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Report: Cortland Finnegan to visit Dolphins

Once upon a time Cortland Finnegan was an excellent cornerback who had the ability to get under the skin of most every wide receiver he faced.

Finnegan, 30, still drives receivers crazy. But he isn't an excellent cornerback anymore.

The Dolphins nonetheless are interested in him because he is taking an unrestricted free agent visit with the team Friday, according to NFL Media's Albert Breer.

Finnegan was cut by the Rams on March 5th -- only two years after he signed a whopping five-year, $50 million contract that included $27 million in guaranteed money.

Why did the Rams cut ties with such a big-name and big-money player?

He didn't live up to his reputation or the contract.

Finnegan apparently played hurt much of 2013 which might have something to do with his diminished level of play. He played in only seven games but was benched for two of those. He finished the season with only one pass defensed and one interception.

Finnegan is not going to command big money.

He's not that guy anymore.



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Dashi nothing Armanda says ever holds any water and is rarely factual.

Finnegan was pretty good before the injuries. Why not sign him to a 1 year contract as insurance in case Taylor and Davis don't progress or get injured again? I am sure the Phins won't break the bank on him.

One person leaves and the blog comes to a standstill? Interesting.

I thought Ben Tate was also suppose to be visiting???

Funniest thing I read on here "Sign Funnigan. With him and Grimes combine we can call them the High Yellow Brothers"


Has Philbin been fired yet?

Ha, Ray, best Beige CB combo in the history of the NFL

Sure Dashi, why not give him a one year contract for low money, no point carrying over the entire $27M they haven't spent...

I want to sign the RT from NO, that will give us a soild line. Prob draft another G in the 2nd or 3rd round. Quit rolling over cap money!

I rather Cromartie than Finnigan guess Hickey doing acorn shopping..

Still 26.5 million in cap space. We still have some good free agent options even though most of the stars are gone. I think Hickey has done good so far, he just has to grab a few more value players and I will be happy. The rule of some is we want to save 10 mil in cap space for draft picks, practice squad, and emergency money.

Corner- Finnegan's play dropped off a ton the last 2 years. Maybe it was the injuries. At the right price I could see it working on a 1 year prove it deal for a vet with a lot to prove.

Other good corner options would be bringing Patterson back, Tarell Brown, or Walter Thurmond.

Middle Linebacker- Daryl Smith is the best available, but is 32 in a month. I'd love Brandon Spikes if he could cover anyone. He may be good for 2 downs just to stop the run, since Ellerbe and Wheeler were so bad at it last year.

Safety- Clemons has still not signed with anyone. If he comes cheap I would have him compete with Delmas or even as a depth backup since Delmas had been hurt a lot.

Runningback- Kick the tires on Tate and Blount. If not, I would probably just draft this position.

O-line- Still a few solid players left. Shelley Smith and Evan Detrich Smith at guard. Strief is probably the best right tackle. I'd also consider bringing Clabo back for cheap enough. This position still looks to be a need area in the draft, possibly doubling down early.

Again I think all of the moves have been good, but I want to see a few more. I think this will happen over the next few days, so I'm pretty impressed so far.

If the Dolphins are going to sign a corner that was hurt much of last year, then lets get the guy with 4 interceptions(resign Dimitre Patterson).

Who needs playmakers?

We got fat guys!

For one I would say that Hinkey has done a great job so far, do for all you negative nancys out there relax. This is gonna be a good year and I will tell you why here http://phinsnews.com/so-far-so-good/


I want Spikes too! I have to say though, Omar made a good point. Spikes is horrible in coverage and a team like the Patriots will go no huddle against him and throw the ball at him all day. Maybe he can improve in his coverage skills, but that made me think about it for a second!

1st thing Fat Albert who sat out of the last 4 regular season games of last season because of a "precautionary knee injury" was meet up w the players and, . .
go out for a 2 he dinner feast

No interest of working out or practicing

Go the check, time to eat

No real serious injury just a "precautionary injury" as stated by the team
In other words Fat Albert did not feel like playing so screw the team and the last four games


Hickey was real genius in Tampa Bay

and ran way before being fired on a 4-12 team as everyone their was fired

Hickey fell to the Dolphins because nobody applied for the GM job
The 2 top GM candidates interviewed and immediately declined the position laughing at the ridiculous franchise and power structure

Neither wanted Aponte's tampons & Midol in their office bathrooms

Rdubs, that's probably true. I just find him an interesting player since we were so bad against the run last year and he is so good at it. If he was even decent at coverage I'm sure a bunch of teams would be trying to sign him by now.

