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Please Dolphins, cut the PC stuff and speak plainly

Sometimes a politically correct climate forces right-thinking people to keep quiet or not act and speak as they believe so as to simply avoid a backlash from the herd.

For whatever reasons, the Dolphins have been doing some of this recently.

The politically correct issue the team is dealing with is the idea of workplace conduct. It is a pet topic for the NFL now because of the Dolphins' harassment scandal, because of racially charged exchanges between players and between players and game officials, and because of the fact a player, Michael Sam, has announced himself as being gay, and so his inclusion into a locker room without any reproach is vital to the NFL.

But here's the thing: In trying to not offend and be inclusive and embracing relativism over what is simply right and wrong, the NFL is also asking us to at times suspend knowledge of what we know to be the truth.


The Dolphins are never, ever, ever, ever going to let Richie Incognito return to their team. He had a terrible effect on the locker room, as evidenced by the Wells Report, and he's got some sad and troubling emotional issues he must clear up.

But are the Dolphins saying this?


Someone has concocted marching orders to everyone in the organization that rather than plainly say what is true -- that the Dolphins have decided to go in another direction with Incognito -- the team is hiding behind the veil of free agency so as to not say what is obvious.

"I only want to talk about people on our roster," owner Stephen Ross said Tuesday when asked if Incognito had any shot of returning to the team. "As you know, he's a free agent and we'll sign those people who will better our team and make us a better football team."

The craziness of this? Ross himself two months ago, at the press conference to introduce Dennis Hickey as the general manager, said Incognito wasn't coming back. (He also said Jonathan Martin wasn't coming back and he's since been traded.)

So why the softening of a stance that doesn't merit softening? I mean, is Incognito going to sue the Dolphins if they make a business decision not to re-sign him? No. Are fans going to be up in arms if the team says the man most prominently named as an antagonist in the Wells Report isn't coming back? No. Fans mostly care about who is replacing Incognito.

Yet, the Dolphins have gone limp on their response. Hickey gave the same answer on Incognito, not wanting to address the guard's status because he's no longer under contract. But in the same presser he address tight end Dustin Keller, who also is not under contract.

Why walk on eggshells?

Then there's the question of Mike Pouncey. He also is named in the Wells Report. He also participated in the alleged harassment of Martin, according to the report. Indeed, in the report Pouncey said his best friends on the team were Incognito and John Jerry, the third primary Martin antagonist named in the report.

Pouncey must also submit to that "medical evaluation" commissioner Roger Goodell talked about as being necessary before the three players can participate in the 2014 season.

Well, Jerry is gone in free agency. Incognito isn't coming back (despite Miami's newfound mumbo-jumbo on the matter). But Pouncey is definitely going to continue with the Dolphins and indeed his future with the team is bright.

Pouncey is considered a team leader. When the Dolphins signed Branden Albert, they invited two players to a dinner to celebrate the moment. Those two players are quarterback Ryan Tannehill and ... Mike Pouncey.

Bottom line: The Dolphins see Pouncey as a candidate for rehabilitation from the harassment scandal while Incognito and Jerry were as tumors that needed to be removed. Indeed, Ross painted Pouncey as something of a victim himself.

"I think everybody could look back and reflect. We all get caught up with certain things and you go with it," Ross said.

But can we get away from the PC stuff here and get to the crux of the matter? You know why Pouncey is still in good standing with the organization while the other instigators of the harassment and even Martin as the "victim" were dispatched?

Because Mike Pouncey is an outstanding NFL players. And the other guys really weren't.

Pouncey is 24 years old. He's got a great future ahead of him. He's bound to get better. And the Dolphins would be silly to get rid of him. Period.

That is the reason he's sticking around despite what the Wells Report alleged.

Yet the Dolphins are still tap dancing around this fact. When asked Tuesday if the team would excersise its option in May to add a fifth year to Pouncey's contract, coach Joe Philbin said the issue had not been discussed.


You have a Pro Bowl player on the roster entering the final year of his contract and you can extend it by one year because that is your option under the collective bargaining agreement, and the idea hasn't been floated internally?

We're supposed to buy that?

The Dolphins not only will use the option on Pouncey but they're going to have to extend Pouncey's contract to keep him on the team.

But alas, political correctness prohibits the team from saying so right now as the NFL talks of "medical evalations" and locker room respect, perhaps because it might look like Miami is embracing one of the so-called bullies in the Wells Report. 

I say we cut through the PC stuff and call it how it is.

