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Report: Cortland Finnegan to visit Dolphins

Once upon a time Cortland Finnegan was an excellent cornerback who had the ability to get under the skin of most every wide receiver he faced.

Finnegan, 30, still drives receivers crazy. But he isn't an excellent cornerback anymore.

The Dolphins nonetheless are interested in him because he is taking an unrestricted free agent visit with the team Friday, according to NFL Media's Albert Breer.

Finnegan was cut by the Rams on March 5th -- only two years after he signed a whopping five-year, $50 million contract that included $27 million in guaranteed money.

Why did the Rams cut ties with such a big-name and big-money player?

He didn't live up to his reputation or the contract.

Finnegan apparently played hurt much of 2013 which might have something to do with his diminished level of play. He played in only seven games but was benched for two of those. He finished the season with only one pass defensed and one interception.

Finnegan is not going to command big money.

He's not that guy anymore.



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Dear Mr. Salguero

I know its been a while since our last correspondence so I would like to catch up on Game of Dolphins.

The keeper of secrets is "Varys" Armando Salguero.

Tywin "Stephen M Ross" Lannister is the Hand of the Dolphins.

Mike "Theon Greyjoy" Sherman has been released of his Dolphin balls and playcall ability.

Eddard "Jeff Ireland" Stark had his head lopped off.

Stannis "Joe Philban" Baratheon proclaimed true Head coach by the Red Witch "Dawn Aponte" was defeated at the battles of the Jets and Bills.

Tyrion "Dennis Hickey" Lannister is now Master of Coin in Kings Landing...you win or you die in Game of Dolphins.

Bill "Bronn" Lazor will bring blades to heads on Offence this upcoming season.

Jon "Kevin Coyle" Snow will try to hold back the Wildlings of the AFC east.

Richie "The Hound or Dog" Incognito has left Kings Landing remarking "pfhuck the King and the Ferrari"

Petyr "Jonathan Martin" Baelish AKA Little Finger has also left Kings Landing.

The now famous Red "Bully Gate" Wedding saw the firings of offensive line coach Jim "Robb Snow" Turner and longtime head athletic trainer Kevin "Catelyn Stark" O'Neill....I cried

The recent signing at DT ensures the Stark bloodline may continue.

There are to many characters and story lines in Game of Dolphins to fit in one post so this will be short.

I will try to update you with more Game of Dolphins in the future.

A SoiledBottom always pays his debt.

Soiled :)

I bet you Mr. Hickey offers him a one year prove it deal. Again.... value

Toss him into camp and see what comes of it...they are looking at him for a reason.

I have mentioned his name and so have others here have mentioned him as well. But after reading the latest press on him I'm not sure sure Michael Oher is worth the trouble. It sounds like a Clabo all over again.

According to the Baltimore Sun, re-signing free agent RT Michael Oher "isn't a priority" for the Ravens, and he's "probably seen his last days in Baltimore."
A rare first-round whiff by GM Ozzie Newsome, Oher has been a below-average starter since entering the league in 2009. Across 16 starts in 2013, the 27-year-old graded out 68th among 76 qualifiers in Pro Football Focus' tackle ratings. Oher may have to settle for a one-year, "prove-it" deal in free agency

Only 1OT and 1OG still available...

Almost out of time.....but no rush, we are going to find like 5 starters in the draft

Ship sinking fast

I have no problem brining in a VET like Finegan who can be signed and then released if he doesn't work out in camp.

could end up being another brent grimes.
You never know. We would be set at corner.


I think Andre Johnson beat whatever talent he had left, out of him.

Why? IS this going to be the first stupid move? Is hickey trying to do it for Coyle who I don't completely trust yet? We should be going aggressively after Zach Strief... plenty CB's from the draft. I obviously do not like this idea


Why TF do we care how much these guys cost?

Hey, why don we play my grandpa...as soon as Dickey sign him, he will become miraculous good


I'm so bored in life.

Davis and Taylor will be the starter opposite Grimes. Finnegan would be a solid Nickel.

