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Hickey on Starks return, Revis rumors, Dolphins future

Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey said he is "optimistic" the Dolphins will be able to re-sign defensive tackle Randy Starks on Wednesday, meaning the Dolphins defensive tackle position could be resolved soon.

"We're talking and negotiating to his representation," Hickey said after the Dolphins introduced both Branden Albert and Earl Mitchell as their new free agent additions. "Dawn Aponte is up there right now and we're talking. We're optimistic and we'll see how that happens. We'll let you know."

Obviously the deal is not yet done as has been reported elsewhere. But the Dolphins are going well down that road.

[Update at 3:10: The Starks deal is now done. He agrees to a 2-year deal that pays a maximum of $12 million.]

Hickey did nothing to douse the smoke to any rumors the Dolphins will be interested when/if cornerback Darrelle Revis is released from Tampa Bay and becomes a free agent.

While the New England Patriots are mentioned prominently among teams that will chase Revis, it must be noted Hickey was prominent in the Bucs' chase for Revis a year ago when they traded for him.

"I'm not going to comment on players on other team's rosters," Hickey said about Revis.

Hickey would not say if adding more free agent offensive linemen -- the Dolphins have voids at both guards and right tackle -- would continue to be a free agency focus. "The priority is always good players," he said.

"We always look at value. That's what we've done so far and that's what we're going to continue to do. We're trying to get the best 53-man roster.

Hickey obviously feels good about what the Dolphins are today and what they can become by the time this offseason is over.

"We're confident we're going to build or are in the process of building a championship team," he said. "We're going to keep adding pieces and keep developing the pieces that are already here. We feel we have a quality team and we'll keep adding to that trying to get the best 53 man roster."


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I am heading across the state to catch the Heat game tonight. My final thoughts after day 2 of FA:

Just like most would agree that teams should approach the draft in a disclined BPA approach, I believe there is a logical discipline that should be followed in Free Agency.

Leading up to and inlcuding the first two days of FA teams should be focused on Tier 1 talent and Priority Positions (QB, DT, DE, CB and LT). I am quite happy with what Hickey has done so far. Grimes (CB), Starks (DT), Mitchell (DT) and Albert (LT) are all Tier 1 talents and are in Priority Positions.

Days 3 & 4 should focus on Tier 2 talents and 2nd Level Priority Positions (WR, RB, LB, S, RT). I'd like them to look hard at players such as; Collins, Tate, Blount, Spikes, and Jones.

Next week should focus on Tier 3 talents and Last Priority Positions (G, TE, Special Teams, and depth). I think they will be able to consider some veteran Guards to come in to compete for starting positions.

I know some here will suggest that the Fin's top priorities are RT and G. I agree at this point in time but I don't think Hickey should rush the order above because it will lead to over paying and reduced value. I think if he sticks with this process he can address the remaining needs in the draft and still go primarily with a BPA approach.

I am not panicking in any way at this point in time. I feel good that our most important positions are filled and the remaining needs will be addressed. I sleep just fine tonight.


I don't know about Low risk. Gabbert and J.Martin can be a problem in a locker room. Not in your usual bad behavior way. But in that you have to really coach those 2 players. And making sure that no one on the team messes with their sensitive mind.

Having one of them around even if it is for a 7th rd pick is to much of a hassle. Having both is just crazy.

Sushi say Dashi potty mouth

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So far I have liked every move Hickey has made.

We all know that was you and not Salguero. And that just shows how much I, Dashi, get to you. Dashi is inside your head. It is empty in here. But I,Dashi, Am inside your head.

Free tip. Try sticking to ONE name if you are going to accuse others of being trolls. These actions only only feed more responses that get the blog off track.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | March 09, 2014 at 11:38 AM


So far I have liked every move Hickey has made.

Posted by: D | March 12, 2014 at 02:44 PM

Me too, I'm lovin' me some Hickey Dickey!

Gotta bad feeling we're done w/Looking for high-level OL FAs. Big mistake if so. We have to overpay to overcome the Cogs/bad image problems. BUT we have tbe $X$, so SPEND, or be doomed to more mediocrity. Fill as many gaps as possible BEFORE DRAFT.

If the signing of Starks does take place you have to wonder if someone in the organization overruled Philbin or if he knows that the only thing that will keep him employed are good 'football players'. As opposed to his comfort level around choir boys. Either Philbin has gotten smarter or someone else in the organization has seen the light.

