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Jonathan Martin traded to San Francisco

The nightmare is over -- for all parties involved.

Following through on owner Stephen Ross' words that neither Jonathan Martin nor Richie Incognito would return to the Dolphins after the 2013 harassment scandal, the Dolphins confirm they have agreed to trade Martin to the San Francisco 49ers.

Martin thus rejoins former Stanford coach and current San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh in the Bay Area.

Terms of the trade were not immediately available. But it is likely for a low-round pick. ESPN was the first to report this story.

The Dolphins invested a second round pick on Martin in 2012.

In 2013, Martin imploded.

Plagued by depression and self-esteem issues, and tormented by poor treatment from Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey, Martin admits in the Wells Report he felt suicidal in May 2013.

In late October he left the Dolphins in the middle of the season.

Now he's left the Dolphins for good.

Martin's reaction?

"Big news," he tweeted moments ago. "Opportunities are few in the NFL. Can't wait to get to work."

He added the hashtag: 9ersempire.

The Dolphins will carry $959,734 in dead money against their cap for the Martin trade.



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now mommy can bring him soup for lunch

And tuck him in at night after a bedtime story!

Martin will thrive reunited with Harbaugh.

Verner signed with the Bucs. Revis is history in Tampa, no doubt. Wow! Amazing how things change in a year. Like the good old saying, NFL=Not For Long.

"thrive"?--he sucked

I'm sure Harbaugh got the best of that trade.

Have the conditions in the "conditional clause" been revealed?

Good riddance!

Hope the 49ers have a good phsyciatrist.

It about time he gone I'm tired of this crap for the last 5 months about this bullying crap at lease we got trade instead of release him.

Hope has a better go of things with the 49ers.

Ohh that stinky pakistani

-$500 for being traded

Filed to ESPN: San Francisco is trading a conditional draft pick to Miami for OT Jonathan Martin, per league sources..

True that...(Benz) Now the Phins can focus and move on from that mess!!!

49ers are loading up. First Gabbert and now Martin. Watch out.

the fact that we got anything for Martin is a win…..everybody knew he was gone…..ANY pick in return is solid

The fact San Francisco wants him is proof that Martin was an excellent Jeff Ireland pick!

Harbaugh should try to sign Incognito.

Hope his remaining years in the NFL are plagued by injury and disappointment. I CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY THE NINERS...
I wonder if he'll be harassed on the field? Coachie, that DE just said bad things about me!

Martin wasnt a bad RT. Dont forget he started from day 1. He could be a 10 year starter.

Glad to see that ass clown gone

actually the Niners are being smart (again)--they've stockpiled draft picks and there is simply no room on that roster for 12 new picks (3-4 probably, at most)--so Martin and Gabbert suck but they're worth late round flyers for SF…..both valuable positions…..and they still have like 9 or 10 picks this year

We got compensation for Mr. Softy!
Now he can ruin their O line..

So instead of being bullied now, he'll be completely ignored and isolated by his new teammates out of fear of being accused of bullying or being insensitive.

Jonathan Martin just doesn't have the personality or mental makeup to be an NFL player. I wish him well though

My mom still doesn't know who my dad is. And my dad doesn't know who my mom is.

Now if we can just get Cogs to sign with the Seahawks. Wouldn't those games be the most watched by Fins fans.

San Fran is the perfect place for Martin to have his coming out party, and get the jump on Michael Sams as the first ghey NFL player. The G&L community is going to looooooove him!

You were born for this Jonathan!

I am glad that Martin has found a home where he can start over. I wish the dolphins would sign McKennie. I believe McKennie did a pretty good job last season. I would have signed McKennie to a one year deal to continue at left tackle. Then groom a rookie for a year and save all of that money for other things. We should sign Ted Ginn and Cromartie. These two signings will strengthen the offense and defense. Ginn and Wallace on the field at the same time, with Hartline, would be extremely intimidating to all defenses. MAKE IT HAPPEN DENNEY!

c'mon Shula….its ok to be kind as the guy heads out the door, but by every metric and opinion out there, Martin stunk at RT too……could he improve?--sure, I guess…..but the knock was that he was too soft and not strong enough (and you could see that)--hey, there was a reason he went from a mid 1st round pick early on, and lasted into the 2nd round….obviously alot of questions about him….unfortunately Ireland never quite picked up on that vibe

I feel sorry for the chump. He handled this all wrong.

Jonathan Martin just doesn't have the personality or mental makeup to be an NFL player. I wish him well though

Posted by: Jon | March 11, 2014 at 10:27 PM

Hate to break it to you, but he is an NFL player. No need to wish him well. He will be a millionaire before he is 30, unlike you who will work your whole life and rarely have enough cash for a real, first class vacation. Martin wishes you well.

Call me crazy but I think we coulda gotten more for him 4-5th..

But it's better than a kick in the nuts!!

That niners d will abuse him in camp.

So things basically played out EXACTLY how Martin wanted it to.

Jeff Ireland: The gift that keeps on giving…..

Now just trade Pouncey and the house is cleaned.

I'd be curious to see how much $$$$ Edelman wants. At the right price, he would be a very solid addition to our WR core. Him, Wallace and Hartline together would be interesting. And he could become our KR as well.

