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OL free agency possibilities: Stopgap, projects

Zach Strief re-signed with the New Orleans Saints today. He got a five-year deal worth $20.5 million with $8.4 million in guaranteed money, per a league source.

The Dolphins offensive line, meanwhile, will continue to seem incomplete as general manager Dennis Hickey now shops for bargain additions.

The Dolphins have a guard and right tackle spot open if one assumes sometimes NFL starter Shelley Smith -- signed Friday -- can become a fulltime NFL starter for the Dolphins.

So at guard one name that become prominent for the Dolphins now is John Benton. No, he's not a player. He's the new offensive line coach. And he happens to have been the Houston Texans offensive line before he came to the Dolphins.

And he's got his guys in his sights.


The Dolphins have shown preliminary and lukewarm interest in two former Texans linemen -- guard Wade Smith and tackle Ryan Harris.

Harris, 29, has been mostly a backup type during his six-year career with Denver and Houston. He started 10 games for the Broncos in 2010 but that's the last time he actually has been a starter. His time in Houston was spent mostly in a backup role. He is a depth guy and would likely be insurance, if signed, to a rookie draft pick starter option.

Smith is familiar to Dolphins fans. He was once the Dolphins starting left tackle.

That's right, that Wade Smith.

Smith was Miami starting right tackle in 2003 -- his rookie year after being drafted in the third round out of Memphis. And it wasn't a great experience (I recall one three-sack game). Smith started only two games the next three seasons and nobody seemed to notice when he departed in 2006.

But after languishing four four years and two teams, Smith's career hit a stride when he joined the Texans in 2010. He was a guard by then. And he was a starter -- putting a string of 64 consecutive starts at the position the next four years.

Smith is a veteran guard option for Miami. He's 32. He's a stopgap guy.

He'd like to return to the Texans but they have a new coaching staff and would like to upgrade their line. They encouraged him to test free agency.

As Benton has been his coach for years and the Dolphins will run the same (or very similar) zone scheme he's known in Houston, Smith could be an answer for the Dolphins. And the Dolphins could be the way he bookends his career, finishing where he started.


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There are still many options available for Oline, Penn, Fox, D Joesph, Mack, and McKinney. they need to pickup a LB and move Elerbee to Weak-side and replace Wheeler, also resign Clemmons. The issue with RT is most are LT, the best scenario would be to bring in D Joesph and Get Mack and have Pouncey move to his true position of Right guard or RT. But Pouncey may not want to do that. Signing McKinney is a smart move as he can play almost everything on the oline minus center and be a good bkup. Being that I live in Tampa, Hickey will draft best player available before need so I am pretty sure Z Martin will not be the pick. I would like them to pickup MJD to bolster the RB core.

who would want to come to this train wreck of a francise? screwed up front office; crappy coaching staff; idiot owner...we are the Cleveland Browns of the South.

Posted by: FLH | March 17, 2014 at 12:01 PM


whoever we get at 19 has to start, period....cant be rotational, and if he has to "earn his playing time", then he wasnt good enough to take at 19 to begin with--OL, LB, RB or whoever....dude better be able to contribute immediately

Every good QB in the league has a TALL "good hands" receiver to throw to. Not us. Even our starting tight end is not that tall. We need someone who can fight it out with guys like Revis and Sherman.

I would give up 3 picks to have that guy starting opposite Wallace with Hartline in the slot. Then let defenses try to sit on a slant route.

It would also be nice to have someone like Sproles out of the backfield.

Want to know why Brees is so good? look at his tight end, RB's and receivers.

Forget defense. I miss watching an exciting team that can score. Marino's team did not win Super Bowls, but they were fun to watch.

MassD, trading Wake at this point si avalid idea depending on return. If we could get a 2nd rd pick for him, I think it would be worthy. he'sa diminishing asset on a team that isn't top 5 or so in the NFL.

One small benefit of trading wake would be potentialy drafting Dee Ford at #19 who may be BPA at that time. Guy is destined for greatness and will be there potentially for some team drafting in the 20s where in some years, he would be a surefire top 10 pick - last year for example, he would've been the first non OT off the board.

anyone know what draft round they got for J martin?

Since there is no sense of urgency to get the final missing pieces for our O line, I am compelled to think the coaching staff sees one of either Brenner, Garner or D. Thomas making it as a starter. Problem is we are still looking for a Tackle and none of them are.

Armando "recalls" a three-game that a non-name guard gave up eleven years ago. If I could "recall" such facts, I'd make a killing on Jeopardy.


Exactly why if no "difference makers" are available at #19, we should heavily consider trading back and pick up an extra 2nd.

