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Moreno to visit the Dolphins Friday

Denver unrestricted free agent running back Knowshon Moreno will meet the Dolphins on a visit Friday, according to a league source.

The Dolphins do not confirm or deny visits until they are over.

The Dolphins are apparently interested in the veteran running back's ability to help a backfield looking for upgrade from Lamar Miller or Daniel Thomas. The Dolphins like Moreno's ability to pass-protect -- something he was adept at while helping to protect Peyton Manning in Denver.

Moreno, 26, is coming off his best NFL season. He rushed for 1,038 yards on 241 carries (4.3 yard-per-carry average) in 16 games for the Broncos. It was the only time in his five years with Denver that Moreno eclipsed the 1,000-yard mark.

Moreno also caught 60 passes for 548 yards.

The Dolphins have been looking for a bruiser back -- someone who can break some tackles and help the club in the four-minute offense and protecting the lead. Moreno, at 5-11 and 215 pounds, has not been that in his career.

But Moreno is a good player. He's been dependable, fumbling only once in 241 attempts last year.

The running back market has been a buyer's market this free agency period. No player has gotten a deal worth over $3.5 million per year.

By the way, the Dolphins under Dennis Hickey have been serious about the players they bring in. Every player who has visited has signed except for linebacker D'Qwell Jackson. Every player who visited got a contract offer, including Jackson.


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Middletown norths finest a jersey boy go miami

1-year deal.

He will replace D.Thomas.

Hickey is proving that he wasn't the right pick.

The worst compliment you can pay any RB is that the best part of his game is his Blocking.

He's a good 3 down back he can do everything

I would rather the Dolphins re-sign Incognito.

He plays hard and can catch. I don't see the problem. Injury concern? Meh. He's young, talented and an upgrade. Dashi... Smh.

Moreno Career






I am the one SMH!!




Dashi must be one of the DUMBEST human beings alive

Well if we do grab him,then ok.
I guess i should forget about Tre Mason in the second round.
I suppose Antonio richardson would make sense in the second

Moreno can catch passes and is one o the best blocking running backs around he's pretty much exactly what we need. We don't need elite guy. Moreno and Miller is a pretty good duo and clear upgrade learn the game dashi. He also loves the game and has a passion for the game something Thomas lacks. Again you haven't got a clue.

Dashi is a troll with LITTLE NFL knowledge


I think its time to get off the Thomas bandwagon. Guy doesn't have it. I defended the move of trading the picks and drafting the kid but its clear hes not the guy. I'm not even a Miller fan. I would add somebody via the draft but doesn't hurt to take a look at Moreno. I'd take Moreno and a kid in the draft over Thomas and Gillislee


Stop tugging.

What was my first post you rambling imbecile.


1-year deal.

He will replace D.Thomas.

Hickey is proving that he wasn't the right pick.

The worst compliment you can pay any RB is that the best part of his game is his Blocking.

Posted by: Dashi | March 20, 2014 at 05:43 PM


Someone has a problem with comprehension.

I said, 1-yr deal will replace D.Thomas.


No, Miller = Moreno eH?

My overall feeling = MEH

Average player, he can help. If he is a good blocker then I am ok w/ it. Still may draft a day 3 RB who could turn out to be something, who knows.


You have the wrong person. Dashi was never a fan of D.Thomas.

I know people hate Dashi repeating it. But that is the reason I wanted Lacy last year. To team up with L.Miller for a Thunder and Lightning Duo.

I have wanted D.Thomas gone after his first season. If there is one RB that I hate more than Gillislee it is D.Thomas.

would like L. Blount instead

Dashi.....hardly means the end of the search if they sign him....can cut him in camp, or before....still have the draft....what, did the Vikes say they'd trade AP for a 6th rd pick?--did I miss something?

aint like there are 12 great RB options just lining up....add any capable bodies, add more in the draft, and sort it out in August--whats the problem with that?


The Dyckass post wasn't directed at you. It was directed to the idiot who #KeepsTugging.

Me and you are cool. No need for name calling.

Morino is a tuff guy and, I have a soft spot in my heart for him. Watched him here in NJ since his H.S. days @ Middletown South but, HE IS NOT THE ANSWER. HE'S BETTER THEN WHAT WE HAVE and, that's it. The problem with this team remains with the game day coaching. Coach Joe is a fine camp coach but, he seems lost when the ball gets kicked off in primetime.


I know it doesn't mean they are labeling him the starter. I just have a feeling that Hickey will do something stupid. I would just prefer a Real Power back!!

Anybody who saw Denver play, knows that by the end of the season Moreno was getting Phased out. He wasn't their short yardage back or their early down back.

Moreno was the 3rd down back by the time the Superbowl came along. MORENO HAD 5 CARRIES IN THE SUPERBOWL!!


Mark. He went to Middletown South. He Led them to 3 state Championships.

This has seemed like a no brainer move since day 1. This is a young developing kid that didn't start off the right way. IF he has learned what it takes to succeed at this level which is possible by having a decent year last year then why not. Miller is not a guarantee and Moreno would push him to step it up or get passed by. Great competition IMO. Let the 4 guys compete in camp an low man gets the boot. It allows you to not have to reach for a RB in the draft. We have the money - sign a 2 or 3 year deal with the guy where you can get out of it after 1 if you want.


Numbers don't lie!!

And he was running behind a Better line and playing next to a G.O.A.T!!

Child please!!

Moreno Sucks!!

And then he did nothing at UGA. And has done nothing in the NFL.

