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Report: Cortland Finnegan to visit Dolphins

Once upon a time Cortland Finnegan was an excellent cornerback who had the ability to get under the skin of most every wide receiver he faced.

Finnegan, 30, still drives receivers crazy. But he isn't an excellent cornerback anymore.

The Dolphins nonetheless are interested in him because he is taking an unrestricted free agent visit with the team Friday, according to NFL Media's Albert Breer.

Finnegan was cut by the Rams on March 5th -- only two years after he signed a whopping five-year, $50 million contract that included $27 million in guaranteed money.

Why did the Rams cut ties with such a big-name and big-money player?

He didn't live up to his reputation or the contract.

Finnegan apparently played hurt much of 2013 which might have something to do with his diminished level of play. He played in only seven games but was benched for two of those. He finished the season with only one pass defensed and one interception.

Finnegan is not going to command big money.

He's not that guy anymore.



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If they want to really compete they need a much better QB.

"He played in only seven games but was benched for two of those. He finished the season with only one pass defensed and one interception."

WTF? Why do we want this scrub?

Only Ft Lauderdale flea has blacks.
Brevard, Daytona, Jacksonville flea is all whites.

Posted by: the new KKK | March 13, 2014 at 11:10 PM

And so are the ones in Ocala and Gainesville. Your point.

Jacksonville is almost all Black.
Half of Daytona is Black.

I give you Brevard County. You can still kill Black people in Brevard.

Orlando is Puerto Rican. And Tampa is all Black. Clearwater and St.Pete is White.

The Dolphins beat just about every AFC team in the playoffs.


The Bills have great running backs and didn't sniff the playoffs.

QB is not the problem here. Tannehill will get better and they've now got him a good LT and seem intent on strengthening the line thru additional FAs as well as the draft.
They need to protect him, defensively they need to be able to hold up better against the run and they need to run the ball somewhat effectively.
Jordan on the outside to rush the passer. Guess it'll be Ellerbe in the middle, since there's no one else, and Misi or Jelani Jenkins on the other side. Maybe they'll draft someone 'cause I can't figure out why Misi got the extension last year as he's never been even remotely with keeping, much less starting( oh yeah, forgot, Ireland the talent maven strikes again!)

It'll be interesting to see how Hickey runs the draft.
Previous regime would be an example on how not to draft.
Draft picks for the 'Fins have been amazingly awful. A drunk chimp throwing darts would've landed better players. Jonathan Martin, Dallas Thomas, Will Davis, Jamar Taylor, Michael Egnew......the list just goes on and on.

To be honest, many of these high profile veterans such as Peppers, Allen, Finnegan, MJD and others are perfect for teams who are missing few pieces. Here we still have holes and 30+ guys , other than providing a little leadership, won't help.


It's called "DOUBLING DOWN". Under the Parcell/Ireland regime it became the worst misuse of draft picks in draft history. Even when Ireland wasn't doubling down on the same position, he was using "MULTIPLE" draft picks on a "single player".

And some dolfans cant believe after 6YRS we're still in YEAR 2 of REBUILDING. All of the wasted draft picks and botched free agents are the "TALE OF THE TAPE".

Just the oline alone, it's like YEAR ONE of rebuild. How else do you explain coming into an offseason needing 4 NEW STARTERS on the oline alone?

We were "TRI-FUCTED" by the last regime.


Jonathan Martin feels warm welcome back in Bay Area


Contra Costa Times

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Offensive tackle Jonathan Martin "couldn't be happier" at the reception he received Thursday upon officially joining the 49ers. That differs vastly from last season's bullying scandal that prompted his Miami Dolphins exit.

"I felt a warm welcome from the entire 49ers community, fan base, coaching staff, everybody," Martin said Thursday on a media conference call. "I'm looking forward to the future and getting back to playing football."

Martin left the Dolphins in late October after constant harassment that was confirmed by a league investigation.

While he said he was willing to resume his career anywhere, he's thrilled it was the 49ers who traded for him Tuesday for a conditional 2015 draft pick. Martin passed a physical Thursday to complete the trade.

"It worked out great, to once again play for Coach (Jim) Harbaugh, to once again be in the Bay Area, to play for a winning franchise that's had a lot of recent success, and hopefully I'll be able to contribute to further success," Martin said.

The 49ers have reached the NFC Championship game in each of Harbaugh's three seasons since leaving Stanford, where he coached Martin after recruiting him out of Southern California.

Martin has been finishing his bachelor's degree (in Classics) at Stanford since leaving the Dolphins, as well as working out with the Cardinal's strength coaches.

He's played only tackle in his career - 23 starts for the Dolphins - but he didn't rule out auditioning at guard, center, even "heavy tight end," or basically whatever the 49ers need him.