Mike Pouncey stays because he's good. Richie Incognito isnt coming back because he's troubled and caused trouble. The Dolphins will use the option year on Pouncey because, altogether now, he's good. John Jerry went because he's not that good. 

See how much easier all that is?


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If you're not first, you're last.

Yup. And while you're at it Mando - can you also get everyone associated with Draft commentary to think up new descriptors for the talent. There must be a word other than 'intrigued' in the dictionary. It gets boring, reading the same stuff year in year out, just as your observation on the corporate speak from the team gets tedious.

This dude just can't get over the fact that this team, and most all other teams, are not going to publicly discuss their potential moves and thinking.

Texas, interesting news on Wallace. I doubt it though. Nobody can be stupid enough to think someone would trade for a $17M cap hit. LaConfora is a bit of a mule.
Anyway, here's the link to the interactive mock. They have some odd rankings in places compared to most places I've seen but give it a whirl...


Vernon Davis and Arian Foster have entered into brand contracts with Fantex, Inc. 10 MIL for 20% of future earnings for Foster and 4 MIL for 10% of future earning for Davis. NFL players selling themselves as stock? What says you on this? I read $10 a share for VD, not sure about Arian. Comments?
Posted by: deity | March 26, 2014 at 10:52 AM

Um..yep don't think anyone needs to be brought up to speed or needs deciphering on the PC statements here. Fins are playing it in "safe mode" low key..trying to stay out of headlines because if ANY PHINS STAFF INCLUDING ROSS comes out & says the REAL TRUTH then media like yourself Armando will SENSATIONALIZE the hell out of it IN BOLD HEADLINES.

Bothers me when media wants it both ways!!

get mathis from the eagles, offer jordan in trade

Mando, they aren't going to say that. Almost every team talks in that PC speak. Also, the NFL is probably telling them to keep it close to the vest on the Martin/Wells issues.

Pouncey is a very good player so he will stick around. I think most people get that. Other players have done things 1,000 times worse and still stuck with their teams. Ray Lewis, Vick, Dante Stallworth, Big Ben, the list goes on and on.

New England had a murderer in their locker room. The Ravens have had 3 people arrested in the last month or 2. No one is questioning their coaches or locker room. Ted Wells won't be investigating them any time soon. Winning cures all.

Martin and Cogs are both off the team and its time to move on.

We all know Pouncey is good so he stays, this article isn't really telling us anything new.

You say;
"Pouncey is 26 years old. He's got a great future ahead of him. He's bound to get better. And the Dolphins would be silly to get rid of him. Period."

Pouncey is an average at best center.
If the Dolphins get anything for him, they should trade him quickly!

His rep is much greater than his actual play.
My hope is that he's either traded before the year starts or he's suspended and the Dolphins realize we're better off without him!

oh yeah, deity form the last blog. I've looked into that athlete stock purchase. It works for the athlete because these guys are signing are near the end of the road. Neither Arian nor Vernon will get another big nfl contract.

It may work for the company because the world is full of suckers ... just saw that king makes $10m a week from selling super combos and extra lives to users when you can get all those things for free.... anyway...

But it definitely will not work out for the end users being u and me. Trying to make money by buying these shares is like trying to make money by buying an 8 year old used car. These atheltes are declining assets.

Now if they signed Jonny manziel or Jadeveon Clowney, this would get interesting.


The site is pretty good, I've seen their mocks and write ups before I actually like some of what they say.

Yeah, I don't believe most of what Confora says but I thought this was a dousy.

One guy responded to him on twitter and said to La Confora "get your cockeye straight."

I agree, no one will take a 17 million hit plus Miami will still have to take a huge hit even if they trade him

Hav-A-Tampa Baaaaaaay = J Marts Momma

Seems to me they would look for players with more off the field earnings than an NFL payday. Highly marketable players always make more money off the field, than on it.

I can't see Wallace being traded. La Canfora is unreliable and thats putting it nicely.

It has become a joke around these blogs how inaccurate Jason LaCanfora is. Mike Wallace has about a 0% chance of being traded.


I would imagine you would be better off investing in "Pot" stocks rather than player stocks or just spend that money on "pot" instead.At least you would get something out of your money LOL

Jason La-C#nt-fora sucks a D!

Manod, this blog entry is a colossal bicch fest on your part.

No North American sports team is transparent with their intentions.

heck, you come on here and praise Belicheck and teh Patriots at every turn and Belicheck can't even be honest in his injury reports. They are as murky as the by products of the Taco Bell i ate two nights ago...