Finnegan would be fine. We need somebody to put the pressure on Taylor and Davis and make them earn their spot. Finnega may not be the guy he was but I think he can still be a pretty good cornerback if healthy. Seems like a good move to me.

Let me put it this way...the Marlins had a more exciting FA than these dolphins

Value? Sorry, but that only means CHEAP

Look at the marlins, sucky players, sucky results.....now look at the Heat, awesome players, awesome results....see the logic here?

How many of you think Riley was going for value when he built that monster by bayside?

How many points do we get for having good value in the team before the start of the game?

id take mhim on one year deal. oline going quickly, get some guys. call ben tate. and sign thurmon before pats do

Phillip Wheeler's stupid penalties cost the Dolphins 2 games and the playoffs. Add Finnegan, and it will be 4 games. With the Titans, he was terribly undisciplined, but a Fisher favorite. The Rams were only slightly less disciplined than the Lions. And Fisher is on the rules committee. Giving credit where it's due, it was fisher who forced through the "Patriots" rule, regarding the grabbing of receivers. Oh, that Belicheat.

Unlike Bernard Pollard, who backs up his mouth will talent, Finnegan's intimidation tactics no longer work.
Save the money on another Canadian prospect. Wonder why that hasn't been discussed. Wake ain't so bad. Need a guy who can pass block? The CFL is a passing league. Just see whose QB had the least # of sacks, and go get their LT or Rt guard.

Low risk, Low cost, high ceiling...
If Finnegan can come in and make an impact, teach the younger guys a few tricks of the trade (not fighting please, he's obviously not good at that), then why not? Having met Finnegan I can say he is a very likeable guy, but by the way those Johnson highlights look, I wouldn't blame you if you didn't believe me. I do hope he signs on and plays for the Phins, a 1 or 2 year deal could have a nice payoff.

Nick M, please read a post above.

If the Dolphins had won 1 of those last two games, Ireland would still be here. Is there any chance that Philbin and Aponte came up with a little power play? Does it make sense that a team that was playing as competitive as the Fins would just fold like that? I know the offensive line was awful, but it was OK the weeks before. Sherman was unintentional fallout if so.

Is that scenario Possible???

Yes, everybody knows...I can see that happen.....remember the witch is an expert back stabber

Man the Rams are a dysfunctional org...

I will always measure Fischer and the Rams against Philbins Dolphins...

So far about even maybe slight edge to Philbin...

It's obvious they have placed a $ value on what they're willing to pay a #3 corner / possible #2, if Taylor doesn't work out. It appears that value is under $2 million per.

Trying to find something for nothing evidently. They paid Patterson $4 million last year for 4 games.

Would it really kill us to pay 4 or 5 million for Thurmond, Munnerlyn, or Tillman who we know can play???

I really don't get the money ball strategy.

Not to keen on this guy...

I would pass...

OK…I'm sticking my neck out here to say that I'd like to see the Fins try to sign Jared Allen. I know he is 31 years old. I know it's not a 'need' position. But look at this:

Jared Allen stats:

2013 - played all 16 games, 52 combined tackles and 11.5 sacks
2012 - played all 16 games, 45 combined tackles and 12 sacks

Demarcus Ware (also born in 1982) stats:

2013 - played only 13 games, 40 combined tackles and 6 sacks
2012 - played 16 games, 56 combined tackles and 11.5 sacks

Jared Allen is consistent and he is a LEADER. Add him to a rotation with Wake and Vernon and the QB's will be cra-ping themselves. This also creates less time to throw which will help our younger CB's.

It also encourages Coyle to use Jordan as an OLB. He proved last year he can cover. I just don't think he is big enough to set the edge as a true DE. I'd much rather use his versatility and have Jordan as an OLB.

If we are running thin on top flight taken at OLINE then use the $'s available to strengthen the pass rush and defense overall.

allen reaklly doesnt want to play. also wants training camp off

The witch is gonna have a crispy 20M+ cap space left after FA

The witch grade under the old fool eyes: A+
The Dolphins 2014 record: 6-10

Ain't it great to be a dolphan

The problem with Finnegan and our other corners is size. We are too small at corner. I know Grimes is small, but if he were 6 inches taller he would be even better. Taylor or Davis aren't tall either.

