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Soliai gets big $$ from Falcons

It's been known Paul Soliai was going to break the bank.

The bank where the Atlanta Falcons leave their deposits is today a little leaner because the former Dolphins defensive tackle has joined the NFC team.

Soliai is en route to Atlanta right now and will be signing a five-year contract worth $32 million with $14 million fully guaranteed.

Soliai will be making $11 million this year, according to a source familiar with the deal.

The Dolphins were never really in the game for Soliai. They never actually presented a contract to kick off negotiations.

They did make verbal offers that would have paid Soliai $5.5 million this year.

Not close.

Update: Paul Soliai released a statement thanking you, the fans, for his time in Miami. He thanks assistant coach Kacy Rodgers and he thanks "the previous" staff for bringing him into the NFL. He does not thank the Dolphins organization and I'm told that is by design:

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11 mill for a one dimensional player in Paul S! No thanks glad hes gone!

Who cares.

Best of luck to him, glad he went NFC

He won so many games for us last season... NOT.

KC is losing some starters pretty quick.

Paul earned that money and I am happy for him. I enjoyed rooting for him with the Dolphins for 7 years. Good luck to Paul in the future.

On the other hand, I see why the Dolphins would be reluctant to pay that. I hope Mitchell works out.


Would you rather guarantee $14 million to a run stopping 29-30 year od with some wear or

$9m guaranteed for a 26 year old, fast, pass rushing & run stopping DT?

Good Work Hickey!

Good for Paul, Nothing bad to say about him. He gave 100% all the time, Proud that he was a Dolphin. Good Luck Paul, Hope to see ya in the superbowl some day.

He was a good player for the Dolphins. Plus, he was the rare good draft pick beyond the 1st two rounds. He was a bargain for a few years.

I like the moves so far. I feel like there may be a big name sleeper in the works... at CB?

Paul Solai: 30 Years Old, 6'4", 340 lbs, picked in 4th round, 2013 played 15 games, 2013 had 34 combined tackles, and 1 sack.

Randy Starks: 30 Years Old, 6'3", 305 lbs, picked in 3rd round, 2013 16 games, 2013 had 49 combined tackles, and 4 sacks.

Earl Mitchell: 26 Years Old, 6'3", 305 lbs, picked in 3rd round, 2013 16 games, 2013 had 48 combined tackles, and 1.5 sacks.

I appreciate all that Big Paul did while a Fin but I just can't see paying him $6M+ PER YEAR. Knowing Coyle is going to run mostly 4/3 scheme the better DT for the team was Starks. But Mitchell's youth, speed and production looks like good value for $4m per season.

It's basically 2 year, $7 mil per year, and then $5.5 mil options for Falcons.
It's what was expected Soliai would demand on the market. I don't think Falcons broke the bank. The Dolphins weren't willing to keep him probably for philosophical reasons. No biggy wither way, I don't see this as a win or a loss for the Phins.

yeah we need howard and a corner badly now. loving the start though

Good Luck Big Paul. I was still in your corner when all other dolfans were trying to run you out of town after your 3rd year here :)

good for him, always a fan as most here were.....but 11 mill/yr is heavy steep.....wow....again, most here would be freakin' if we paid him that much--dont know what Plan B is, (Mitchell I guess?) but that/Plan A aint appealing

Odrick + Mitchell = THE FOUNDATION and THE FUTURE of the DLINE. Good stuff!!

O and D line in the first few rounds of the draft....nothings changed....which is fine.




yeah monroe was my first option but he wanted balt. we overpaid but oh well. least we got better, much better

filled 2 big holes with Albert and Mitchell (and Delmas, although only a 1 yr deal).....I'm hoping for mid tier/solid guys from here on out....possible starters to good depth....maybe add a RB or a decent CB if available....but please not monster/mega deals....spent a good chunk on Albert, probably overpaid a bit but had to/solid move....spend wisely from here.

Monroe resigns with Ravens $7.5M a year.


Obviously, they wanted to get rid of Big Paul, perhaps because he's better suited to the 1 technique, apparently like Mitchell is. ???

doesnt it seem like Monroe wanted to stay in Balt all along?--was probably playing us and others to squeeze a few more bucks out of Balt....which is fine, cant blame him--but please stop acting like Monroe is all world or something--wouldnt been happy with either, spent a little more on Albert but we had it to spend....so be it....major upgrade, any way you cut it--stop stressing



V. Davis staying in Indy. Better than going to Jets.

E. Monroe 5 years $37.5m staying in Baltimore...Have to say they are hard to beat in terms of taking away their top FA's each year. Ozzie keeps him and pays him a fair amount...didn't have to over spend.

B. Albert earns more per year average than Monroe. Makes sense. He moved to another team willing to pay to ensure landing him and has accomplished more so far in his career. Not a bad deal for Albert...seems like a good deal for him and the Fins. He is being paid like a top 10 LT in the NFL, which he is.


The Best is always expensive. Always pay for the Best, if you can.

