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Hickey on Starks return, Revis rumors, Dolphins future

Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey said he is "optimistic" the Dolphins will be able to re-sign defensive tackle Randy Starks on Wednesday, meaning the Dolphins defensive tackle position could be resolved soon.

"We're talking and negotiating to his representation," Hickey said after the Dolphins introduced both Branden Albert and Earl Mitchell as their new free agent additions. "Dawn Aponte is up there right now and we're talking. We're optimistic and we'll see how that happens. We'll let you know."

Obviously the deal is not yet done as has been reported elsewhere. But the Dolphins are going well down that road.

[Update at 3:10: The Starks deal is now done. He agrees to a 2-year deal that pays a maximum of $12 million.]

Hickey did nothing to douse the smoke to any rumors the Dolphins will be interested when/if cornerback Darrelle Revis is released from Tampa Bay and becomes a free agent.

While the New England Patriots are mentioned prominently among teams that will chase Revis, it must be noted Hickey was prominent in the Bucs' chase for Revis a year ago when they traded for him.

"I'm not going to comment on players on other team's rosters," Hickey said about Revis.

Hickey would not say if adding more free agent offensive linemen -- the Dolphins have voids at both guards and right tackle -- would continue to be a free agency focus. "The priority is always good players," he said.

"We always look at value. That's what we've done so far and that's what we're going to continue to do. We're trying to get the best 53-man roster.

Hickey obviously feels good about what the Dolphins are today and what they can become by the time this offseason is over.

"We're confident we're going to build or are in the process of building a championship team," he said. "We're going to keep adding pieces and keep developing the pieces that are already here. We feel we have a quality team and we'll keep adding to that trying to get the best 53 man roster."


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Wheeler and R Jones are still on the D. QB's will have plenty too attack, don't worry oscar.

I say go out and overpay for Revis if it means keeping him off the Patriots roster.

I would love a run stuffing ILB. One of those guys that hit hard and make opposing RBs think twice before running.There are no big name FA for that position.
I can picture a trade up to grab Mosley(although most of you say hes hyped or try for one in later rounds(although i would not put faith in a rookie to completely fix our run defense)

LT - Albert
LG - ?
C - Pouncey
LG - ?
RG - ?

So, 3 ? With only mediocre players left in FA and rookies....ummm, yeah hat sounds like a winning formula.....just like hiring the 8th, last and only GM candidate......

Stop smoking Miami....when you have a bad formula, you will get BAD results


Young ILB's can be very successful right out the gate. WE have had it here with Offerdahl and Zach Thomas. The position is very much on young instincts and aggression, you know what I mean.

We can draft two this year and give them a battle in camp and they would still be better than Ellerbe.

Dallas Thomas looked really bad in pre-season and in the limited time he had in games. Bremner could be the new LG too be honest. He had an awful OC and O-line coach, so he really deserves a chance. Garner could also start at RG. WE do need to go out and land a RT in the draft though.

I agree Marco, Hickey might like what he has in Brenner and Garner at the guard positions.

The OL answer is not in house, our current backups are just that, backups....remember these were the same guys that could not beat the 58 sacks last year starters

Once again, bad formula, bad results


Dolphins hosting no one


Henne/Sanders > Tannehill/Wallace

The OL answer is not in house, our current backups are just that, backups....remember these were the same guys that could not beat the 58 sacks last year starters

Once again, bad formula, bad results

Posted by: Go gogo | March 12, 2014 at 06:53 PM


Amen to that one!

Posted by: Darkoak | March 12, 2014 at 06:51 PM

Exactly. We have too many gaps too fill to get hooked on the o-line, its about balance. I think a power runner would make a massive difference to the O and even if we have

LT Albert
LG Bremner
C Pouncey
RG Garner
RT Clabo/top draft pick

with Carlos Hyde.... for instance, this would give us a much better product than last year. Factor into this we have no more Bullygate BS and we have a dynamic young QB coach that produced the NFL's top rated QB and one of the most prolific O's in recent years.

The OL answer is not in house, our current backups are just that, backups....remember these were the same guys that could not beat the 58 sacks last year starters

Once again, bad formula, bad results

Posted by: Go gogo | March 12, 2014 at 06:53 PM

Bremner played really well last year under the circumstances. The coaching was awful and the guy was thrown in at the deep end and came good. Bremner is not a back up he ended up starting. Not every NFL pro bowl lineman starts from day one, many have had to come up through theranks. Just because a guy doesnt get drafted high, or even drafted at all, doesn't mean to say he will never make it. Look at all the the high picks who have bombed over the years here. Billy Milner et al. This is America, where everyone still has a chance to make it big !!! Bremner and Garner played better than RI and Martin. When Pouncey was out the o-line played better with Garner at center and they Pouncey makes the pro bowl, which was a surprise. Maybe its because MP has friends in high places ?

