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Dolphins ticket sales UP double-digit percent from year ago

ORLANDO -- Dolphins season ticket sales have made a dramatic jump this offseason over last year with renewals up 12 percent from a year ago at this time and new season ticket sales up approximately as much -- about 12 percent -- from a season ago, according to the team.

This is a good sign for the team that last year did not get the big ticket sales bump it hoped for after an aggressive free agency period and draft that included a trade-up to the No. 3 overall pick. This year, in the wake of season in which the team failed to make the playoffs for the 11th time in a dozen years, fans are reacting quite favorably to the team's pitch to buy tickets.

"We're pacing 12 percent above this time last year," Dolphins president and CEO Tom Garfinkel said Monday. "We actually started renewals three months later than we did last year because of our new membership program and how we're doing it. So we started three months later and in spite of that we're 12 percent higher than we were at this time last year."

The Dolphins were dealt a public relations blow during the 2013 season when the NFL harassment scandal hit the headlines. But so far the scandale hasn't adversely affected sales -- suggesting it may not at all.

Indeed, on Feb. 15, one day after the Wells Report detailing the troubles among some players in the Dolphins locker room was released, the Dolphins had a ticket sales event at the stadium.

And it was a grand success.

"We had record new sales in one day," Garfinkel said. "We sold over 1,500 new season tickets for a lot of dollars in one day because of the event we had."

Garfinkel says the Dolphins are doing business a different way in order to sell their product. Rather than sales over the phone, the team is inviting fans to come to Sun Life Stadium and experience the atmosphere of what a game day can be like.

And there are other changes ...

""We've tripled our service staff," Garfinkel said. "We've created dedicated service. We've changed the service model quite a bit.

"We're communicating with fans as much as we can. We've added dedicated service reps. We've added benefits. We've added a lot of things. So we're on top of that part of it -- touching our fans, talking to them, communicating with them, getting in front of them. That helps. There's a lot of things we changed and that helps. So far it's pacing well. We still have a long way to go."

In recent years, South Florida had turned away from the Dolphins and found other ways to spend discretionary income -- perhaps with the Heat or some other way. Season ticket sales dropped in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

But Garfinkel believes Dolphins fans are responding positively again.

"I'd say we're very fortunate to have a fan base that has a deep connection to the team," he said. "That's something I continue to be blown away by when I talk to fans."


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Eminem famously once said "no such thing as bad publicity"

Richie proves it's true....

Miami loves the Miami Bullies...

Why Buy, When You Can Lease?

Exactly what it seems FREE AGENCY has become. Yes, in free agency players sign these fancy 3 to 5yr deals, but in REALITY these deals are "fast becoming" little more than "TWO YEAR LEASINGS".

80 to 90% of these deals are voided after the "first two years". So, realistic value of these contracts are the "guaranteed money" over the this span. For example:

Branden Albert's contract realistically is a "TWO YEAR 20M deal". 4.225M counts against the cap in 2014, then:

2014- 4.225M
2015- 10.725M
2016- 10.150M
2017- 10.600M
2018- 11.300M

2016, Albert will be 32yrs old. Just doesnt make a whole lot of "cap sense" to have a 32yr old player ounting 10M on your cap.

So, it makes sense that even a Branden Albert is "little more than a 2yr stop gap lease. Albert definitely will not "retire as a Dolphin". For the final year of his contract counts:

"11.3M, and he will be 34yrs od when this occurs."

Max, Albert spends 3yrs in Miami. Minimum, and mot likely, 2yrs.

this is better

new mock:

Starting to think maybe Tre Mason for fins in round 2. He could be very explosive with Lazor like Sproles was in NO. and should be in Philly. kid is quick and strong.

1 - Z.MARTIN RT or X. Sau'Filo G
6 - JAY PROSCH FB if we must have a full back. I say we don't and can use a Guard or a DT as a FB in short yardage to lead block. Kinda like Fridge Perry.

Sam, it's what I've been telling you for months .. these long term deals are all roughly for about 60% of their contractual term. Many here wring their hands about impending cap doom down the road with large deals when in reality these things won't exist...

Ticket sales are up, what a croc.

"No product, but we're going to raise prices."

This is another diversion. hehehe

I bought season tickets when they signed Earl Mitchell, he is a difference maker

The Dolphins are a D league team.


Sup bro? I like your draft except the first round pick, not a fan of that one at all

publix bought up another
corner ez upper deck
don't be fooled by the fo fools

There was a run on tickets when Ireland was fired and the boycott ended.

But didn't a new boycott on Ross begin?

They must have more money than me. Need to see one more year at least.

Week by week for me until we see If Philbin can git R done.

who do you like more in the first, rdubs?

Any particular reason you are adverse to jace Amaro?

I would think that a run on ticket sales should correspond to fielding a solid winning team, instead of an annual embarrassment, but what do I know?

Can we expect a corresponding 12% increase in wins?