On another note, since we have all this cap room I might try to extend Clay and/or Odrick. Players usually take a bit less money when they are extended a year early. It seems to be what the good teams do. Then again, it really did come back to bite us with Reshad Jones last year.

We could not stop the run becuz Genius Joe Philbin and Jeffro Fireland released Dansby, Burnett and McDaniel

in favor of less than average players on newly bloated salaries

yeah see, the superior layers that were released were not tying their shoes, keeping the locker room tidy and apparently did not see the minuscule scraps of gum wrapper litter on the sideline to be immediately picked up and disposed of

Penn, Streif, or Charles Brown and I will stop with my 4 days and counting of negativity. Until then, I'm applying pressure..

deity, cue the Queen feat David Bowie...

If Hickey doesn't go LB or Safety in rounds 1-3 that pretty much solidifies him as another doofus dolphins GM.

Can Anyone picture Lombardi or Ditka all pissed of because there was millimeter piece of scrap player blowing around near the field or mad because Marino left his towel on the locker room bench?

Chris Borland if Mosley does not slip. Jimmie Ward if Calvin Pryor doesn't slip. Pryor would be a fantastic addition for Miami.

I would also accept Michael Oher or EDS...

Ireland orchestrated the worst drafts and put together the worst LB corps in franchise history.

Who needs Kuechly?

give me that WR that cannot throw a football deep and we will make him our starrting QB

Spikes will not be a Phin. Besides the fact he can't cover, he has character issues. No way he comes here.

Wilfork slammed his lunch tray down and walked out on the Patriots

Its the new thing to do in the NFL when u want to quit

the term adopted is called "Martinizing the tray"

Deone Buccanon or Jimmie Ward for safety...

NeMo, I don't like the prospects for MLB in either the draft or free agency for Miami other than a one year pray and hold your breath deal for Daryl Smith. Borland is an option but with a 2nd/3rd round grade, he's far from a sure thing.

Another reason for signing at least one more very competent O lineman is to free that first pick for the Ryan Shazier option. Yes, he's an OLB, but he's extremely active and can cover some of the ground the MLB would normally have to occupy in the run game. 142 tackles in a short college year is impressive - no matter how inflated that number may be.

Sources say Shelley Smith about to sign with the Dolphins

Relax Mark, we may not win many games but Hickey will have us #1 in cap carry over. Besides, he has a secret plan.

Hahaha, I love secret plans! And cap space carryover... The first team with more cap space than the actual cap figure coming soon...

Yeah, Shelley Long!!! One journeyman to battle it out for oen guard position. Possible upgrade to Brenner or Garner ... maybe.

I'm forced to watch Big Ten Football since I'm in Michigan, and Shazier is the real deal. He was the only player for OSU's defense that actually made plays when they faced MSU. Even though he is an OLB his speed and awareness make him not unlike a bigger Charles Woodson. For Miami, though, it would be a wasted pick. I say that knowing if he goes to another team and explodes then I'll look like a dipshyte, but the last thing this team needs is more "speed" guys. Shazier's durability, though, should never come into question. Going up against Big Ten WRs and OL shows he can handle himself against bigger bodies.

The Dolphins produced 42 sacks last season, which averages out to be 2.6 sacks a game. This unit can do better than that, but Wake struggled with a knee injury most of the year, and Jordan, the team's 2013 first-round pick, was just learning how to play the position. However, the defensive front needs to be more stout against the run considering the Dolphins allowed 1,998 rushing yards and 14 rushing touchdowns last season. Starks, Odrick and Jordan provide the unit versatility, but need more girth from the nose tackle spot.

Stout against the run?


Thanks Reel for the first good piece of info you have given today


I need happy Mark.Not grumpy Mark, it doesnt suit you. Would a little lobstertube help? We could watch it together, if we dont look at each other in the eyes, it isnt gay.

Rookie K Sturgis missing 8 of his 34 field goal attempts

X-Dolphin kicker former only one year ago, Dan Carpenter played an integral part, if not MVP of the game in a Buffalo Victory over Miami

GM Jeff Ireland has been FIRED

Nov 25, 2012 — Happy Birthday, Dan Carpenter
On the day the Dolphins kicker turned 27, Carpenter nailed a 43-yard field goal at the gun to complete a 24-21 comeback victory over the Seattle Seahawks at Sun Life Stadium

Devin Hester could help the hapless Dolphins

Mark, we agree that Shazier and Borland are the best options. I'm not sure if Shazier can move to the middle. If he can't we would have to hope Ellerbe can improve drastically and at least Shazier would be an upgrade over Wheeler. Another MLB I like is Max Bullough, but he is a day 3 project/depth type pick.