Gogogogogogogo keeps whining. WAAHHHHHHH What a baby! Go change your tampon Sally!

What did you think idiots, Hickey was gonna sign 4 starting OL in FA? LOLOL

There has never been a collection of more ignorant fans ever assembled! And people wonder why Miami football fans are ridiculed. It's because of pathetic schleps like you!

Hyde will be average at best in the NFL, You suckers believe whatever hype the mass media pushes at you.

There are RT options out there. Strief, Oher, and Collins- if he goes to RT. If Tampa signs Collins, Donald Penn shakes free to play RT. IT is the OG market that is dried up. There is one stud OL left on the market- Evan Dietrich Smith who can play both C and G. IF pouncey gets suspended for a few games, does it not make sense to sign Dietrich smith, who can play C and then switch to LG or RG after Pouncey returns? Dietrich Smith should be the one guy we spend money on right now.

Posted by: Frank from PA | March 12, 2014 at 07:10 PM

Garner and Bremner will be the guards, but I agree we should go after a RT. Look Clabo actually came back stronger after he was benched and we could use him next year. We have other vconcerns though at LB and RB too worry too much about the o-line. Yes I would spend a 2nd rounder on an RT, but get Hyde in the 1st after trading down. I have Hyde as a major addition to this team and give LazorBall a chance. Thill can't get it done on his own this is clear my friend.

Many posters here write like odin does. He's no writer to imitate.

Be your self people express your feelings

Many posters here write like odin does. He's no writer to imitate.

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 12, 2014 at 07:17 PM

Sorry but you have no room to critic others with your three word sentences. Oscar no a more serious note, did you see that story about Glenn Fords release, what a feckin joke he American legal system is. The poor b*stard. I live in the UK now and at least we have a decent legal system. In the Us its a free for all and an animal farm if you get busted.

I keep reading this guy "Go... Go GO" saying Miami needs to stop drinking coffee and run out and sign some O-line guys before they are gone.

DAMN we're lucky you don't run this organization. You don't pay guards $8 and $9 million a year... That's stupid. $4 to $6 is starter money, $2 to $4 is active on game day money and 1st contract money is the best thing going.

Miami has done what they needed to do before and on day one. They upgraded at FS. They locked down a pro bowl corner. The locked down the pro bowl and the solidified the DT situation by only losing one player who was so over paid it is ridiculous. Starks resigning was brilliant by Hickey.

Miami needs to take a deep breath and allow the market to stabilize. There are 3 or 4 players (Revis, MJD, Sproles, Zach Strief) and perhaps one or two others who are holding up the show. Once they break the seal on the second level talent the flood gates will fly open.

My point being (Gogogogogogogogo).... You ALWAYS do what you can to avoid paying second teir players first tier cash. Revis is not 2nd tier... But he'll be this years FA Media circus. If I were Miami I would do what one local author suggested... I would throw a 6 years, $70 Million dollar deal with $30 Million guaranteed on the table just to make teams like New york, New England and other have to work for him. They would either have to break they're bank, weakening them... Or Miami would rent a GREAT CB for 3 years at $10 mill per.....

Otherwise... Cool your jets Miami.... 2nd tier Signing time will be here soon....

Marco whatever combination of players that allows us to run successful I-line screens and counter runs is what I want from the o-line. I want Tannehill audibling to a screen not max protect. Makes our offense more versatile. Jam our receivers and blitz get burned on the screen.

Hey while we are no Sprole. I never want to see Thigpen back playing for us, he really sucked last year and has little left in the tank.

WhoTH is Glenn Ford now? As a writer, I have been patterned after Hemingway, and of course, not by wish, but by design.

May posters here ARE odin.

Many, many

May posters here ARE odin.

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 12, 2014 at 07:30 PM

You'd know, odin!

WhoTH is Glenn Ford now? As a writer, I have been patterned after Hemingway, and of course, not by wish, but by design.

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 12, 2014 at 07:28 PM

Ernest H, really in your dreams darling boy !!! Glenn Ford did 30 years on death row and was released today as nistake identity. Sorry old boy no hard feelings !!! 30 yearrs of being nailed in the a-pipe and we got it all wrong. Thats what you should be angry about, not the grammatical crash that is this site !!!

i think oscar is dusty bottom and possible Bill Assburger.

Nahh, I'm on Google search.

Wouldn't surprise me Marco.

