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Hickey on Starks return, Revis rumors, Dolphins future

Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey said he is "optimistic" the Dolphins will be able to re-sign defensive tackle Randy Starks on Wednesday, meaning the Dolphins defensive tackle position could be resolved soon.

"We're talking and negotiating to his representation," Hickey said after the Dolphins introduced both Branden Albert and Earl Mitchell as their new free agent additions. "Dawn Aponte is up there right now and we're talking. We're optimistic and we'll see how that happens. We'll let you know."

Obviously the deal is not yet done as has been reported elsewhere. But the Dolphins are going well down that road.

[Update at 3:10: The Starks deal is now done. He agrees to a 2-year deal that pays a maximum of $12 million.]

Hickey did nothing to douse the smoke to any rumors the Dolphins will be interested when/if cornerback Darrelle Revis is released from Tampa Bay and becomes a free agent.

While the New England Patriots are mentioned prominently among teams that will chase Revis, it must be noted Hickey was prominent in the Bucs' chase for Revis a year ago when they traded for him.

"I'm not going to comment on players on other team's rosters," Hickey said about Revis.

Hickey would not say if adding more free agent offensive linemen -- the Dolphins have voids at both guards and right tackle -- would continue to be a free agency focus. "The priority is always good players," he said.

"We always look at value. That's what we've done so far and that's what we're going to continue to do. We're trying to get the best 53-man roster.

Hickey obviously feels good about what the Dolphins are today and what they can become by the time this offseason is over.

"We're confident we're going to build or are in the process of building a championship team," he said. "We're going to keep adding pieces and keep developing the pieces that are already here. We feel we have a quality team and we'll keep adding to that trying to get the best 53 man roster."


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Don't know if youre here but........

Miller avgs. 4ypc. To get 1200 yds he would need 300 carries. He's had injury issues at The U.

So, I SERIOUSLY doubt his body would handle a 300 carry work load in a single season. Do the math.

we're number 1
(you know which finger!)

I like Starks...hope it works out.

now go get an RT for RT

Obviously the deal is not yet done as has been reported elsewhere. But the Dolphins are going well down that road.



Dolphins need Revis

Oh yes and they still can not LINE UP!!!!!!!!!!

"II know nothing"
- Joe Failbin

I have herpes.

"Building a championship team."

I believe it when I see it Mr. Dickey.....so far we can not even line up yet

That Saints Guard, Streif,I believe, could be a great fit...that offense is like silk..with Brees at helm. Seems to always have time to throw. Anyone from that oline is good enuf for Phins !

Bring back Starks and D Patterson at a reduced price while the rooks get another year of exp.
Last but not least, see about Sproles or MJD and let's roll into the draft for : starting G, MLB, DT depth, S depth, possible TE (maybe Keller returns on a one year "show me" deal).

Team would look good and ready to strike the Pats for 1st. Good riddance J. Martin, go cry and wine in SF...

I love Dickey.

Hickey should have been a politician. He uses quite a few words to say absolutely nothing.

I have been a victim of identity fraud

Can we call it a Hickey Mouse operation if things don't work out?

Starks is a surprise if it happens - they would keep the DL as a strength. Now they NEED a big upgrade at MLB and move Ellerbe to OLB! Revis interest is a joke - no way can they spend that kind of money at DB after the Grimes signing. Did I mention they NEED a MLB? Huge void on D. Wheeler needs to be pushed and he should push Misi who is just avg. Jordon should be able to get playing time over them both on passing downs. This team needs more OL help and they are on their way. Great job by Hickey so far!! A+ if he gets Starks signed.

Can Revis throw a deep ball?

Mando, we need you to get on these clowns, the market is shrinking for OL and these buffoons are acting like they are done

Are we talking to any other OL? Don't tell me this is it

Mando, we need you to come to our rescue right about now and Demand results from this FO

Writie them another letter, the last one broke Failbin and he had to come out of his cave

Get them Mando

In Mando we Trust!

The herpes seems to be going around in here..

Agreed. With Hickey the purpose is to add good players.

Oh No we aren't talking to anymore lineman!

Save us Mando, save us.

We need to sign 4 more probowlers or my pathetic fall/winter will be ruined.

Get a grip Nancy(gogogo) & stop whining!

I'td be best for everyone if you would just GO...GOGO!

No Mark, much worse. Gabbert was traded to the 49ers... Maybe that will spark it.

The FA is our only hope, Dickey and the Witch will fail horribly in the draft

Dickey comes with a hot 28-52 (5 yr) and 4-12 ( last year) so you know he is a Draft guru and then the witch, well, we all know she is very football savvy...riiiiiight?

Tanne is our only hope....anyone else noticed that when Tanne fails, Failbin does as he says

"I know nothing".....and so, we ride onto the sunset


No Offense.

