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Source: Albert deal 'almost' done

Not that this is breaking news, but Branden Albert will be a Miami Dolphin.

The offensive left tackle's representatives have been talking to the Dolphins for a while now and a deal between the sides is "almost" done, a source tells me.

So when the unrestricted free agency period begins tomorrow at 4 p.m. (eastern) the Dolphins and Albert's camp will likely put a cherry on top of the deal, there will be a physical at some point as Albert lives in Miami, and we'll soon be off and running with a signing in free agency.

Interestingly, the Dolphins' study of unrestricted free agency did not lead them to Eugene Monroe as their No. 1 target at left tackle ... and it did not lead them to Eugene Monroe as their No. 2 target at left tackle, either.

I have zero idea why.

Interestingly, (again), the injury concerns the Dolphins had on Albert last season when they were considering trading for him seem to have faded.

You will remember one reason the trade for Albert never materialized is because then Miami general manager Jeff Ireland wanted Albert to take a physical before he committed to trading for him. But the Chiefs declined to let the Dolphins administer the physical.

Well, Albert has not taken a physical with the Dolphins and the team is going full steam ahead on this negotiation. And, it must be pointed out, Albert missed a couple of games with a hyper-extended knee last season and also worked through some shoulder problems.

The previous year he had to overcome knee and back problems.

Yes, Albert will have to take and pass a physical with the Dolphins before his contract becomes effective. That will likely happen Tuesday or Wednesday.


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Should be better than Martin anyway. Hope their careful not to hurt his feelings.

works for me

SHOULD BE BETTER???....try for sure is better...like miles apart better....

THED, form teh last blog. I just don't see how you can go into a season with McKinnie as your starting left tackle and without a solid LT prospect to succeed him. McKinnie was a decent stopgap. If our LT went downt hsi year, we could do worse than having him wait in the wings. But as a starter he just can't do it anymore. He was part fo the problem. less of a problem than Martin - but still not the solution.

If McKinnie would come back as a 2 mill a year backup - why not?? But not as a starter. We need better.

It's on overspend for sure but it's required. Not going to get an NFL day one starer at LT in round one or two this year.

I would take Bitonio in round 2 to start as guard and eventually move to LT though.

Wait, i thought nobody wanted to sign with Miami with Philbin as the coach and Hickey as the GM???

Top cb check, looks like a top LT check.. Two premium positions rectified quickly in free agency.

Studly start.

Hickey is doing his job so far.

2 more linemen Mr. Hickey.

Mark, agreed. Fisher was supposed to be "that guy" last year, and he barely cracked RT. BA was LT.

this year, we're not high enough to get a starter. this is a good move, without the "overpay" sticker (I guess we'll see about that though)

Looks like failing to get the Albert deal done last year is what lead to Ireland losing his job...among other things.

LT locked for the next couple years.

Yeah, I'm sure the numbers for Albert will come in high. He was my 1B pick with Monroe being 1A, I'm still really happy with it though. We don't have a choice, we needed to make a splash on the O-line in free agency. Ireland put us in a bad situation with WR last year and O-line this year.

I agree with Mark on McKinnie. He's 35 in September. The weight is also an issue. As a backup/mentor for 2 mil I would bring him back. Same with Clabo. Both were good pros last year.

Mark...who is the CB...you mean Grimes? We already had him in the fold...that really doesn't count....

..let's see Hickey land Saffold or Asamauga,......... .then Byrd...or Delmas

...then I'll stand up and cheer...

Probably never went after Monroe because they didn't want to set the market value for Baltimore. Still think Baltimore retains this guy, they traded picks for him last year. Also, big difference between no physical and he's yours and he's your contingent on a physical. We get it Armanda, you're confused. What else is new?

Does that mean we don't have to talk Z.Martin at #19.

z martin @ RT, or drop back to get BAMA guy pick up more picks.

Grimes was a FA, so it counts.