Get used to it - the only straight info you are going to get is from your "sources", so if you want ot know what's going on, call Barry Jackson.

Otherwise whining about political correctness an ambiguous responses... welcome to the world we live in.

Boring. you are so consumed by your world of bullying that you lose sight of progress. Your perspective is so cynical and negative, it leaves me wondering why i come back to read your stuff every so often to see if you have changed. Do you actually think people want to read your negative crap? Life has plenty of adversity. We love our team and want the to succeed. So, ocassionally, you should look at some of the positive developments. Otherwise, i don't need a critic who has no solutions. The world is full of them.

I've never heard a coach or GM say they let a player go because he wasn't good enough.

Agreed with deity at the top.

And add


Dashi just has one thing to say. Look in the mirror Salguero.

"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye." -Matthew 7:3-5

What a waste of space to keep putting up this crap for a blog. Man go cover baseball or something until some real news comes along that you can report on. This is even worse crap then you normally post.


Some kind of Wallace for Mathis deal with a 2nd trade of DeSean to the NYJ?

Could be good for all three teams!!!

Dam, swore too much in my last post for it to stick...

Texas, yeah, good mock ... fun, passes the time

rdubs, yeah, getting high or wasted or getting your knob worked is often a better use of money than these stupid ideas...

And if thine eye offend thee PLUCK IT OUT and cast it from thee. It is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire.

Nothing like a little biblical hell fire to roll the morning into the afternoon.

Can I get an AMEN?

Mando, what does PC mean?

Biblical quoting ... a first in DID...sweet...

Evan mathis is 32... have we learned nothing from Clabo?

And some genius wanted to trade Jordan for him???

I'd take him on a one year free agent contract ... that's it...

ETF wanted to trade Wallace for him lol. Agreed, if da Eagles want to part with him let them release him then Miami can try to lure him down there with some sort of contract language that includes cheese steak sammiches, or the like.

deity, it's bad business to engage with teh Philly Eagles in trade. They are snake oil salesmen... Kevin Kolb, AJ Feeley etc, etc ... tell me when they've ever traded anybody that is still any good?


My favorite quote is when Jesus says it is OK to drink and hang out.

Luke 7:33-34

For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine; and ye say, He hath a devil.

34 The Son of man is come eating and drinking; and ye say, Behold a gluttonous man, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners!


You see most these church thumpers read the bible but they don't understand what they read.

Sort of like some of the Trolls here. They have been watching the game for over 100 years yet they don't understand what they watch.

Alright, enough Bible talk from Dashi. I know 2 things you can't discuss objectively with people are Religion and Politics.

With that said,




Mando, gotta call you on this one. When Ross says something he shouldn't (like "Incognito and Martin won't be here"), showing his hand to the rest of the league, we call him on it. When he deflects, which is what an Owner SHOULD do, then you're calling him on it.

I just want Stephen Ross to talk about the team (in GENERAL) and then Owner stuff (stadium, fan outreach, business-side, etc.). I do NOT want him talking strategy, personnel, other to say he's willing to do anything to make the team better.

All personnel discussions should be made with the GM and HC. And if they choose to keep their cards close to their chest, so be it. I don't see 31 other teams tipping each other off as to their personnel-decisions, so I don't see why Miami should. And I wouldn't call that being "PC". I'd call that being smart.

The man is only a $6M cap hit in 2014 ... if he is indeed this all world guard why would the Philly Eagles with$18M in cap space with him ON the roster not ride it out and try to make damage in the playoffs?

Yeah Philly, I'm not biting...

Never Mark, that I can recall. And Chip Kelly is an offensive genius. If he isn't sipping an offensive players kool-aid, then I am weary. I'd take a 1 yr flyer on Mathis but if Kelly don't think he can RUN in his offense, then I am good with him not running in Miamis.

I wouldn't invest in player stock.

It sounds and looks like a Ponzi scheme.

I follow one rule when investing. I call it my Warren Buffett rule. Don't invest in stock if you don't know the company. Slow and Steady wins the race.

Salguero wants Ross to act like Irsay!!

Irsay is the only owner I know who isn't "PC". Who is brash and just talks vulgar nonsense.

And he is using the wrong word. He probably doesn't even know what PC means.

The word he is looking for is " CANDID"!! Not "politically correct".

You want Ross to be more Candid with his answers. A.K.A. More Straightforward!!

I do know that the Eagles will be up against it next year so they are trying to move Jackson and Mathis and have someone end up with a 34 year old guard who will count $7M against their cap in two years and have Jackson the malcontent count $13M against someone else's...

