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Report: Cortland Finnegan to visit Dolphins

Once upon a time Cortland Finnegan was an excellent cornerback who had the ability to get under the skin of most every wide receiver he faced.

Finnegan, 30, still drives receivers crazy. But he isn't an excellent cornerback anymore.

The Dolphins nonetheless are interested in him because he is taking an unrestricted free agent visit with the team Friday, according to NFL Media's Albert Breer.

Finnegan was cut by the Rams on March 5th -- only two years after he signed a whopping five-year, $50 million contract that included $27 million in guaranteed money.

Why did the Rams cut ties with such a big-name and big-money player?

He didn't live up to his reputation or the contract.

Finnegan apparently played hurt much of 2013 which might have something to do with his diminished level of play. He played in only seven games but was benched for two of those. He finished the season with only one pass defensed and one interception.

Finnegan is not going to command big money.

He's not that guy anymore.



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Finnegan would be a great pick up.

You have to be a ridiculous idiot to think the Fins need "2 CBs".

How can anyone be a fan of the Dolphins when they dont keep any player more than 3-4 years and they stink every year?

Said my piece.

Dashi Out.

We need 2 new RB's not CB's.

With the exception of Albert, this FO is like all the rest..
Acorns or bargain-basement o-lineman
So much for rebuilding 4/5ths of a lousy o-line. John Jerry sleeps well tonight.

Drive bye Dushi lmao....

Munnerlyn three-year, $14.25 million. Not bad for a solid corner IMO.

lmao Sam.

Get two CBS, what do you think this is, fantasy land?

You must be dreaming YG, only in your mind do you think real football works that way.

See what I did there Sam, mirror reflection of what you're saying.

You call me dense for saying to sign one more very good lineman then an hour later you write an idiotic post about spending the same amount of money on backup CBs ...

Go GoGo F yourself

Posted by: phinatic | March 13, 2014 at 06:25 PM


I didn't laugh so much in a while.

Acorns live strong in Dolphins lore...

3 days gone and still no improvements to any unit of the team.

Free agency dried up for o line .. Dolphins will have $378M in cap space next year...

Miami must sign Knowshawn Moreno, over 1000 yards rushing and 500 yards receiving in a multi back system last year in Denver. Oh, and he can pass block!!!!

Draft Z. Martin at pick 19.

trade up near top of round 2 and take Xavier Su'a-Filo
this offense will be ready to roll!!!!

Mondo send this to Hickey please!!!

If Jeff Fisher doesnt want him I certainly dont want him.

Sorry, should read same amount of cap space, not money...


Any RB will do well with the threat P. Manning presents passing... different story with Tannepuke. D's put 8 in the box to stop our run knowing that TannePuke cant beat em passing.

1 starting cb, 2 unproven rookies, Carroll former starter gone, Patterson cut.

Dishy Dashi says we do not need to add 2 new corners. We now know he flunked math. No wonder he say he's 98% right. Dumb island boy can not count.

Grimes is the only STARTER on our roster at cb "RIGHT NOW". Better have at least 2 other cb's with "STARTING EXPERIENCE" coming into camp as insurance against the rookie cb's still not being ready.

Will Davis never saw 2013 action. Taylor was plain average, "AT BEST" in "NONE STARTING APPEARANCES" Carroll was far and away better and he's gone.

Yet the "DUMB ISLAND BOY" says we do not need to sign 2 cb's in fa with starting appearance. Oh well, no one will be calling the "dumb island boy" for a gm job anytime soon.

Oh, and dumb island boy, we do not have an experienced starter next to Grimes yet. Nor an experienced nickel. But, we do not need 2 experienced starters to go into camp with in case the 2013 rookies flop.

Yet, you also yell about "not having insurance" in case Martin flopped. Back to your hut island boy. :)

If I'm going to take a "bad boy" I'd rather it be Blount than Finnegan.
I'll say it again. The CFL is a passing league, so why not seek out the Cam Wake version of an O-Line guy? The CFL's best has to be better than the NFL's 2nd or 3rd tier RT or guard. You can teach a guy to run block, if he has the heart.

I'd rather spend 2.5 million on Patterson...who proved when healthy he is REALLY good, than Finnegan, who proved in 2013 he's NOT really that good any more.

Patterson will be re-signed. Hosting Finnegan may speed up that process.

You don't draft a RT in the first round; most likely 2nd or 3rd rounds. IMO, the Dolphins will draft the best available player (WR, RB, TE, S or LB) with the 19th overall selection or they will look to trade down. IMO Hickey will be looking to add a potential play maker with that pick or get some added value for it.

Grimes was a so called cast off and he made the pro bowl.

Who's the idiot that wouldn't take another pro bowl corner?
Especially after the Pats took Reevis!