I think we should just bring back Incognito.

A pro bowl guard who can still play at a high quality level.

He's the best guard on the market.

Why not?

Jonathan Martin graded out the worst at the combine.

Incognito is in the funny farm. If and when he gets out he should go to jail.

even "heavy tight end," or basically whatever the 49ers need him.

Posted by: From the Herald | March 14, 2014 at 12:19 AM


He's played only tackle in his career - 23 starts for the Dolphins - but he didn't rule out auditioning at guard, center, even "heavy tight end," or basically whatever the 49ers need him.

Posted by: From the Herald | March 14, 2014 at 12:19 AM

Well, so much for the idiot that said Martin was upset about moving position.

Jonathan Martin graded out the worst at the combine.

Posted by: Capernick better gogo | March 14, 2014 at 12:23 AM

Thats a total lie.

How happy is Martin to be off the lowly Fins?.....and on the SB caliber 49ers? LOL

Dashi, I'm not going to tell you again to turn out those lights and carry your black ass to sleep.


Cogs can't pull his head out of his ass what makes you think he can pull on a screen play? Cogs was never coming back if we play a zone blocking scheme.

@ 12:33, what was Jonathan Martin bench score dumb dumb?
No wonder he can't stop a bull rush.

The only player with results similar to Martins Is a 7th round back up from the Saints.

What was Monte saying about Jonathan Martin going to Cali to be a back up?

Now Dashi saying he sucks so bad he might have to move to TE. LOL

Martin will have a SB ring very soon.

When I came from Cuba to Miami in 1961, I was shocked by the brutality of the Anglos here.

Really, Americans are not the most gentle and educated people in the World.

Finnigan doesnt seem like a Philbin type. Hot head that draws flags. Curious.

When healthy and dialed in he brings toughness and tenacity. Time will tell.

Perhaps explained by its immigration and educational system. Frankly, most immigrations to US were composed of not the best element of the Country they departed. Takes at least 3 generations for a social stratus to advance in Society but during those 100 years, they sure leave an unpleasant mark on their Country of arrival.

I remember when I came from Cuba in 1961 and while in public school here, I was caught leaving school to smoke outside. A tall, white slim and bald, and hawk-nosed Principal brought out a 2" thick paddle with which he proceeded to abuse my buttocks after he ordered me to bend over.

"America is a big, failed experiment", Sigmund Freud after returning to Austria from a stance here.

A country of immigrants will forever be an immigrant Country.

A frequently-changing conscious entity will never be able to acknowledge its Identity.

Good Mornin Dolfans

So the Dolphins are going after the worst rated CB in the NFL and the Patriots have signed the best rated CB in the NFL


Sounds about normal for the Miami Dolphins Clown Car

So what kind of results do u think we will see in the AFC EAST this season?

Miami has not won a Playoff game in 13 yrs


Go Fish !

A frequently-changing conscious entity will never be able to acknowledge its Identity.

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 14, 2014 at 03:33 AM

As of right now

After last years review

Dolphins 1st pick, 3rd over all in the draft

Could be traded for 5th or 6th rounder

Dion Jordan is not much better than Kaddu (who was cut)

If Tannehill throws the deep ball like he has the last two years (worst in the league) and cannot get his pocket presence & footwork together then he will never start again in this league

then 2012 & 2013 draft would both be absolutely "awful"

Tannefail, Martin, Egnew, the skinny kid w the bad shoulder that only starts special teams, 2 busted up CBs, Thomas a lineman that is going to have trouble making the practice squad this season and the rest of the picks have already been cut

Vernon is the only pick working out

Lil Lame Miller is good as long as he is a running back that runs in open lanes w nobody touching him
cuz he cannot break a tackle to save his life

Kaddu is better than some of the stiffs on the roster now, Wheeler and Misi to name 2. I think Chip Kelly, his old college coach at Oregon , has him in Philly now.
Wouldn't be surprised if Kelly trades for Jordan. Also wouldn't be surprised if he gets good production from both of them. Its called coaching. Sadly, A lost concept here with the Dolphins on many occasions.

Any chance of bring back Patterson under a new contract ? Finnegan would be okay as long as he is cheap or play the two guys we drafted last year, really gonna need some linebacker help, Ireland really screwed that up last year

Got Kuechly ?

Joe Philbin would be a better Florida Charter school principal than a football coach w a disconnect to players

Bazooka Joe is good at telling the children to tie their shoes and pick up their room as well as keeping rubbish off the playground

HOMEy the Clown


1. We are going to spend our Sunday afternoons drunk and complaining about what went wrong regardless of the score even if we are winning by 30.
2. We will always believe that when our team is finally a legitimate contender that somehow our lives will transform from one of crappiness to happiness.
3. We will always believe that when the team is finally good again our wives will be thin and pretty, our lawns will be weed free, we will have the respect we deserve from our in-laws and peers.
4. When the team is finally good again we will be making the money we really deserve and our wieners will be big enough that our women won't fall asleep in the middle of a pumping.