I honestly cant believe we got anything for him

and what about that Byrd deal?--are the Saints serious?

why would you trade Pouncey?--get real….

Yeah, that Byrd deal is ridiculous.

@ punked YEP!!

Martin's agent , who cares? He may be rich but he will always known as a quitter and there's no amount of money that can take that away.

Send him out West with a box of Pampers and his BaBa….time to FINALLY move on.

So tired of hearing about this Martin-Incognito bulls***. I'm a football fan. If I would be a fan of the young and the restless, I would really love this story. But I'm not. Enough already.

If he plays well it could turn into @ 4th ;) I'll be root'n for the lil bastid all yr!!

“Coach is always yelling at us, asking who has it better than us…..I felt intimidated.” J. Martin 2015

Earth to Disappointment, there are 31 other teams vying in free agency, or did Disappointment forget?

Posted by: SAM I AM | March 11, 2014 at 09:47 PM

We've created more holes than we filled.

Not impressed as the cream of the crop disappears from free agency.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 11, 2014 at 09:56 PM

Alot of talk about Jets RT Howard and I'm glad we passed on giving him a 6 Mil per deal! I saw a post from Mark about Z.Martin being gone by our pick 19 and feel that there isn't a team out there in a deep draft that will take him before that. His grade might have had him higher in the 2013 draft but not this one! I've been telling you all for months that this was the deepest draft at OL I could remember seeing and that the QB's at the Top would push some of these OL down to our spot.

I feel we may even have an outside shot at T.Lewan who is my personal fav. in this group al depends on how teams have them graded but can see one of them sliding,this draft will be different with alot of talent and the Manziel tracker of course. I believe at DT we got our man AND ONE THAT ACTUALLY reminds of Starks when we plucked him from Tenn. in 08 with another player added at the spot in the draft's 1st three Rds. to throw into the DT rotation.

I loved Solia as well and when this staff gets canned maybe at the end of 2014 it might come back to bite us when we move back to the 3/4 in some capacity but for what were running right now he didn't make sense. Starks was the fit but burned bridges voicing hs displeasure and was going to be allowed to walk we all knew that! This kid we picked up from the Texans 4/3 scheme is a 300 Pd'er who can motor having posted a 4.75/40X at his combine (looked it up)

I told you just the other day I felt the writting on the wall with Odrick finally landing one spot and a rookie with a cheaper FA vet which is exactly what happened names to keep in mind in the drafts 3rd Rd are DaQuan Jones, DeAndre Coleman and Daniel McCullers.

So far only bummed about losing out on Z.Beadles who I wanted with Asamoah 2nd and both are gone but we did get some play out of 2 of the Guards on Camp this Yr. who did better than Cogs was doing in any event and have a shot competing for the RG spot (IMO)I have a gut feeling Davin Joseph will be our opening day LG and paired with Albert and Pouncey gives us a pretty good group to kick it off with. The RT (With ability to switch to LT eventually) will be drafted Rd-1. The team is moving with a plan that seems to me rather transparant and I have no issue at this time given the FA period isn't even 24 Hrs old.

Garn79, it is an undisclosed 2014 draft pick not a conditional as has been reported by mistake.

Broncos making a push for DeMarcus Ware...

Getting anything for Martin is a win. Free soda in the locker room, extra towels, a bag of footballs. Cant wait for the 49er's to have ESPN following his training camp and interviewing everyone to make sure they aren't being too tough on him.

Conditional better mean 5 but 4 if he starts....

why would you trade Pouncey?

Posted by: benz | March 11, 2014 at 10:36 PM

Because he's on drugs, was a major part of the harrassment, is facing a suspension and supports murderers. We dont need that PR.

He already thrived under Harbaugh at Stanford, and the atmosphere at SF is similar to Stanford, so if Martin could succeed anywhere it is there. I wish him the best. At least he shined a light on what ugliness can happen in a locker room. I am glad to get a pick for him as well, as everyone knew he was good as gone.

So we lose 2 starters, Martin and Incognito and get nothing? If they keep Pouncy, he will play a different position. So he won't be up to speed either. Mckinnie is way past his prime too. What a mess and no end to it in sight.

Whole situation was awful. For the team it was a terribly divisive distraction.
Time to move on for both parties. Can't wish harm on a troubled young man. Just really sucks that we flushed another 2nd rd pick down the commode. Pin that one on people not doing their homework prior to drafting him.
Now on to more productive topics. Really like the Earl Mitchell signing. Young guy, athletic and came at a fair price. Albert was expensive as heck but gotta solidify the weakest link on the team and he's the best option. Delmas, if he remains healthy, can make plays. Clemons started but made basically zero plays.
Hope they make more moves, another OL and a veteran CB would make sense. Also, kick the tires on Sproles or MJD.

This trade cements the complete failing that was Ireland's tenure. I do however wonder if Ireland wasn't a victim himself of the Coaches given the play and Tackling (form) that K.C. got out of Sean Smith last Yr. and V.D. has been balling in Indy. Although here I suspect the 49ers don't get much return at least at Tackle he maybe primed for a move inside to Guard.

Very surprised we got anything for him. Nice move on Hickey's part.


Is this why we couldn't do more than sign one lineman and downgrade our d line and secondary so far this offseason?

Too worried about prying a 7th round pick from the 9ers?

No need to find a top guard or RT???

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