JPAO, enjoy the game and I agree with you for the most part. Of course I wouldn't mind another big splash or 2, but playing the waiting game and getting bargains might be the way to go.

I hear a phone ringing again...Pick it up.

Do some of you actually get something out of repeating the same childish insults.

Good thing the internet came along. IP Courage. Real big and bad in an online blog.

Average Workload + Average O-line= L.Miller getting over 1000yds Easily.

Posted by: Dashi | March 12, 2014 at 02:15 PM

I happen to see it exactly the same way and would also be nice to get him involved in the pass game the way the Eagles use McCoy. As a Canes fan how many times do you remember S.Morris is trouble dumping a screen off (his outlet rec.) to Miller were he went yard? I remember off the top of my head a good handful of them and could list them!

Also we ran alot of off Tackle toss sweep last Yr. behind that pathetic OL were Miller never had a chance! On a sweep your not running the RB into a quick hole but running him across the formation between the LT an LG and the DL's we faced had penetration and dropped him in his tracks before he could get his pads North-n-South and this was in part one of the reasons he was tackled on initial contact. No head of steam given he hadn't even had a shot at cutting back up into the hole which on the occsion he did was non-existant anyway!

I don't think he's the featured guy or horse you want to feed 20 plus every week we still need to grab ourselves a power back that can pass block and I for one am real high (along with Darryl D) on Lorenzo Taliaferra out of tiny Coastal Carolina. This kid isn't rated higher because he was a JUCO player who only really had the one Season last Yr. were he put up over 1,700 Yds from scrimmage but in the FCS.

At 6'/230 Pds he ran a 4.58X which is favorably comparable to what Hill or Hyde did and can be had as low as Rd-6 maybe. On the QB front have heard and read alot of posts about this guy or that guy in the lower Rds and after watching alot of these kids play I really like LSU's Mettenberger if there Rd-5 to add to my team just thought I'd drop my 2 cents on the QB talk because while Ga.'s Murray can spin the ball he's also been very injury prone which only gets worse when you make it to the NFL for these NCAA QB's.

Maybe Earl Mitchell is asked "to drop weight" now that he's playing in a "4-3 D". Then we may see a little more of the Earl Mitchell that ran a "4.7 combine" at 298lbs.

That should also give us better pass rush "up the middle". Pass pressure up the middle also makes it "easier" for the DE's(Wake/Vernon) to "clean up opposing qb's".

f4l, i agree DTs have been relegated to back of the bus for this draft now. OT still taking precedent - right now we need two more guys still so yeah if martin is there he HAS to be the pick because we need two more starters that are currently not on the roster as we speak. However, if we sign someone than we can EASILY address the spot in the 2nd round -a tonne of guys there that can either play g or OT or both.

If that's the case, I have moved CJ Mosley off my board. I've seen enough in this testing process to conclude that he's an over-hyped Alabama product. So between the two, I pick Barr easily.
However, what a lot of people don't realize is that we are flush with OLBs

Wheeler, Ellerbe, Misi, Jenkins, Jordan... a tonne of guys to play that position.

Barr may be the best of the lot and we can amnesty Wheeler June 1 and Ellerbe will be off the roster next offseason as he's due $10M and has no dead money attached as per spotrac. So Barr may be a consideration but as a guy who is redshirted this year a la Jordan. Will people tolerate that? i don't know - I can. For exxample I wanted Sheldon Richardson last year knowing we had Starks and Soliai - but ot for long.

Between you and me, I keep wanting to find excuses to draft Brandin Cooks... just can't justify it though. Some good corners will also be there.... lots of options beyond OT/G

Why do so many of you fret about "overpaying"??
Cap space is ample, & Ross has the $$. So SPEND baby SPEND!

Dashi is still waiting on who your favorite RB in this draft is.

The Mason would be an easy choice.

I wish we could get a decent head coach during free agency.

Miller is a decent running back worth keeping. But he is really a complimentary back, not starter material. Seems Ireland just could not draft good running backs in the 4th rd. like some other GMs have. Or 2nd rd. Or 3rd. Or any rd.

Emo- its a perception thing- like the Dolphins have to "overpay" to bring talent bc no one wants to come here- I know its bullshite. For goodness sakes- Its MIAMI and there is NO STATE INCOME TAX! The city and state sell themselves.

Mark in Toronto- agree with you about the LB. We need a true MLB (Mike LB) and unfortunately Jon Beason signed elsewhere. Not much FA MLB to pick from.

