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OL free agency possibilities: Stopgap, projects

Zach Strief re-signed with the New Orleans Saints today. He got a five-year deal worth $20.5 million with $8.4 million in guaranteed money, per a league source.

The Dolphins offensive line, meanwhile, will continue to seem incomplete as general manager Dennis Hickey now shops for bargain additions.

The Dolphins have a guard and right tackle spot open if one assumes sometimes NFL starter Shelley Smith -- signed Friday -- can become a fulltime NFL starter for the Dolphins.

So at guard one name that become prominent for the Dolphins now is John Benton. No, he's not a player. He's the new offensive line coach. And he happens to have been the Houston Texans offensive line before he came to the Dolphins.

And he's got his guys in his sights.


The Dolphins have shown preliminary and lukewarm interest in two former Texans linemen -- guard Wade Smith and tackle Ryan Harris.

Harris, 29, has been mostly a backup type during his six-year career with Denver and Houston. He started 10 games for the Broncos in 2010 but that's the last time he actually has been a starter. His time in Houston was spent mostly in a backup role. He is a depth guy and would likely be insurance, if signed, to a rookie draft pick starter option.

Smith is familiar to Dolphins fans. He was once the Dolphins starting left tackle.

That's right, that Wade Smith.

Smith was Miami starting right tackle in 2003 -- his rookie year after being drafted in the third round out of Memphis. And it wasn't a great experience (I recall one three-sack game). Smith started only two games the next three seasons and nobody seemed to notice when he departed in 2006.

But after languishing four four years and two teams, Smith's career hit a stride when he joined the Texans in 2010. He was a guard by then. And he was a starter -- putting a string of 64 consecutive starts at the position the next four years.

Smith is a veteran guard option for Miami. He's 32. He's a stopgap guy.

He'd like to return to the Texans but they have a new coaching staff and would like to upgrade their line. They encouraged him to test free agency.

As Benton has been his coach for years and the Dolphins will run the same (or very similar) zone scheme he's known in Houston, Smith could be an answer for the Dolphins. And the Dolphins could be the way he bookends his career, finishing where he started.


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benz, was hoping they got something this year like a 6th or 7th rd pick... He has value as a football player regardless of his debacle. He started at tackle from day 1 and was a 2nd rd pick. How many teams would want him as a backup if you took out the bullygate scandal... every team I assume. Even a conditional could have more stipulations like if he started at guard. Which he seems to think he can do. I dunno but a conditional 7th sucks but is understandable is all i was saying.

Dashi, STFU !

Totally forget Mack. We have a much better CENTER already on the roster.

Moving a "pro bowl" center to guard doesn't strengthen the middle of your line, if in doing, you've weakened "ANOTHER AREA IN THE MIDDLE".

BASIC MATHMATICS folks. 6 CENTS is the exact same whether you place the nickel or the penny in front. Switching their placement does not improve their value.

So having Mack play center, is really no different from keeping Pouncey at center and bringing in a "lesser OG". Mack's a "lesser C".

No difference makers at #19? Did not know we had some clairvoyant people on this blog.

There have been some hall of famers taken at #19 so don't say the 'difference makers' will be gone at #19...you don't know JACK.

Pouncey isn't moving... but could Mack play OG?

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GLOW IN THE DARK BODIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I met jax
a couple of times

Tiffany, did you know that My Little Ponies were a tool of SATAN to deceive little children and condemn them to an eternity in the flames of HELL?

The league should force the Colts to send Luck to the Dolphins as part of the punishment of Irsay. At least, the league should dock the Colts a 1st round pick since it was the owner that has four felony charges against him.

2 watt:

Just how many times were you dropped on your head as a baby?

There have been some hall of famers taken at #19 so don't say the 'difference makers' will be gone at #19...you don't know JACK.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | March 17, 2014 at 01:47 PM

I don't know "New Hampshire" either. At present rate, never will. Never heard anyone say, "I'm going to New Hampshire" on vacation.

Guess you must know Jack. Congratulations!


Posted by: SAM I AM | March 17, 2014 at 01:47 PM

..MIT..I am with you regarding the idea we will be able to draft a couple of rookies and those rookies will be immediate impact o-line contributors. As you said what happened with the Bears is not the norm..