Even Al Bundy scored 5 TDs in a game in High School!!

NJ HS football!! Child please!!

Only 3 States play HS Football at a High Level!! Florida, Texas and California.

Then you have the secondary states. Louisiana, Alabama, The Carolina's, Ohio, and Michigan.

People, our runningbacks are good enough. We do not need more RBs. Tannehill is the problem on offense. When all opposing defense saw that Mike Wallace was not a threat on the deep pass; due to Tannehill's inability to get Wallace the football; all opposing defenses started to stack the line and crushed our running attack. All we need to do is make a change at QB, and we will blow teams away in the firsthalf, like the 07 Patriots. All we need is one more 4.2 wideout to pair with Wallace and Hartline.

The Dolphins may have finally come to their senses

Moreno is an excellent RB in rushing, receiving and blocking

Fact is DT is good at fumbling, being injured and under performing. He had one good snow game, when everyone was slipping and falling

UM Trash, RB Lame Miller proved he can only run in open lanes
Cannot break tackles, cannot catch, chokes when needed most, bad on 3rd down and def cannot block


What took the Dolphins so long?

Not a huge Moreno fan, but anything is an upgrade over Daniel Thomas. And I'm with Craig, I am not enamored with Lamar Miller. I will give him a pass as a rookie behind a bad OL, but I would bet that Reggie Bush would have produced more with less. I don't think he will ever be a workhorse back.

Moreno on the cheap for a year or two is a good insurance policy but Fins need to upgrade through the draft.

Home is going to enjoy some vanilla frozen yogurt w fresh black berries while the bloggers gather their thoughts

Antonio Cromartie joins Cardinals

Anybody know what the contract was? I would taken him in a heartbeat for the same money as Finnegan. Still scratching my head on that move.

Thomas obviously won the position without pads because with pads he plays like Martin plays left tackle. Not well. He backs into the line. Because he can't face the wall of meat coming at him.

I would take Moreno who some success over Daniel Thomas any day of the week.

TV, It's Millers' 3rd year eH?.


Posted by: Dashi | March 20, 2014 at 05:53 PM

Dashi calling someone else a cry baby????? Whaaaaaawaaaahaaahaaa!

UM trash Lame Miller is not a rookie
This will be his 3rd year w the Dolphins

He started in 29 games in 2012 & 2013 and has a grand total of 3 Rushing TDs

Moreno is a huge upgrade in all phases of production


He leaves out the part that most players won't even visit: Beadles, Watson, Streif, Penn, Hester etc.

"The Dolphins are apparently interested in the veteran running back's ability to help a backfield looking for upgrade from Lamar Miller..."

Dashi conveniently ignored that part...

Maybe if he wasn't so desperate to be 95% right, he would always be 95% wrong?


We're all good. I didn't take that as a comment directed at me.

But Dashi, you said 'Moreno had 5 carries in the Superbowl'. Not really a fair comment, is it? Did you watch the game? The Broncos were so far behind early that they had to pass the ball. How many pass attempts did Manning have?

Not really a Moreno fan (rather Marino) but I don'pt think it hurts to look at this guy. I agree with others though that the real upgrades should come via the draft.

Chris Johnson or a 2nd round pick eH? What gives you a better chance at the W in 2014 That THole can't find eH?

Dashi lick our balls

We want Moreno

We want more talent

Dashi obviously doesn't watch much football. Moreno hasn't always lived up to his potential but he played with toughness and intensity last year that the Dolphins RB's sorely lack. He would close out games for the Broncos by getting tough yards.

When is the last time a Miami RB has done that?
Lamar Miller- HA HA!

The intent is to upgrade the skill level of the team and not to land superstars at every position because its not possible.I am pretty sure if signed Moreno will start over at least one of the backs that they have now.

Even with Hickey(Parcells,Ireland) the Dolphins will probably draft offensive line first and maybe 2nd round and Rb might not be drafted until the later rounds.Moreno is a young veteran and I think they will sign him,why because no RB has signed for more than 3.5 and some of you might have forgotten the NEW MANTRA VALUE.


The OL was pretty shittey too. Just saying...

Thanks for the correction guys. Miller's production was so forgettable that I forgot it was his 3rd season. Yeah, let's bank on him!

We have Shoemakers

we want Playmakers

Bring on Moreno

Very surprised there was not much more interest in this well rounded talented NFL RB

. What is he supposed to do here?

Ladies, Ladies Take It Easy! He would be good addition at the right price.

Miller is the only RB in NFL history that consistently gets tackled with one hand or a bird dropping.

Anyway, there is no reason not to take a look. One has to know what the market is and what their options are.

Manning sucks

moreno be solid cheap get


He said Albert is washed up.

Listen, for our team to truly take the next step we need as much solid competition at each position as possible. Moreno would bring that to the backfield. May the best man win.

Manning choked on dashis balls

Last season 2013 Moreno earned 13 TDs

10 rushing
3 receiving

Moreno - 78 points put on the board for 2013 Denver

Lame Miller has a grand total of 3 rushing TDs in 2 seasons

Miller has 0 passing TDs in Miami's west Coast Offense

Miller has put a grand total of 18 points on the board in 2 seasons


When you have ZERO RB's, you take a look at Moreno.

I'm all for Moreno ,Thomas can't be relied upon

Hey he's a jersey guy forget about it heh sign the man 2 year 4 million

It is possible Thomas Miller and Gillislee will not be on the team come opening day.

moreno improved his pass protection last year also

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