I know you evaluate players better than I do and much more research.Watching him play and seeing him at the combine, he just doesnt get me excited. To be honest with you I would rather have Moseley or Shazier(thought I was gonna say Tre Mason huh?), but I would lean towards Moseley, we need a MLB so bad. But you are right, Alabama players make me nervous.

Its probably just false propaganda from the Ross Dolphins. They constantly lie to the fans and media.

Can we expect a corresponding 12% increase in wins?
Posted by: Dawn's Hickey | March 24, 2014 at 02:27 PM


No when they noticed this increase they stopped signing free agents. That explains it MIT.

So, What has happened to free agency? All the salary cap space and we signed ONE quality new player. VERY discouraging. I think no one really wants to come here IF they have other options OR we overpay.

The stadium will still be empty. No playoff win in 15 years and counting.

I guess the Fans never bought into your made up "scandal" stories Armando. If they had, there wouldn't be a 12% uptick in ticket sales. You are a good football reporter, so stick to reporting on football issues, not made up politically correct "scandals". If you can't stick to football, then get a job at TMZ.

Can't see the Phins taking Jace Amaro in the 1st. He's not a very good blocker, prone to drops, and has some character concerns. TE is not a primary need. Now if he's still there in the 2nd...

12% increase? Maybe they are offering free lap dances at Tootsies with a Dolphin season ticket stub.

Borland sucks as a linebacker! Just because Kiper and McShay list him as the 3rd or 4th best linebacker doesn't mean squat. Some of you watch a little too much ESPN. Watch the combine. He moves like a stick.

Amaro is another one who looked totally unathletic at the combine. I liked Troy Niklaus way more. Better hands. Moves seamlessly through his breaks.

Dawn's Hickey, if a 12% increase in tickets sales resulted in a 12% increase in wins, the Dolphins would have still been shy of nine wins and thus the playoffs. 8 x 1.12 = 8.96. Nice try though. I like the thought process.

The Ross Dolphins are all scandal.....and THE LAUGHINGSTOCK.

We don't need another Egnew. We need an actual TE who will touch the field and contribute.

".. these long term deals are all roughly for about 60% of their contractual term. Many here wring their hands about impending cap doom down the road with large deals when in reality these things won't exist..."

They won't exist, the same way that Karlos Dansby's $2.3M 2014 cap hit doesn't exist (it does). You're right that only the guaranteed portion of the contract must be paid, but you get a cap for every year of contract that you void (prorated signing bonus). That amounts to ~1.4M per year for most of Miami's recent signings and $2.2M per year for Wallace. So go ahead and release Wheeler, Ellerbe, Wallace & Albert over the next few years. It will cost you $3M-$5M in cap space each time though. And in the end, all you're really doing is pushing cap money into the future.

Somehow, you hate the thought of paying Wallace $60M over 5 years, but you're ok with paying him $27M over 2 years, or $37M over 3? And for Albert, we plan on cutting him after 2 years? This works out to $20M over 2 years? I'd prefer that the FAs earn their money and play out the length of their contracts.

Apparently Moreno still in the fold. Hope we get it done.

Of course those wanting Carlos Hyde probably don't.

Troy Niklas is considered one of the best blocking TEs in this draft. I think he'd pair with Clay much better. Then the Egnew experiment can finally end.
But no TEs in the 1st rd unless Ebron falls.

I hear you rdbs adn to be honest if they took Sahzier instead of Amaro, i wouldn't think twice about it or go back and point my finger at the team. i don't have Shazier too far behind Amaro right now and perhaps by draft time, I may have Shazier ranked higher ... it's fluid.

Mosley though makes me nervous for several reasons.

1) no big plays. Mosley did all you expect a run of the mill ILB to do as far as tackles but no INTs, no sacks. the other highly rated ILBs had several of those... Borland, Skov, etc.

2) He's tiny .. 235 pounds on 6'2... that's way smaller than Zach Thomas who was the same weight on 5'10 or 5'11. Not surprisingly, he refused to do the bench which may indicate something. Only ILB draft prospect who opted out of the bench at the combine and pro day. is this guy hiding something? is there an injury or is he just lacking pro upper body strength?

In my opinion, this is a very risky pick. To me there aren't enough reasons to like him (other than the positon he plays) as much as other guys who will be there.

Again, just my take.

Has Philbin been fired yet?

Realist ...

"Amaro is another one who looked totally unathletic at the combine"

- Except that he had the best all around atheltic scores of any draffteable tight end.

"We don't need another Egnew. We need an actual TE who will touch the field and contribute. "

- except that he just finished the most productive season for tight ends in the history of the NCAA.

he ticks off all the boxes... great size, athleticism, production, blah, blah, blah...

Is Moseley really that good or just a product of Saban's defense? That is the question with all these 'Bama players. Same with Clinton-Dix. I think I'd be afraid to take either one in the 1st.
Phins are goint RT in the first. Either Martin or Kouandjio. Not saying they should do that, but just a prediction. Especially as RT was not addressed in FA.


Unless something changes the buzz is Kouandijo could fall as far as the 4th rd due to knee issues.