Say if we picked 31st, then selecting a player like Carlos Hyde would not be as great a reach. Just using Hyde as an example.

sorry but cant be taking a RB in the 1st rd (and probably not the 2nd rd)--RBs are disposable and most are usually shot by 27 or 28, just take too much punishment....very little shelf life plus plenty of teams find solid RBs in the middle rounds.....yes, a few exceptions but unless his name is Adrian Peterson, find a RB in the mid rounds

Mass Dolphin, who are you talking about??

As usual the Dolphins missed the boat again trying to fix the OL. Now it's the "bargain shopping" mode and the "Draft". Unfortunately history tells me that they will end up with egg on their face with the "Bargain" signees and wiff on the draft picks. Oh well...

Surprised to hear McKinney (true fact?) agreeing to play RT. This could be one of the band aids we need. Slide Pouncey to (his natural position) guard, draft a center. And yes, find a FB.

Earl Mitchell graded out the highest D Tackle in 2013.

This is an improved article Armando b/c you include relevant information pertaining to the potential future of the team. Again, though-> why the biased negativity. Shelley Smith may not be the answer, but I've read a lot of positive comments regarding his play from last year (especially as a pulling Guard), yet you only include a critical comment? He may not be the savior to our O-line (and he isn't), but come on, man. Demonstrate some objectivity, please.

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I trust Hickey, Philbin and Benton when addressing the o-line in the draft.

Ireland is gone so the coaches will get what they need.

DD, I never said they should go hard after premium free agents outside of the o line - but if they chose to sign one more guy like a Byrd for example, I would've been ok with it too. Not instead of the o line but on top of it - but it was a luxury not a necessity.

I'm hoping they sign someone else that is considered a solid, good starter in the NFl at the o line. i would hate to try to peg two starters from thsi draft. i know Chicago did it but let's be honest, jordan mills in the 5th as a rookie RT day one starter was a gift from teh gods. not supposed to work that way.

As far as building from the draft, agreed - but you also need to do good work in free agency. Out of every draft you are lucky if you peg two guys that are worthy starters and get that 2nd contract from the team. That means every five years you get around ten guys on average from the draft... that leaves ~ 10 (give or take) starters that come from where? Some guys near the end of their careers from earlier drafts and the rest ... free agents. You will have a signficant number of starters taht come from outside of your organization. That's why your drafts should focus on premium positions and free agency should focus on cheaper positions.

That's why this talk of a RT in the first drives me nuts... you can always find RTs ...

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cheap hix

Mass Dolphin---I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!!!

Mack is worth the investment at center. Move Pouncey to guard as contemplated last year. Re-sign McKinnie for one year at right tackle/back-up left tackle. Let Thomas battle McKinnie for starting rt. tackle or have Thomas, Garner, Smith and Brenner go at it for left guard. Draft a quality tackle and guard. That's it. O-line becomes respectable if not really good.

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I agree with those who wanted additional OL signings. A guard and right tackle would have helped with leadership of that unit and allowed the Dolphins more flexibility in the draft. It would be nice, for example, to draft an elite TE prospect to pair with Clay. The Dolphins were, after all, horrid on offense last year and the OL was not the only problem.

The bad par of all of this is that Ross will probably accept 6-10 and give DawnJoeHickey 2015 to turn things around. Either that or he will fire Philbin and force a coach to accept HickeyDawn.

What an inept front office.

Rd 1 Ryan Shazier LB The Ohio State University
Rd 2 Troy Niklas TE Notre Dame
Rd 3 Bruce Ellington WR South Carolina
Rd 4 Anthony Steen OG Alabama
Rd 5 Jay Prosch FB Auburn
Rd 6 Michael Schofield RT Michigan
Rd 7 George Atkinson III RB Notre Dame

David, which post of mine are you referring to? I'll then try to answer your question.


Slide Pouncey to "his natural position"? You do remember he was a 2013 "PRO BOWLER" at center, right? Hope this is "natural enough for you.

One of the hardest positions in this league is to make pro bowl at "CENTER". When you have a pro bowler at center, you don't go moving the guy around. Especially, if he's a young one, like Pouncey(26yrs old).

I don't give a damn what position he played in college. "ALL AMERICAN" in College, and "PRO BOWL" in NFL, are "WORLDS APART".


I see you're jumping on the "Jay Prosh" fb Auburn bandwagon too. Good Man!

hey Sigh, I think we all wanted additional OL signings....but not at the price and/or quality of many that were on the market--let me know when overpaying for mediocre talent became a good strategy (the Fins are a case study for it in fact, since we've used it in the past....how's it working out?)


