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Hickey on Starks return, Revis rumors, Dolphins future

Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey said he is "optimistic" the Dolphins will be able to re-sign defensive tackle Randy Starks on Wednesday, meaning the Dolphins defensive tackle position could be resolved soon.

"We're talking and negotiating to his representation," Hickey said after the Dolphins introduced both Branden Albert and Earl Mitchell as their new free agent additions. "Dawn Aponte is up there right now and we're talking. We're optimistic and we'll see how that happens. We'll let you know."

Obviously the deal is not yet done as has been reported elsewhere. But the Dolphins are going well down that road.

[Update at 3:10: The Starks deal is now done. He agrees to a 2-year deal that pays a maximum of $12 million.]

Hickey did nothing to douse the smoke to any rumors the Dolphins will be interested when/if cornerback Darrelle Revis is released from Tampa Bay and becomes a free agent.

While the New England Patriots are mentioned prominently among teams that will chase Revis, it must be noted Hickey was prominent in the Bucs' chase for Revis a year ago when they traded for him.

"I'm not going to comment on players on other team's rosters," Hickey said about Revis.

Hickey would not say if adding more free agent offensive linemen -- the Dolphins have voids at both guards and right tackle -- would continue to be a free agency focus. "The priority is always good players," he said.

"We always look at value. That's what we've done so far and that's what we're going to continue to do. We're trying to get the best 53-man roster.

Hickey obviously feels good about what the Dolphins are today and what they can become by the time this offseason is over.

"We're confident we're going to build or are in the process of building a championship team," he said. "We're going to keep adding pieces and keep developing the pieces that are already here. We feel we have a quality team and we'll keep adding to that trying to get the best 53 man roster."


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I couldn't be happier with what Miami has done so far!!!

I dont wanna sign Revis. But him on one side and Grimes on the other would be so interesting? I guess TE's would have 300 yards against us LOL

I, Dashi, pick Andre Williams as my favorite RB in this Draft.

Who do you got?

Posted by: Dashi | March 12, 2014 at 02:32 PM

For a thumper between the tackles his shoulder problems are an issue. If a player is an often injured commodity in College I just assume stay away all together in the NFL that belief for me is 10 fold if were talking QB or RB unless his ability is faaaar off the charts that I'd take a 4th Rd or lower gamble on his talent for the times I have him dressed on Sunday's.

The other issue of course is his off the field baggage and the reason that Jeremy Hill (My pick of BA) won't get taken by us coming off the heels of last Yrs. Martin "MELO-DRAMA". I have though read up on Hill's Sexual Assualt conviction and by all accounts he was a H.S. Sr. who convinced a Fr. (9th grade 14 Yr. Old)to go into the Locker Room were She blew him and a friend. She was all to happy to tell her girlfriends about blowing the HMOC when it got back to a Teacher who informed the Girl's Mom who called the Police.

In the report it also states Hill was 17 at the time and the reason he didn't do any time over it but I got to tell you all that as far as I'm concerned could have happened to anybody. The thing about hitting the guy were there's video outside an LSU off campus hang out was an argument inside the cafe that spilled into the street and not something I'd red flag the kid for. My red flag Offenses are drafting drug addicts or performance enhancer users (because the League will weed them out anyway)

Or a situation were there's a gang related affliation which along with the drive by in Gainsville is something NFL teams should have delved into deeper with the Angel Dust sniffing A.Hernandez. The mitigating circumstances around Hill don't scare me much but the drama this PARTICULAR Off-Season is a bit much for our team still though feel somebdy gets a RB here for peanuts!

Can see Patterson back with a one year 3-3.5 mil contract.

This is what I want from Hickey in the upcoming draft:
Focuses on getting good football players, not good athletes who suck at football like Ireland did.
Does not reach for players (eg. Daniel Thomas in the 2nd round) earlier than their projected round to be taken in. Again, we saw Ireland do this again and again.
Makes a nice trade to get an extra 2nd or 3rd rounder.
This one is tough to say, trade Wake for at least a first rounder. He's an awesome player but he can get value for him, and give Jordan, Shelby, Vernon more opportunities.

Revis just too much money for someone who we aren't sure will ever return to his old form.

Just too risky for us at this time imo.

If we were going to overspend I would have rather it been for Byrd or even Alterraun Verner who Tampa got or even getting two of the big name tackles.

At least you know what you get with those guys.

MassDolphin....agree with the trading of Wake (he's 32). But realistically I can only see a 2nd and either a 3rd or 4th (maybe a 2nd and a 5th?). Perhaps, best case scenario, a 2nd this year and a 2nd next.

"....how are we able to sign several top tier FA's?--hhmmm..

Posted by: benz | March 12, 2014 at 03:12 PM

Stacks-n-Stacks of Dead Presidents heaped on more Stacks were our Owner out-pays other Owners in a nice lace to live were our idea of Winter in Mid-50's!!!

