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Randy Starks contract a win for Dolphins

The re-signing of Randy Starks was a win for the Dolphins because it brings back a two-time Pro Bowl player who happens to play a position of need (until he signed his name on the contract) for the Dolphins.

It was also a win for general manager Dennis Hickey and Executive vice president of Football Administration Dawn Aponte -- who are working the contract for Miami -- because the deal they got seems beneficial for the Dolphins.

The reported deal of two-years worth $12 million is a mirage.

Oh, it might be worth that $6 million per year annual average if Starks maxes out and actually sticks around for the two seasons because there are $1 million in incentives each year -- in 2014 and 2015.

But the deal is actually for a total of $10 million with $5 million guaranteed in the form of the $2 million signing bonus and his $3 million base salary this coming season. The other $5 million comes in the form of 2015 base salary.

What does that mean?

Starks, 30, is really only assured of being with the team in '14. If for whatever reason his play drops off or, God forbid, he gets hurt, or the Dolphins simply want to go in a different direction, the team can cut the defensive tackle next year and save $4 million in cap space even while carrying $1 million in dead money.

And because there is no triggering mechanism that would force the Dolphins to make a decision on Starks next offseason, they could carry his contract through training camp 2015 before making their final decision on his future.

I suppose Starks understood all this when he met with the media Wednesday and didn't exactly do cartwheels over signing the deal.

“I mean it feels really good," he said. "It could be worse, I could be out on the street, but for the most part I’m glad to be back. I’ve been in this organization for six years and I think I’m established here. I’m just happy to be back."

The reason Starks is glad to be back "for the most part" is because he clearly expected a bigger payday in perhaps his last big bite of the contract apple. A league source tells me Starks' representation was talking about a $7.5-million-per-year-plus salary for Starks before free agency began.

Obviously, that never materialized. So Starks was sort of forced to go back to the Dolphins, who had balked at his initial asking price and told him to go shop himself in the market.

"I had options out there, but like I said this is where I want to be," Starks said. "I want to finish my career here, and I think this two-year deal gives me a chance to do that.”


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Good to have Starks back! DT is once again taken care of.

Agree Armando. Good for the Dolphins and for Starks.

Good news For the Defence eH?

As the money is there, the Monkey dances.

Need. More. Offensive linemen.

Look at this petty creep advising me about Life and the Devil. There is no Devil and only yourself. As for Life, I stopped living it as you know It a long time ago.

and the hits keep coming……solid work so far, rich but reasonable deals for Grimes and Albert……solid/fair deals for Mitchell and Starks……low risk deal for Delmas….and all good players--not bad

Oscar YES!.Keep the Defence in tact as it was no. 8 in points allowed in 2013 eH? It's the QB who gets 3 1/2 points average in his FINAL " hopefully for DOLPHINS fans", 2 GAMES eH? IT's the QB MORONS ,yes eH?

Posted by: fin4life | March 12, 2014 at 07:58 PM

I was speaking metaphorically dear boy. Taking it in the a-pipe means getting crew-ed over by the judicial system. 30 years of jail and he was an innocent man. The death penalty is wrong and shouldn't be allowed in a civilized world.

and just clarifying…..was Starks one of those top tier free agents who would never sign with Miami? (you know, because they were SO dysfunctional and a laughingstock)…..or was he, as was reported, one of those current Dolphin players who were grumbling and wanted out, for the same reason?--either….both?

or neither…...

Posted by: benz | March 12, 2014 at 08:15 PM

Agreed benz good work so far just wonder why Hickey hasn't made a move on another local FA at Pos. of need with LG Davin Joseph out there??

Posted by: Ape Tamer | March 12, 2014 at 08:15 PM

Yes Ape my old friend. The D was decent despite having awful coaching and play calling from the worst HC we have had in since Cam Cameron.

Fail Forward Fast. Thill time.


too much to believe it still makes me laugh so loud.

Posted by: Marco | March 12, 2014 at 08:18 PM

In a metaphorical sense taking it in the A-Pipe doesn't begin to explain what he went through.

Mando actually argued with me on the Kevin Rogers show, 790 the Ticket in 2007, stating Cam was to be given the same chance as Bill Walsh even at 1-15 because he went 2-14 and Chuck Noll went 1-15 and then on to greatness. Mando has got it wrong bigtime too.

Posted by: fin4life | March 12, 2014 at 08:21 PM

Well teach us how would you describe it ? We can all learn from this injustice. The death penalty is wrong and should be revoked through congress and the senate. It will never happen though, so in the meantime Dolphins draft Hyde.

go back to bed America here are American Gladiators !!!

Pats & Revis, 1 yr 12 mil. Done deal.

Marco how are you. dealing with delusional HOMERS Is a challenge eH?

Wow people are wrong sometimes go figure.

Ape Tamer = Mentally Challenged

fin…..I'm thinking that the mid tier FAs are up next…..not as much urgency I guess, because the top guys go first…..we saw the same last year where some solid players were signed in day 3 and 4, etc…..should be able to find a decent OG for reasonable money, to either push to start or for depth

I'm pretty sure Miami will be signing a starting RT in the next wave of FA. Plenty of guys available!

Prolly going to address at least 1 OG in the draft & pick from Brenner, Garner & Thomas for the other.

And yes, Revis to the pats for 1 year.

