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Report: Cortland Finnegan to visit Dolphins

Once upon a time Cortland Finnegan was an excellent cornerback who had the ability to get under the skin of most every wide receiver he faced.

Finnegan, 30, still drives receivers crazy. But he isn't an excellent cornerback anymore.

The Dolphins nonetheless are interested in him because he is taking an unrestricted free agent visit with the team Friday, according to NFL Media's Albert Breer.

Finnegan was cut by the Rams on March 5th -- only two years after he signed a whopping five-year, $50 million contract that included $27 million in guaranteed money.

Why did the Rams cut ties with such a big-name and big-money player?

He didn't live up to his reputation or the contract.

Finnegan apparently played hurt much of 2013 which might have something to do with his diminished level of play. He played in only seven games but was benched for two of those. He finished the season with only one pass defensed and one interception.

Finnegan is not going to command big money.

He's not that guy anymore.



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Who actually said Jerry and carroll were good?
Jerry was the worst IMO linemen we had this year. He played all year and stank up the place.
Carroll was a number 3 option Corner who was barely supposed to sniff the field because of patterson. Sadly patterson got injured and taylor could not stay healthy forcing us to play Carroll. Sure Carroll was decent at times but he is no where near good enough to play as our number 2 CB


Hickey had "ZERO" to do with needing 4 new starting olinemen. That's a tall order for even the greatest GM. Shows just how subpar Ireland was, it happened on his watch.

It's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to bring in 4 "high quality olinemen" in a single offseason. Then add needing to fix deficits in "other areas" too.

We didn't need a gm, we need a "miracle worker" to accomplish everything in a single offseason. Helen Keller wasn't available during gm interviews.

streif should be huge priority rt now, thurmond and tate should be also. but sure browns will get tate and pats thurmond.

MIT - I have never told you what you should be thinking. I asked that you stop your constant whining. You are becoming an old lady.

The OLINE was clearly shyte last year. No doubt. Yes Albert and Pouncey are solid. They need 3 spots filled.

But remember an OLINE is a UNIT. In order for it to work well consistently it needs to have chemistry and the players need to complement each other. You don't just throw it together. I think as two big Fins fans we would agree that many attempts the past 20 years to build an OLINE has not gone well. They have tried to address it many times through free agency and it never worked well.

We have a NEW general manager and he and his coaching staff have a plan. WE have no idea what that plan is. WE have no idea what the conversations have been between Hickey and the various players/agents who were in FA this year. They are trying to get Strief as an example but the PLAYER doesn't appear to want to come here even if he can make more doing so.

My point is that its not just as simple as throwing money at FA's. There are many variables.

My second point is that it can absolutely be addressed in the draft. Here is my final comment to you directly as it pertains the OLINE.

Starting line last year: Martin, Incognito, Pouncey, Jerry, Clabo - Worst in the NFL
Second attempt: McKinnie, Brennar, Pouncey, Jerry and Clabo - Still HORRIBLE

This year (per my plan): Albert, Rookie Rnd 2, Pouncey, Gardner/Shelly/Brennar, Rookie Rnd 1 - MY prediction - much improved over last year's two attempts.

Trade Matt Moore on draft day as well. Time to move forward with that exerise. Draft someone with a strong arm, who isn't content being a back-up in the prime of their career, to push Tannehill. Draft Stephen Morris!

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | March 13, 2014 at 08:16 PM

Another moron comment.

morris is awful. nobody gonna trade for a backup qb making 5 mill. jpao i do not want 2 rookies starting on oline, def not if one of them isnt even a first rd pick. we need bare min 2 more oline guys before draft

Posted by: real world | March 13, 2014 at 08:03 PM

Exactly right. O-line is a unit and has to play as a unit. Especially if they want to go with zone blocking again.

I finnegan white black or red eH?

Everyone is in anguish because we have not fixed our problems completely yet. But honestly we will go into the season with weaknesses. Every team does.
I can imagine the LB corps will still be a weakness that should be fixed next season

But this year we need to tweak CB, and RB
And still have to work on the O-line

To answer your question orlando about soliai and mitchell i will put you a ireland comparison since you seemed to like ireland.

Wallace got paid 60 million
Gibson got paid almost 10 million
Who was the most productive WR?? Just because you get paid more does not make you the better player

Posted by: IMAWriter | March 13, 2014 at 08:08 PM

Wheeler has no value, Ellerbe has a little more.

IS eH?

The contract that they gave soliai has desperate written all over it. Love soliai but the guy is injury prone and is not in every snap either

gentleman……its mid march….day 3 of free agency…..alot of time to let things play out, other players to become available, trades to occur, the draft, etc--were you expecting all or even most of our needs to be met in 2-3 days? Cant throw money at quality players if they're not there…..the guys we signed are at least good players, no reaches, contracts were reasonable/market value for the most part…..whats the problem?….and what do you expect Hickey to do in a few days, when he inherited a small mess….