He was iffy at 19 in the 1st rd to start with.

Steve, i care about getting the best players possible under the cap system and not ruining the long term prospects of the team's cap in teh process. i don't care about anything else.

That's my concern

There is no reason why we shouldn't have signed one more vet offensive lineman this year that can play at a good level ... none.

MassD, agree Niklas is a decent prospect - but that 2nd round pricetag that comes with such? There would be too many players that play positions that we need talent in to pay that pricetag. if you are jsut concerned with a blocking tight end, heck we drafted the biggest mother of a tight end last year ... coach him up and use the pick elsewhere.

Amaro is a guy that will rule the middle of the field (which Clay does not work) and will score a lot of touchdowns at his skill, height and weight... which Clay does not possess. he is still a great compliment.

You do NOT look at the Combine only to evaluate Players. You look at film and NOT those highlights in You Tube but actual games vs another Team. That's where I discovered CJ was a cow and Borland much better than he is. Check'em out.

MassD, i do agree with you on Dix and Mosely... I'd be nervous with either...

If the pick is Cyrus, I'd cry.

I do agree that martin is very much in play although like some, I really wouldn't embrace it.

No to Alabama and Notre Dame!!!


My hope is Carr is there at 19 and we can trade with the Raiders for their 2nd,3rd and maybe a 2nd next year. This is a deep draft, but I dont think 19 is the best spot to be picking this year.

Mosely played a lot as an ILB in Sabans system. When I watched his highlight tapes, he wasn't very overwhelming as a run stopper.

Mosely's greatest asset is he's rated "hands down" the best pass defense LB in the entire draft. Never playing "MLB", as a run stopper, he could become the next "Wheeler". That's why he is graded as a 3-4 ilb if you're going to play him in the middle.

He's probably a very good "OLB" in the NFL.


Signing bonuses are prorated. Albert's is 1.7M a year. So, is he's cut loose in the 3rd year 5.1M(1.7 * 3yrs) against the cap becomes immediately due.

Meaning he would most likely gets the "June 1st designation" where he would count 1.7M on the salary cap for those final 3yrs of the contract.

So, either way these type fa's still count against the cap. The signing bonus is always amoritized over the life of a contract. The greater the signing bonus and or guaranteed money, the greater that cap hit will be.

rdubs, that would be an option.

Some of the guys available at 19 would've easily been top ten picks last year.

I think it's a great place to draft. And you would get an instant starter .. just probably not an instant starter at the greatest area of need.

But it would be an impact player and this team as much as it needs to fill out the starting OL and needs an ILB, it also desperately needs impact players. It was a mistake we made in 2010 ... we got three solid plaers in Jones, Odrick, and Misi but no impact player.... although I would argue Odrick still has a chance to be that.

whoever said CJ Mosley is a one run of the mill MLB is just clueless 16 tackles for loss last year. And very good in coverage.


I guess thats what I meant. Where we are drafting, out areas of need probably wouldnt fall under the BPA banner

Not saying it will happen, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least, if Carlos Hyde becomes our 1st rd pick.

Lets face it, Tannehill isn't quickly showing himself to be the next great anything at qb, just ok so far.

If I were hc/gm, job one would be to surround him with the "best quality" run game possible. I also realize "my thoughts" doesn't necessarily mean that's what "Philbin/Hickey also think.

You just kind of get used to that as a Miami dolfan. :)

Every year there is a run on some position in the Draft. This year I believe it will be on QBs, LTs and CBs. Eric Ebron, Aaron Donald or some other above average Player might fall to us.

As of right his moment I'm all in on Zach Martin at 19.

Can play guard or tackle but projects better on the inside in the NFL.

Started all 52 games he played at ND and was a two time captain.

I would love to see some flash and dash in a WR, RB, or TE but just can't get past the reality of 55 sacks and a shabby runiing game.


F hyde!!! Tre Mason in the second!

There is 0.0% chance the Dolphins draft a RB in the first round and anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't understand the NFL.

Is this increase Good Value?

Tre Mason in the 2nd, I'm all for.

Interesting that ticket sales are up that much. Maybe people really wanted Ireland fired?

On the 2010 draft I would argue that Jones and Odrick could be impact players still. Jones was an impact player in 2012 in my opinion. Misi is solid, but will never be great and thats ok.

Personally, I am on the Shazier bandwagon at pick 19. I like Ebron, but he will be gone at 19. I like, but don't love Amaro. I'll have to watch more tape on him. If we could trade back and get him I would be fine with that.

Zach Martin is the safe, solid, and boring pick. He might be the best out there though. I wouldn't be thrilled if he was picked, but I would hate it either.

I liked the Dion Jordan pick last year, because it was a very high upside gamble at a critical position. We will see if that works out.



9 tackles for loss, 0 INTS, 0 sacks

Chris Borland, 8.5 tackles for loss 4.5 sacks


Shane Skov, 13 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks


Mosley's production was nothing special last year when you consider his first round price tag.

Let's see, what has changed since last year? Oh yeah no Jeff Ireland.

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