NeMo, I would love for them to pick up one more very good lineman just so we could defer o line to round 2 if we chose.

Interesting on LB, I know Shazier is an OLB - but he is also extrememly active. 142 tackles or so last year. So he may be the type of OLB that can also mop up some of the middle thus shrinking the area over teh middle that Ellerbe would have to cover in the run game. Shazier has sack and INT ability but he is also the best OLb in the run game ... so there's that.

interesting.....and somewhat troubling response there, fin

Wake will be the War/Peppers of next season....unfortunately

Interesting stat on LM While I won't advocate Miller as the Dolphins saviour I agree with many here, he could be a great complimentary back, maybe more given a lil time. His speed is ridiculous & I wanna see him more in space!!
Last season before our O-Line went completely to cock..LM at one point lead the league in YPC!!! Yes it's true! Couldn't believe it myself when I'd read it. I don't remember exact figures but it was somewhere between 6.9-7.4 @ wk 5-7 maybe. Not that it means much But it's a nugget nonetheless.
We need a bruiser to go with Miller!! A RB tandem is almost a necessity especially if not using a FB.

As I've said here a few times, RB is now completely overlooked in this league & it's a HUGE mistake!!


Disagree big time on trading Wake MassDolphan. We are trying to win here aren't we??

As far as we know he's the best pass rusher we have. What if Vernon regresses and Jordan is a bust??

A bit premature imo.

MassD, we will never agree on the importance of these tests but truth is a lot of scouts do watch a WR's bench because it often is a tell of how he will be able to deal with press coveerage and DBs chucking up on the line. So he has good strength for a wr - it will help.

Also, he has 4.33 speed so I doubt anyone will really try to press him at the line or they will be smelling his farts if they miss.

The scouting report you mentioned ...
"Struggles with physical defenders and doesn't have ideal body strength - will be overwhelmed in man coverage." and "...looks to avoid contact."

I don't think he struggled with anyone last year. most productive WR in the country. 1700+ yards and 16 tds.

May look to avoid contact - possibly that part may have some merit.

We do see eye to eye on Sankey tho .. I think he's the ebst of the ebst and if we could get him in the 3rd .. WHOMP there it is!

make sure we have both OTs hammered out for years, coupled with a G in the 2nd round of teh draft and we won't ahve to worry about spending top picks on linemen for like 5 years...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 12, 2014 at 03:07 PM

Not much argument from me here! In this scenario you can still take Martin and plug him into RG while signing D.Joseph on a 1 Yr. deal to man LG which shifts the draft into a more ideal fit for us were it takes the pressure of drafting need off our team.

I read your take on Mosely and have to strongly disagree were it relates to him. He didn't exactly have Earth moving players on the DL in front of him and is complete in the sense he can tackle in the hle and drop in coverage.

I've watched the NCAA as long as I've watched the NFL and can tell you that even the great programs like the U in the 80's/90's can't mask sub-par play at MLB and the reason this was always a Pos. from Jimmy to Butch that we hotly recruited keeping 3 deep at all times where guys were coming into the same class duking it out for the Pos. and the loser usually ended up at OLB out of our 4/3. This is one Pos. were you trust the tape or game day eyes on what you saw the player do in a Conf. like the SEC.

Some of the same calling Wallace: "take up a roster spot". Are the same who make "excuses for Tannehill".

I agree on trading Wake, if we can get value for him. He's wrong side of 30 and highly paid. We have players to fill the gap.

I don't see it happening as he still produces and his cap number isn't forcing our hand.

Revis just too much money for someone who we aren't sure will ever return to his old form.

Just too risky for us at this time imo.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | March 12, 2014 at 04:03 PM

I watched him in a couple of games last Yr. andfor the life of me can't figure what D minded H.C. Schiano was thiking taking the best cover CB in the game and playing him in a zone?? Belichik likes leaving his best CB on an Island isolated on your best weapon going back to his early days as a DB Coach in N.Y. when he got the DC gig and used Mark Collins this way to Ty Law early in N.E. on threw to Talib and will max Revis. The Pats ahave a Come Back Player of the Yr. candidate in the wings. I hate the Pats but as a Fooball fan this move is the one that makes the most sense for both parties in the Revis sweepstakes.

f4l, fair but Rolando McClain also looked much the same just a few years back from the exact same program

"I think we're one of the top defenses in the league" ......Randy Starks



I kinda wondered if part of the decision for the Bucs to get Revis came from ownership hoping to fill some seats.


Should sign him to compete with Tanne for starting job.


The Shoulder problem to me isn't a issue unless it is a dislocated shoulder. Then it is an issue. People who separate their shoulder are prone to it happening again.

Ricky had a Shoulder problem coming out of Texas. Didn't affect him as a Pro.

