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Report: Finnegan (who is he?) close to signing

The Dolphins are closing in on a two-year deal with free agent cornerback Cortland Finnegan, according to NFL Media's Albert Breer, so it seems Miami's search for a slot/No. 3/emergency starter cornerback will be filled soon.

[Update at 4:19: A league source says the deal is done.]

[Update at 4:26: Dolphins now confirm the confirmation. Deal is done.]

But ...

What are the Dolphins actually getting?

As I've told you previously, Finnegan was available for a reason because he has not been very good the past couple of seasons. 

So, assuming no hitches in the final negotiating movements, what cornerback are the Dolphins getting? The team's history with bargain preseason acquisition at conerback has been hit and miss.

There's the home runs: Andre Goodman (2006), Brent Grimes (2013).

But there's also been some swings-and-a-miss: Richard Marshall (2012), Benny Sapp (2010), Eric Green (2009).

Which category is Finnegan more likely to be in?

Well, the folks at ProFootballFocus.com would tell you it doesn't bode well:




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No one knows

I like the signing, low risk...

what kind of d-line does fins resemble? titans or stl?

if he goes and roughs up pretty-boy decker, i'd be OK w that.

Benny Sapp was not a bargain signing... he made about 4-5m a year. he was an emergency signing because we didn't have any corners...

Nothing but upside honestly with this signing though... can't be any worse tahn 109 of 110.

Dusty from the last blog, I'm sure the deal only had one year guaranteed. So if he does well we can keep him another year on the cheap, or if he is bad we just cut him.

Looks like Evan D-S signed with the Bucs. Only a handful of guys left Smith, Penn, maybe Davin Joseph, I guess McKinnie or Clabo for cheap.

Time for the daily losers to start their complaining and talking about themselves in the first person

I live in TN and have been to plenty Titans game when he played for them. He is a trash-talker that could only back it up for 1 season. Not a Philbin type guy. Worst move by Hickey thus far.

Haha, wow, not far from McKinnie/Clabo territory ....yikes, neMo.

I know the Bucs looked bad for the Revis affair and those things will happen when you have management change

but man their free agency has been amazing... impact players a plenty...

Many here seem to not understand the term:


If Davis or Taylor can not beat this guy out for the "STARTING CB POSITION", There's trouble in paradise. Hell, either should be able to beat him out for the starting "3RD CB" position.

Like I said Finnegan goes a long way in telling us what we have in Davis/Taylor in camp.

So teh two guys the Bucs signed in free agency on the o line

Anthony Collins 5 years $30M

EDS 4 years $14.25M

very good contracts and value .. got both of them for what we pay Albert.

wish our free agent o lineman shopping looked more like that...

Mark, yikes indeed. It looks like our mocks will go from best player available to 2 lineman taken in the first 3 rounds. Not to mention runningback, linebacker, and safety and tight end depth.

There is still some time though, gotta see how things play out and the draft is obviously huge as usual.

more cheap garbage, right where Soiled Diaper Ireland ended Dipshi+ Quickey begins. What comes cheap is cheap, you get what you pay for, yada yada, the same ole Dolphin crap

With the guys left out there you have you assume this is a low risk deal.

Mark, another Bucs contract that I loved even though it is going under the radar is Alterraun Verner.

4 years 25.5 mil with 8 million guaranteed. Another 250k a year can be earned in incentives based on pro bowls.

Add that to Michael Johnson, they have done really well this free agency.

Need a vet to teach the kids. One year guy.


I just posted on the last blog- yea EDS signed with Tampa. Very cheaply! I will bet he is playing OC not OG.

So far we're right behind where we where two years ago, and we were god awful then, the same old mind numbing incompetence just different names, same ole garbage


I think Z. Strief talks to the Fins again....

No way Saints keep him unless the plays for beeds....

Adam Beasly:

"The Dolphins have signed Finnegan, the Miami Herald has confirmed. The former Pro Bowler will presumably push Jamar Taylor for a starting spot this fall."


He can't be any worse than Nolan Carroll.

btw- I thought the Dolphins traded Camarillo for Sapp?


