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Report: Cortland Finnegan to visit Dolphins

Once upon a time Cortland Finnegan was an excellent cornerback who had the ability to get under the skin of most every wide receiver he faced.

Finnegan, 30, still drives receivers crazy. But he isn't an excellent cornerback anymore.

The Dolphins nonetheless are interested in him because he is taking an unrestricted free agent visit with the team Friday, according to NFL Media's Albert Breer.

Finnegan was cut by the Rams on March 5th -- only two years after he signed a whopping five-year, $50 million contract that included $27 million in guaranteed money.

Why did the Rams cut ties with such a big-name and big-money player?

He didn't live up to his reputation or the contract.

Finnegan apparently played hurt much of 2013 which might have something to do with his diminished level of play. He played in only seven games but was benched for two of those. He finished the season with only one pass defensed and one interception.

Finnegan is not going to command big money.

He's not that guy anymore.



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They don't all have to be pro bowlers. They just have to be better than Brenner, Garner, and Jerry, and more athletic with some upside.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | March 13, 2014 at 07:38 PM
Uh, that would be ME you should be agreeing with. LOL
Eddie is fighting me about Patterson, but in a fair fashion. he makes sense, but injuries are always a crap shoot, as evidenced by grimes successful recovery from a MUCH worse in jury than Patterson's. However, the "groinal area" is in itself, problematic. At 66, I should know.

Mark-- still waters run deep.

Orlando, we wish we had Richie, Jerry, and Clabo.

We have Brenner, Garner, and Dallas Thomas as starters as we speak.

No the o line is not yet upgraded...

Dylan, I agree giving Taylor and Davis the opportunity to compete. But they also need to have insurance because Taylor couldn't get healthy and who knows if he can stay healthy. Davis made a lot of mental (rookie) mistakes but also flashed. He could use another veteran besides Grimes to help mentor him.

I ain't saying "grossly" overpay. But I am saying they SHOULD have outbid other teams FOR QUALITY O-linemen, EVEN IF MEANS PAYING a premium.
There are no awards for needless frugality.

Wow, just watched the video. Andre Johnson whipped Finnigan's butt.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | March 13, 2014 at 07:45 PM

He should he is 6 inches taller and 40 lbs heavier than Finny..

It's just a stupid meaningless game for stupid meaningless people who think it's actually important.

Matt Moore is happy to be the back up eH?

IMA, fine and dndy except we don't have two of the players you mentioned under contract - KcKinnie (who has no desire to play RT) or Clabo

Former Bucs, Davin Joseph (G) and Donald Penn (T), are now free agents. Maybe Hickey brings in one or both. Although Penn was a LT, maybe he makes the transition to the right side like other veteran LTs have done.

Mark we have two top end players on our Oline right now. We need a solid RT option draft a guard and let the remaining backups fight out remaining guard slot. Done. It's not as dire as you make it out to be and the Fins have thrown away tons of money on oline men in the past and had it not work out.

Oline like no other group can survive marginal players if and only if they are coached and game planned effectively, and have an anchor of decent players at key positions both tackles and centre. IMO.

I prefer happy Mark, go check out some Lobstertube and chill. :)

Imawriter, I had no idea you were elderly!

New Orleans can't sign Strief for much, they have no money and still have to deal with Graham and Puente's. Strief should jump aboard with Fins he will get paid more..

If the Ape molester is calling for Matt Moore he must be smoking crack with 2 watt.

I now have to agree the Fins should have paid the premium one more time for an O-lineman. The Fins MUST protect Tanny, and in addition help the run game, if only so Dolphin brass can accurately assess with Tanny is the QB of the future or not. Last year wasn't really fair.
Otherwise, you end up spending megabucks on a guy who, by year 4 ain't any better than he was year 2, but you're stuck with a big contract. IMO, if Tanny doesn't hit at least 40% of those open throws to Wallace, he needs to be out of there.
His wife, however can stay.

Yes Jack Box, I am 1 who is beginning to HATE the NFL eH, Unfortunately I have been CURSED to be a Dolphins fan
for eternity eH?

IMAWriter, you could make a case for Patterson and is injury if it was a one time thing. It plagued his career in Detroit which is why he was forced to sign a 2 year deal with the Dolphins that was effectively a 1 year deal. It's also why he has no offers now.