But..I do not think we are completely done as far as free agency. We also do have Dallas Thomas, Brenner on the roster. Now I understand that most people have no faith in Thomas ability if he couldn't crack the lineup last year. He should get an opportunity to prove his value.

A lot of us complain that we do a poor job of developing our own talent. Well this is a shot..

Posted by: SAM I AM | March 17, 2014 at 01:51 PM

My rectum is wrecked, HURRY, Someone run and get me a whale tampon HURRY!

I'd rather have Hester as a return guy than Thigpen...


Actually, plenty of people have gone on vacation in New Hampshire. There are beautiful mountain resorts...great skiing...spectacular fall foliage...historic Colonial sites...even a sea coast. All of it an easy drive from Boston.

Sam, yet again you show how very little you know about ANYTHING.

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Idiot Sam wants to draft Carlos Hyde in the first.

Sam is a dunce. He has proven that beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Now this Cortland Finnegan deal... Mando provides the impact on the cap in the next blog. Doesn't look like a value. Actually looks like the money we should've spent on the o line...

No running back will be taken in the first round by MIA. SEcond possibly. Third or 4th round- yes. There are three names to look out for- Williams, Sankey, or Mason. Not Hyde. If they even decide to look at RB.

I live right below NH in MA. There is nothing in NH, nothing. People don't vacation there unless they get lost and are too tired to drive on. For cryin' out loud it's so boring it's called The Granite State. Who names their state after a rock??
Just teasing ya, NHSFINSFAN.

Sam is a dunce. He has proven that beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Posted by: The Jury Has Arrived At A Verdict | March 17, 2014 at 02:00 PM

Get a life a-wipe. Sam is correct we need a powerback and if Hyde is there at 19 I'd rather have him than Zach Martin. Martin may be a decent player, but we really need to find an identity. Thill is clearly not a guy that ban carry the load and should only be a 20-25 passes a game QB. We need to become that power running team that we used to be. Hyde is clearly the best option at RB. If we can trade down and get an extra 3rd I'd go to 25th, where Hyde should still be there and then we get an extra ILB.

Don't be jealous, Marco. You have equal billing with Sam as Official Blog Moron.

Both of you are just babbling simpletons.

19 Mosley ILB
50 Mewhort ROT
81 Jeremy Hill RB
112 Jeff Janis WR
143 James Hurst OT
174 J.C. Copeland FB
211 John Urschel OG

I hope they are working to turn Dion Jordan back into a tight end. Much more useful there in the red zone.

Let him play passing downs on defense and passing situations on offense. Let him earn his draft status.

Thats how Ireland and Sparano got into trouble with the OL, signing any player who wore a set of shoulder pads. THESE PLAYERS ARE NOT AN UPGRADE !!! Sign them as camp fodder, but not a contract that requires them play a season. I remember Wade very well,,,,Why not Clabo he'd make a good bench player and stop gap playing time. Even Jerry would be, and I don't give a sh** what happened or didn't happen in the locker room,besides Philbin said he was going to supervise the locker room, yeah,,right.

Next year Wheeler's 6.5 mil will come off w/o any dead money. Also Ellerbe's 7.4 comes off unless he shows good at weak OLB this season. Wallace's salary comes down 5.25 mil from this year's 17.25 mil. And unless something unforeseen happens Moore's 5.5 mil will be eliminated. Bringing the total down 24.5 mil with NO dead money. Wheeler and Ellerbe both will have met their guaranteed money. Wallace will simply drop back to 12 mil and Moore's contract only called for two years with this being the last. (If Moore is cut this year he saves the team 4 mil with 1.5 mil in dead money).

Someone posted that this team is committed to 120 mil next year less the salaries of the 4 players mentioned. One or two may stick but the odds are against them. Which will bring down the 120 mil to (after this years draft signings) to just over 100 mil. With the possibility of the cap being raised, perhaps, somewhat. Right now, looking ahead, to roughly 35 mil next year (less other FA signings over this year).

either draft the best athelete available or trade the pick to get more in second round.then trade that first rounder for a second and third.

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