I agree with you on needing another O-lineman or 2. I don't want the team to be stuck in that box of taking a lineman round 1. Hickey did a good job of getting good value in his signings. I would be happy with free agency if he gets another lineman, even tho we didn't really make the big splash.

There is nothing a franchise QB can't fix on the Dolphins.

Sturgis is cheap labor.....Ross gets what he pays for....crap.

Do what ever it takes to move up and get Manziel.

Steelers lateraled 5 times in a row on the final play of the game in 2013 to beat the Dolphins but the tape revealed Steelers players foot was an inch out of bounds

so the Dolphins won by default helping them get to 8-8 by the end of the year

Go Fish

There is no Lebron James or Dwayne Wade on the Dolphins.

Tom Brady's farm team w Wilfork & Mayo out as well as 4 crucial Patriots receivers out,their pass rusher playing w a concussion lost to the fish only after Tom Brady's errant passing and a rented non Dolphin CB came in to save the day
Brady lost the game on the last play of the day

and the Dolphins breathed a huge sigh of relief

Dolphins then folded like a circus tent being shut out by the Big Bad Buffalo Bills led by their 5.9 practice QB and destroyed by Geno Smith and the Jets to close out the season

Tannehill in 8 quarters of football against these two pitiful losing teams only got his offense in scoring position one time

Fran Tarkenton said Manziel reminded him of himself. Nice compliment.

Go Fish, sign that 109th rated CB!


Patriots called HOF CB Revis a "Planet Player"

meaning he is one of the best players at his position on the planet and must be signed when available

Dolphins made it public they were looking for secondary players only and said they were looking for
"a cheap safety"

and that's what they signed

Go Fish !

Save that cash!

Win later!

3 yr plan!

Steelers lateraled 5 times in a row on the final play of the game in 2013 to beat the Dolphins but the tape revealed Steelers players foot was an inch out of bounds

so the Dolphins won by default helping them get to 8-8 by the end of the year

Go Fish

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | March 14, 2014 at 11:52 AM

Steelers said we would only try this against the Dolphoons and their Clown Car players as we could not pull off this Three Stooges Act against a real NFL team

Ireland's incompetence is almost insurmountable to overcome. At the very least its gonna take time and much better decisions.

go find a franchise QB...

Got my TE Egnew jersey on and feelin confident

Go Fish !

This team is easily another 3 years away from doing anything significant in the playoffs

Very similar finish for Tannehill getting destroyed by the Bills in Jets in 2013

In 2012 after going 7 games without a TD pass
Ryan Timothy Tannehill finished the season by scoring zero point in the final game of regular season
Tannehill lost to the Patriots defense which was actually rated worst in the NFL in 2012
Ryan Timothy could not even lead his team to a field goal attempt

In 2012 Tannehill went 7 out of 16 (really 15 as Matt Moore played almost the entire game and beat the Jets in the Meadowlands)games with zero TD passes

The 2012 QB was rated the worst starting QB on 3rd down in the NFL

The most expensive WR in the NFL Mike Wallace has never had a worse year in TD Passes scoring only 5 in 16 games w Ryan Timothy Tannehill

We arent getting a playoff win until we get a franchise QB.

Teddy Ginn also had 5 TDs in 2013 and was paid only 1.1 Million for the year

same amount of TDs as Tannehill to Wallace

Wallace will be paid 17,300,000.00 by the Dolphins this year

Home, did you see Tannys ranking in yds per pass play? Its friggin pathetic. 37th and theres only 32 teams!

Cardinals agreed to terms with WR/KR Ted Ginn, formerly of the Panthers, on a three-year, $9.75 million contract.
Coming off a career year now that he is away from the Dolphins organization,the new beefed up Steve Smith coached up Teddy Ginn has come into his own and will be a deep-ball specialist for vertically-obsessed coach Bruce Arians, and serve as a return man. Shutdown CB Patrick Peterson was surprisingly ineffective on punt returns in 2013, and doesn't return kicks. Ginn could do both in the desert. With Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd ahead of him on the depth chart, Ginn won't be any sort of a fantasy consideration, but will get ample opportunity to be a play-maker.

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