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Source: Albert deal 'almost' done

Not that this is breaking news, but Branden Albert will be a Miami Dolphin.

The offensive left tackle's representatives have been talking to the Dolphins for a while now and a deal between the sides is "almost" done, a source tells me.

So when the unrestricted free agency period begins tomorrow at 4 p.m. (eastern) the Dolphins and Albert's camp will likely put a cherry on top of the deal, there will be a physical at some point as Albert lives in Miami, and we'll soon be off and running with a signing in free agency.

Interestingly, the Dolphins' study of unrestricted free agency did not lead them to Eugene Monroe as their No. 1 target at left tackle ... and it did not lead them to Eugene Monroe as their No. 2 target at left tackle, either.

I have zero idea why.

Interestingly, (again), the injury concerns the Dolphins had on Albert last season when they were considering trading for him seem to have faded.

You will remember one reason the trade for Albert never materialized is because then Miami general manager Jeff Ireland wanted Albert to take a physical before he committed to trading for him. But the Chiefs declined to let the Dolphins administer the physical.

Well, Albert has not taken a physical with the Dolphins and the team is going full steam ahead on this negotiation. And, it must be pointed out, Albert missed a couple of games with a hyper-extended knee last season and also worked through some shoulder problems.

The previous year he had to overcome knee and back problems.

Yes, Albert will have to take and pass a physical with the Dolphins before his contract becomes effective. That will likely happen Tuesday or Wednesday.


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Toby Gerhart

Looking like the new 'music group' working well - Hickey, Philbin and Dawn.

With Albert in the fold, go get Saffold for one G and draft Z Martin for other G, find a veteran 'acorn' for RT or get Mckinney over to RT and O line is done.

Byrd with Reshad would be awesome. Keep Solai Mountain...Get Sproles for PR and 3rd downs, cut Thomas. Other draft help: LB, DT, O line depth, RB, sign Keller on the cheap if physical is ok.
Dion Jordan is a OLB...get him in there..bye Wheeler, bye- bye

Let's go ! Hickey Philbin and Dawn !!! yes, yes, yes !

You want a bargain at HB you sign Toby Gerhart. This guy could be had for penis, I mean peanuts

LT - Albert
LG - Incognito
C - Pouncey
RG - Jerry
RT - Martin

Now that is a cohesive unit going into the 2014 season!


In Ireland, Ross and Phibin we TRUST!


Albert plays maybe 8 games, is hurt the rest, nothing ever changes with these complete incompetent morons

rdubs, my current top ten goes like this (expected to change after Ebron por day and I get more data)

Aaron Donald
Taylor Lewan
Khalil Mack
RaShede Hageman
Dee Ford
*Jace Amaro
*Ryan Shazier
Justin Gilbert
*Greg Robinson

We are unliekly to get Lewan or Mack (who along with Dee Ford are better pass rush prospects than Clowney) I think it comes down to in order of preference Donald, Hageman, Shazier.

Aaron Wilson ‏@RavensInsider 22s

Chargers announce they've re-signed guard Chad Rinehart


benz, it's now turned from "nobody will come here" to "players will not perform"...always something.

Well....re: FB...last year Fins screwed up big time (read Jeffy boy)not signing Leach.....so here we are...STILL looking for a short yardage back...

BA allows fins to go w/ BPA @ 19, again, if they stay there...

if they drop back and find someone falls, jackpot. if they get a DT @ 19, then an OG in 2nd, nice.


Ya beat me to Gerhart!! Im too slow bro!

I'm starting to see that when I look through the mocks Mark, even though they are unreliable they are decent as guide for who goes where.

Round 1- Shazier or one of the elite D-tackles (Donald,Hageman, maybe Jernigan, maybe Nix). I guess a dream scenario would be Ebron or Gilbert or Lewan falling to 19, but I guess all 3 will be gone top 12.

Round 2- Xavier Sua-Filo, Joel Bitonio, or Gabe Jackson. Either should be a good guard and in Bitonio's case maybe right tackle.

From there in rounds 3 get a RB like Sankey, Williams, or Mason.

From there just go BPA. Of course I need to see how the rest of free agency goes, but the team could definitely be pointed in the right direction with a good free agency and a draft like that.

interesting Cheese, but thats based on what? the reality is that you have to build in 2-3 missed games for just about any Olineman, or at least set your expectations there....Albert or whoever....even if they're durable now, cant count on that going forward....but 8 games?-huh?

another year of breaking bad wind, can you smell it yet? you will about mid season, trust me on that, the incompetence has run amok.

