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Moreno's resurrection and one reason for success

Last August 17 was a season-changer for Knowshon Moreno. Entering the first week of the 2013 preseason, Moreno was running third-team as a Denver Broncos running back behind Ronnie Hillman and rookie Montee Ball.

But during one drive against the Seattle Seahawks, quarterback Peyton Manning attempted a pass that fell incomplete when he was trucked by an onrushing Seattle defender who was not picked up in pass protection by Ball.

Moreno didn't carry the ball at all that game. But he basically outshone Ball by simply not being there when defenders poured through to hit Manning.

Soon after, Moreno was suddenly back in good graces and in need because the Broncos knew Manning couldn't take any more hits from unblocked rushers if they were going to have a good season. Ball out. Moreno in.

The rest is history.

Moreno had the best season of any Broncos back and the best season of his five-year NFL career, rushing for 1,038 yards (4.3 yards per carry average) with 10 touchdowns and 60 receptions for 541 yards and three touchdowns, which also was a career best.

It was Moreno's excellent ability to pass protect that got him back in the Broncos lineup when it seemed the team was ready to go in another direction and it is that ability that made him valuable enough to the Dolphins that they signed him to a one-year deal on Friday.

The Dolphins acquired what seems to be a solid pass protecting third-down back.

Now, Moreno sees himself as more than that (as you will soon read) and he'll have a chance to prove he can be the starter with the Dolphins because the running back competition is likely to be wide open. But if that's the case he'll face challenges he didn't face last year with the Broncos.

The primary challenge for Moreno, indeed, any Dolphins running back, is that they often see loaded tackle boxes. Defenses the last few years, regardless of quarterback, have opted to stop the Miami running game and dare the quarterback to beat them.

So Dolphins running back see 8-man boxes with regularity.

Moreno rarely if ever saw 8-man boxes last year. I studied the cut-ups of three Broncos games last season. Moreno ran against an 8-man box exactly zero times during those games.

None. Not once.

That's because Peyton Manning, seeing a safety down in the box, would slice and dice and turn the opposing secondary into a piece of burnt toast. Very rarely do teams play 8-man boxes against Manning.

Miami's Ryan Tannehill doesn't get that type of respect.

And unless Tannehill makes defenses consistently pay for using 8-man boxes against the Dolphins in the future, Moreno is going to see more loaded tackle boxes than he saw the last couple of season when he played with Manning.

It will be interesting to see how he does.

Moreno talked to South Florida reporters on Friday. This is how the conference call went:

Dolphins General Manager Dennis Hickey introduction -  “I like to say it’s my pleasure and I’m very excited to announce the newest addition to the Miami Dolphins that’s Knowshon Moreno.  Knowshon is a very talented back and we’re very excited to add him to our team.  He’s a back that is coming off a 1,000 yard rushing season in addition to also having 60 receptions.  He’s a three down back that can help our team in a lot of different ways and he’s a tough, passionate football player, the type of mentality that we want to continue to add to our team.  We had a had a great visit with Knowshon last week and we’re very, very excited that we were able to get an agreement here and bring him on board and with that I introduce our newest Dolphin Knowshon Moreno.”


What was the biggest thing that attracted him sign with the Dolphins and what he feels he can contribute to the team - “I think the main thing was just getting the opportunity to go down and meet with the coaches and meet with the different people working at the facility and just building a short relationship with those guys and coming in and having a good time.  You know when I get out there I’m going to work hard.  Do what I have to do to learn the new system and meet the new guys and build relationship and get to work from there.”

What does it takes to be a zone blocking running back - “At running back you want to be able to do it all.  Outside zone, inside zone or whatever it is, and just follow the blocks.  But in that case I think just going out and make sure I’m doing the right things at practice and just getting better each day.

How many other teams he talked to and if he feels motivated like he has to prove something being on a 1-year deal - “No, I was just concentrated on the Dolphins. I don’t feel pressure to go out because it’s a one-year deal and do anything spectacular.  I’m just going to go out there and make sure I’m doing the right thing, like I said earlier, working hard and competing, at the end of the day just going in and competing.  I’m not expecting anything.  Just go out and work and build those new relationships.”