Push THole ? ,off the cliff eH?


Exactly cohesion! This is why brenner will be our day one LG. The guy has nearly a year of experience with Pouncey, and it will definitely show.
In my eyes we only need RT(will find in FA) and RG(zach Martin).

It seems to me that Hickey is working to get Strieff here. But if he wants to stay in NO then there is little that can be done. Some people aren't driven solely by $'s.

It's not that they are being CHEAP for god's sake. They are spending millions in free agency the past two years. Probably more than any team has the past two years combined. Get real!

dont forget…..we need to draft a QB in Rds 3-5

Where are the idiots who get rid of Pouncey? Now do you see how difficult it is to replace "4 starters" and you would have us trying to "replace 5"?

I'll be happy if we end up with "3 HIGH QUALITY" oline starters. We'll have 4, "IF WE GET EXTREMELY LUCKY".

You don't get 4 high quality starting olinemen in a single offseason.

After this poor performance in FA, I would say that this is the best case scenario: I am hoping that Hickey is holding out for Chris Johnson. He will probably be cut by the Titans. He is perfect for Kelly's offense which is what the new OC is going to bring here. The Dolphins have the big money to pay Johnson. Maybe that is what he is waiting for (I hope). If the Dolphins get Johnson then they can do the following in the draft:

Trade the fist pick down to the bottom of the first round to pick up a late 2nd. Then take Sua Filo LG 1st, Morgan Moses/Antonio Richardson RT 2nd, Carlos Hyde RB 2nd, Chris Borland LB 3rd.

If they cannot trade out of the 1st pick. Then take Zach Martin LG in the 1st, Carlos Hyde RB, Chris Borland LB 3rd, Hurst OT 4TH. Resign Tyson Clabo.

OK Hickey, redeem yourself and spend some of those 28 million on Chris Johnson.

Tate hasn't been signed yet. Which is excellent! He thought he could get a huge contract with his claims of him being the man
This is our chance to swoop Tate to a decent contract and instantly fix our RB problems.
A one two punch of Miller and Tate would be nice to see

Looks like New Orleans can't close the deal with Streif and he is now open to a visit according to Barry Jackson. Barry also states Shelly Smith is hoping to get an offer from the Dolphins. That would solidify the line pretty well, especially if we draft Martin. Dolphins seem to believe Jamal Taylor will be the CB across from Grimes. Sorta wondering about bringing in these CB's as back ups?? I agree with Dusty though, solidify the line.

4new O-linemen may be a job requiring a miracle worker. But TWO players , SOMEONE in addition to Albert?? No miracle was needed, but some quick thinking & cash WE HAVE, was needed. Hickey failed that test.
The point is to get good FAs, not show how much money we didn't spend.
Must have a RT &/or a guard before draft.

Jamar Taylor will be good. You can count on that.

yeah, Shula wanted to get rid of Pouncey…."clean house" I think he said…..like we're gonna replace him with a Boy Scout I guess?…..and is that important anyway?--Pouncey is a thug like alot of other players…..but he's good and young….welcome to the NFL

We'll see, we'll see.

geez Orlando…..what do you think, the entire draft is customized to what the Dolphins need/want?--"hey all the other teams…..look, we're the Dolphins and this is how we'd like the draft to go, you know, for US, so here are the players we want, and when we'd like to take them……so you cant take them yourself, ok?-and no trades either, got it?"

If you look what teams did to the Dolphins D last year you saw them throw on running downs and run on passing downs with a lot of success. One of the reasons, Soliai was ineffective against the pass and came out on passing downs. Mitchell was rated a solid FA pick up because he's so athletic and a true 4-3 DT,a one gap perpetrator and not a NT which he was asked to play last year. The Dolphins DL should be more effective this year because they should be more versatile and athletic.

IMO, with the growing popularity of quick tempo offenses any defense that does a lot of situational substituting of personnel puts themselves at a tremendous disadvantage against such offenses because it's too easy to exploit this tendency and catch them with the wrong personnel on the field. The more versatile the defensive players the more likely they can stop such an offense.

Case in point the Seahawks. They don't do a lot of situational substitutions but they have depth of versatile defenders.

Taylor can be good but can his groin heal? Patterson has a similar injury and I hope Taylor is not destined for an injury plagued career due to a bad groin.

I believe Hickey has said he wants a pounder RB, which Chris Jonhson is not. We already have Lamar, a poor man's Johnson.

My plan of attack at this point of time…No need for panic, just work to execute a reasonable plan that is designed to make needed progress - i.e. a playoff contender in 2014.