JPAO- I sleep fell much better when at least one more OL (OT or OG) is signed and upgrades the position. I will practically hybernate til the draft if they sign two more quality OL!

REvis to the Dolphins would be a dream. That said- I dont think it will happen.

I will also say that I misread Starks. I really thought he wasnt coming back. Shows me that he really had no problem with the coaching staff as much as he did Jeff Ireland.


Miller had 959yds last season. 1000yds is no longer a big deal. Dashi's backing down from 1200yds to "easily over 1000".

What does this really mean? 1,050 is "easily over 1000". In today's NFL, you need right at 1200yds to be considered close to "a very good rb".

At 4ypc, Miller needs 300 carries to be a 1200yd rb. Because of his injury history at The U, I don't see Miller's body handling a "300 carry workload".

Certainly, there's nothing in his collegiate history to indicate it could be so. Dashi spouts, and Dashi spouts, then Dashi claims "Dashi's spouts are fact". :)

Personally, I believe Miller can be "a consistent 900yd per year" change of pace rb, with a "true #1 option rb". I still see Miller as a great #2 option rb in this league.

Especially, with a rebuilt oline and true #1.

Posted by: SAM I AM | March 12, 2014 at 02:19 PM

You trashed him plenty but if this is your stance on him today then I would have to agree. L.Miller is a change of pace back that has ability something similar to what the Pats had with Kevin Faulk a vital piece to Brady's success who always came in and managed the 1st down chain moving stuff for them out of the backfield and was a threat to score in the open field.

Alot on here seem to forget that he was having a nice S.B. Vs. the Giants in the 1st one on there undefeated team. His ability to catch those swing passes and move the chains was forcing the Giants DE's early to slow there up field push a bit accountig for him on the perimeter. The Pats 1st TD which had that game close early featured Faulk alot.

It was Midway 2nd Qrt. (for those of you who recall) were Brady throws him a sideline pass and he's dragged down from behind on there sideline were he's injured and the Pats not trusting Marroney (rightfully so) abandon the run all together in a game they needed it and a pass catcher out of the backfield more than ever. This is what I see when I view Miller after having watched him at the U. The added bonus is Miller is quicker and better open field runner IMHO!

Dashi is still waiting on who your favorite RB in this draft is.

The Mason would be an easy choice.

Posted by: Dashi | March 12, 2014 at 02:52 PM



not shocked that Starks appears to be re-signing....said it several times yesterday and today, that nobody had signed him and maybe he would get real about his situation....so we've swapped out Soliai for Mitchell, maybe a small downgrade on the field (but we dont know) but 3-4 years younger, and several million less/year--Polian and others like Mitchell alot so he might be as effective as Soliai anyway--keeps DL strong, younger and cheaper....not bad

Fin. Sam, Dashi-

Name the great movie this quote is from-

"One plus two plus two plus one. there was only one shot at the chandelier. one plus two plus one plus one. Even if you were right that would be one plus one plus two plus one not one plus two plus one plus one. Okay fine. One plus two plus one- SHUT UP!"

All your bickering over Miller reminded me of this! :)

Brandin Cooks looks good as a returner and part time slot receiver. He will have a ton of trouble against press and man coverage. He is too small to start at WR. If he slips to 3rd round, then I can see taking him.

Man, Anthony Collins is out there sticking like a sore thumb.

I would really like it if at least we heard his name attached to pursuing this guy as a RT/backup LT option.

We have a billion dollar baby owning th team who loves writing cheques and a Collins would only take up about $4m cap space next year... make sure we have both OTs hammered out for years, coupled with a G in the 2nd round of teh draft and we won't ahve to worry about spending top picks on linemen for like 5 years...




If we go into this season with Wallace as the #1 W/R, We are dooming Tannehill to another mediocre season. He would be good as a complimentary "speed" receiver but he ain't no #1. He was a mistake. Don't waste another season proving it. Either drop him and take the hit or use him the best you can until you lose the cap hit.

We need the kid from A&M even if we have to trade up to get him. Use Hartline and Gibson as 3 & 4.


Read my post @306pm. Its is hilarious Im not ashamed to say....

Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 16s

The 2-year deal for #Dolphins DT Randy Starks can be worth $12M, per source

so again, how is this possible that Miami was able to sign Albert and Mitchell, Grimes.....possibly Starks....after months of being told (by local writers and hand wringers here) that "no big name FA will want to sign with Miami"....months of being dragged through the mud, of our own local guys calling them laughingstocks....others saying some Dolphins players were "grumbling and wanted out"....how are we able to sign several top tier FA's?--hhmmm..