The Dolphins asked him to take a pay cut and offered him an incentive based deal but he passed. With no suitors he's likely to reconsider.

You can argue that this team so far is worse at DT. With the loss of Soliai the DT position just got worse. They are worse in the secondary too. They lost Carroll (a capable starter) and Patterson and now have no good answers at CB. Delmas is a walking injury clinic. The one thing you can count on is that Delmas will get hurt this year. At least you could count on Clemmons to give you 16 games.

I would rather have last year's OL than this year's. Lets examine this. Yes, I would take McKinney, Incognito, Pouncey, Jerry, and Clabo over Albert, Sam Brenner, Pouncey, Garner, and Dallas Thomas. Overall last year's OL is better than what we have on the roster now. The OL left on the market are not better than last year's guys (they are all scrubs). That means that for the Dolphins OL to be better than last year, they are going to have to hit home runs on at least 2 rookies in the draft.

Hickey has failed in FA so far. BRING BACK IRELAND!

Get L. Blount, Finnegan is fine competing for that second spot with Taylor. The real question is can we trade D. Ellerby.

Sign the best guard available, then move up to get S. Watkins in the first round and prepare to trade M Wallace. This is supposed to be a deep draft for linemen.

Oh yea, offer K2 the vet minimum at TE.

Mark, sorry, forgot about Clabo, however, McKinnie either played where is told, or he doesn't play.
Also, he can be there if something happens to Albert. Don't forget, Albert had serious back issues. A common occurrence with LT's.


I don't think anyone is hearing what we're saying.

Fins got off to a good start with Grimes, Albert, Starks, Mitchell, and I'm even somewhat good with Delmas.

For some reason now they've slowed to bargain shopping.

Again I get the value thing but they have money to spend.

The Munnerlyn contract with the Vikings for example was reasonable under 5 million per and he would have made a great fit for competition for Jamar Taylor.

My guess is what they're trying to do at CB is find someone in the range they paid Carroll last year which wasn't much. Not a good idea for someone who may have start if Taylor doesn't work out or he or Grimes get hurt.

You don't simply throw a group of guys together and suddenly have a cohesive and effective OL. It takes time--and there is no coaching magic to speed that process up.

Realistically, the Dolphins best hope would be to field a mediocre line early in the season and then (hopefully) see it coalesce into a more effective unit by late in the year.

There is no chance of having a great OL the year.

Failbin, what else is there to say?

FAT PEOPLE have back problems eH? If Albert stays under 450 ibs, he should be ok eH?

IMO, DT position is better with the loss of Soliai because Soliai is a pure run stuffing NT best suited for a 3-4 defense. Soliai can not create pressure on QBs and push the pocket up the middle thus he's very one dimensional. Odrick, Starks and Mitchell are solid well rounded DTs capable of effectively playing pass and run. The Dolphins D and pass rush will improve with Mitchell in there instead of Soliai.

McKinnie has NEVER played OR practiced RT. He & innumerable other LTs have stated for years that it's a MAJOR switch & it's not easily made. B McKinnie has NO interest in switching.
We cannot throw 2or3 draftees onto line if we wanna give T-hill a fighting chance.
Hickey's on verge of effing up most important unit needing Veterans for rebuilding.

1) If this team could, somehow, make the playoffs next year then Philbin is likely to be retained. The pity, as I see it, is this team, even if well built, will never reach their full potential under him.

2) Smith hasn't reached his full potential as of yet. Not sure what his upside is but placing him into a zone blocking scheme, should be like home cooking. He's fast with good quick feet but his only shortcoming is in pass protect. Someone wrote that he rated as the #6 best G in the run game per PFF. With an overall rating as the 23rd (?) best his pass protect needs work. I believe he gave up 5 sacks in 731 snaps. Apparently he can play either G position.

3) Giving Finnegan 27 mil to leave the building when he gave you less then 1 and 1/2 years isn't what I'd want to hear. Some one on this blog said that it may a tool to get Patterson's interest. Could be!

real world, That is why there are a ton of practices and strip clubs in South Florida for the OL to Gel eH?

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | March 13, 2014 at 08:00 PM

IMHO, you're wanting to trade the wrong LB. Wheeler cost the Fins 2, maybe 3 games.
OD, IU'd submit that Garner is about as good as Icognito, and Brenner is a season older. Jerry was horrible.
Why is it when guys like jerry and carroll leave, they're suddenly deified, but during the preceding season were constantly vilified. Revisionist history here.