How much does he feel the experience of getting to Super Bowl as you did last year with Denver will help bring that to a team that has a lot of young players – “I guess it will help.  That’s me coming in, just working hard and showing that leadership, the things I do on the field and off the field.  That was a special time, you know, last year but I’m trying to move on to something new and going to work and building relationships like I said earlier.”

If he feels like running backs are undervalued and that veterans are getting pinched in the situation – “I don’t know.  I know you are going to need running backs in your game so that, like it was said earlier, pass protect and be an outlet for the quarterback and run the ball. And to run the ball you have to versatile especially in this league."

Are you competing for a job or are you the starter – “Definitely competing, especially being a part of a team where anyone can be a starter and I think the same thing at the Dolphins. We are all going to go in and compete and the best man will win and get the job done. We will learn from each other, have fun with each other and at the same time go out there and compete and do what we have to do to help this team.”

What sort of adjustment do you think that means for you going from the veteran in Peyton Manning to a third year starter in Ryan Tannehill who is still learning and developing  – “Every quarterback was in their third year at one time. I am going to come in and do what I have to do and learn from him. He has been in the system and do what I have to do to make sure that I am doing the right things.”

What has he learned from the first five years in the NFL – “A lot of things, a lot of things. Things about the game, about the business and things like that and at the end of the day just learning each year growing as a person, as a man and as a football player.”

Does this have the capability to be a real high profile, high powered offense – “It is going to be whatever we put in this offseason. Going in the guys doing the smart things to work and coming in and doing the right things that we have to do. I think every team in the NFL is going in the same way, going in saying that they can be good and at the end of the day it is going to down to the hard work that we all put in.”

What went so right last year and made it all click – “Just doing the good things throughout the off-season and getting in and make sure that I am doing the right things to my body, doing the extra things after practice and before. Just to make sure that I am not going to stop those things.”

If he had talked to Bill Lazor, the offensive coordinator and what he told him about the offense and what they had planned for him – “Mostly when we met, it was just bonding with each other and getting to know each other like I said earlier. (We) did not talk too much about football, just getting to know each other in that short period of time and just chatting.”

If he is disappointed that he is not going to have the opportunity to return to the Broncos – “It is what it is, like you said, it’s a business. I am just every excited to be apart another team with a great group of guys, coaches all coming in and building for a certain goal and that goal is to work hard and win. So I am just excited for the opportunity.”

The feeling meeting with Coach Philbin and what type of coach he is going to be compared to (John Fox) who you played under in Denver – “You know what, they are both family guys. (They are) both generous, genuine guys, player kind of guys. Just good people. You really want to be surrounded by good people and it’s no different with the Dolphins.”


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Let's go Marlins!


Moreno's signing means that we'll go T/WR (most likely) or WR/T in the first 2 rounds of the draft.

The fact that he signed for 1 year also means we'll draft another RB in the late rounds (and cut Thomas and Gillislee).

Still don't know how we'll adress LB.

It will be a shocker if the fins draft a WR in in round one or two. They have to many other holes. O line will be the focus in round one. Depending who is out there round two may end up being another o line pick. LB in the third seems reasonable then perhaps a WR or a true safety and not another corner conversion after that. With Moreno signing RB is no longer a priority so dont be surprised if the Fins skip this position in the draft all together. After round three it may just be best avaliable irrespective of need including more o line or LB help.

Moreno signing means the Dolphins will draft a T/G or LB in the first 2 rounds. Round 3 could be a WR or RB.

Mike Gillislee will not be cut. Most likely Thomas and Thigpen get released. Both have been under performing and disappointing in their roles.

I think hickey will be eyeing up a trade back scenario if he can find a trade back partner. If zach martin isnt available at 19, there are no OT worth that high of a draft pick.

Don't forget that post draft, other veterans might be signed, especially after June 1 cap cuts take place. Ross tipped his hand when he said RT will be found in the draft. After Zachary martin, the prospects in rounds 2-3 are all very close talent wise.