Must haz more FAs. Too many holes to fill to wait for draft. Plus we have the frigging money. Stay aggressive Hickey.

yeah Everybody, thats a good strategy....why exactly would we "drop Wallace and take the hit"?--why would we do that?--if you want to sign what you call a #1 (are the WRs in bins at the draft, labeled #1s, #2s, etc?) then thats fine (I guess....not even sure what that means, or WHO you mean) but why drop Wallace if we sign another good WR anyway?

Yes, that is the issue with Miller. If he were a great back you could overlook the fact he can't pass block. But when an average back (that's all he is)can't pass block - not starter material.
Tre Mason? He's not big enough to take the pounding his physical style of running produces. And he was not much of a pass catcher or pass blocker at Auburn.

Incarcerated Bob sez:

Revis to Patriots... Only been saying this for over a year #IBN

Bill sitting back like.. *Rubs hands like Birdman*

MassD, wrong - Cooks will be a full time burner for someone and not a one trick pony like Wallace.

he will run all the routes. This guy is a stronger Desean jackson.

16 reps on the bench is plenty strong to get off the line... 3rd highest among WRs this year.

Mass Dolphan

I wouldn't use a 1st rd pick on Tre Mason, too many BP's available. 2ND rd neither.

But, I woud trade up if I saw him available coming into the 3rd rd.


You drop Wallace because; HE drops passes, Takes up a roster spot, is a prima donna, is a poor teammate and he threw 1 block all year.

benz, I want more but can't complain about the guys they did sign, that's for sure. Like what they've done - I just want more...


Great breakdown. I also laugh at people when they say L.Miller can't catch. I have seen tak many screens to the end zone. And have seen him make some circus catches from bad passes thrown his way from S.Morris.

I wouldn't run L.Miller like he was Ricky Williams. But I would use him in a Good 1-2 Combo. That is why I wanted the Fins to draft Lacy. To pair them up.

I believe at the Pace the NFL is played at now, you need 2 real good RBs. You need to cycle them in and out even on the same drive.

Mark, @ 2:51 if Starks comes back it looks like our round 1 D-tackle theories are out the window unless Hickey is truly going BPA.

I agree on Mosely, I would have Shazier and Barr ahead of him. The problem like you said is that we have a bunch of outside linebackers and no middle linebacker. Could Ellerbe hold the middle or could Shazier switch? I think Barr would hold the outside.

Martin would have to be the pick now if he is there and if we don't get another decent lineman in free agency. Like we discussed before its a great draft for O-line with Sua-Filo, Bitonio, Gabe Jackson, and others in rounds 2-3.

WR in late round 1 is also great with Cooks and Beckham Jr. However, we have such a log jam there with Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Matthews, and I guess Binns is back on a non-guaranteed contract if he can get over his injury. Maybe Moncrief in round 3 is a better option.

Corner is now an option I guess with Patterson gone. Gilbert would be great, but I think he's gone top 12-15. Verett from TCU would also be an option, especially if we can trade back 5 or 10 picks.

So, there's still a bunch of different good options at pick 19.

"We're confident we're going to build or are in the process of building a championship team," he said. "We're going to keep adding pieces and keep developing the pieces that are already here. We feel we have a quality team and we'll keep adding to that trying to get the best 53 man roster."



And now TB is on the verge of cutting him; can't that be viewed as a disasterous outcome?

uh, earth to Everybody....then why did the vaunted Steelers offer him a 5 yr/55 mill deal to stay last year, if he stinks so bad? His numbers werent terrible by the end of the season and nobody said he had hands like Biletnikoff, but if our QB were more accurate, Wallace wouldve had alot more receptions and a bunch more TDs....fact.

MIT...good point. Also looking at Charles Brown RT of the Saints. He's rated reasonably high on ESPN's FA list (B-). And the Saints are only 2 mil under the cap at present. However, they would pick up 3.5 mil if Sproles is traded. Eventually they still will need roughly 6 mil to sign their draft picks.

For what it's worth they also attached an A grade to Mitchell. One of only 6 A players they felt was out there in FA. Thought he would be a real good player in a 4-3 as opposed to the 3-4 that Houston played. A very athletic one gap DT.

Yes he drops passed. BUT HE WAS ALSO WIDE OPEN DEEP MORE THAN MANY WRs....... WIDE OPEN... But qb couldn't get him the. Scarily wide effing open.