The Albert signing is good news. 2 OL positions all set, 3 more to go.
Jets cut Cromartie. Do the Phins go after him to play opposite Grimes? His price tag is probably too high.

Dashi....if we sign another quality OL FA, then #19 would be OL (Ach M) or DT, depending on which one is still on the board and whom they rank higher, IMO

Mark...I think starting a cheaper and revitalized McKinnie with Zack Martin waiting in the wings is a better move for the offensive line than signing Albert who they were, clearly, sour on last year, and rightfully so.

Maybe McKinnie would be willing to move to RT for a season or two. It would require a much lower contract. It would give us the option to possibly draft a RT next year. Everything I have read says McKinnie wants to be in S. Florida.

Zach M..(sorry)

DJ...technically, yes t counts, but re-signing the best CB in the past decade, hands down, is no cup, more of a must have no-brainer....but yes, ok, let's count it...

hey I would take Zach M in a minute, I was thinking start him a guard for his first season.

pick #19, DT NIX III

"no coup" (sorry, work keyboard suks....

Guys...Albert tis the signed guy....accept it and move on to the next signee....

Whoever we pick at 19, I just want that guy to be a BALLER for change. I am so sick of draft picks washing out.

D z NUTS...Zach M @ Guard sounds great...he has played both Tackle and Guard, so it would make sense...

Grimes counts as a Free Agent. Cause the Fins could've signed him during the season.

Hickey made a good impression on Grimes.

Hickey needs to fix the O-line. At least 1 more starter from Free Agency. And get 1 starter on defense, either DT or FS.

we don't know how much, but i'll just say to why not Monroe, save some money for some more talent for NOW. fins are "must win", but they kinda are.

prime Tannehill years...low contract. gotta score before cutting bait with Wallace contract, etc.

we don't need LT for next 8 yrs.


Buster I heard he has a bit of a mean streak too! We need a little of that on the OL. On the field that is.

McKinnie and Clabo will be playing Dominos on South Beach come September.....

'bout a mean
streak from
the qb?

What "impression" did Hickey make on Grimes? Like, it was reported numerous times Grimes wanted to come back to the Phins. The terms of the contract were a no-brainer considering his age.

Here is why I give Hickey an A for the Grimes signing even though like others said it was kind of a no brainer.

1. He made Grimes feel wanted, something Ireland reportedly failed to do in the past.
2. Grimes at 32 mil when Sam Shields got 39 is a steal.
3. Sends a strong message to current players and other free agents that reality is far different from the perception of the media and people want to play here.

Yes, it seems like an easy choice to make, but at least were not all sitting here right now freaking out because Grimes is unsigned.

On Zach Martin, he is definitely still an option, but were are not forced into him at this point.

I actually am starting to like Ryan Shazier the more I think about it as our first round pick.

No doubt he is better than Martin. Huge upgrade.


Grimes made a point multiple times that hickey made him feel wanted.Grimes said it before and at his press conference. Hickey seems to be winning over agents too with his style, he told Chris Clemons agent about them bringing in Delmas for a visit, he seems to be courteous and is considerate

I originally wanted Monroe as the LT but I find it interesting that both MIA and ARI, looking for LT, both went after guys other than Monroe. I find this very interesting. Maybe there was some collusion going on here for BALT sake? I'm not sure.

Either way, Albert is the top FA tackle. I expect a 9 mill per year deal. If it hits 10 mill, I think that's a slight overpay.

Thank goodness Ireland dikhead personailty is gone!

I hope we dont select a G with the first pick this draft has plenty of OL depth select one in the second round or beyond. We need to draft a playmaker a guy who scores TD or produce game changing TOs. I really like Ebron, Benajamim, Mike Evans.

Guys i also like Spoles. He short and stuckey cut D Thomas put Sproles in there as a PR and KR and our special teams is much improved. Hes a tougher inside runner than Miller and Thomas .

Seems like nothing has changed as far as leadership. Still signing bad players to contracts that will overpay him. KC wanted to get rid of him a long time ago just like Trent Green, and we are dumb enough to sign him.