Tannehill doesnt have the smarts to throw when theres 8 in the box. Tanne can't recognize defenses or make correct audibles.

I am, as ever, optimistic. Tannehill did make progress last year - it depends how you measure it but he was a top 12 QB in some criteria, in only his 2nd season, which he spent too much time getting up off his back.

The O line will likely be better, even if all we do is bring clabo and McKinnie back.

Miller will be better, Moreno was one of the best RBs last year.

The OC HAS to be better than last years OC. Improve the LBs, coach up Jordan and we could be better all round.

I am going to have to disagree with our perception that WR is not a need. We have two above average WRs Hartline & Gibson coming off Injury. We have a good speed WR in Wallace, but he does not fight for the ball. He waits for the ball, and does not use his hands, he is a chest catcher. Plus we have no size, all our 6fft 1 or smaller. We need a bigger WR like Mike Evans from Texas A & M. I don't know if he will fall to number 19, but if he does we should jum on him.

NaplesDavid, you forget Binns is 6'3" and was on his way as emerging as a BIG target last year before suffering a preseason knee injury. He's healthy and been working out everyday at the Dolphins facility. He'll be right back to where he was as TC opens. That being said the Dolphins could use some added depth and size besides Matthews.

Zack Martin will gone before Phins pick, so Phins should trade back and add an 2nd rd pick. Then in the 1st rd take ILB Mosley, then in the 2 nd rd take OT Moses from Virginia, or Richardson from Tenn. either one of them would be a good Right Tackle for us. With the other 2nd rd pick I would take WR Jordan Matthews from Vanderbilt or Ole Miss WR Donte Monecrief. Matthews is related to Jerry Rice, would be nice to see him in a Phins uniform.

The Dolphins offense (design, formations and play calling) will be much improved this year under new OC Bill Lazor. It will be interesting to see how quickly Tannehill and Lazor can develop a solid rapport. Last year despite the rapport between Sherman and Tannehill, Tannhill was on a very short leash when it came to changing plays and calling audibles. Quite often Tannehill was frustrated with the plays as called and was not allowed to make a call at the line.

I wish there were goats on the moon too

NaplesDavid, Mosley won't be on the Board if the Dolphins trade back. Martin and Mosley may still be there at 19 and the pick is most likely to be between them. If the Dolphins take Mosley they will hope Moses is still there in the second round but it's not likely.


Why do the Miami Dullphins even bother?

No one takes them seriously

Since the year 2000
the Dullphins won a grand total of one Playoff game

It has been 13 yrs since the hapless franchise has won a Playoff game

The 2000 season. They beat the Indianapolis Colts in overtime, then were shut out terribly

and 6 yrs since they faked their way into the Playoffs when Brady took a year off w knee surgery
Chad Pennington tried to dink n dunk 3-5 YD passes and fake his the teams way down the field until Baltimore destroyed the feminine sissy game plan by the hapless inept Miami Dolphins team

Baltimore kicked the living crap out of Miami

Besides an improved O line, coaching up Tannehill is the key to our success offensively. Last year there were too many times Tannehill went back to the side line after a failed drive to be on his own. No QB coach to review the breakdown with. Having said that it is worth mentioning that even without a proper OC and QB coach there was quite noticeable growth in Tannehills development from year one.

A little slow on the draw this am..
Based on what I saw last season Moreno runs harder, used in short yardage, better receiver, better pass blocker than Lamar Miller. And it's not even close. The only edge Miller currently has over Moreno..speed.
Factor in its a new system this season, where's your money on who will pick it up faster, Moreno or Miller? My money's on Moreno, the seasoned accomplished veteran. I don't believe this regime has given up on Miller & it's not to say that Miller can't earn significant play time or even beat out Moreno but the job IS as of right now Moreno's to lose.
While factoring in a strong history of injury with Moreno I believe the 1yr contract could be potentially 3fold. One: it's a prove it deal. Two: We're drafting a RB and we need you to stabilize our RB barn until we can figure this out. Three: Which I think is the more likely scenario, there's faith in Miller but feel he also needs competition to both push & mentor Miller to hopefully hand him the reigns in 2015. Anyone or any combination of these scenarios are possible. You don't sign a RB coming off a SB appearance to come in as 2nd string when you're already disappointed in your 1st.
Posted by: Garn79 | March 31, 2014 at 07:17 AM

