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Jonathan Martin traded to San Francisco

The nightmare is over -- for all parties involved.

Following through on owner Stephen Ross' words that neither Jonathan Martin nor Richie Incognito would return to the Dolphins after the 2013 harassment scandal, the Dolphins confirm they have agreed to trade Martin to the San Francisco 49ers.

Martin thus rejoins former Stanford coach and current San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh in the Bay Area.

Terms of the trade were not immediately available. But it is likely for a low-round pick. ESPN was the first to report this story.

The Dolphins invested a second round pick on Martin in 2012.

In 2013, Martin imploded.

Plagued by depression and self-esteem issues, and tormented by poor treatment from Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey, Martin admits in the Wells Report he felt suicidal in May 2013.

In late October he left the Dolphins in the middle of the season.

Now he's left the Dolphins for good.

Martin's reaction?

"Big news," he tweeted moments ago. "Opportunities are few in the NFL. Can't wait to get to work."

He added the hashtag: 9ersempire.

The Dolphins will carry $959,734 in dead money against their cap for the Martin trade.



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Now we can draft best available player at 19. Just get playmakers. First and second rounds should always be best available player. That is how you build a team. Don't draft for need.

Martin is gone and we may get a draft pick for him; let's have a pig pickin'.

Now we can draft best available player at 19. Just get playmakers. First and second rounds should always be best available player. That is how you build a team. Don't draft for need.

I am with you, brother. If a team drafts well, they can resign their worthy players and draft to replace their castoffs. Further more, the FAs they let go gets them compensatory players in the draft.

Guys like Long and Bush would have reaped us third or fourth round picks this year if we had not burned them on Wheeler and Elerbe.

Martin will do well ion SF.

Armando's New Article:

The Dolphins need to end the experiment with former-junior-college-quarterback-turned-NFL-running-back Daniel Thomas. He’s a career 3.6-yards-per-carry back in a 4-yards-a-carry-is-merely-average league.

This part is most interesting:

"The Dolphins also need to make starting tailback Lamar Miller their complementary second option rather than continue the mistake of having him as their first option."

Well, all you knuckle draggers who said JMart will never play another down in the NFL and that Cogs will be in big demand come fee agency are shown to be the dunces the level-headed here knew you all were.

I said this before and I'll say it again. Jmart was a very good LT at Stanford playing in a very good organization headed by Harbaugh. Now he will be a very good OL in a first rate NFL organization headed by the same Harbaugh. I predict pro bowl for JMart in 2015.

Suck it up Aholes. The problem was more this dysfunctional Dolphin team than it was JMart.

This aPosted by: SAM I AM | March 12, 2014 at 12:29 AM

This all seems pretty obvious to me. Thomas sux and Miller is a change of pace back.

Austin Howard to the Raiders. We are running out of good O-line options.

I am not so concerned about the OL FAs available as the ones we have signed. Will Albert play? Will Albert be the new south Florida milkman?


It is true that you have a repulsive odor that others find disgusting but there is always hope. I advise you to begin bathing regularly and employing better hygienic methodologies (such as wiping after defecating).

Once you have taken care of those items we can discuss obesity.

Posted by: SAM I AM | March 12, 2014 at 12:29 AM

Just read the article and couldn't disagree more with Mando. His claim is we need to sign Ben Tate because he's an upgrade over what we have. Well we all know that!! But I'd rather take that 4 Mil and add it to the base pay of a LG. We can draft 2 RB's in the coming draft if we chose with players like A.williams, J.Hill (even with the drama) James Wilder Jr. and Lorenzo Taliaferra all would bring better short Yardage inside presence/attitude we lack with the SOFT Daniel Thomas. The caveat? We can get all these guys in the Middle to late Rds. We need Guards now (athletic ones that can actually pull an Incognito weakness) if we wnat to run the Ball!


We still need a rb that can pass protect. Miller sucks worse than Thomas, and it rare rookie rb's excel in pass protect rightaway!

Pass protection is probably the greatest reason we need to add a "VET" rb.

Our current RB's are some of the worst in the NFL. Blame it on the OL? That won;t change the fact that Miller isn't good enough and will never be an every down NFL back, Thomas is soft and slow, and our draft pick from last year??? Couldn't get on the field.

