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Hickey on Starks return, Revis rumors, Dolphins future

Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey said he is "optimistic" the Dolphins will be able to re-sign defensive tackle Randy Starks on Wednesday, meaning the Dolphins defensive tackle position could be resolved soon.

"We're talking and negotiating to his representation," Hickey said after the Dolphins introduced both Branden Albert and Earl Mitchell as their new free agent additions. "Dawn Aponte is up there right now and we're talking. We're optimistic and we'll see how that happens. We'll let you know."

Obviously the deal is not yet done as has been reported elsewhere. But the Dolphins are going well down that road.

[Update at 3:10: The Starks deal is now done. He agrees to a 2-year deal that pays a maximum of $12 million.]

Hickey did nothing to douse the smoke to any rumors the Dolphins will be interested when/if cornerback Darrelle Revis is released from Tampa Bay and becomes a free agent.

While the New England Patriots are mentioned prominently among teams that will chase Revis, it must be noted Hickey was prominent in the Bucs' chase for Revis a year ago when they traded for him.

"I'm not going to comment on players on other team's rosters," Hickey said about Revis.

Hickey would not say if adding more free agent offensive linemen -- the Dolphins have voids at both guards and right tackle -- would continue to be a free agency focus. "The priority is always good players," he said.

"We always look at value. That's what we've done so far and that's what we're going to continue to do. We're trying to get the best 53-man roster.

Hickey obviously feels good about what the Dolphins are today and what they can become by the time this offseason is over.

"We're confident we're going to build or are in the process of building a championship team," he said. "We're going to keep adding pieces and keep developing the pieces that are already here. We feel we have a quality team and we'll keep adding to that trying to get the best 53 man roster."


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NFL Net (Rappaport) Revis talking return to N.Y. Jets if price is right. Still owns his home there and prefers moving family again to somewhere famuiliar. Also loves playing for Rex! So the Pats could be left twisting in the wind! Remember B.Kraft right after AFC Champ. game low balling team ffer to Talib with claims of what worked best well the deal Denver gave Talib isn't over the top and along the moey lines of what we gave Grimsy and Indy gave V.D. and neither is on Aqib's level.

dusty bottom,

Not saying that its true, just sometimes I wonder if DawnJo and the "coaching staff" conspired together to get Ireland tossed out on his ear?

Seems the "coaching staff on both sides of the ball showed "very little faith" in all of Ireland's 2013 draft picks.

Dashi was right with Lacy, and only that one time.

Please, reporters, redact better, you are barely understandable.

Dashi Spouts,

I did answer you homophobic inbred. Your delusions always precede your objectivity.

Now go back and find you dumb piece of porous volcanic Dominican rock.

fin taleb got the biggest contract of free agency

Island Boy,

You amuse us well. Now, can you please hand me my towel? :)

The Bucs are going 0-6.

Favorite to win the Division? Who you kidding. Even Buc fans know that ain't happening for the next Decade.

Posted by: Dashi | March 12, 2014 at 04:59 PM

Plenty of good D pieces for Lovie to move them past some Div. foes in that catagory. They lack a QB and wouldn't be surprised to see them draft Bridgewater if he fell to there pick while adding Josh McCown in FA were they have a visit scheduled. I don't believe Glennon did as well as advertised more like he had players around him and avoided mistakes. Not Div. front runner butr will not go 0-6 in Div. this Yr. and will give them all a game!

already signed mccown and said hes starter, and yes front runner. vegas has them favored to win div

Jeremy Hill RB, LSU may still be available at the 81st pick, our 3rd round pick (he may have to fall a bit to be there!). Fits every need but the pass protection ability isn't known. At 6'2" and 230 lbs. certainly has the size to get into someone's way in pass protection. Averaged almost 7 yds./carry and demonstrated an ability to catch the ball.

fin taleb got the biggest contract of free agency

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 12, 2014 at 05:14 PM

Very nice on paper but this isn't the NBA or MLB! No guarantee he sees it all! More like a 3 Yr./26 Mil. contract when factoing his actual guaranteed money and CAP responsibility. That works out to less than 9 Mil per on the average with the shorter term deal we gave Grimes!

got most guaranteed money. guy is a stud, glad hes gone from pats. denver should have a cake walk to super bowl

Yippee!!!! We are going to open the season with 3 rookies OL

Tick tock, tick tock......


Not a Carolina Fan. But do like the last couple of drafts. I was on the Cam Train. And Dashi has never hid his feelings Towards the Best MLB in Football.

Manziel might go #1, because it is the Texans. But Dashi wouldn't pick him until the 3rd round.

I am not saying Manziel is Matt Barkley. But he certainly ain't R.Wilson.

I would like to know how Low did Manziel score on the written exam. Remember Manziel had someone taking Online courses for him at A&M.

And from watching Manziel on Tape he doesn't look like he is the most cerebral QB. He plays off instincts. He doesn't think before or after the ball is hiked.