Look for Austin Howard to get some interest from us. A upgrade over Clabo that's for sure.
Still would like Ben Tate to be our RB the guy could make a nice tandem with Miller,and teach Lamar a thing or two.

I hope Vontae's grandmother approved the deal.

Albert and Monroe are both good players....glad we got one of them, and the extra mill or so/year is insignificant from a cap standpoint....but the upgrade to our O line is huge

I can't believe we traded Vontae Davis for a lousy 2nd round pick

Now we have ZERO defensive linemen, to match up well against our Zero offensive linemen

Grimes $8.5M a year

Vontae Davis/ Sam Shields $10M a year.


If any feel we overpaid for Albert, we made up for it by resigning Grimes early! :)

neither can i seth, amazing we got that high of one for him. but im so glad we did

agree on tate, love to see him here. plus rbs arent getting paid a thing anymore.





If we sign Austin Howard it would be realistic to grab Zach Martin to play G for us thus completely fixing the O-line.
The thing that intrigues me is Ellerbee being moved to the outside. Could that mean that we could be in the mix for CJ Mosley?
The problem is Mosley will not be there at 19. Could a possible trade up work?

The Dolphins also agreed to a contract with defensive tackle Earl Mitchell, the sources said. Mitchell, who played for the Houston Texans the past four seasons, is expected to land a four-year, $16 million deal that includes $9 million guaranteed.

yes that would have been too much to pay Big Paul, is Starks going to get get that kind of too? Those guys were pretty good together for a while but time to move on the Mitchell guy looks like he will be pretty good pickup and we still have odrick, Good job by Hickey so far

emperor who plays rt

Grimes, Mitchell, and Albert = Money with brains

Lots of changes, I like it.

Austin Howard would play RT
Zach martin would play RG
Pouncey goes C
Albert plays LY
And i might be the huge minority on this but i would continue to go with Brenner at the LG

ahhh yes howard, he would be a huge get

Yes,THole would love Sproles because that is all he can do is dump off eH?,OK Signing on Mitchell. But Delmas has no Knees eH? Oscar,who are the trainers and the medical staff for the barbies now eH?,Armando Good work as always on the Fins FA news. You are # 1 in the biz eH?.Stupid homers don't know how much Info you give them eH?

There better be more, a lot more. I'm a homer but even I can't be too excited so far. it's just a nice start.

Nobody would trade




Team has more to do to just break even to last year's team let alone improve. no rest for the wicked, let's get at it...

EOR, i also agree one spot can be held open for an internal competition. If you get a top draft pick at OT or OG and another top free agent signing at OT or OG - then you can afford to give one spot to the best of Brenner, Garner, or THomas.

Yester Gay is a Power Bottom

Soliai got a lot of money to just be a run stopper in a passing league. I don't know much about Mitchell but that is way too much money to pay for Soliai. So we probably down graded at DT but perhaps we can use the savings to continue to upgrade the OL.

Now let's sign a top guard and a right tackle. That would enable the dolphins to go for BPA in the draft. Let's use the draft to get play makers (top MLB, RB, and TE). Imagine if the dolphins could have the luxury of using their first 3 picks on the following:

Rd 1: Eric Ebron TE
Rd 2: Tre Mason RB
Rd 3: Chris Borland MLB

Paul didn't thank the Dolphins organization "by design"?

Yeah... why should he thank the Dolphins for carrying him for 3+ years on redshirt status, until he developed as a player - grew up - and quit eating himself into a state where he couldn't play?

Get to Atlanta... and shove your juvenile "by design" thanks where the sun don't shine Paulie. Hope your knees enjoy the

Article says Mitchell signed.

Mitchell tweets that he hasn't signed anything.

Which is it?

wow Vonte broke the bank...how much guaranteed?

11 million for Soliai is incorrect, it's all about ATL's cap situation. He is getting the 14 Mill guaranteed in the first 2 years. He's really getting about 7 mill a year.
Vontae's case is similar, he is getting 7.5/year over 3 yrs. with most this year so they can have enough cap room to resign Luck and TY Hilton in 2015 & 2016. Still too much.

Mitchell not signed


20 mil from what I read Wally.

It looks like Adam Beasley jumped the gun and did not verify sources when writing an article that Mitchell had signed with the Dolphins. Mitchell has not signed any contract witht the Dolphins. So for now the starting DTs for the dolphins are Odrick and AJ Francis. Yikes!

So far advantage Ireland over Hickey. It is early but it is not looking good so far. We have only one DT, still need at least 2 more OL, and they over paid for Albert.

Solai is worth every penny. Letting him leave shows this team doesnt care about winning.

Happy for Soliai he got his $$$. He did meet our expectations during previous seasons. Time to move forward. Best of luck to both Paul & Randy.
No issue with not thanking the current coaching staff. Besides, they too (Coaching Staff) will be loading a Moving Van real soon. Philbin the great character coach? Please!! Football is about wins and loses. I'll talk character with my Chaplain this Sunday.

well if he is flying in he probably will sign.

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