The one thing few writers have mentioned about Albert but you see it in how he's conducting himself, he's a leader. The Dolphins now have a bonafide leader on the OL which is something they haven't had for a long, long time.

Icognito, Pouncey and even Jake Long were not leaders. They were leader wannabes. Albert is professional and he's about winning.

Patterson, Grimes and Finnegan = Great Secondary


If Mitchell is so good, how come he only got 4 Million a year from the Dolphins? Soliai got twice that much from the Falcons. IMO the Dolphins are now worse at DT. You think the run defense got worse in the last two years, wait until you see what happens when big bad Paul Soliai is not in the middle.

Who's the idiot that said Millionaire athletes in South Florida don't go to stip clubs?


McKinnie says that because he wants LT money. Michael Oher was able to make the switch, numerous other LTs have made the switch. It takes athleticism, brains and the ability to accept a pay cut but it can be done.

Why would we have to get Patterson's attention???

He played all of 4 games last year and was cut. His last team let him go as well. I'm guessing he's praying he'll find a job period...anywhere.

FAgency is so hard to gauge. I think Ireland was right, 1 year contracts for most of them.

Orlando Dolphin obviously never seen Mitchell play.
Orlando please tell what other D Tackle runs side line to side line as Mitchell does?
Why are people calling Mitchell the sleeper in the draft?

Ireland probably has a huge smile on his face as he sits back and watches what Hickey has done in FA this year. This is why Hickey has never been considered for a GM job. He was not even interviewed by the team that he worked for 19 years.

Hickey is destroying what Ireland was able to build here. No more Soliai, Carroll, Clemmons, and Patterson. Hickey replaced those guys with less talented or injury prone players.

Again if Mitchell is so good why is he making half of what Soliai is getting paid? Have the other GMs in the NFL not seen Mitchell play?

Carroll and Clemons? Seriously? You cry worse than Jonathan Martin!

Hey, Armando, you need a change in the posters that you pay here. Their tactics of provoking and answering to themselves to create hits is getting old here. We need Daytona, a genuine approach

Where is this team going to get their ILB? If Martin is gone then Mosley in a possibility. But if Martin is there and he's taken then both Mosley and Borland will be off the board by the 50th pick. Maybe there's someone else who could start in day one but I'm at a loss as to who that might be? Maybe, and it's a big maybe, they plan to move someone already on the roster to fill the position? Other then Misi I don't know who else would qualify for a chance.

Mitchell played NT in a 3-4. That was not his position. All the writers feel that he's found a home as a DT in the 4-3. He was only 1 of 6 players rated by ESPN to receive an A grade.

MIT for god's sake enough whining about the RT position. YES, YES, YES they can absolutely find a quality RT in the DRAFT. It's been done many, many times before. It will happen again this year.

If Miami goes into the draft with a RT need they will have 7 experienced Tackles who are all viable prospects they will want to land. They will monitor those players and if they need to MOVE UP they will. The team has done it in the past, the team did it last year. The ability to get one of those top 7 OT's is not that hard to accomplish between picks 1-19. I am not worried about it in any way. I really just don't know why you're sweating this so much.

The following players could likely end up being as good if not flat better than several of the OT's in Free Agency this year.

Greg Robinson - Auburn
Jake Mathews - Texas A&M
Taylor Lewan - Michigan
Cyrus Kouandjio - Alabama
Zach Martin - N.D.
Morgan Moses - Virginia
Jack Mcwhar - Ohio State

Ross to Hickey:

Alright now, when the reporters interview you, on every other question you need to say, "gooood vaaaalue"

Hickey: Ok boss, "good value."

Ross: No, no, no!! It's gooood vaaaalue or "gooood Dolphin vaaaalue." Think K-mart! I need to make up for the wad Ireland blew on me last year.

Ross: Now once again... repeat after me...

Um, pst, pst…Managing the salary cap is not just a one year project. The secret science is in managing your players' contracts in a way that syncs up year after year to maintain the $'s needed to keep your top players and effectively recruit those you need to add in the future.

The Fins are lucky enough to have a QB on his rookie contract. Assuming THILL plays well next year they will need to begin developing a new contract that will be a big $ amount. That needs to be accounted for now. It's just one example but we need to keep this all in mind.