You can get away with that playing checkers(College Ball), you can't get away with not thinking playing Chess(NFL).

sweet...better keep snap count simple. go=pass.
(unless its PAP)

((did I get that right?))

What the hell is the FO doing, aside from drinking coffee and bragging about having snagged Albert & Mitchell.
Two signings doesn't cut it, considering the stiffs we have at guard & right tackle & LB.
It's shameful to stop being active now, esp. considering the money available to spend.

two words.

Chris Johnson

What a pleasant surprise to get Starks back on the team. Very happy the way FA is going so far. Not bad at all...it would be a good idea to get in the bidding for Revis to at least drive up his price on the Jets or Pats.

I am glad they kept Starks good move by Hickey, so far so good it is still early and we need line backing help and still need oline help and could use a good running back as well. I would like them to get a veteran running back from somewhere maybe MJD or Blount to go with Miller , Thomas should be cut right right away.

What to do with Matt Moore ? if we can save 5 million in cap space then cut him if not maybe a trade not sure what we could get in return, any thoughts Armando


You said it. Good defense and some playmakers on Offense. Is M.Glennon the QB? Who will be the QB?

Do you trust L.Smith developing a young QB?

Their defense hasn't gotten better. And L.Smith isn't an Offensive Guru. Tampa didn't lose because they couldn't stop anybody. They lost because they couldn't score on anybody.

The Bucs might beat the Falcons once. Doubt they beat the Saints or the Panthers.

"It could be worse. I could be out on the streets"
- Randy Starks right after signing with the Dolphins

Well, when you put it that way Randy, I guess you are right

No worries...Hickey and Aponte are not standing pat...Dumbo is on their case !!!!

G.Tate to Det.

D.Ware signs with Denver

The Jets flying in E.Decker along with MJD.

defense hasnt gotten better??? they signed the best cb and de in free agency, man ur clueless

On the RBs Hickey like. If it is anything like the Bugs recently. Expect Short and Stocky RBs. Guys about 5'10" 220lbs. With some Lateral Agility.

Picture Ray Rice without the Devastating Uppercut.

Doug Martin.

And not just cause of D.Martin.

Look at their other RBs. B.Rainey, M.James. Guys are built like RBs.

Albert upon signing takes #71! Will be nice to see the # pancaking DE/OLB's on sweeps for a change!

oh boy fin. u realize albert is middle of the pack right, big upgrade but also reality on him being solid nowhere near great

Dashi | March 12, 2014 at 05:28 PM

On your Carolina thought, team just terminated the contract of WR Steve Smith. There GM said beyond money that Smith was a distraction team needed to move on from?? Wasn't this the player who helped Cam with the NFL growing pains in his early ups-n-downs? If your S.F. this is an inticing move on a 1-Yr. deal, Smith can line up in the slot.

The salary cap is 133 million for the season...divided by 53 players on salary...that averages out to 2.509 million per player.

That puts into better perspective just how few high-ticket players a team can acquire in one FA period.

Based on those numbers, it's not as easy as it may seem at first glance.

So far, the FO is doing a pretty good job. The draft will be the determining factor; how well will those acquisitions compliment what has been accumulated this Free Agency.




Nice move bringing Starks back. With him, Mitchell and Odrick rotating, gives us stability. Linebackers are tough because of cap hit. Moving Ellerbe to outside would be nice. Question is getting Wheeler up to his potential and getting Dion Jordan into the mix. Set with Grimes at one corner. Need to figure out a way to get Reshad Jones into his natural position of a rover type safety where he can be most effective. Not sold on Delmas, yet.
Offense: Pouncey and Albert a start. Need one more guy in free Agency, hopefully a Guard to fill out the line. That would leave either 2 rookies or one of our other guys, Clabo? to fill in the other spots. I believe Miller will be fine with a decent line to run behind, but still wouldn't turn down a power guy for tough yards. Would like a receiver that fights for the ball to go opposite Wallace. Of course I believe TanneHill is going to be a good QB.

Love the Starks resigning. 2 year deal on a guy that can still play. No long term cap pergatory and IMO, has always been a more versatile player than Solai. Now Starks has chance to silence his critics again. Taking care of business at home. Nice Hickey!

Hickey is already making some of us forget dummy Ireland.

Work far from finished. Fins sorely need a tackling machine MLB. Move Ellerbe outside, beef up the running game. Sign a big fast WR for once and of course add OL help. Oh, forgot about another real CB. Let's be real folks, Fins still have a long way to go.. but Hickey's got us on the right track.

I'm almost excited again!

welcome back bobby

Bobby ..hope you're right about Tanny...for me the jury is still out.

This spring and summer, he had better throw bushels of footballs at a slew of moving golf carts....and he better learn to HIT THEM!!!



S.Smith is a strong personality. Real strong. I could see how the Panthers needed to move on.

I don't know about S.Smith with the 49ers. They did just trade for J.Martin.

The Monkey keeps on dancing as the $$$ rolls in.