But I don't like to talk any position with you. Specially the RB position. Your math seems to get Hazy.

Last I checked. 300 x 4 = 1200

250 x 4= 1000.

L.Miller Averaged 11 Carries a Game. I am just saying give him 15 Carries a Game.

15 Carries a game isn't even a heavy workload.

How many games was L.Miller running Hot and the Fins didn't run at all in the second half!!

Again, I, Dashi, will no longer discuss RBs with you or any of your Home-O aliases.

No Offense.

Poizen, I didn't sleep at all last night so I'm lucky I remembered to wear pants today.

Gabbert?!?! I'm at a loss... something to do with Chad Henne?

hahaha, YG math is a little skewy....

I know it would take a chunk out of our cap. But getting Revised to pair with Grimes would be insane. Even Coyle can't mess that up.

yea, your there. I called the he being traded thing after 2 years and 7 being the starter. although completly not as planned, it happened. Everyone here was saying i was crazy... and I took a lot of heat for it. Not from you and Dc of course. Others.

Coyle can mess anything up... But Dashi, it would be fun to watch.

Hickey was not Bucs GM...

Not his record. GO-GO-GO

I agree with getting D Patterson at a reasonable price, the guy makes plays (when healthy)

Why is everyone worried about the cap, the cap in going up next year and the year after..

spend now if there are good (young) players to get.


Last year he added a whole yard per carry to M.Gillislee so his numbers can look similar to E.Lacy.

And what is it that the L.Miller critics say about him. Every 5-6 runs he will break a long run.

I wonder if they give him more carries in the second half, how many more long ones will L.Miller break.

And If Boy Wonder puts his thinking cap on. L.Miller averaged 4 yds per carry behind the worst O-line in Dolphin history. Behind a Mediocre O-line in 2012 L.Miller was averaging 5.0ypc.

Average Workload + Average O-line= L.Miller getting over 1000yds Easily.

I meant *Revis.

I sure would give it everything i had to try and reach a deal with Revis..Im sure he would rather play in South Florida then a snowy ass New England..

I love the fact that when Revis gets cut, the rottin, stinkin Jets lose a 4 round draft pick

Joe Philbin, what locker room debacle? "I know nothing, I see nothing". "What, we lost the last two games of the yr" ?? "I know nothing, I see nothing" !!

Apparently there was some friction between the 49ers GM Baalke and Harbaugh. I didn't believe it at first. Then, yesterday I saw the GM pushing Blaine Gabbert and John Martin onto the team. So, there may be something to that rumor haha.

Revis would be great, but I don't think he is as good in this scheme and I don't know if Coyle can adjust.

We still have a ton of money on the table. I'm not sure where Hickey will go for it. Maybe he grabs some bargains and extends some of our young talent like Clay or Odrick. Interested to see how the next few days unfolds.

As athletic and tall as dion Jordan is I think see if he can line up as mlb and move Ellerbe over to the outside. Then dion can cover and rush passer, I'm just saying he is a freak athlete and if he can learn mentally the position I think the sky would be the limit. And if we sign Revis man we would be tough in the secondary but don't see it happening, we need to solidify our o line first or we aren't going anywhere


My math isn't "Skewy", Dashi has repeatedly posted 1200yds for Miller. Now Dashi's getting "skewy", backing it down to 1000yds.

Personally, I believe Miller can be "a consistent 900yd per year" change of pace rb, with a "true #1 option rb". I still see Miller as a great #2 option rb in this league.

Especially, with a rebuilt oline and true #1.

i like patterson but taking a roster spot for a guy who hardly plays is not wise. No matter how cheap.


I would love to face Brady with Revis on one side and Grimes on the other. With our 3-Headed DE monster rushing all day long. Have Odrick do the Pee-Wee as Brady is laying there holding his ribs.

We should add a veteran RB that can come in and compete with Miller. CJ2K, Sproles or MJD would be great as all are great receivers. The draft should be used on the best players available, hopefully some of those are Guards and Tackles. I like what they have done so far. Getting our LT was a big deal and staying strong on the DL is a major coup for Hickey. I like they way he and Aponte are handling the cash register so far.

Hey Mando instead of asking him Revis questions how about asking where Earl Mitchell stands. Is the deal signed on the dotted line yet?

I believe the rift between Harbaugh and his GM is deeper than we think.

The guy must really not like Jim. Over the last 2 days he traded for Gabbert and J.Martin.


Gillislee had 6 CARRIES in 2013. You just need to stfu trying to make a SENSELESS argument based on that.

You still LIE I said Gillislee better than LACY.



So what do the Jets plan to do with all their cap space? They aint doin jack right meow!

Other Lies Dashi Posts:

"I Use No Other No Other Names, Unless I Tell You."