Also the staff is going to say it's a competition & of course it always is But what else are they gonna say, "Miller you really suck" they don't want to deflate or take away the kids confidence But they know who the starter is and the plan will be to break it to Miller slowly over time during camp.
The debate on who will get the axe? Primarily Thomas was used in obvious pass block situations & short yardage..Moreno better @ both. I believe Ireland said precious offseason, " I hope D Thomas realizes & seizes the opportunity he has in front of him" ..he didn't. Someone mentioned Thomas is "working hard" this offseason, don't think that matters much & he would seriously really need to WOW this regime in camp to keep him, also if a return guy is drafted it could be Thigpen eventually cut when roster is trimmed in camp. Could be any if other 3 but my money is on Thomas. While Miller still isn't "the guy" "he's gotten better" and I don't think many realize just how blazing fast Miller is. Coaches don't want to give up on speed like that when there's been a clear progression.
Posted by: Garn79 | March 31, 2014 at 07:36 AM

In 1999 season the Dolphins made it to the 2000 Playoffs and won a game in OT only to be humiliated and destroyed the next game, getting shutout again

nothin of insignificance since that humiliating beating

The Miami Dolphins should dissolve the team and stadium

perhaps upgrade the stadium to a NWO FEMA camp for the slaves

After the hapless crappy Miami Dolphin team is dissolved

If they keep the decaying repulsive stadium in place it would make a nice site for slaves t watch the onslaught of daily expanding aerosol line clouds aka chemtrails

With a stronger OL and better blocking in the back field, the QB should pick up an extra second or two which will give him time to throw against the 8 in the box. Time will tell.

If Miller can get through the line without significant contact he's a 5+ yards a carry back. The issue last season was the OL and the reason Miller didn't have much success. Moreno is simply a much better pass blocker, receiver and a little more physical fighting for short yardage. Moreno has no burst like Miller and is not a threat to break long runs. If Benton can get the OL to run block more effectively Miller will be a 1,000 yard back. I really like Shelley Smith and now the Dolphins need to find an effective G to pair with him.

Well he seems to be saying all the right things hopefully he can play in our offense Tannehill should be even better this year with an improved line and a real offensive coordinator, no reason he should not be allowed to change the play if need be, Sherman was an Idiot !!!

One way I hope Lazor improves the offense is by spreading out the defense by formations. The Dolphins need to get their potential play makers like Miller, Wallace, Hartline and Gibson in open space. Double TE sets are not the way this unit can be consistently effective. Tannehill will have an easier time picking up first downs with his legs too.

Morelos signing means we go. QB in the 1st rd

BILL LAZOR - He will have the biggest impact this year on the Dolphins. Either he sets up a succesful offense or he doesn't. Sherman failed to do it and he was rightfully let go. Now it's up to Lazor. If he can work with Hickey to set up a good OLINE and establish a solid running game then he took two major steps toward THILL showing the needed progress in year 3. THILL obviously needs to make that progress but I truly think that is contingent upon Lazor's ability to create a successful environment for THILL to work in.

Hey Haarp,

I agree with you on what's going on in alaska, but really, u have the time and energy to post this stuff about the phins, whom you obviously don't like. why are you here?

1st-Mosley, 2nd-Moses and 3rd-OG

There is a question in my mind of who should be the starter. If Moreno is the starter, and when he needs a breather, defenses will blitz when miller is in because of his pass protection inability, and if Miller is the starter and Moreno comes in for his pass protection ability, opposing defenses will know it is a passing play. Having a strong running game no matter who is in will solve the problem. They need to work both RB's into the game plan as a 1-2 punch. I am looking to see what Lazor will be doing as far as catches out of the back field is concerned.

The Broncos didnt want Moreno. Hmmmm.

The dolphins wont be meaningful until they get a franchise QB.