Positions that need to be addressed before Game #1:

RT - My preference is Strieff but if he doesn't get here than Round #1 in Draft (I already outlined 7 OT's that will be starting OT's year one in the NFL).

LB - My preference is FA's such as Spikes Woodyard or Smith. If not I think Round 3-5 will net a solid ILB or OLB - Ellerbe, Misi, Wheeler, Jenkins and this new player to compete for starting 3 spots.

RB - My preference is Tate or Blount for veteran leadership, experience and proven pass protection. If not, Rounds 3-5 in the draft.

Guards - I think Shelley seems reasonable to add if the price is right Get him in with Brennar, Thomas and Gardner to compete for one spot. Use 2nd Round in the DRAFT to take best Guard Available. My assumption/prediction is that one of the top 5 guards will be available to the Fins by their pick in round 2.

TE - I just don't see anyone out there that is likely a fit in FA. My good conscience wants to give Keller a shot to come into camp (if he can actually run). I like Clay and hope that either Egnew or Simms will improve under the new OC. I still think another TE in rounds 3-5 makes sense.

CB - I really am thrilled Grimes is here. I BELIEVE that Taylor, Davis, and Thomas will net us a starting CB who will prove better than Carroll. At the very least a Nickel CB. They will play 16 games which is 12 more than Patterson. I'd like to see them PAY for Cromartie for a 2 year deal and have him in tandem with Grimes. That would be scary. I am fine looking at Finnegan but I am just not a believer. But another vet for less than $2m per year would be solid depth. If one of the positions above are addressed in FA then it opens a spot in rounds 1-5 to take a CB.

Finally - If none of the positions above are filled by a high priced FA then I would be very interested in spending the big $'s remaining to land another DE pass rusher. I like the idea of getting a 10 sack proven VET in to complement Wake/Vernon. It allows Jodan to mix in as an OLB which is where I believe he is best suited. My two high priced FA suggestions are Shaun Phillips, Jared Allen or Julius Peppers.

Anyone know how much money we have left? Has anyone factored in money needed to sign rooks? Just was interested in the actual money left not the hypothetical money that everyone thinks we have left.

I agree with the guy who says pay Allen from Minnesota maybe even Peppers. You put Allen on the other side of Wake and you create the Jason Taylor days all over again.

Seems like a luxury, but my thinking is you have to face some pretty good offenses next year. Rushing the passer is going to be the only way you keep the likes of Brady, Manning, and others under control. Allen helps make the entire DB backfield look better. If we are going to have young corners then you better reduce the time Brady has to pick them apart. You also might think about figuring out a way to eat the clock with a running game.

By the way a running game makes life much better for our young QB. Tany was beat up last year, some his own fault, but more time and a threat at RB could shore change things and we were only one game from the playoffs last season.

If we have enough money Cromarti and Allen would get some of that money. But Hickey seems to think different than Ireland. I'm ok with what he has done so far. After all who thought Starks would be the D lineman that they were able to sign.

Go Dolphins!!

Does anyone really disagree with this?

Starting line last year: Martin, Incognito, Pouncey, Jerry, Clabo - Worst in the NFL

Second attempt: McKinnie, Brennar, Pouncey, Jerry and Clabo - Still HORRIBLE

This year (per my plan): Albert, Rookie Rnd 2, Pouncey, Gardner/Shelly/Brennar, Rookie Rnd 1 - MY prediction - much improved over last year's two attempts.

Taylor has high blood pressure and the medication for it started to shut down his kidneys. Then he had a sports hernia and finally his season effectively came to a close with a groin injury. I hope he can over come it all and live up to his days at Boise State.

and for those handwringing over Monroe/Albert…..I'm sure most have seen by now that Monroe said he never seriously considered leaving the Ravens….thats where he wanted to be, so he was never truly in play


Yes, this is all wishful thinking. However, the players that I picked for the dolphins (my fantasy draft) could be available. It is not unrealistic for Martin to be available in the 1st, Hyde in the 2nd, and Borland in the 3rd. All of those players will probably be there when the Dolphins pick.

Whoever made comment in regards to Mitchell playin 3-4 vs 4-3, astute comment..this is why I think we robbed the bank when hickey got m for 4Mil..there's no way our D-line isn't better next season OV will be bette, wake heathy, DJ can't possibly be worse, Odrick will be better as last season was his 1st return to DT since college, & now Mitchell as stated as to why he can to miami? "Anywhere I could play in a 4-3" this is where he excels. I see this line as more of pressure type being able to get after the QB which leads to believe even more that they're looking real hard at a true run stuff'n LB via draft since they could nt land Jackson.

this roster isn't upgraded from last yr!!


why do most here discount the idea that last years draft class could contribute a good bit this year? Its common for rookies to struggle, many/most have minimal impact leaguewide (yes, obviously with a few exceptions)--Dion should have a much greater role this year, and has the talent to be a very good player--Jenkins should be able to help at LB….both CBs should get into the mix, and Taylor has the talent to start…..Dallas Thomas should (?) give us something, depth at worst…..Sims should improve, was in the mix last year and hopefully Gillislee can at least push at RB--maybe a handful of our issues can be addressed with a few of these guys…..

not lovin' the idea of taking a RB in the 2nd…..