Hickey might be great...I will wait until after his first draft to fully speculate, but of the choices we were given I liked Hickey the most just because of his experience evaluating talent which was more substantial than any of the other candidates; I just don't think it matters much what Hickey does right now for potential FAs only because the same perks that existed before Hickey are still the main reasons an FA comes here: The weather and the taxes.

yeah dubs, dude just fits and shouldnt break the bank....still in his prime, not real dynamic but a horse, good blocker, good complement to Miller and can carry the load--liked him out of college

Albert is a solid LT, hopefully he can stay healthy and play through the season. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to have a backup plan. Still 3 more spots on that OL to fill.

Still isn't officially FA time yet though, so this could always be bs.

Please don't even mention Chris Johnson...

yes, benz, at 29 their bodies start breaking down, he has been injured the same amount at Long, they got rid of long because of money and injuries, now the idiots are buying what they already had. A complete cycle of ignorance and incompetence


Ireland just got swindled

amount as* Long

Adam Beasley is saying the Dolphins interest in Byrd is a smoke screen. Agents trying to get teams into a bidding war to up the price. Looks like thats whats going on with Michael Bennett for the Bears and Seahawks.


Beasley is S.Florida's Jason LaCanfora. Him saying that, makes me think we might have a better chance at Byrd

NeMO, as of right now, I see the draft going the exact same way as you in rounds 1-2... don't elminate Donte Moncrief of Ole Miss if he drops to the 3rd. because of all the talent at WR this year gettting a 6-2 220Lbs who runs a 4.4 may drop. He had decent but unspectacular results at Ole Miss but has the exact fram we are missing from our WR corps.

cheese.....i agree regarding your point on his age but albert's injuries havent been nearly as serious as Long's and he's averaged almost 14 starts/year, and he's played 15 or more 3 of his 6 years--what are you talking about?--doesnt compare to Long, outside of his age, at all

Rdubs, I didn't know that about Beasley haha I'll keep that in mind. La Canfora is the worst. Last Monday he tweets Orakpo will not be franchise tagged. Hours later, Orakpo gets the tag.

I'm sure there are lots of smokescreens though. Still hoping we get Byrd and not ruling him out.

Byrd would be a nice addition. A difference maker. I could be wrong, but I can start to see some restructuring going on with some of the contracts beyond the salary cap space the team already has. Patterson- restructure or get cut. Matt Moore- restructure or get cut. Mike Wallace- restructure. Reshad Jones- restructure. The money is there to bring in Albert, Byrd, and at least one other OL and LB. DT is going to be addressed in the draft or perhaps with a cheaper second tier FA. Zach martin would be a great addition, but I think the team is now looking at Nix or Hageman at #19. Aaron Donald would be amazing but no way he falls to #19. This is all speculation on my part but its just me reading between the lines...

NeMo ...that could well be a smoke screen....

...but I'll tell you what isn't a smoke screen....all those third and distance plays that the opponents converted 'cause we can't make a play on the ball!!!!!!

Give me a Byrd in the hand any day !!!!

I like how hard Toby Gerhart (we don't have anyone who can break tackles right now or fight for that much-needed extra yard) runs and Sproles has game-changing ability-> creates opportunities in the screen game, and can truly help with KRs (much needed).

Another scenario is Jairus Byrd. Yeah, he'd be expensive, but I can't think of a surer thing per his position in FA. I want game-changers on this team and Byrd is a game-changer.


I think Jason LaCanfora is the insider, Agents/Team officials drunk dial.

"Im druuuunkk and boooorrrred, Ima gonnnnnna call Jason!"

The reason all those 3 and distant plays were executed was because our Dline is fat lazy garbage. They stood around half the time, that's why 3rd string QB's looked like all stars, the rush was anemic

good teams (yeah, I know) find good safeties in the draft.....cant be paying Byrd 34 mill/yr......Seahawks have like 21 good CBs that were drafted in the 13th round and later....find a solid young safety in the draft (or call Pete Carroll when its our time to pick in the 5th rd, and offer him $20 if he'll tell us nd see who he likes)

i justhopethis isnt it they need to o get byrd

Krillian....absolutely...not enough game changes..too many cookie cutter backs....time to make a difference..

..players like Byrd do that..

...and yes, benz...would be nice to draft DB's like Seattle does, but we haven't been able to get that done..

..maybe we will this time, but having Byrd and Grimes in the defensive backfield helps make everyone else on defense play better...


Just Do It !!!