Per Armando:

Free tip. Try sticking to ONE name if you are going to accuse others of being trolls. These actions only only feed more responses that get the blog off track.
Posted by: Armando Salguero | March 09, 2014 at 11:38 AM

If they got Revis it would be absurd. Very scary secondary indeed. They did save money by releasing Patterson, so maybe it happens?

Not sure if the Pats would spend that much on a corner and Revis won't take a pay cut. If they were willing to put money down they would/should have kept Talib.

Speaking of the Broncos, making some serious moves. That D just got some big pieces.

Beason staying with NYG...bummer

None of this matters until this team wins something of value....so why bother during this time of year? Focus on the Heat.


Cuz Football offseason > any NBA game

JPAO, I guess you missed Mitchells press conference? LOL

He's be signed since last night & been official for awhile now.

Why you Mad? Boy Wonder.

Admit the F'ing Truth for Once!! You, Whatever you want to be called, said Gillislee is a better prospect than E.Lacy. and that by the end of last season. Gillislee will be starting over L.Miller and have more rushing yards than Lacy.

While from Day 1 of last season, Dashi gave you the RB depth chart. (Another thing Dashi was right about)

4- M.Gillislee

And that is the most asinine thing that has ever come out your mouth. To look back and find one of your rants. WE ALL KNOW SALGUERO DELETES YOUR POST WHEN YOU GET ON ONE OF YOUR EPIC HOME-O RANTS!! YOU DYCKASS!!


I, Dashi, pick Andre Williams as my favorite RB in this Draft.

Who do you got?


If Starks resigns (something I thought wouldn't happen) then were off the clock on DT's in the draft all together. The lack of movement on a RT or RG in FA keep lending to the theory were targeting these Positions in the 1st three Rds of the coming draft. My thought process watching the DT Pos. getting completely addressed is what do you do if either CJ Mosely of A.Barr fall to Miami at Pick 19?? Not so far fetched depending on the publication you read.

If we take Z.Martin as everybody has us doing then there's a player like Az. St.'s Carl Bradford who has posted 20.5 sacks over the last couple of Seasons for the Sun Devils and could be a strong pick up in Rd-2 although I figure with his resume might require a move up which we can't affored needing to grab another OL in the first 100 Picks.

FA is still in it's infancy for the coming Yr. but we've addressed DT nabbed a LT probably draft our RT or RG (Martin could play either) in Rd-1 with the obvious need at LB were the return on your draft investment is usually instant if you nab a player. Passing on giving Burfict a UFA contract out of Az St. hurt a couple of Yrs. back given the player he's become for the Bengals and I've read were some feel this kid Bradford is the same type of talent without the baggage or fan-fare.

dont need Revis for that kind of dough....bring back Patterson for less money....signing Starks would firm up our DL issue completely (low priority in draft)---keep working on OL, RB and ILB in free agency....draft fills from there (and sign Josh Freeman if he'll take reasonable/modest money).....he's definitely too young to give up on.


1000yds even for a #1 option rb over a 16 GAME SEASON int very good.

Miller had 959yds in 2013. So, you're "NOW" only going to give us 41 yds extra to make him a 1000yd "even" rb?

Caught in another of your "LIES". What happened to 1200yds? LMAO!

We're not going to sign Revis. He wants to much money for someone his age. At least we'll get a 6th or 7th rounder for Martin. 49ers GM is a moron, can't believe we actually tried to interview him for GM. Harbaugh &/or the GM is gone at the end of the season. Harbaugh to replace Philibin. Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!!! $15 mill a year should do it

Dashi....agree about Martin and Gabbert as players, but those trades are very low risk/good value for SF, and they're both premium positions--SF has a gazillion draft picks and probably only a handful of truly open roster spots available (think about it....they're loaded), so very few of their late round picks would make the roster anyway....so they've basically swapped a couple of those as a flyer for an experienced LT and QB....and they still have alot of picks left.

Incarcerated Bob:

Revis to Patriots... Only been saying this for over a year #IBN

Bill sitting back like.. *Rubs hands like Birdman*

We all know that was you and not Salguero. And that just shows how much I, Dashi, get to you. Dashi is inside your head. It is empty in here. But I,Dashi, Am inside your head.

Your Ass is still sore from the pounding someone else gave you last week. Yet, you still want to blame Dashi. STFU!! Give it a break and GTFOH!! With your Nonsense. You Pole Monger.

Free tip. Try sticking to ONE name if you are going to accuse others of being trolls. These actions only only feed more responses that get the blog off track.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | March 09, 2014 at 11:38 AM

What would you like to be called today, Dashi? :)

It would be real nice if Dashidiot & Samgreeneggsnham would GTFOH. Good lord, what a bunch of Marys!

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