An intriguing running back is Bishop Sankey, Washington. Good all around back who can actually pass block.
In regards to Brandin Cooks, here is some info on him, "Struggles with physical defenders and doesn't have ideal body strength - will be overwhelmed in man coverage." and "...looks to avoid contact."
Now if they actually had a bench press on an NFL field, he'd be all set! Not saying the Phins should not take him, but don't want to overreach for someone who is likey destined to be a part time player, and seems kinda Ted Ginn soft.

Wallace "takes up a roster spot".....are you kidding me?--who would you fill that spot with, Binns?.....Fuller, who couldnt even see the field?--Clyde Gates maybe?--he's a prima donna, huh?--you mean like 75% of the WRs in the league?...and he's a poor teammate....you know this how exactly?--what, you're like an "insider" or something--seriously?

Aaron Wilson ‏@RavensInsider 47s

Lions have signed wide receiver Golden Tate to a five-year contract, according to team's official website

George Bremer ‏@gmbremer 8m

Per New York Daily News, the Jets are nearing an agreement with WR Eric Decker. Would cross one name off #Colts' list.

"One plus two plus two plus one. there was only one shot at the chandelier. one plus two plus one plus one. Even if you were right that would be one plus one plus two plus one not one plus two plus one plus one. Okay fine. One plus two plus one- SHUT UP!"

All your bickering over Miller reminded me of this! :)
Posted by: Frank from PA | March 12, 2014 at 03:06 PM


Frank that reminds me of Sam doing Math.

Starks resigned. 2 years $12M

Benz, I am a true homer and wish that what you say were true. But, I also have memories of a DB holding his jersey a little to make the ball overthrown, or even worse, watched him keep running full blast with his hands at his sides if the ball was under thrown. A receiver that can't/won't adjust his route has a problem.

Tre Mason in the 3rd rd - I'd be happy with that.
Shazier - he can play inside too if he's taken. Definitely has the instincts to do so.
This is a very deep draft. I would really like to see if Hickey can pull off a good deal to get another 2nd or 3rd rd. pick. But alot has to do with what he can pull in for G or RT in FA. If he can't get anyone good, I think OL will be focus in earlier rounds.

Starks=nice number and length of contract. Another nice job by Hickey and Aponte.

And now TB is on the verge of cutting him; can't that be viewed as a disasterous outcome?
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | March 12, 2014 at 03:31 PM

You could say that if what you said is accurate, which it isn't. Hickey was not the Bucs GM last year nor did he have control over personel decisions.

Lacy wasn't even the first RB taken.

And my point was Lacy was the Best Offensive Prospect of the 2013 Draft. Nobody but Dashi said that. Reason Dashi said Lacy was a good pick at #12. No other Offensive Playmaker was better. Not a Midget WR or Mediocre TE.

That is how I know you are just talking trash. L.Miller doesn't dance. Ever since college. L.Miller has done one thing whenever he is trapped behind the line. He dives forward towards the line to minimize the loss. L.Miller has always done this. You Watch the Tape, you blind Idiot.

On the Pass Blocking. Again, that shows how ignorant you truly are. How do you know L.Miller missed his assignment? How do you know that he wasn't trying to cover up for his linemen. CAUSE I DOUBT A COACH DRAWS A PLAY UP WHERE THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR BLOCKING THE DT IS THE RB!!

In particular against the Bucks. Revis stopped, jumped and intercepted the ball. Wallace was still running down field when the ball was caught. Tannehill got blasted as he threw the ball to make it under thrown. Wallace either didn't see it, or didn't try. Both of which are bad.

Well, we'll have Mitchell for 4 years, Odrick for 1 more year & Starks for 1, maybe 2 more depending on the guaranteed cash.

With Odrick set to be an UFA next year & Starks certain to not be resigned in 1-2 years, don't discount a DT. They're going to need 1 & develop a guy. The possibility of DT in the 1st is real, especially if they are able to land an OG & RT in FA.

Does anyone know cap$ for 2014 on all these deals.
I thought I saw Albert was only 4-5 million for 2014.
We still should have lots of $ left. Need to get Streif before he signs elsewhere. MJD would be nice since Tate probably goes to Browns.

Interesting how the Buc's can release Revis without any consequences (salary cap hit) seeing how he was there for only a year. He actually signed 5 one year contracts as opposed to the 5 year contract that Wallace signed.

I like Bernard more than Lacy long term Dashi. And Ellington is the best producer for RB from that draft considering where he was drafted.

But you did say Lacy would be a stud, and he played like one last year.

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