WR - set
RB - set
TE - Keller is gone, Clay is starter with Sims as blocker...draft one in late rounds
OL - 1st Round/3rd round

DE - set
CB - set - I'd grab a late round best available
LB - 2nd round
P/K - set

IMO...we must shore up OL and LB positions as top priority in draft.
I've read some blogs saying if one of the big 3 QB's are on the board at #19 Hickey should pounce. There is some merit in that thinking, but consider the message you send to Tannehill and the leadership void it would create...not to mention you still have OL issues.

I say NO to picking QB in rounds 1-3 and fix the main areas of need first.

RB set?? WTF?

QB is THE main area of need.

Mike...yes RB is set as we have Miller/Moreno with Thigpen as backup. Thomas is either cut or passes Thigpen for 3rd slot on roster.

Sorry UM guys but Miller is not a starting running back in the NFL. He can be a good change of pace guy off the bench. But the guy doesn't break tackles and falls backward after getting hit. Getting rid of Bush was idiotic. Moreno is a huge upgrade over what we have at the running back position.

As for QB....did you not read Mando's post?
Even the great Peyton Manning is not so great when the pocket collapses and he RB cannot pick up the blitz...which is what happened all season long to Tannehill.
Given a new OL and a real RB who CAN pick up the blitz we all expect Tannehill will improve greatly this season.

Only area of concern left is can he connect with Wallace on the deep ball?

Yeah, I'm a UM guy and Miller is a bust as much as D. Thomas. We desperately need another RB.

Why isn't Moreno "Expecting Much" from the Dolphins?

Because he wasn't hands the Starting RB job.

The Starting RB for the Miami Dolphins is L.Miller.

L.Miller is the Better "Running" Back!!

If all things are equal, which they will be. L.Miller will beat out K.Morreno. And Moreno will be the 3rd Down Back.

It is different breaking a 300lb DT Tackle, than a 200lb safety. Moreno averaged 4.3 with P.Manning as his QB and a way better O-line than the Dolphins.

After contact they Average the same. So If L.Miller can't break tackles, Moreno isn't better. Again, L.Miller was being tackled by Linemen, Not LBs and DBs.

K.Moreno will replace D.Thomas and will make a good #2 RB.

I'm still in mourning for my Cavaliers, but I'll try to move on to football. I am REALLY hoping they use Moreno in the passing game like Denver did. That and pass protection is where he shined IMO. Remember, Sherman was too smart by half not utilizing Reggie Bush in that way until the end of the Season. Let's hope Lazor is smarter than Sherman (shouldn't be a hard hurdle to get over though).

Also, I read on the SS that Omar says Wallace is still on vacation out West, and he and Tannehill haven't gotten together yet this offseason to work on their chemistry and deep ball connections. He's saying it will start with OTAs in April. That's 3 or so months before training camp for them to find an answer to the vexing problem. They better get on it, they have a LOT of work to do.

Admitted homer Jimmy Cefalo said we need a new QB, 2 new RB's, and 4 new OL. He said none of our RB's could block, run, or catch. YIKES!

Lamar Miller = Another Irescum bust

DC...I read the same blog form Omar and while Wallace is out west, Tannehill has already started working with the other receivers and they've been meeting twice a week. We have a good group of receivers and IMO see no need to draft one this year.
Wallace is not the only WR who can get deep and hopefully Thill is working that deep ball somewhere today?


Agreed. With your post.

Only real needs right now are O-line and LB. That and we need a Big Target for Tannehill.

I hope the Dolphins draft 2 linemen and 2 LBs.

1- Best Playmaker Available
2- OLB
3- RT
4- MLB
5- OG
6- FS
7- K

We don't even need to draft a RB. Even though I will even use a 6th rounder for DRI Archer. He fills a need. Returner/Athlete.

Here's an interesting article on debate of whether or not Broncos should've kept Moreno heading into 2013..


