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Hickey not picking former boss as assistant GM

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a 4-12 record last year and that got general manager Mark Dominik fired. Meanwhile Bucs director of player personnel Dennis Hickey got promoted to general manager by the Dolphins.

And as Hickey worked for Dominik for quite some time and the two seemed to get along there was speculation that Hickey, now in charge of his own personnel department, might hire Dominik as his assistant general manager.

That seemed particularly possible after Hickey fired former assistant general manager Brian Gaine.

But no.

Dominik today accepted a post at ESPN as an NFL front office "insider." He will appear on the seemingly infinite ESPN platforms -- you know, NFL Insiders, NFL Live, SportsCenter, ESPN2, ESPN radio, ESPN the bus, ESPN the kitchen utensil, ESPN in your underwear -- to provide commentary and insight.

And while that assignment does not preclude Dominik from joining a front office in the future, it clearly shows he's not joining any NFL front office, including the Dolphins, anytime soon.

The Dolphins don't currently have an assistant general manager as they enter the homestretch of their draft preparations.

The Dolphins, by the way, still don't have a head trainer, either, following the February firing of Kevin O'Neill as a fallout from the Wells Report. And while O'Neill is preparing legal action against the Dolphins for what he apparently believes to be wrongful termination, the Dolphins are going slow methodically in their search for a replacement.

FoxSports1 (sports network that doesn't have a bus or kitchen utensil) reported the search continues with names under consideration including Dave Price, former trainer of the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets, Green Bay Packers assistant trainer Bryan Engel, and Kevin Bastin who was the head trainer for the Houton Texans from 2001-2009. 


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So the Dolphins gave up a 1st and 2nd round pick to
draft a skinny kid w a bad shoulder, a chronic life long condition prior to his first NFL practice

Dion Jordan did make special teams out of default and contributed nothing on special teams

What could possibly go wrong?

The rest of the picks had crutches, bandages or arm slings while being drafted

Although we did get a lineman that is having trouble making the practice squad and probably will be cut this season

The one good pick was a TE w no skills

the year b4 in 2012

1) Tannehill 2) Martin 3) Egnew
the perfect Trifecta of Bust, Bust and Bust

Go Fish !

Dashi @ 357. Having multiple partners is illegal in most states. Expecially when they are all operating the same tool.

HOmar! What's up buddy?


Let's Investigate the Truth

Chemtrail Aerosol Line Clouds& HAARP Conspiracy Realist Home
wants to know
Why if the number 3 overall 2013 NFL Draft pick,
the skinny kid w the chronically bad shoulder is supposedly injured . . .
then why is it Dion Jordan starts on special teams?

Last Home checked special teams is the most Brutal of all squads

So what's the Reel Dolphin In Sight story ?!!!!!

Deity @4:12,


HOmar! What's up buddy?

Posted by: deity | March 20, 2014 at 04:16 PM

Havin some Home Cookin & spring water at the desk while watching NFL Network Steelers Dynasty vs Seahawks from a few yrs back & blogging on the Miami Herald Dolphins blog

and u, deity?

MIT - I really hope Jordan turns into a solid starter. I am not down on him. I am just saying there were legit RT's in the draft last year that Ireland passed on to pursue the player he viewed as Best Player. It clearly didn't help the team's cause last year. I think it hurt because they could have had a young OT who would have played better than Martin and Clabo and would have helped our young THILL (who I also like).

I hope that Hickey stays focused on BPANP this year. If he fills the obviously OT and G holes this season he will be in a much better place next draft to go BPA. I prefer to be in the position where BPA is the right route. I just don't see it being this draft.

As you said earlier…we all have opinions and express them here (and I truly value yours as a loyal fan) and then we wait to see what the team does.

Either way…we are both HOPING for the best.



Isnt Jordan, Pouncey, and Wallace being shopped around?

Daytona is drinking more and more and we are watching him closely.(there is nothing else to write home about)

2 watt is a turd



Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | March 20, 2014 at 04:25 PM

yeah, he wanted a playoff team.

Taylor Lewan facing Charges.

I hope this affect his draft stock.

I know this is just dreaming. But if we had our choice of any Tackle in the Draft, my pick would be T.Lewan.

I know Hickey still has holes to fill. But if their is one player we can trade up for in this draft. It should be T.Lewan.

Ireland managed to use an extra 2nd to move up to #3 last year. C'mon Hickey. Show us what you got.


Watching college bball, the Bearcats pizz deity of every year. So go Wildcats! And swimming in troll infested waters @TMH.

I hear you man and I am with you on hoping the O line is a lot better than last year. I wish they would've picked Lane johnson last year after they traded up, not because he was a need (whihc he was, but because he was the BPA)

Alas, it wasn't to be. We will see what they do with Jordan, I hope the LB corps are Jordan/Misi/Ellerbe. Hope Misi can move to the middle more effectively than Ellerbe played last year.

Anyway there are a lot of interior line players/right tackles that can play in the first three rounds and I would agree it would be best to get two of them by the end of third round.

Where we disagree is on the first pick needing to be an o lineman. Anyway, we will see what happens.

Amen to that - would love Jordan/Misi/Ellerbe to prove dominant. That would be HUGE. Not sure Coyle and Philbin will relent and move Jordan out of DE. This kid just doesn't seem big enough to set the edge, making him a pass rusher on passing downs only if the keep him at DE. Not sure how they don't see the comparison to JT who was pretty dominant at OLB toward the end of his career.