You, me and basically everyone fan on this board had little to no real understanding of the spider web that makes up the Fins' salary structure. Let Aponte do what she actually does well.

Please stop the screaming for them to spend like drunken sailors. The word VALUE is used in the NFL for a reason. It's not a term limited to the Fins.

Rick, it's ridiculous. All they needed to do was spend another $6m on one free agent lineman to change the entire complexion of the team. They will end up spending 3 on someone who may be garbage like Clabo was last year. So for $3m more they could've been in play for Collins a top 5 FA tackle. This just makes no sense at all.

Does $3m really make that much of difference when you will still end up $20M uder the cap when the season starts?

Just dumb

Orlando, you're delirious….."what Ireland was able to build here?--dude, we're 7-9, 7-9 and 8-8 the last 3 years…..what exactly did he build here? And not like its set in stone or anything, but Polian ranked Soliai as the least valuable of the several guys you mentioned…… Mitchell was near the top of his list, Starks was not far behind…..Soliai was well behind both

Hickey is destroying what Ireland was able to build here. No more Soliai, Carroll, Clemmons, and Patterson. Hickey replaced those guys with less talented or injury prone players.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | March 13, 2014 at 08:16 PM

PLEASE, OD, Ireland was the KING of bringing in injured players. He drafted 4 of them last year, the 2 corners, Jordan, and our kicker who was in juried before camp opened, and re-injured.
3 of those guys gave the Fins NOTHING last year. VALUE?
I'd rather have Patterson for 8 games than Carroll for 16. Patterson was nearly an INT per game.

The Fins may win 9 games next year with or without anymore FA's. Other teams have started 2-3 rookies and made the playoffs, especially on the O-Line and at QB. If one of the 2 2013 corners is as good as Carroll, where's the problem?
It was the lack of pass rush that doomed the Fins. Wake was hurt, Soliai had a sub-par year, and Starks was pissed off. I believe Hickey got that FIXED.

Carroll sucked and only played because we had no other good options…..he's a 4th or 5th on a good team…..Patterson was solid but hurt all the time, so irrelevant in my mind (cant help anybody if you're not on the field, period))….these are the players that you're worried about losing?--wow.

JPAO, maybe you didn't get the memo that they needed 4 new linemen from the opening day roster last year?

Albert is great, Pouncey is great.

Ok, they can draft one more rookie to start, fine?

Who's going to be playing next to that rookie? Garber, Brenner, Shelley Long with his two starts? This isn't problematic to you????

You think it's ok for the team not to try it's best to bring in good players instead of bringing cheaper players they hope can play well?

We were owed more, man....

You may think an o line of Albert, Garner, Pouncey, brenner, Rookie is good enough, I do not.

It is my right to complain and voice my opinion. If you don't like it, move past it. But don't presume to tell me what I should be thinking ... got it?


You weren't there, you know not why any of the olinemen you mentioned did not sign here. Hickey could have offered the same type deals, and maybe chose to play somewhere else instead.

Fa's do not "READ OUR BLOGS" and choose to come here just because we blogged thse are the people who should sign here.

You guys need a better grip on reality. The world does not read from the scripts we write. A little thing called "REALITY" just always seems to get in the way.

We'll see, we'll see.

JPAO, the Dolphins are on track to have ~ $50M under the cap next year... it's ok to spend a little...

The only big contract coming up next year is Odrick for certain... I think they can fit him under that $50M cushion they will have...

Yes, it is me. You slobs are a disgrace and wouldn't know haute cuisine from your elbows. Keep eating Taco Bell and thinking the Olive Garden represents gourmet Italian cooking, you ignorant and obese imbeciles. You are repulsive.

Nothing left on the market now except scraps...Pats laughing their asses off with one year deal for Revis....

Value baby...the value of Philbin and Hickey will continue to amaze.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | March 13, 2014 at 08:00 PM


UHm Sam, the player I have in question ended signing with Tampa, I think we could've convinced him to go to Miami


No one is talking about spending like drunken sailors.

But when Zach Streiff (the PFF 7th rated tackle) is your last shot at another excellent offensive lineman before the draft is still out there and your looking at 30 year old Cortland Finnegan and some chick named Shelley, that's just cheap!

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