Only problem is McCown was good under Trestman. He was out of the NFL under L.Smith.

I see C.Henne having a better year with the Jags, than the Bucs winning.

Then it's Tre Mason, Dashi, Tre Mason.


How many names did you use today? Besides the obvious ones of you agreeing with yourself.


Give up the predictions. Nobody gives a hoot about your opinion. Last season you said 12-4, then 10-6. You are throwing darts like everyone else. Every year you say playoffs and when it finally comes true, you will say you were right.....but you won't add only 1 out of 20 times. (5% in case you don't have a calculator)

How many bloggers has Armando called out for trolling?


Guess who?

Boy fraud, of course

So far so good. Nice signings so far. Its seems Hickey is liked more than Ireland by the players and their agents. All of those signed so far could easily have gone to other clubs for the same or even more dollars. Hickey does seem to be a guy to do business with. Jeff was more your twisted nephew, al la the douche from Dirty Dancing !!!


I could see them picking The Mason. He fits the bill. Even though if he was 10lbs heavier, I would feel more comfortable saying that.

I have a question. Since he is your friend. Why is it so difficult for some people to make an opinion and stand behind what they say.

You have been behind the Mason from Day 1. And you have even stood behind your C.Hyde pick. I respect that.

But the other guy with Ridiculous Mental Issues, Never Stands Behind What He says.

Wonder who the Twink is?

But the other guy with Ridiculous Mental Issues, Never Stands Behind What He says.

Posted by: Dashi | March 12, 2014 at 06:20 PM

Now if this ain't the coconut calling the tin man hollow....

Wonder who "The Blog" is?

Dashi, Saturday night you swore it wasn't you trolling. But you can't fake your distinct brand of immaturity. Then Armando called you out on it the next morning.

So, you lied, no?

Trade down in the first, get an extra 3rd rounder. Get Carlos Hyde and use the extra 3rd rounder on a decent ILB. Of course the other 2nd and 3rd will be on our starting offense RG and RT. Bremner or Garner will start at LG. 'Rome was not built in a day', and this is Hickey's Rome.

Another dashi boy trademark. After trolling away, he'll come back the next day and swear he hadn't posted in 3 days. Of course, nobody else here can make believe they are 9 years old. So, just another case of Busted Again.


I'm coming late to the Revis and Bucs conversation but the they are very happy in Tampa.

Just listened to their press conference on the way home and they got 4 players for what they would have paid Revis, including pro bowl CB Alterraun Verner.

Also in that group were Michael Johnson DE, Clinton McDonald DT, and Brandon Myers TE.

As you know they also signed Josh Mckown today.

Listening to Lovie talk and a couple of the new additions, it sounds like he has a great plan and these guys are buying in.

I like what Hickey has done so far:

LT - Done Pro Bowler
S - Done Former Pro Bowler that is still solid
DT - Done
DT - Done Pro Bowler
CB - Done Pro Bowler

Resign Patterson for 2 years $4.5 million
Sign a FA Guard

1. ILB
2. T
3. G
4. TE
5. RB
6-7. Depth

Oscar, Stacey was easily the best power back available last yeara. Now Carlos Hyde is easily the best PB in the draft. Take him after trading down at 21-24 and secure another 3rd rounder for an ILB or the next best player left on the board regardless of position, even QB, after all Thill is still in the category off ???

What friend?

You are still stuck on that.

Look, Dashi has followed your rules. Don't Post after 7 pm. And don't post on the Weekends.

I know how sensitive you are about those 2 Rules you have.

I would actually like to know who it was so I can thank them. They still have you all flustered.

This will be my last post of the day here. So, if you want I will respond tomorrow.

The LB situation is tough. Ireland left Hickey with 2 horrible corps the O-line, and LB! (Thats not to say ireland didnt leave hickey with good stuff like Wr and DL)
O-line is a fix we just need a solid right tackle, and we draft Martin to be our RG.

The LB is mich more complicated. First we know they
Want to move ellerbee to outside(im all for it. He thrived on the outside in baltimore) Misi is obviously gonna stay outside, which leaves Wheeler to play Inside. Yeah i dont like it either.
Wheeler has been piss poor in stopping the run i dont want him paying the position where you face the run the most!
Not to mention we still have to add Jelani, and Dion into the mix.

Dashi, You remind me of a song I once wrote....

"There is one thing you can't hide, it's when you are crippled inside"

Posted by: Randy S | March 12, 2014 at 06:28 PM

So who plays RB ? Gilli and Miller ? Thomas is gone after camp starts ? Carlos Hyde !!!

Yeah, I'll give you that, Dashi, 207 is a little light.

Posted by: John Lennon | March 12, 2014 at 06:31 PM

He's a real Nowhere Man living in his nowhere land.... ok that could apply to DAwnJoe too.

Its All Too Much !!!

WhoTH hell knows about our LBs? At many points, they were running at will thru our D line. Hard to evaluate them.

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