LOL @ Exposing The Fraud

much is true

Home's book - Psychology Of A Sports Blogger
soon to be a New York Times best seller is near completion


That was a funny post and probably true LOL

FA's that are available that I'd be interested in for the Fins. There are still plenty of players worth looking at as upgrades or for depth.

Alex Mack, C, Cleveland Browns
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Denver
Jared Allen, DE, Minnesota Vikings
Brandon Spikes, LB, New England Patriots
Julius Peppers, DE, Chicago Bears
Ben Tate, RB, Houston Texans
Walter Thurmond, CB, Seattle Seahawks
Antonio Cromartie, CB, New York Jets
James Jones, WR, Green Bay Packers
Donald Penn, OT, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tarell Brown, CB, San Francisco 49ers\
Michael Oher, OT, Baltimore Ravens
Daryl Smith, LB, Baltimore Ravens
Zach Strief, OT, New Orleans Saints
Knowshon Moreno, RB, Denver Broncos
Shaun Phillips, DE, Denver Broncos
Davin Joseph, G, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Charles Tillman, CB, Chicago Bears
Brandon Browner, CB, Seattle Seahawks

I have to wonder how many FA's, who by nature are looking to get paid, are really interested in getting paid by Miami and to ultimately play for Philbin. I just don't see him drawing in many players. I see him as being in a make or break year. If players view him the same way that means he is unstable. Would you make a job change under those conditions?

Patriots=D Revis
Dolphins= C Finnegan


Playing through injures isn't wise. Playing through pain is something entirely different.

Players only come to Miami to suck as much money as possible out of them

Nobody is excited about Miami being a possible contender to go into deep into the Playoffs or be in the Superbowl

Our skilled players esp on offense are non existent
Tannehill cannot hit a wide open deep threat WR in stride, RBs are a joke, one good TE and two TEs that should be cut from the NFL, 2 intermediate WRs that are coming off season ending knee injuries and no FB

Couple that w the worst o-line in the NFL

But more tarps to cover the empty seats or perhaps try 10,000 card board cut outs of people w big smiles to prop up in the empty seats

The Miami Dolphin fan uniform is still a paper bag and lots of alcohol

Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | March 14, 2014 at 06:12 AM

Grimes > Revis. Revis doesn't play a zone or man off zone. He plays man. Revis did what in Tampa. We got Grimes, don't need Revis. Revis is over hyped, Sherman was right. Not scared of Revis at all.

I honestly don't mind letting the 2nd year guys play for the other corner spot. Unfortunately, we know what we have at safety.

Dolfans in Denial,

All former CBs on the NFL Network agree

Revis is the #1 CB in the NFL

and with Tanneeehill being so inaccurate on the deep ball the Dolphins are in deep doo doo

Reel Dolphin....could be. I prefer Revis over Sherman, but it's close.

Finnegan will be a great pick up if we can add him for the right price.

The guy was seriously hurt all of last year.

And you are taking a former #1 Shutdown corner and asking him to be your #2 CB. And if J.Taylor beats him out he would be your #3 CB. Which sounds OK with Dashi.

Finnegan when healthy still has a chance to be a Top 15 CB.

I have said it before and will say it again. Dashi doesn't trust Coyle with much. But picking DBs, he has my full trust. Coyle is a secondary guru.

Revis is done, rex was his entire career. Book it and get back to me on the subject in December.

Thought Finny was collecting social security already

Just say no to old has been and released CBs that certainly will not help Miami 3 or more years from when they may finally be ready to make a Playoff

If Finny had anything left, he would not have been released and no have little to no interest with competent GMs

The Dolphins are not the Denver Broncos in Win Now Mode

It is disappointing that Salguero said he will not allow other bloggers to impersonate other Bloggers. YET, SOMEONE IMPERSONATES DASHI ON THE REGULAR.


So on Top of Dashi being impersonated. Someone here still thinks Dashi is blogging after 7. RIDICULOUS. None of the people Dashi blogs with are here at night. Why spend my time talking to someone who is only going to bash Dashi and his opinion obsessively.

And YG/Sam/DB. Saw the gay stuff you said to Dashi. Personally saying goodbye to Dashi. Very weird. We aren't friends or associates. And even if we were that whole exchange came out your mouth wrong.

Voice recognition device does not always recognize HOME's speeech patterns with a mouthful of Percocet & whiskey



STFU already. You are a waste of Blog space. ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.

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