I wouldn't pick A.Williams in the 1st or the 2nd. But as a 3rd round pick he has value. Specially what I want him for. To replace D.Thomas and being a short yardage back.

I wouldn't want him as a feature back. I would want AW to split 60/40 with L.Miller. Of course L.Miller getting the 60.

Revis officially released.

Lovie Smith just doesn't give a shite about his team's investments... I've got to question this move... just to save a third round pick?

Thank god we don't have Lovie... this is a slap to the fans ... not like the bucs need the cap space...


Most productive WR in the Country was Sammy Watkins. He faced double and triple team all the time. Plus, he had T.Boyd throwing him the ball. The Man was making Chicken Salad the last couple of seasons.

Sammy Watkins will even make Mark Sanchez look good.

Even if you pay Revis $13M to $15M that's too much cap space for a guy not amongst the "elite qb's".

Incacerated Bob, who has a very good track record "predicting fa destinations", says Revis "headed to Bellichik".

However, Revis' "sticker price" will only make him a "2yr rental" at most, wherever he goes. He's not a "good deal" for us, simply because by the time we become a "serious SB threat" we'll be "dumping his contract".

We're 2yrs away, and that's making "all of the right moves", from being a serious SB threat. No team can afford Revis' price tag for more than 2 seasons. Bellichik would only do it to try and get he and Brady "1 MORE SB RING" before both "sail off into the sunset".

Yeah, if the Pats make one big move this offseason (which is all they can do with their cap situation - unless they free up cap elsewhere) - it looks to eb a good one.

Dashi, that's a subjective way to look at it but most receiving yards of all teh draftable WRS = Brandin Cooks.

I will word it any other way you want but bottom line is he had the most receiving yards.

I believe we are 2 years away from firing Hickey.
I also believe that we are 1 year away from firing Philbum.

Not that High on Mosley.

Agreed with MIT. It is the scheme and the players Alabama has.

Yes, In previous years Alabama had better linemen. But Mosley never really popped. Plus, they run a 3-4 in Alabama.

They have had a good run recently of MLBs getting drafted high and turning into garbage. The one MLB which I loved from Alabama recently D.Hightower is only an Average MLB in the NFL and he plays in the same system he played in college. Even though he is playing next to J.Mayo, which to me is a Top 5 MLB in the NFL.

For our 4-3. I would rather Draft C.Jones from FSU. Better Athlete. Or C.Borland, Better Instincts.

And I don't want to say Mosley takes plays off. But he is not a High Motor guy. Sometimes he is just going thru the motions.

f4l, fair but Rolando McClain also looked much the same just a few years back from the exact same program

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 12, 2014 at 04:21 PM

If your going to be fair McClain had a monster Rookie campaign in Oak. and seemed the real deal by all accounts. He tailed off his 2nd Yr. and moving forward due to off the field issues.

Starks easily the best fa move Hickey made today. Even if its the only move he makes today.

Love Soliai, but, maybe Mitchell gives us an entirely different dynamics in our starting DT unit. Especially paired with Starks.

Our safety play next year will be abysmal. Expect another year of our defense getting served by opposing TEs

I like what we've done the past couple of days . . . what this allows us to do is to take the best player available in round one of the draft. I'd also like to see Sproles (how can you not like a football player named Sproles ?) acquired from the Saints with the seventh round pick we got for Martin . . . the Saints will probably cut him anyway if they don't get any offers for him. He's a great scatback and receiver out of the backfield , and well versed in pass protection (as long as he's not trying to block a DE).

I would go for Revis at 12-13 mil a year offer. No higher than that. Keep him away from the Pats and Jets or at least make them pay up. Plus, we have a really high amount of cap space still. I would go for it.

I mean Vontae Davis got 9.75 mil a year, I'd try to see if I could get Revis for a couple more. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to fit the scheme, so I doubt it will happen. I can dream though.


I get what you are saying. And you are right. He has the most Rec yards.

But nobody in this draft makes a bigger impact on Offense than Sammy Watkins.

I know the Fins have no chance in drafting him. But I have been watching S.Watkins from Day one. He is what you would want J.Clowney to be and become. S.Watkins was the Chosen One from Day 1. But unlike Clowney, Watkins has never let it get to his head. He still plays like he has something to prove.

If I had to pick one player in this Draft to be a future HOFer, barring Injury. Hands down it is Sammy Watkins. Clowney has the Potential to be an All-Time Great, But he lacks the Desire to be an All-Time Great.

Sammy Watkins is Dez Bryant raised with good parents. And a Little Faster and more Athletic.


I kinda wondered if part of the decision for the Bucs to get Revis came from ownership hoping to fill some seats.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | March 12, 2014 at 04:23 PM

Given the size of his contract and CAP # your thinking here seems about right. I will tell you one thing that seems to escape us all is that Hickey knows about taking bad scheme fits for his Coaches on this move from last Yr. alone that costed them a #1 in the rookie CAP ERA for a 1-Yr. rental.