That this site is, that this site is.

Posted by: The Blog | March 12, 2014 at 07:07 PM


Even if Brenner/Garner are starting guards, we still need to add depth.

Anyway, Garner has never been more than "reliable depth" nothing more or less. I really can not see anyone trusting Garner starting over a 16 game season.

However, because he surprised as an "undrafted rookie fa" last season. I can see him being allowed "to compete" for a starting guard position during camp.

Oscar prob not the smartest to let some of these guys on here know the address to your office. .. there are some crazy people out there doc

Homers are incredible....now you are counting on the guys that were backups last year....
You must have forgotten that the 5"10 brenner was removed from the game in his second "start" because he was being bulldozing around...after that he never "started" again.
Oh yeah, we got Garner, funny that being so good, he has been on the bench all his career

But heck, if Dickey got good on the drive from Tampa to Miami, why not shorty Brenner become a monster G

Homers are homers....

Marco has a point. We cant have 5 pro bowlers on the line. Brenners story may not be pretty, but he helped us improve and clearly played better than incognito when he played LG.

Brenner is actually my LG for next season

WhoTH is Glenn Ford now? As a writer, I have been patterned after Hemingway, and of course, not by wish, but by design.

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 12, 2014 at 07:28 PM

An all white jury in Shrevport, Louisianna. The only witness was the Girlfriend of a Co-Defendant whose charges were dismissed. No physical evidence of any kind what so ever! His Defense run by a couple of accident insurance Lawyers 2 Yrs. out of Law School with no trial exp.

Basically a hear-say Death Row conviction that robbed this man of his life. He wasn't taking it up the A-Pipe as Marco so eloquently put because he was a Dead man walking in the Death House were inmates are kept in isolation. In other words this man has just spent 30 Yrs. in complete isolation from the outside World.

His Law Suit Vs. the St. should yield a massive windfall just on lost wage opportunity without mentioning the mental anguish part of his coming settlement. I just wonder how well he is to re-enter society? This person needs help to say the least re-adjusting after living like an animal with his life hanging in the balance for so long.

"To live life in Fear is not worth living it at all", Omar Canosa.

It IS the QB stupid eH?.Yes THole was all panty twisted at the dinner last night with Slim Albert eH? Now that the STUPID HOMERS have the LT ,what EXCUSE ARE they going to use NOW! when THole Kraps all over himself as usual eH?

Maybe my memory isn't so good but I thought Brenner regressed and went back to the bench after his initial decent couple of starts.

I'm not saying they have to be signed today, tomorrow, or next week but I agree with mr go go that the final 3 o-line starter's aren't on our current roster.

Maybe sign one more and draft two.

There is a difference between not living your life in fear and inviting the devil to dance

HOMERS! Be gone,where is the FPUKING Spray eH?

New blog post up

Posted by: fin4life | March 12, 2014 at 07:58 PM

I was speaking metaphorically dear boy. Taking it in the a-pipe means getting crew-ed over by the judicial system. 30 years of jail and he was an innocent man. The death penalty is wrong and shouldn't be allowed in a civilized world.

Rd 1 Ryan Shazier LB The Ohio State University
Rd 2 Troy Niklas TE Notre Dame
Rd 3 Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss
Rd 4 Jay Prosch FB Auburn
Rd 5 James Hurst OT UNC
Rd 6 Connor Shaw QB South Carolina
Rd 6 John Urschel OG Penn State
Rd 7 Max Bullough ILB Michigan State
Rd 7 Dezmen Southward S Wisconsin

Go gogo is the same clown who was crying that hickey ruined the team by not signing both of our DTs before Free agency started. There will be more Olinemen signed for sure. More guys will get cut as teams maneuver there cap as the off season progresses. more vets will get cut when training camp starts too. For some jokers on here Hickey will never do enough to make them happy. We are only 2 days in and so far Hickey is doing a great job.

we don't really need another OLB...mosley probably won't be available at 19, so miami should look at Chris Borland in the 2nd..plays not unlike ZT but is more athletic,

The fins still have plenty of cap space and could do a deal with revis if they choose . They must however get two more o-line in FA. They need an experienced ILB . RB , line depth, and other luxury positions can get a look in draft . By adding Delmas at Saftey -upgrade. Revis at CB and a ILB coupled with new schemes and the continued development of Jordan , Olivier and Shelby would make d pretty tough . Better o-line and running game will help Tanny become a playoff QB

with Revis signed in N ENgland lets look at a more realistic option - Carlos Rogers was released by the 49ers...another very good CB. If we are in the market for a defensive back, Rogers would be a great player to consider

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