Prosch can help the run game...

Webb and Sims were first and second rounders respectively in 1990 and started immediately on the o-line. And played at a high level. But in 1990, they were also bigger and more athletic than most of the guys they played against. And they were certainly a change from the 260 to 270 pound linemen that populated rosters in the 1980's. The 90's ushered in an era of bigger, faster, stronger linemen. Today, with everyone bringing similar physicality, you better be an elite athlete, technician, and learn quickly as a rookie if you want to make a difference right away on the oline.

I doubt Pouncey would move to guard..

Has there been any interest in Mack I have not heard a peep regarding him?

anyone know what they got for Martin from SF?

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Many. many of Tre Mason's runs, Jay Prosh led the way. Mason gets the acclaims, but Prosh helped make his name!

I wouldn't mind seeing a draft that brought bot Mason and Prosh to Miami. If it didn't require "over drafting" to make it so. :)

anyone know what they got for Martin from SF?

Posted by: beerphin | March 17, 2014 at 01:25 PM


Conditional 7th round pick (if he makes their final 53 man roster).

Not much, but he wasn't worth much to anyone.

More than Tampa got for Revis. How do you think THOSE fans are feeling these days?

anyone know what they got for Martin from SF?

Posted by: beerphin | March 17, 2014 at 01:25 PM

2015 7th rounder

I LOVE MY LITTLE PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A "conditional 2015 7th rd" pick for Martin. If he makes their 2014 roster.

not sure why we'd move our Pro Bowl center to guard, to create more uncertainty on the OL...uh, can we leave the 1 good piece that we have alone?


Seems everyone anwered you. :)

Already been answered, Sam. Go pound sand.

that sucks... but I guess it's better than nothing.

not sure why we'd move our Pro Bowl center to guard, to create more uncertainty on the OL...uh, can we leave the 1 good piece that we have alone?

Posted by: benz | March 17, 2014 at 01:29 PM

Maybe we should have considered moving Dan Marino to safety in his prime. He was great at playing the deep ball. Wink... wink...

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Read something interesting on Zack Martin, that he projects better at G than T, compares to Logan Mankins, and is instinctive, tough, and technically sound. Now if the Phins can't get a Ebron or Mosley at 19, trading down and seeing if they can get Martin later on in the 1st round may not be a bad move.

beer....so you were expecting what, like a 2nd or 3rd rounder?--for a toxic guy that sucked at both LT and RT, will be a huge distraction for awhile, and who EVERYONE knew we'd cut if we couldnt trade? I'm actually shocked that we got anything for him

Mass Dolphin---

I don't even know why I bothered to ask you because you never even answered me even after I told you again!


Did beerphin ever say he was expecting them to get compensation like that?

Why are people like you always trying to create phantom arguments with people by making up things they never said? Are you that desperate for attention?

Sam I Am, I even stated before last years draft that the team needed a FB. Hopefully they'll get one this year. FB is an important position in WCO, some good examples are Tom Rathman of the 49ers, and Kuhn from GB. Clay can't block well enough to do FB duties so the need is definitely there.

so interesting Tiffany...please tell us about mountain goats?

Pouncey is NOT 'sliding over to guard' as some are suggesting he should do.
Tannehill has a great connection with Pouncey and as far as I can recall...they've never botched a C/QB exchange in two years.
I'm still a bit giddy that Ireland is actually gone and so far I give Hickey solid scores on his FA moves.

Of course we'll never really know until the bullets start flying in Sept. Anyone else remember the 3-0 start we had? Ah..the good ole'days.

Mass Dolphan

Exactly what I've been posting. I highly doubt any of the "DIFFERENCE MAKERS" will fall to us at #19. Therefore trading back to gain "greater value" may be inevitable.

At #19, we could be slightly "over drafting" no matter who we take. So the "greater value" may be trading back, ideally picking up an extra 2nd, and still receiving "a nice" 1st rd pick.

They should be in the conversation for Mack. He's a young, pro-bowl caliber center to pair with a young pro-bowl caliber pulling guard in Pouncey. Pouncey shouldn't be given the choice. With the lack of maturity he showed last year, he needs to earn back trust. Mack and Pouncey can anchor the interior line for the next 5 years if we play our cards right.

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yes I am sane....i really am....i am, i am, i am

green eggs and ham

anything else?

Pretty sure they'd stoyck your little pony....turn it into a "big girl" pony really fast!


Congratulations on an astoundingly stupid post.

So, what you're suggesting is that Pouncey be 'disciplined' by making him play out of position? Brilliant!

I think if Mike Wallace does something out of line we should move him to punter, too.

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