We can sign Albert, Saffold, Byrd and one more valued FA and still be under the cap, without cutting anyone for now....

THED, Grimes was free to get that contract in a lot of places. He came back because it is obviously a decent team with decent prospects and he liked being here.

Also seen Chris Johnson might be cut. Now if this happens we need to jump on his ASAP a game changer at RB. A playmaker opponents fear we only have one on offense Mike Wallace. Imagine Wallace and Chris Johnson on the field at the same time. Wow!

Philbin says, "I want Albert" and Dawn works out the contract.

What exactly is Hickey's involvement, other than saying, "yeah- looks great guys"?

THED, They weren't "sour" on Albert last year. They wanted to use the draft pick to secure a DE to sit on the bench. So they put their faith in Jonathan Martin and it cost some folks their jobs.

Grimes was stating he wanted to come back even before Hickey was hired. Why wouldn't he? He knew exactly what kind of contract he would get and he could live out the rest of his career in sunshine. Grimes was one of the best CBs in the league last year, so the move just made sense. To laud Hickey for that is...well...rose colored glasses and all.

I think "bad player" Albert went to the Pro Bowl last year...

Simple...Hickey has to sell it...he talks to the agents and players; Aponte tells him what is and isn't doable...then they all tell Dumbo about it......easy peasy

NeMO, if it's Shazier or martin as the pick, the easy pick is Shazier. Easily grab a guard in round 2 similar to Martin but no OLB with Shazier's talent - i guess Carl bradford of Arizona St but that's a significant step down in round 2.

Time to get Jarius Byrd. Just like Grimes, a playmaker and a darn great one at that!!

Albert and Grimes both wanted to be here. Easy sell.

I think what happens after this is going to be more telling with regards to Hickey.

Albert would be a great acquisition, but then again we have a center and a LT. Still see three gaping holes in our O line. Are they going to see if Brenner and Garner can be part of the rotation ( I doubt). Not enough $$$ for good FA's and Rookies starting. I'm trying to get excited about our O line this year but still need convincing.

A Hickey, a Dawn, Dumbo , Bass-Mouth Joe and a Lazerbeam....holy schitt what a combination.....sounds like a new Kidz show...


I think we need to go DT in 1st, if Moseley is gone. I read that Shazier isn't an ideal middle linebacker. I for one hope we get Spikes from NE, that is a run stopper, he can really really help us stop the run. So we have good pass rushers and if we sign Byrd, we have an elite secondary. But if we cant stop the run, We are F'd in the A

There were concerns with Albert's health and motivation the year before last. Those concerns went away after a contract year...shocking.

Cortland Finnigan, Jon Beason there are some decent FA prospects out there. Either one of these guys will improve the defense.

how can this be?--no big name FA wants to come to Miami, right? we're dysfunctional, a laughingstock, poor locker room culture....."oh whoa as us, we're such losers", wha, wha, wha.....where are the handwringers?

THED, I guess you miss the point I was trying to make. That is good players will come and stay in Miami when they have options with Hickey and Philbin here.

If you read these boards during the Hickey hiring, you would think we were going to get relegated from the NFL for being unable to field a team.

I was by no means suggesting him for executive of the year - yet...haha

Finnigan 30 and Beason 28. Lets not think drafting a bunch of rookie will greatly improve the teams. Rookies rarely are great their first years. Need a combo of vets and rookies

Re: RB..if Chris Johnson is cut, and the price is right, he would be a nice addition at RB.....but I would think the bidding for him would be on the high end...

..now if you want a bargain at RB....if Ahmad Bradshaw is healthy, he's worth taking a shot for the right monetary number...when he's right, he can still move people with his surge...

concerns about his health?--please.....there should be health concerns about ANY vet OLineman in the NFL....they're all dinged, just a matter of to what degree....cant avoid risk, just try to manage it....Iggles just re-upped Peters for big money--good players make good money so sign the dude already.

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