Hickeys reputation is a guy who has an eye for talent.

disagree Lincoln

I think the deep ball will work this year in Lazors system...Moreno would be a real threat.

Earl Mitchell is a beast!!!

Maybe we should look for help in alternatives sports, like track and field, weight lifting, baseball....maybe there could be a good value acorn

Go gogo, reading your posts I can understand why you say that your life is boring. Let me say it is also boring reading your posts.

Turner sharp in 4 innings for Marlins

Associated Press
LAKELAND, Fla. -- Jacob Turner allowed one run in four innings to help his chances of earning a spot in the Miami starting rotation, and the Marlins beat the Detroit Tigers 4-2 on Thursday.

Turner, who came up through the Tigers organization and was traded to Miami in 2012 for Omar Infante and Anibal Sanchez, went 3-8 with a .374 ERA in 20 starts for the Marlins last season. He allowed four hits and walked one in his third and longest start of the spring.
"I had to battle more than I wanted to," Turner said. I got better as the game went on."
Jake Marisnick had two hits, including a double and two RBI for the Marlins.

Failbin would of finished 3rd in his division if he was coaching Seattle. Failbin is a two faced rat fink, and losers like him are more interested in covering their behinds than actually doing what it takes to win. Because he has no idea what it takes to win. He couldn't lead the Girl Scouts in a cookie selling contest. We will be no better than 8-8 this season and that's only if Thill gets 50% better


I say 2 corners because we at least need to have a nickel to replace Carroll and someone with starting experience opposite Grimes in case the rookies do not workout. Remember, we had no insurance against Martin last year? we better have some at the cb position if the rookies don't workout.

We've signed only 1 olineman. I would like to see us add 1 more. Don't know how many you would like to sign, 4 maybe?

I know we missed out on a couple you liked. But, you gotta realize just because we're in need does not mean that "all of those guys wanted to come play here. Sure, we could have "GROSSLY OVERPAID". But, you also have to consider we're far more than a "quick oline fix" from challenging to get the SB.

So far we have

C Mike Pouncey
LT Branden Albert
1st/2nd rd pick(position & player tbn)

That's 3 quality oline players right there. Would be nice to sign Shelly and we're in decent shape to start the season. Quit stewing over nothing man.

Eddie, you may be right as regards the Fins "hosting" Finnegan as a little message to Patterson. A shame you can't use honey instead, show Patterson the love, give him a one year deal with big incentives, and an option to totally restructure if conditions are met. These days, the egos are HUGE, they all want "love" AND money. It's the game. Apparently, Brandon Albert appreciated the love emanating from the Fins FO.
Why not a little sugar when dealing with Patterson?

He is as good as Grimes, and proved it his first 4 games. The Fins will still eventually need a taller corner, what with the taller receivers in their division.


TannePuke cant throw the deep ball. EVERYONE knows that including our coaches.

I do not understand why homers would be happy with good value players when the team is upside down....what we need is a serious injection of talent. In particulat in the OL

Why would this team be better than 8-8?

So far they just plugged some holes, not lost ground in others, but no real difference in being a better team

The OL is worse than last year, the CB are also worse and ditto for the DL...and the sad part of the story is that those positions I just mentioned, they were the position where they did something about it. So all those dreaming with better LB, RB, etc, please wake up

This team spells 4 to 6 victory max

Just say NO to Knowshon Moreno. His stats last season are a mirage because defenses were utilizing so many nickel and dime packages vs. the Broncos. Not to mention as the season went on Knowshon wore down and his numbers dropped the second half of the season. He looked very slow and sluggish towards the end of the season and in the playoffs. His best days are behind him and he will struggle in another offense.


Basically, you're saying we should have "GROSSLY OVERPAID" to ensure "ALL OF THE TOP TIER" olinemen came here. Gotcha!

Not sure why they let Carroll walk, unless they have reason to be confident in last years rookies.

Posted by: Go gogo | March 13, 2014 at 07:22 PM

You are truly not serious? The Fins are BETTER as regards the o-Line. Just losing Martin assures a better performance, and adding a pro bowl LT to the mix? What planet are you on?

IMAWriter, Patterson is no where near as good as Grimes because he lacks durability. I have no problem with an incentive based contract that starts with the vet minimum and escalates from there however, Patterson and his representation do.

Hickey has not dome much so far. Landing Albert was a no brainer. The Dolphins needed to come out with at least two OL out of FA. Right now the guys left in FA on the OL would not be an upgrade over what we have on the roster. I actually would rather have Incognito, Jerry, and Clabo over the guys that are out there. Hickey needed to land some of the top guys early but now those guys are all gone. We are now going to be forced to take 2 or 3 OL early in the draft or this OL is going to be a mess again next year.