RB should be addressed in the draft for sure, but bringing in a seasoned vet to replace Thomas would be a big plus. And they don't command the dollars that the big name OL and top defensive players are going for. Miami will go nowhere without a better RB stable

We're close is the new blog douche.

J Martin is a back up. If he does start Cap will be running as usual.

Who's the odiot who said Lazor is concerned about the RB's not being able to pass

Who's the idiot who said the new D line wont be as productive as the last??
They haven't even played down yet and people judge?

Wow, Peppers, Ware, soon to be Major Wright. There is going to be some good defensive talent out there for rent. Ware will go for big money, but I think the Dolphins still have plenty of time to shop for some vets to beef up the defense.

Can you imagine adding Peppers to bolster the pass rush? He's 34, still a full time player. Not sure he would accept being a situational pass rushing specialist but the Dolphins can really use another guy that can get after the QB.

Hickey can't lost sight of how important it is to add playmakers. The Fins are still sorely lacking difference makers. I would salivate over Ware in a Dolphins uniform.

Hickey could sling a cat and hit a back better than Miller and Thomas at blitz pick-up.

Martin is a hero. Hope he has a good career.

Hey Martin, see ya later, fukker.You think the abuse you got from your teammates was bad? Guess what,chump. It's going to be 10 fold from the people you will be lining up against for the rest of your career.

Martin gone and soon forgotten for the poor player he is. Now we have Brandon Albert a real LT that can help take us to the next level. Thats the perfect birthday present for me.

It will be interesting to see how Martin handle's his new situation....

If we you belive that this is a game for violent THUGS (as I read Benz and Mark and many others do believe).....then is it a far leap to believe that the team with the meanest THUGS is the better team....I am talking of course of the FINS and 9ers....

By the logic many of you use.... The 9er locker room is immeasurably tougher than ours.....

So this trade interesting in the fact that I would LikeToo see how Martin foes in a locker room that has real tough guys...and not just a bunch of douches....

So long to the Velvet Teddy Bear. His mommy will not have to use facetime anymore to read him Goodnight Moon as he drifts off to dream land. I hope this is a lesson to the Dolphins and they stay clear from the "Sugar Bear" of this years draft.

Good move as most thought we would not get anything.

To some a 7th is nothing but it is one more stab at finding a gem out of the just above FA pile.

The draft is such an inexact science that I applaud the move by the Hickster. The more lotto tickets you hold, the better chance to find a winner.


To Jonathan Martin...Thanks for nothing chump. Don't try to find a pair in SF, they are just missing from your anatomy...period!


Best move for both parties, I don't think they would have gotten much for martin even if there was no bullying he was not that good and was definitely a miss by Ireland.I like the way Hickey is moving so far, I just hope our defensive tackle can play. Solia and Starks were pretty good but no way you could pay them that much much, just wouldn't work.

Go home to your Mommy, Momma's boy.

The nightmare is over yet you mention the Wells Report in your very next blog about Ben Tate. MOVE ON ARMANDO! THIS STORY IS NOT BEING COVERED BY ESPN ANY LONGER! THE LIMELIGHT IS NOT ON YOU ANY MORE!

Poor treatment??? Why was this punk drafted in the first place, doesn't anyone in the front office do any research on potential draft pks, this behavior doesn't happen over night. ??????

Thanks Mr Harbaugh for taking this POS off our hands, You are now forgiven for you previous sins.

Nightmare continues unless Pouncy accounts for his sins

"Tormented by poor treatment"?

I take back my prior kudos....you're an idiot

Too worried about prying a 7th round pick from the 9ers?

No need to find a top guard or RT???
mark in toronto
ummm, free agency isn't over dude. calm dawn. in fact it hasn't officially started till 4:00pm est.

The trade has been canceled!! Someone teased Martin and he ran away again!

Mommy , Ive been "punked" again,,,Mommy, Mommy, where are you Mommy ?

Wishing Jon' Martin every success ( tongue is not
in cheek ). An added bonus is that he can stay on his
parents insurance until he's 26. And too, he can start
law school at Stanford part-time and follow in his mom's footsteps. If we got anything for the man - we lucked out. And as for Incognito, I sincerely hope he gets another shot with a team who knows how to deal with an occasionally manic and constantly keyed-up player. Someone say like: Cleveland or Dallas ? Go Dolphins !!

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