Wasn't Finnegans poor season due to his eye socket or was that the yr previous?

@jpao nope can't argue with that..

I like Flanigan's in Pompano myself...cold beer and a good atmosphere.
What's that? Oh Finnegan,never mind.

I am beginning to like that Dallas Thomas, he could open some serious holes for us next year

Many posts here over several days on wanting a TE either via draft or f/a..

Am I the only one excited @ the prospect of Sims & Clay in 2TE sets?? It's gonna happen with new OC. I know we could use a better blocking TE but isn't Sims expected to do that a bit?? While I certainly don't put much stock into Elmer Fudd he did mention on numerous occasions how impressed he was with Egnews improved blocking?
Sims had an absolutely sweet 1st reception in the NFL as he held off defender with one arm while cradling(a beautiful bread box pass fr RT17 I might ad) Clay had arguably the best season as a TE in franchise history. Don't care what anyone says that boy is a game changer & only his 1st season as starter..

Someone tell me I'm not alone

This Is A Disaster

The shhttyist offseason continues.

Or maybe little stocky Brenner, he would use that low to the ground leverage and clear way for Mr. Smith...boy is Lamar going to abuse next year or what?

Go gogo

Because benz the ones bashing the 2013 class were the same ones bashing the 2012 class.
2012 class a real productive class
J mart was a no brainer not our fault he was a wuss
Vernon. Duh!!
Lamar miller( many people forget he is a second year player)
Shard matthews a reliable 4th option WR.

I am hopeful Dion turns into a monster. Jamar becomes our future corner. Dion becomes a solid TE. Sturgis becomes more consistent

You should rename yourself to Emperor of the Hope

People here argue with themselves. HOHO!

Ritchie Incognito II

Might as well bring me back to locker room Dirty Pakistani is gone and the Dolphin fans have very short memories and are not very smart.

68 FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I do not "DISCOUNT" our rookie corners will not be better. Just want to have an "insurance policy" in case they don't.

Right now, we have only "ONE" cb(Grimes) with any "starter experience" period. Gotta have "insurance" going into camp. It's preposterous to go into camp with only 1 cb with any type of NFL starter experience period.

That GM would need to be fired right away.

Sure, we're "HOPING" the rookie cb's rise to the challenge this year, but, what if the don't? That's why you have an "insurance policy". It doesn't mean you'll have to use it. But youre prepared if you do ever have to use it.

The Dolphins would be smart not to resign Pouncey. Play him this year and then cut ties with him. Pouncey is a bad guy and will end up getting in trouble eventually. This guy was best friends with Hernandez and they even trafficked with guns together. He also bullied Martin. This guy is a walking time bomb. He will explode at some point. We have no choice but to keep him this year but they would be wise let him go next year.

You wonder if other players are having second thoughts about joining this thug in the locker room?

You left off Dallas Thomas from the list. Gee kinda makes Ireland look real smart doesn't it?
It's almost like Philbin purposely sat all those rookies just to get Ireland fired.

Yes Jarred Allen would be a luxury. So what.... He is a beast and plays with a non stop motor. I would love to see it. We still need to add some guys that will provide leadership. I saw Allen last year late in the 4th quarter of a game the Vikings were losing big playing like an animal. Like it was a tie game in the playoffs. WE need a guy like that. He's got a couple more good years in him.

Dolphins playofffsssss!!!!!(btw im emperor of reason lol)


I do not "DISCOUNT" our rookie corners will not be better. Just want to have an "insurance policy" in case they don't.

Right now, we have only "ONE" cb(Grimes) with any "starter experience" period. Gotta have "insurance" going into camp. It's preposterous to go into camp with only 1 cb with any type of NFL starter experience period.

That GM would need to be fired right away.

Sure, we're "HOPING" the rookie cb's rise to the challenge this year, but, what if the don't? That's why you have an "insurance policy". It doesn't mean you'll have to use it. But youre prepared if you do ever have to use it.

Posted by: SAM I AM | March 13, 2014 at 09:53 PM

Walking time bomb...literally, my friend Orlando


Shttiest offseason ever? Hmmm.... very interesting.

I guess that means our best offseasons have never been anything to write home to mom about either.

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