I hope the Byrd stuff is real too. They have the cap space to get it done. They might have been real concerned with securing teh o linemen to eb able to focus enough to lock down Byrd.

Is there a team out there where yout hink Byrd and them really make a lot of sense? I don't see any automatics like us and Albert.

By the way, hear Houston will trade for mallett. man, Belicheck just loves raping his former protoges...

and sorry but never never comfortable with the "deal almost done" thing...."almost" has lots of wiggle room

Mark, good point on a talented WR dropping to the 3rd round. Moncrief is definitely a guy to keep an eye on.

Byrd is a player...he is 26, he is quick, he has great ball skills, he is aggressive, he has make-up speed, he can turn his hips either side...and he has a great turnover/game ratio..what the hell more could anyone ask for?....do we have anyone like that other than Grimes?

@ Chris d

Great point on last thread

We need a HEAVYWEIGHT @ RB!!

We had 5...FIVE...5 games last season with less than 20 F'N yards rushing, RB's combined folks!!!!!! WTF? That is completely laughable & horrific embarrassment!!

Trade Down 1st & take a chance on HYDE!

Just want to see the NEWS tomorrow afternoon…when it really matters and is FACT not PREDICTION.

I'd be quite happy with Albert on the team but just want to know it's done versus assuming it is. Anything can happen in the next day.

forget McKinnie at RT, then he will be facing the #1 pass rusher all the time.

Must, must, must get Zack Strief to play RT.

Sign a Vet guard and draft Z. Martin at 19 and the line is set. Z. Mart can play guard and even move to tackle if needed.

Finding good solid young safeties in the draft is a crap-shoot. We all KNOW how good Byrd is. Cut Patterson and there is 1/3 of your money right there. Just like I yelled for Grimeslast year, I yelling for Byrd this year. Get em!!

Posted by: THED | March 10, 2014 at 12:41 PM

every free agent says they want to come back.

MIT....thats another reason why I would draft a decent QB prospect almost every year.....they're assets, and can be major assets at times--I think we need a QB prospect to push TH anyway, but even if TH improves and solidifies as the #1, you still have an asset to trade for picks.....almost always get back as much or more as the pick you invested--so many examples of that, and the Dolphins need depth/insurance there anyway

IMO, our OL is a priority, obviously. However, I sure hope Hickey can locate a solid ILB with good leadership and playing ability. Not sold on Wheeler but I think Ellerbe is solid but not a leader, he shined in Baltimore because Ray Lewis was leading the charge. This is a critical position this year for our D.

I'm rooting for a Jonathan Martin for Chris Johnson trade. Risk/reward kind of thing for both teams.

use a mid rd pick on mettenberger or mccarron....or at least a late rd flyer on l. thomas or boyd--trade back in Rd 1 to grab another couple of mid rd picks

Walter Campbell

Ryan Shazier*, OLB, Ohio State
Height: 6-2. Weight: 226.
Projected 40 Time: 4.68.
Projected Round (2014): 1-2.

2/8/14: In 2013, Shazier recorded 143 tackles with 22.5 tackles for a loss, four passes broken up, four forced fumbles and six sacks. He has good instincts and covers a lot of ground with explosive speed.


"Shazier needs to get stronger to shed blocks and hold up on runs coming straight at him."

A MLB that can not shed blocks in the NFL makes tackles 8YDS Downfield. Anyone else notice Walter Campbell has him listed OLB, not MLB?

Scratch him as an NFL MLB.

Why are people complaining about Brandon Albert? He was the best left tackle available. He is a pro bowler and he's a top 5-10 tackle. He excels in pass blocking which is exactly what we need for tannehill to grow into our franchise QB. Elite left tackle...check. Re signing grimes was huge. Great move. We need another corner. Pref a bigger bodied one. Get a safety(Delmas or Byrd) pref. I like the right tackle from the jets. Massive in size and a good young talent. Draft a running back in the 2nd round. There's plenty of good talent to choose from. Excited for the upcoming season. B Gibson and hartline will be back healthy. Hopefully some of the rookies from last season can improve and have a bigger impact.

you guys r crazy albert is old, injury prone, a penalty machine and cant run block and as of Tuesday @ 4 over paid bad signing

CJ2K is worth zero K$$. Hope Hickey sees this. Albert is an upgrade , but needs to stay in the lineup.Sproles and Pettigrew would help in passing game, big time because Tannehill needs options with some type of pass protection capabilities. Poor protection and no outlet options were huge contributors to the putrid offensive collapse many times,last season.A young QB needs a comfort zone, and Ryan has not found one in this offense yet.

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