I hope you are right about Strief but Im not thinking so. HE wont even get on a plane to visit. Miami would spend the money on him too I bet. His heart is in NO.

Good signing by the Fins.

They still need 2 linemen.

Not all in for the Finnigan signing but I am sure it is a low risk contract and heck if he finds it again it would be a great signing.

Sam you are an Idiot who never admits to anything. Just STFU and run your head into a wall.


Now you changed your story. ADNMIT THE TRUTH FUKK BOY!!

GTFOH and go suck on your boyfriends dick. Like you usually do.


NeMo, Frank, yeah, I'm hoping there is someone else out there... we will find out by Monday if they ahve interest in anyone else.

Overall the Bucs free agency has been like a massive trade...

Ted Larsen



They got much younger at CB, o line and DE...nice job.

wally, that's funny... hey Zach, show your toots!!!


A.Goodman sucked as a Dolphin. He was T.Buckley 2.0.

I think Phins are running out of RT oppty's...we may be in for McKinney moving over to the right side.
Please, no Clabo...he was terrible first half of year...heck, give Yeatman a shot.

Phins were too slow for Howard or Collins. They have the dough $$$.

If he Yeatman fails, put in McKinney.
Sign Shelly for one G, draft for other one.
Brenner backs up both.

Would have loved either Strief or Collins, but Collins is gone and Strief won't even get on the plane to visit, so good riddance..."you don't want us ? we don't want you, either ..."

the Fins won the Off Season Super Bowl last year too!! waahoo, yippeee. Enjoy it now boys before Failbin does his loser thing

Hickey sux

Vegas from last blog,

Yes, your opinion is stupid. No Offense.

I am being nice with 75%. That is being modest. Take your head out of your ass and think. Use some Common Sense and Basic Comprehension Skills.

Hickey has only signed 3 players out of 53 that Ireland put on this team. And only 2 Players out of the 53 were here before Ireland. Soliai isn't on the team anymore. Before your Dumbass adds him.

So 5 out of 53 equals what percentage, Birdbrain. A little less than 10%. You Humongous Idiot.

Hickey would need to acquire about 13 Players just to make his 25%. Which is what the total would equal after Free Agency and the Draft.

But Sure. Whatever your dumbass says.

It must hurt being as stupid as you.

There are no elite CBs in this upcoming draft, a position that is mighty challenging in these times.

Perfect timing for signing Finnegan (st.patricks day weekend)He looks Irish. Seriously another banged up has been. Delmas, albert, Finnegan all injured, the ghost of Ireland lives on.

great sign. and everybody who says no, I would love to beeaat the crap out of you.

Posted by: Dashi, boy of 1000 names | March 14, 2014 at 04:57 PM



What is it?

You can only measure up with Preadolescent Teens.

You have a thing for Tweens don't you, You Big Versatile Twink.

Guy says he will try to bring back his spunk this year. Try? It is significant that he was signed for 2 years.

And Dashi isn't Mad.

Just taking the Kid gloves off before I go on my weekend.

And basically ruining the blog for later tonight. When the 2 idiots go on there Dashi Spree.

Dashi is just pressing their buttons.

They rattle so easy.

Good signing.

NOW- the elephant in the room.


Why has Shelley Smith not signed yet?
Are there any other RT possibilities other than Clabo and Winston? Donald Penn is a LT.

I will feel much better with at least Smith signing. Then 3 starters will be in place.

Good signing. Posted by: Frank from PA
What part of allowing a perfect qb rating before being shutdown equates to good signing?

Been away for the last month......Im sure Sam and Marco missed me. I decided to sign in to typepad from now on so that they cannot troll in my name anymore. If my name is BLUE its ME!!!

The Finnegan signing is a bonus type deal. We hit the jackpot if he is as good as Grimes was last year. If he is as bad as Finnegan was the last few yrs then we let him walk end of year.
As for the other signings Hickey has made. They appear to be sound. Im sure Hickey knows that he has more work to do.

Hey, Daytona, are you finally happy?

Daytona's sense of Humor, is a perverted thing.

Hickey has done more in ten days than that a** clown (J.Ireland) has done in six years.

