and his massive mistake.

How is it that Hickey can't even pick up the TB trash?

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | March 20, 2014 at 11:21 AM

Why the hell would we want Tampa Bay trash????

reminder, Hickey was not GM at Tampa Bay....

I think he just took all the information he had and tried to make an informed decision. But it was his decision, and his massive mistake.

Posted by: MassDolphan | March 20, 2014 at 12:45 PM


I agree but also keep in mind that there's probably not a single coach in the NFL who wouldn't defer to a medical opinion on a matter like this.

To not do so would be reckless and possibly even lead to legal ramifications if a coach and/or franchise willfully put a player at risk knowing their history.

Yes, the doctors got it VERY wrong here but as much as I truly cannot stand Saban I think in this instance he was simply following the same protocol any other coach would do given the same information and advice.

By the way, I'm old enough to remember when the Dolphins actually DID use a genuine quack as a team doctor.

The name Herbert Virgin probably means nothing to you guys but he was the team physician back in the 70's. His secretary was our next door neighbor.

Ask Csonka or dozens of other players from that era what they thought of Virgin. The guy was simply "shoot em up with this" or "take three of these pills" and it led to many of those players not rehabbing injuries properly and having lifelong physical problems later.

Of course, in that era players rarely spoke up about things like that so it never really came out until years later. But Virgin was a QUACK.


Of course there is no quote from Dr Uribe or any other medical person saying he had they had any problem with Drew Brees's shoulder.

And it was James Andrew not Uribe.

Shows how much you really know. You know nothing.

Would anybody really be happy with AJ McCarron as the future Dolphins starter? If you want to draf thim as a backup, fine - but if Tannehill fails, you need to go back to the first round of the draft to find the next guy....

My updated mock:


Yeah, alot of those old time docs were quacks. Doctors used to advise their clients to take up smoking cigarettes as it would 'help them relax'. I used to work for a group of over 90 docs and let me tell you, the stuff I witnessed was shocking. I've never worked with a more greedy, uncaring group of people in my life. 1 doc became very, very upset when the medical management group asked him to work more than 24 hours a week. I am not kidding.

Go gogo you need to Go gogo away. You're not funny, smart or knowledgeable about anything but negativity. Fans don't need or want you around, piss off wanker!

After watching the video posted yesterday of Tannehill being sacked, it's obvious that Tannehill was responsible for many of the sacks. He ran directly into many of them. Lets hope the coaches aren't blind Tannehill supporters.

Andrews conducted the tests on Brees rotator cuff and shoulder...Uribe is directly employed by Miami and the team ALWAYS runs medical opinions through him.

So you are right...and wrong. Both were involved. You should also know that Andrews is probably considered the foremost expert on shoulder issues in the entire country--even if he was wrong on this one.

As for me "knowing nothing" I know a LOT more about it than you ever will.

Still waiting to hear how Saban could have "manufactured" an injury that was real. Care to explain that one?

Many of the sacks last year were directly Tannehill's fault. Watch the video, and hope the coaching staff aren't blind Tannehill homers.

..MIT...Why? I mean teams are massively reaching for quarterbacks as it is now. It is highly unlikely we are going to be a team drafting in the top 5 anyway. So what is really the difference between a guy that is in the 3rd round who gets a year or 2 of experience over say a guy taken to high(see Tannehill) because we are desperate to fill the void.

These quarterbacks are all flawed in some way(with the very rare exception) I would be happy to see us be proactive rather then reactive concerning the quarterback position.

Since you are a BPA guy..why would you want to put yourself in a position that you are cornered into over drafting a quarterback because of need? It goes against what your principles are.

Whether Hickey was an assistant or not is not particularly predictive for lack of success. Everyone who has ever worked in any corporation knows that the guy on the top of the food chain is not necessarily the sharpest pencil in the box and sometimes it is his underlings who actually are the talent that drove his success. It would have been nice is Hickey was already a proven success but he is not that either. His fate is his to define. He has his day in the sunlight and I hope he really shines.

Personally I am not so worried about Hickey. With Ross acting as the one with all the direct reports, Ross is really the (part-time) GM and Hickey is the director of player personnel. Which is exactly where we need excellence.

My main worry is that I have seen nothing from Philbin to make me think he has the right stuff to be a HC - no inspiration or teaching or innovation or tactical brilliance - and lots of things to make me think he does not have the right stuff - not controlling locker room, not setting team culture, hiring cronies and tolerating his cronies hiring their relatives, not to mention having his team underperform their talent. This is a make or break year for him.

You forgot ESPN I'm jealous because I work here and no give me inside tips at the Dolphins FO anymore. Seriously, you have issue Armando. Time to find a new line of work.

The other guy mentioned Uribe. I referenced him or "ANY OTHER MEDICAL PERSON".

Since when does ANY doctor publically divulge their findings to the general public??

Are you kidding me? That's a REALLY good way to find yourself with a malpractice suit. That info can filter out through other sources but a doctor doing it themselves?? Please.

It's clear to me you really know next to nothing how any of this works.

FYI, "Knows" is right about that. Doctors do not ever divulge patient information even if it gets out in other ways. They are actually sworn to do that before being granted a license to practice.


Yeah, I'd love to see ANY direct quote from a doctor concerning stuff like this so I know which doctor NOT to go see about anything, lol!

But, hey, I don't really expect people to know how this stuff works. I TRIED!

(take care all...gotta run and no hard feelings at all. just trying to help set the record straight on this one)

You forgot ESPN I'm jealous because I work here and no one gives me inside tips at the Dolphins FO anymore. Seriously, you have issues Armando. Time to find a new line of work.


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