A great athlete who is tall can catch a ball thrown higher than a great athlete who is short. I think that is important in the end zone. Actually, it is important anywhere on the field.


It appears they're done spending over $3 million per on free agents. Guessing Jared Allen would command at least $4.5 if not more.

actually that is false, s smith couldnt catch a thing

Wow, that was profound EK

We need lineman dudes offensive lineman we have only 2 starters

We must have a guard or two you can't trust a rookie

Would have been a great interview 3or4 yrs ago. Now... meh
Rather they focused on the abysmal O-line.

Bills resigned Chandler. Not sure how much he got.

thurmond would be huge. its a must though they sign least 2 more guys for oline

We have enough people making millions per year taking up roster space now. If we can't find people who are better, why sign them?

Value= Spending money to GET BETTER!!

Spending millions to claim someone else's rejects is a dangerous tactic best left to experts.

Every time we sign a good value player, we will get a bad return player come game day

Good value = mediocre player

Profound or not, playing with a team of midgets (sorry if that is politically incorrect) is not going to get us to a Super Bowl.

Cortland Finnegan?? We're getting castoffs from the Rams? WTF?

grimes was good value last year, sure didnt equal mediocre player

We need 2 new RB's.

Any thoughts on whether Fins have interest in Vince Wilfork, an ol' UM stud ? He has asked Pats to be released.

We have enough people making millions per year taking up roster space now. If we can't find people who are better, why sign them?

Value= Spending money to GET BETTER!!

Spending millions to claim someone else's rejects is a dangerous tactic best left to experts.

Posted by: EVERYBODY KNOWS | March 13, 2014 at 06:08 PM


Not exactly following the midget thing but agree bigtime with the above post.

I like what hickey is doing he's very smart he's waiting and not panicking he know exactly who he wants and what he is going to spend very calculating davin Joseph and pen nor strief and maybe this Shelly smith guy who an up and comer

dont need wilfork

Posted by: jpao | March 13, 2014 at 05:55 PM

Love this post. Still, if IRELAND had signed a guy for a supposed NOT A POSITION OF NEED, many of us, myself included would be all over him. The Jordan pick proved that, as there were many here that hated the pick.
But to YOUR point, this is a FA signing, not a wasted draft pick. Yes, do it the Seahawks way. Win games 16-13, who cares. Be a dominate D, and Tanny suddenly looks better.

dusty not sure if you can compare Finnegan and Grimes though.

Grimes class act. Finnegan knucklehead.

The time to get Wilfork was 12 years ago. Pats did we didnt.

They havent learned that castoffs from bad teams wont help them improve.

Jeff Fisher, who knows Finnegan back to his Tennessee days decided he's no longer good enough.

Fisher > Phailbin.

If the Dolphins are checking on Finnegan, what happen to the clean new look Dolphins

Go GoGo F yourself

Cant win without a better QB.

Finnegan is the type of guy that can help us BigTime this year..for one year he's very emotional and I still remember 3 years ago when he shut out Hartline..had like 1 catch for 4 yards..him a Grimes for one year would be great..the ''High Yella Brothers''...I hope they get him he can play..he got bored of the Rams..

Cut Patterson, Carroll walked. Have Grimes, then "TWO VERY UNPROVEN ROOKIES".

So, unless we're prepared to spend a 1st or 2nd rd pick at corner(no guarantee either 2013 rookie cb works out), we better get a cb who can start in a pinch or resign Pattern cheaper.

Actually wouldn't be a bad idea to resign Patterson on the cheap, and bring in a guy like Finnegan who has been a starter in this league before.

Gives us 5 cb's to start the season with, and we don't have to waste one of our 1st 2 draft picks at cb. Remember, 2013, we relied on a "maybe" at LT(Martin). How did that work out for us? The 2013 rookies "might be" good, but "right now" who the hell knows?

IMO, we need to come out of fa with "TWO CB's" with "STARTING EXPERIENCE". Then see if our 2013 rookie cb's can push at least "one of them" out the door before the start of the 2014 regular season.

Do it. its an upgrade from carrol at minimum.

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