Now, I ask is this the upgrade that everyone was looking for at GM? Hickey so far has is failing at upgrading the biggest area of concern for the Dolphins, the OL. They also still need a RB, CB, and LB. Yikes!

You use pick 19 on o-line when it is the weakest position on the team. didn't we get Pouncey at 20?

there is no ILB at 19 and S, WR and TE are not huge needs.

Eddie with your idea then I feel it would be a waste of time and money signing Albert if we are not serious about fixing the O-line.

Orlando, um....how about giving him more than 3 days before passing judgement? There is a long way to go before opening day. A lot can still happen. Overpaying for average lineman is not exactly a smart course either.

Eddie, I didn't say he was more durable, just that he was as good. Did you watch the first 4 games last year? Give one win to Patterson for a huge INT at the end.

Anyone have info on the hero of the 2nd Pats game? Is he still with the Fins? Surely he would at least get a chance to get some PT.
Also, don't forget, some veterans may get cut during the pre-season, and in some cases strictly for Cap space, etc.

IMA, Albert is better than Martin, but Brenner is not better than Cogs, and Gardner is not better than Jerry and the RT we don even know who he is at this point....so how is this line better?

Chill go go. Lets wait till the line is complete before we judge.

IMAWriter, Patterson has the potential to be as good but he's not because he's never been on the field for 16 games in a season. If he were as good as Grimes he'd be signed in Miami or elsewhere.

Add one more to the OL and this team will easily compete for the division. Too many of you let the media control your mind. We don't have that many holes to fill. RB, RT, MLB. Ireland was a negative force. Hickey is likable. This team will come through in 2014.

Yes, Thomas (the hero of the Pats game) is a CB out of Stanford but primarily viewed as a S in the NFL. He's will go to camp on the Dolphins roster.

I agree Eddie. I would rather have Patterson over Finnigan. Finnigan was actually rated the next to last CB last season by PFF.

The Dolphins are currently at 28 million dollars under the cap and have no good players to spend it on. Most of the remaining FAs are rejects or scrubs. Awful job by Hickey in his first FA with the Dolphins.

Dickey is afraid to spend the old fool money, I mean after all he truly knows how good he is

Very pathetic FA, a bunch of money to put it in the bank instead of teams resources

Everyone seems to think all NFL teams have 5 all pros on the o-Line. Not so, my friends. In reality, probably 60-75% of the Fins issues happened at LT. That problem is now solved. Pouncey is healthy, there is a new, improved O-Line coach, Clabo actually got better towards the end, Mc Kinnie might be a good option, at least for a year at RT. So draft a CORNER or monster LB in the first round, a guard in the 2nd round, the BPA in the 3rd, a QB in the 4th, and another tackle in the 5th.
The Fins are going nowhere, what with the Jets and Pats even better. They should be thinking of the future, as in QB, IF Tanny and Wallace go bust again.

An FA RB should be available now (Blount or Tate), or in the middle of pre-season, or as a FA after the draft.

As soon as Albert walked in the bldg Tannehill's wife ran and gave him a hug.


Maybe Dallas Thomas can make the transition to G or improve as a RT. He had potential coming out of UT but really looked overwhelmed his rookie season. Hopefully, Benton can get him to live up to his potential.

Sam $6M per for a OT of Anthony Collins' ilk who could've played RT for a year or two then take over for Albert is nowhere near an overpayment.

Spending $6m on a top level starter instead of two backup CBs give or take a couple of mill is tremendous value.

Now we are left spending in the bargain bin for O linemen.

We were multi millionaires entering free agency. When you are a multi millionaire you buy the best, you don't wear the "George" line from Wal Mart.

Wow, just watched the video. Andre Johnson whipped Finnigan's butt.

IMAWriter, Patterson has the potential to be as good but he's not because he's never been on the field for 16 games in a season. If he were as good as Grimes he'd be signed in Miami or elsewhere.

Posted by: Eddie | March 13, 2014 at 07:37 PM

He will be, and if not in Miami, he will still get 2.5 million. They're paying nobodies that these days.

And by the way, a rookie lineman is no sure thing. So if you are building your line with your rookie as a cornerstone good luck, especially drafting at 19 or at pick 50

awful job??


traded Martin for more than a pair of cleats....

We drafted TWO high round corners last year. Sheesh, give them a chance. You knuckleheads expect every rookie to look like a pro bowler instantly. The majority of even the best players still needed time to develop.

ONE SAM, ONE, are you from Ecuador or something? When ave you heard me mention two or three more? I said one.... fukkin...




Are we into winning games or getting good value?

All I hear about is good value, nobody talks about winning

I think we need Charlie Sheen here in a hurry, we seem to have forgotten what this is all about

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