Cause for concern? Not likely..
Ball 2nd rd pick Hillman 3rd rd with blazing 4.36 40. Bronco stable full of young up & comers, realized Ball might not be ready last season so kept Moreno then Moreno actually won the starting job. As season progressed & franchise became more confident in Ball they now feel more comfortable moving forward without Moreno & his significantly larger salary @ 3Mil 1yr vs Ball 3.5Mil 4yr..

Moreno is only 26, he hasn't lost anything..

Moreno never had anything.

This was his Best Season, and it wasn't really that good of a season.

K.Moreno is the definition of a First round Bust!!

He has averaged 3.8ypc Twice in his career. Never once averaged over 5 ypc.

He came in to challenge our bust for playing time, D.Thomas.

Moreno filled a Need, #2 RB/3rd down RB.

Nobody (including the Miami Dolphins) expects Moreno to come in and be the next coming of Adrian Peterson.

His real value to the team is as a guy to pick up the blitz and help Tannehill from being under constant assault the way he was last season when the backs were just as atrocious as the OL at doing that job.

Moreno happens to be among the very BEST at that even if he is only a pedestrian runner.

If you guys don't see the value in that then you simply don't understand the game very well.

Giovani Bernard RB, Bengals...anyone remember his game against us last year?

Guy runs with a reckless abandon and torched our LB's to get to the second level on almost every run.

That's the kind of RB I'm looking for and hoped Miller was that guy...so far I've not seen it. Miller breaks off a 20+ run once every 50 rushes. I'm hoping the addition of Moreno helps Miller improve.


That is a little disturbing to hear that Wallace isn't down here working with Tannehill. I could see why the Dolphins might be inclined to trade M.Wallace.

Me, Personally, My favorite WR on the Team is R.Matthews. Followed by B.Gibson. But Gibson will be coming back from injury.

I just like how R.Matthews fights for the ball and has great hands to catch the ball that is thrown to him. R.Matthews is our toughest WR. And has the Best hands on the team.

I agree. Wallace isn't the only way to get deep. Two Ways to Throw deep. Speed or Out jump someone for the ball. Matthews and Binns can out jump people for the ball. But we need one more guy. A Starting caliber WR that do can take pressure off of Wallace. This is why I am all for the Fins taking a Big WR that can get deep in the first. K.Benjamin, M.Evans or M.Bryant. All 3 will look good on the field playing with Hartline and Wallace on the field.

If we draft one of those WR's where does that leave Binns, Gibson & Matthews? I heard Gibson will be on the PUP until August so he'll be way behind in his reps so maybe drafting an insurance policy guy is not a bad idea.

DC, Lesean McCoy caught a lot of balls in Philly, so I would expect some similar type action here. I mean, it has to be why they picked him over Tate, gerhart, and Blount in free agency.

And nice tidbit on Wallace. i must say, I'm not surprised but a little disappinted. Wallace is a bit of a punk which is why i referred to him as #11 for half the year. part of the reason I advocated for brandin Cooks is because I know Mike Wallace is not a franchise WR nor wants to be one - he just loves living of his current skill and getting paid like one.

Sorry about your Cavaliers but that Mich St team was very good - thought they should've beat UConn too from what I saw - had a 9 point lead on them in the 2nd - those should be enough in college ball.

Dashi, did you read that report from an unnamed scout that said Evans made Manziel (not the other way around)? I said that half-in-jest last week. Manziel did have some really amazing plays where he improvised and got rid of the ball. But a lot of those passes were really just jump balls and Evans usually would come down with it.

I don't know if Moreno will help Miller but improved blocking up front certainly would.

It sometimes seems as if some folks here (not saying you at all NH) have a bizarre disconnect from reality in terms of just how atrocious the OL was last year and how dramatically it affected EVERY aspect of the offense.

In the most simple terms, Miami could NOT run anything remotely resembling a balanced and effective offense last year because the play up front was so astoundingly bad that virtually any defense could dominate that group.

Your quarterback is not going to succeed with a liability like that. Your backs are not going to be able to run effectively.

Yet some of you seem to believe in magical schemes that could have alleviated it. That somehow Tannehill and Miller and anyone else involved in moving the ball down the field could have waved a magic wand and done something about it.