But Philly, you got yourself into this mess, get yourself out... don't put your garbage on our lawn!

Slow and steady wins the race. But if you are smart, aggressive and lucky enough you can just pay off the competition committee!

Well, it was nice whole it lasted but I see Salguero is back to writing useless drivel and trying to create drama where none actually exists.

Rd 1 Ryan Shazier LB The Ohio State University
Rd 2 Troy Niklas TE Notre Dame
Rd 3 Charles Sims RB WVU
Rd 4 Cyril Richardson LG Baylor
Rd 5 Jay Prosch FB Auburn
Rd 6 Seantrel Henderson RT The University of Miami

Come on man! No team says "We cut him cause he sucks".

They say, "we've decided to move in a different direction, we think its in the best interest for all parties, we thank him for his contributions and wish him all the best success moving forward."

This brand of PC, which is really just veiled dishonesty, is the accepted speak of all professional workplaces, not just the NFL.

Why do the Dolphins need to be singled out and held to some loftier standard than all other organizations?

I say get rid of ALL PC BS speak.

Dumbest blog column I've read on here in a while. This is a non-story for most of us but not Armando. Just dan't let this thing go.

By the way, forget this guy Mathis. Might be solid player but he's 33 years old and apparently. Wants to re-up a contract that pays him over $5 mil a year.



Great point. And I agree. It isn't the owners job to tattle tale on his team. And if the Coach and GM don't want to talk. Then you are out of luck. It is their decision. Nobody complains about Belichick.

Maybe, just maybe, If a certain someone didn't spend 52 weeks out of the year roasting the team. He might be allowed a conversation with the front office.

Like I said, He should look in the mirror before he starts asking why doesn't the team talk to me.

S.Ross has already told him that he and other people in the organization read the blog. Yet, he keeps talking junk about them. High-fiving in the press box whenever the dolphins are doing bad.

And if thine Richie Incognito offend thee CAST IT OUT!

Those in power never speak plainly. Everyone knows that. Hello!!!


And rich.

Money talks.


The reason the Eagles are trying to trade Mathis and Jackson is because they are making noises about their contracts. They want to be paid more. They want to move them before they become distractions. Mathis has been a career back-up but has come into his own the last couple of years. He's likely trying to make-up for lost time after making the Pro Bowl last year. An EX-Dolphin by the way....








Mando you are a f(*(*)n DINOSAUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the new PC NFL! You can't fart in the locker room anymore because you will get fined.

Of course they invited Pouncey and p**SY whipped Tannyhill to the dinner.

But guess what. The door is still open for Ritchie to come back and S(*T down everyones mouth again!

Armanda is a roasted peanut.

No on Mathis.

No on any more FreeAgents. I would like an extra pick next year.

Draft some players!!

And Ross already let the cat out of the bag on that one. He did say the Dolphins will be looking for a RT in the draft.


Thats a very interesting mock. Don't know enough about Shazier to comment. Is he an A J Hawk type player? Anyone want to comment on his mock? The ND TE is an interesting selection too. Hope hes not like Fasano.....lol.

someone is getting a solid RG in Cogs and it's not the dolphins who deperately need O lineman. What the hell a they paying the coaching staff for if they can't control thier own locker room. this doesn't happen under JJ or Shula.

deity and Dashi, I made you 2 the finalists for my house boy position, hurry up and put on those tight daisy dukes I sent you and e-mail a dozen or so selfies of you two wearing them with out a shirt,Craig M says he can work every other Saturday to give you guys some time off,HURRY AND GET ME THOSE PICS." wink wink "
ps,Craig M has got to lose a few pounds around his backside for HIS daisys to fit nice and tight.


LOL had no idea he was a former Phin

Good point Dashi @ 12:15... he is not balanced in his reporting of the team and then he wonders why they don't open the doors way wide for him. It's obvious to me, I've been asking him to be more balanced since last summer. he made the Dolphins sound like they were going to be 4-12 during camp when it was obvious they were much better than that.

Strange how barry jackson never has a problem getting info...

Dashi, I tihnk Ross may have let the cat out of the bag on that one too. But you never know with any of these guys. It is usually all posturing and positioning. Ross is a smart guy, he kind of risked not getting anything for Martin by saying he wasn't coming back. I wouldn't put it past him to be positioning the Chess board moving forward.

We hired one of the Best O-line coaches in the NFL. Let him develop his own players.

I believe if the Fins would have let Ben & Jerry go in 2012 we wouldn't have went through what we went through!!



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