Would really loved to see them go for J. Allen (as I had been saying last week). He would have been a real asset and helped in our call for Jordan to OLB.

Oh well…I guess we don't know anything??? I hope they prove right…but I just don't think they will.

Joey Porter just gets away with a crucial horse collar against Seattle just outside the Red Zone to prevent a 1st down w 10:46 left in the 4th Q

Seattle about to take the lead

Butt wait . . .

Next play Hasselbeck is intercepted on the 5 in the Red zone and there goes the Superbowl on a obv missed call PF Horse collar tackle

To add insult to injury
Refs call 15 low block on Hasslebeck when in fact he is making a tackle on the ball carrier w the intercept

Two blown calls on back to back plays

Randel El on a gadget play throws long TD to Ward

Game over


Dashi stunned me huh? LOLOLOLOLOL

This clown seems to have a high opinion of himself.

I guess someone has to, right?

I might be stunned alright, that someone who considers himself to be a man, constantly:

A. Talks of His genitals in other mens mouths
B. Always thinks he's smarter than everyone else
C. Speaks in 3rd person

Dashi, please fool. Spare yourself any more embarrassment. You been schooled kiddo. Take your lumps like the man you think you are. Stop this incessant whine fest. No one wants your balls, son. You're too underdeveloped.

I left earlier because I actually work for a living. I don't live off my moms food stamps & welfare checks. You're about as stunning & impressive as a pile of elephant dung.

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Regardless of draft selection order my thinking is they MUST get RT, G, RB, LB addressed in rounds 1-4. I'd like it to be in this order but we have to leave it to Hickey to prove himself capable and correct.

If he he goes TE, S or CB in any of those rounds I would be shocked and honestly disappointed.

The only variable I see to this is DT and DE. If BPA in round one is one of these spots I see Hickey being really tempted.

Not tech over
now w two back to back blown calls against Seattle in the Red Zone

Steelers 21 Seahawks 10 w 8:00 min left

and we all know the outcome

to whoever made the earlier post that we are still working the free agency hard to get a RB and or a FB

hope they get one more player in free agency
a FB would be nice specially a FB that can block an get one or two yards the hard way. He has to be a tough runner. Move the pile type of guy.
will eliminate having to use the draft to get one
will allow us more flexibility
I know that they usually go for a FB in the 4th through the 6th rounds of a draft, but hey we need more OL just in case, plus that creates a little more competition, and then you can cut the weaker ones (Including those that we already have on our team) if they are not under guaranteed money, and cannot become starters.
Please do not bring back Jerry, or Clabo.

Jared Allen to Seattle


Hester to Hotlanta

after no interest from Miami

Home, for once I agree with you. The fix was in for the Steelers to win that game. They had to be sure Jerome Bettis was sent out a winner in his home town.

Dolphins FA exciment party: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

"but boss, Sherman is an excellent OC, no need to fire him"
- Joe Philbin

I was just thinking, geez what would happen if the rookie lineman and backup ar not good?

My blessing are with you Tanne

I'm late to the party but "Blog Bootcamp" lmao- that's some funni shite!! Yeah I'd tune into that, he'll I'm tuning in right now!

Can someone please check to see who are we suppose to pick in the 1st round of year 2018?

According to the current rebuilding program, Dolphins will be making a push for the playoff that year

You are still Tugging.

I would ask you to move on, But we all know that isn't going to happen.

Now you are sounding #DESPERATE!!

Dashi = Board Moron

Deity @4:12,


Posted by: Dashi | March 20,
Slurp Slurp.

Sherman was a good OC. But he had no talent or playmakers. No coach can make chicken salad out of chicken shyt. Our QB, RB's, and OL are arguably the worst in football.

The THole butt lickers are weighing their options now eH?
stupid homers.We told you months ago that, It's the QB STUPID eH?

Seems that moreno is visiting. Not sure bout this guy i mean his stats reflect the fact he played with manning. But a upgrade over thomas and even miller if he does come

K. Moreno coming for a visit tomorrow. I like it.

1,000 yard rusher last year, experience with a winning team, good size, supposedly decent blocker. I for one hope it works out.

Well jpao if we get moreno then i can forget about tre mason in the second(sigh).
Im might need a new 2nd round choice

I remember the trade up for dion.
Fisher got picked first, and joeckel followed. It went to commercials i changed the chanel. When i change back i noticed the dolphins picking but not in 12, it was in 3!!
I thought to myself the obvious pick was Lane Johnson,but then i hear the name Dion Jordan. I know jordan will be good. But its a shmae we did not pick lane johnson he would be our RT right now.

Not against Moreno but I'd prefer a RB via draft. If nothing else he'd add depth & experience.

Hypothetically if we did sign Moreno, what's the projected salary? Might as well start throwing some #'s around now as opposed to after the fact..
Tate got 3.5?

Also if we do do negotiate a contract for him, I hope he's not representing himself!! Lol Don't need another Finnegan contract..

Playing poker last night along with talking about football one guy ask where do you find stupid in free agents, I told him to log on to this blog, full of stupid comments about the dolphins and other teams also Today is the first day of spring, with new ideas all over, that is except on this blog site. Bill

What kind of poker?

I'll judge Hickey after season one not before. For god's sake FA isn't even over yet. Most of the fans here have the patience level of an ant.


There were 18 teams worse than us last year and 13 better. If we are a "total rebuild" then what are those 18 teams picking before us?

Most posts on here would tell you we had no Oline, no run defense, and no running game, and maybe a qb or not last year. But there are still 18 teams looking up at us.

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