It was a TALENT issue up front. Miami did not have enough of it and any coordinator in the league could exploit that weakness. There was NOTHING the Dolphins could have done to counter it. And there ISN'T anything they can do about it until there is more talent up front (and in the backfield) blocking.

This is just essential, basic football. Some of you just overanalyze things and wind up sounding clueless in the process.

NH, that is true, Tannehill had no porblem with ALL his other WRs last year.

hartline, Gibson, Keller, Matthews, nto teh most talented bunch but they all produced with Tannehill. I think this may be Wallace's last year in Miami. Starting next year, Miami is starting to look at getting cap relief if they he's not producing.

I would go receiver in round 1 but not WR - Jace Amaro. But optimally they wuld trade back and still get them. I hate trading back but if there is a year to do it, it's this one with so many players at the end of round one that are high ceiling players that would also be of much use.

Ideally, trade back to end of the first round for an extra 2nd. Draft jace and draft two O linemen in the 2nd round. There are several 2nd round pick o linemen with first round talent this year...

naples, you're not going to trade back from 19 still be in the 1st and add a 2nd rounder. getting a 3rd would be pushing it. after 15 the value drops really fast.

i do think you can't just draft for need if something great drops to you. we need OL more than anything. but what if the TE ebron drops to 19? i'd say take him! or say one of the top DT's drop. the kid from pitt. i doubt he'd drop past the steelers but do you not pick him if he is there at 19? TE & DT are needs also and you get a higher rated guy.

Give Thomas a fair shot to win the job

NH, if want Bernard, then the Rb you want this year is Bishop Sankey...

Football 101,

That is why Moreno makes a Perfect 3rd down back!! Not a starting RB.

Which will make him a Bust for being a Former first round pick.

Moreno will be our K.Faulk. Or what I hoped M.Gillislee would've/still could develop into.

Now Moreno isn't our First Round Bust. So I have no problem with that. Just don't expect me to overvalue him like some people.

K.Moreno is a good 3rd down back. Fits the team better than any other RB in free agency.

L.Blount and MJD aren't good 3rd down guys. Tate, D.Brown and T.Gerhart wanted to much years and guarantee to be "The Guy".

Only other RB the Fins could have signed that would fit as nice would have been Ronnie Brown. And Moreno is Younger. The Fins can resign him for 2-3 Years after this year to a more team friendly deal. Let him develop into his role as the 3rd down guy. The Change of Pace guy.

Unless you are the 2013 Dolphins with the worst O-line Ever. 3rd down is usually Short, not Long. So your Change of Pace guy should be a short yardage guy.

Football 101--

Really good stuff and spot on but remember you're not dealing with the sharpest tools in the shed on this blog. Like most dummy fans most of them will continue to shout about the QB and the coach ad nauseum rather than seeing the bigger picture. And that OL was by far the real problem last year.

I have read two posts now on different blogs with comments that Zack Mrtin will already be gone. See, here's the thing. The are 18 players who will be picked before us. It a simple matter of arithmetic, you have two QB's at minimum to easily to assume will be drafted (more like 3 but I'll be Conservative)... Along with these players who have higher draft grades AND team fits... Clowney, Mack, Watkins, OT Greg Robinson, OT Jake Mathews, OT Taylor Lewon, TE Eric Ebron, DE Anthony Barr, S- Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, CB Justin Gilbert, S Calvin Pryor, ILB CJ Mosely... That is 14 players... That leaves 4 players with near to or just below Martins grade. There will likely be either Carr or Manziel or Bridgewater left. I can't imagine one of those falling through Tennessee, the Jests, Cleveland, Jax, Oakland, Minnesota and Houston. And if Carr or Bridgewater fall to 19... I say grab um and screw Martin. There are more o-line guys and later rounds have always been great places for O-line guys. We just grabbed a pro bowl OT who was drafted in the 3rd I believe. What I'm saying is simple. I doubt Martin will be gone. And even if he is... It pushes a better player with a higher drft grade lower and closer to us. So potty mouthing about who and who won't be there like it really matters is stupid.

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