I'm not trusting Louis delmas at all.. In the recent mock drafts I've done on fanspeak.com. If I get o line in the first round, I always take Deone Bucannon in the 2nd.

fanspeak also tends to drop Taylor lewan to me in the first round ... if only...

If Delmas holds up even this year - he's close to the end anyway....

Lovie Smith is a Joke.

Your team has Zero Players. And you need to win now. You keep the Best CB in Football.

Trust me. Tampa fans are as bitter if not more than we are. They need a winner. And the way I see it. L.Smith is leading them to a 2-14 Season. Everyone in their division is getting better except them. You can already pencil the Bucs in for 0-6 in their division.

Add to the fact they got rid of J.Freeman last year, and want to get rid of M.Glennon this year.


Revis just doesn't make sense for us. We're lucky to be a wildcard playoff team this year. Maybe not good enough to get out of the 1st rd. 12-13M for Revis in 2014 wasted.

Then, you're left with a "one year window" to make any kind of run with him. He'll be 30 in 2015, so, in the least he's seeking like 4yrs $52M $26M Guaranteed.

$26M for a guy we're not ready to make a SB run is a helluva wasteful venture.

atta boy hickey, stay solid. no call revis and tate

dashi tampa has a ton of players, and our now the favs to win div

Sam, I think he still has 2-4 good years left. I guess we could always roll over the cap space. It's Ross' money though, so I don't mind him spending it.

I get where you're coming from, its just a dream though haha.

Not sure if Hickey wants to go small, like Sankey or Tre, or big, like Hyde or Williams as RBs. We'll see.

You truly come up with the most ridiculous statements ever.

Either Starks or Mitchell isn't starting. And judging from the contract. It looks like Mitchell will be the #3.

Don't worry. It doesn't mean our #3 will be riding the bench. It just means that we can be more versatile.

We can play 3-4 on early downs with our 3 DTs. Odrick and Starks at DE and Mitchell at NT. Then we can switch to the drive-by package (We don't do NASCAR in Miami) on passing downs. Wake and DJ at DE and Odrick at DT with O.Vernon standing up right next to him.

Now, It falls on Coyle to run "Multiple Fronts" like he promised. The Players are there.


If Revis were still 26yrs old, then I would say, push the pedal to the metal! :)

I agree on trading Wake, if we can get value for him. He's wrong side of 30 and highly paid. We have players to fill the gap.

I don't see it happening as he still produces and his cap number isn't forcing our hand.

Posted by: Darkoak | March 12, 2014 at 04:19 PM

Disagrre, Wake is a physical speciment who really take fitness seriously. He still has like a 26 or 27 year old body.

Hyde? I don't see anything there but propaganda. Guys like that don't look like the same guy once in the big leagues


You do know who is in Tampa's Division?


The Bucs are going 0-6.

Favorite to win the Division? Who you kidding. Even Buc fans know that ain't happening for the next Decade.

Posted by: Dashi | March 12, 2014 at 04:56 PM

Dashi Spouts, can you just stfu already? Are you on the coaching staff?

Im sure you answered both questions with, "NO". But, stfu already ayway, Dashi Spouts. :)

The Earl Mitchell contract is on overthecap. 4 years 16 million only 5 million guaranteed not 9 if I'm reading it right. 3.5 mil cap hit in year 1. Still a shade over 30 million before Starks. Plenty of money.

Really happy with the start so far. A couple more signing this will be a great free agency.

yes dashi, same teams that switch pos every year. tampa wins the div falcons are a joke. saints in cap hell.

A. Williams as a RB that runs has the potential to be outstanding. But it's still to be determined if he can pass block. Which is the only reason he's be on the field on 3rd and 5 or more. He caught ZERO passes at BC and caught the same # at the combine. If he's on the field in 3rd and long it will be to block only. And everyone in the stadium will know it.

Seems like Hickey considered Soliai only a 1 technique DT while he seems to think Mitchell will be more versatile and not come out on passing downs. Base 4-3 is here to stay as Coyle is still here. IMO

Dashi Spouts,

Im sure there isn't even a "peewee league" football coach in American insane enough to consider a football suggestion from you.

Some of the posters here are just "playing nice with you". Believee me, deep down inside, they really know. :)

man coyle is so bad

Hey, Dashi, you think Manziel will go #1 overall?

You still haven't given a RB, you delusional mongrel.

King of Deflection, Lord of Denial, God of Wrong. All are names that fit you when you do decide to change your name again in a couple weeks.

You should stick to what you usually do, because talking Sports just make you look and sound RIDICULOUS!! You rambling Clown.

Dashi will STFU, when you make 1 logical opinion here.

Hey, Dashi, are you a Carolina Fan?

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