Dashi, good signing by the fins? have you wathced this guy play the past two yrs you shmuck? hes had more persomnal foul penalties 6 than INTS Profootballfocus ramked him 2nd to last 10th of 109 cbs in 2013 hes a punk who takes cheap shots to get people off their game and when that doesnt work he gets his ass beatconstantly. Doushi try watching ALL the teams in the league before you just say gd signing by the dolphins especially beefore you now the finacial terms know it all

Nice way to push Jamar to become our future CB.
Now we just need a solid RT, and still hoping for Tate and this will be a pleasing FA.

Yeah, this might also mean that Philbin doesn't think much of Jamar.

I am curious as to how much they are paying him. If it's two years 5.25 with no guaranteed money - great. Then cutting him won't be a cap hit. This guy has a lot to prove. I think he will be ready to play/ He is a mean, nasty bastard on the field, I'll give him that. He gets in receivers head. He is the kind of guy you love on your team but hate him and his antics when he is on the opposition.

Sadly it seems Tate is gonna go to the browns. They've been talking for 2 days and it seems like there working out a deal.

Oh well. My second round pick will be carlos hyde. If not then Tre Mason.
But we need to work on RB for sure!

It is becoming more and more clear that Philbin thinks that Ireland signed shi--y FAs and drafted crap. I am tending to agree with Joe.

Not exactly oscar. Last offseason we got Keller. does that mean philbin has no trust in Clay?
We also drafted Dion Jordan. does that mean he was unsure about Vernon?
Even if your right and he has no hope in rookies that will prove how poor Philbin is in evaluating talent

What happened?

Nobody wants to question my Math?

Steve the Stump,

Have you ever watched Finnegan play?

He is constantly getting into fights. And pushing and shoving. Finnegan was the Most Physical CB in the NFL for the past 5-6 Years.

I know Finnegan has been off the past couple of seasons. (Injury)




If V.Davis and S.Smith would've had Grimes and Finny as Mentors they would've been better pros.

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | March 14, 2014 at 05:12 PM

you really think your important enough for anyone to care, who are you anyway? you stole a famous guys name, very creative mon

A Bad Signing would be signing a CB that J.Taylor can't beat out because of the guys contract so J.Taylor and W.Davis ride the pine for 2-3 years.

THIS IS A GREAT SIGNING, Because if the young guys play well they will still have the chance to start. And if Finny plays well we have a legit duo.

When Finny is on his game, his ceiling is higher than D.Patterson or N.Carroll.

None of the Cromarties will be good in Miami. They are more Man than Zone kind of CB.

Again, When it comes to DBs, Dashi trust K.Coyle. The other spots on the defense and the play calling, NO!! But Coyle is a great Secondary Coach.

If Finnegan can become the starter for us(or at least a third option) i could see him as the defensive leader that we lacked last year. Hope he teaches the rest of the D to play nasty with passion and a purpose.

Oscar, Joe succs worse than Ireland, why are you giving that loser the benefit of the doubt? I gave you way more credit than that. Please don't disappoint me again

It is also appearing to be very likely. that there was a concerted effort by the whole Dolphins Team to get rid of Ireland because of his deficiencies as a talent evaluator.

I am not saying anything about Philbin as a talent evaluator because he isn't. He just doesn't like many Players that Ireland acquired here. To me, Wheeler and Ellerbee were failings by Ireland as evidenced by the poor play of the D last year. Besides his unforgivable neglect of the OLine.

Failbin is a two faced rat. How come everyone above him and everyone below him got blamed except him, how did the scumbag Failbin survive?? because he's a two faced lying scumbag with no moral authority or spine and is the complete opposite of a leader of men.

No matter how you slice it Cortland Finnegan was a good signing. He signed for only 2 years with only 1 year guaranteed. Another words it's a prove himself year just like Brent Grimes had last year. Last year he was terrible in the only 7 games he played in, but he played hurt for all 7 games. So you really can't go by last year. In 2011 & 2012 he played just fine, so there's no telling what we have in Finnegan yet. If nothing else he will bring more tenacity to our defense while delivering quality leadership with Brent Grimes for our young DB's.

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