No surprise with Revis and Pats. It was called a couple days ago. (Incarcerated Bob)

I'm pretty sure Miami will be signing a starting RT in the next wave of FA. Plenty of guys available!

Prolly going to address at least 1 OG in the draft & pick from Brenner, Garner & Thomas for the other.

Posted by: JUST FYI | March 12, 2014 at 08:35 PM

I agree this scenario is very likely.

What is everybody's grade for Hickey as of now.

Grimes - a very fair deal for one of the best CBs in the NFL. ..grade A

Branden - steep price for a very good player at a position of need. gRade B

Mitchell- seems like a fair deal for a player with huge upside. this is based purely of what I have read. Grade, I will give this a B

Starks - borderline tier 1 DT tackle. How many teams would want him at that price? A+

Overall grade A-

What about you guys?

Probably Belichick fearing that our passing O will improve.

Rdubs it seems like Hickey has a plan for sure.

Probably Belichick fearing that our passing O will improve.

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 12, 2014 at 08:42 PM

Oscar, you should have more talks with Paul.

Paul says Belichik anticipates another Bronco/Pats Afc Championship rematch. Oscar, please talk to Paul, he's very knowledgeable on these things. :)

yeah im glad starks is back prob even better AT DT w oderick whos on the rise starting starks who can have monster games and earl mitchell who started and had 50 tackles and 1.5 sacks plus francis 2nd yr getting better.... good we are elite in front 4 starting and deph........and defense solid but not great not yet two ex enemies could put us over top..... spikes jsut like delmas is a hard hitting enforcer yeah a 2 down back or 3 down if its 3 or less and redzone but atleast he and misi combined give us teeth after our DT take our the guards and ellerbe would be better weak side then passing downs shift ellerbe inside wheeler and jenkins whos comming along good

Great job dulphins. You are looking at last place all by yourselves next season.

Rabblerouser is pleased thus far with the work of our new GM. I give credit to the coaches who put aside minor and petty differences, came to their senses, and realized Randy Starks is a very good player for our team and in this league. If we could only keep 1 player between Starks and Soliai---I'd choose Randy Starks--all day long! I tip my hat to Coach Philbin for letting bygones be bygones.


Are you sure your last name isn't "Madison" and you have a roommate named "Felix"?

Just thought I'ld ask. :)

"it could be worse. I could be out on the street"
- Randy Starks right after signing 2 yr deal with the Dolphins

Rdubs, I like what Hickey has done so far. I want a little more O-line help, which hopefully will happen soon.

Damn, Revis to the Pats that hurts.


I Google Dr. Oscar Canosa and a FBI Fraud Alert pop up took over my computer screen. Whats up with that?

I agree JUST FYI!
That is the most likely scenario. The logical thing will be grab a solid RT.
Then in the draft you draft Martin to start at RG. He can later be groomed to play RT

If this FA thing moves any slower it will be like watching paint dry even dryer

That gives us rounds 2-7. To draft depth and BPa

Revis is washed up. We'll abuse him. Hopefully.

JAJAJJJA. JUst read A tweet that says how in the NFL world was Mike Wallace so wide open on over a DOZEN, YES diks "12 PLUS" designed long balls for TD's, That Sherman called THAT THOLE missed and THUS Sherman is RETIRED now eH?.THole is a POS. eH?

I would still like Tate, and another solidify RT. That would get our offense ready for next season

Still withouth an OL, ah?....hahah, we might need to forfeit the first one due to "rules of the game"

Gentleman, at the beginning of FA we needed to fill an enti OL, there was no time to sit back and drink coffee. right after Albert we should have had another top FA OT...slick and fast thinking GM, that is what they do....they move fast...we, we got Dickey and the Witch padding their backs because they got 1 LT....and the line still on fire

Don't cry on game day

Giacomini to the Jets. Maybe a little downgrade from Howard.

Ape Im trying. All along you have been proven correct my friend. The truth hurts for the homers and they need to hate the likes of us, ha ha. Ape is the real voice of his blog.

The Jets beat up on the barbies pretty J-Lo on dec.30 eH?
Um, 10-11 WEEKS AGO eH?

Yes. Paul told me that if Belichick does not win the Division, it is likely that he'll never get to to play the Denver Broncos in the SB. Paul also told me that Peyton Manning is all done for.

Ape Tamer = ugly GoGogo dancer = boring duncers

Desperate for attention to post the same ridiculous mularky all day every day.

Sad lives.

This is Thill last chance too be honest. Ape and I know how this will pan out in the end. Lazor will certainly bring a young QB prospect in, particularlly if Moore is cut or traded.

We HAVE a young prospect at QB and who Philbin likes and they have recently signed for next year, namely, Pat Devlin.

Rd 1 Ryan Shazier LB The Ohio State University
Rd 2 Troy Niklas TE Notre Dame
Rd 3 Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss
Rd 4 Jay Prosch FB Auburn
Rd 5 James Hurst OT UNC
Rd 6 Connor Shaw QB South Carolina
Rd 6 John Urschel OG Penn State
Rd 7 Max Bullough ILB Michigan State
Rd 7 Dezmen Southward S Wisconsin

Sorta surprised Devan Joseph hasn't gotten any offers yet. Hickey knows him well. Maybe injury is worse then reported

I luv you to Marco and all of my anti-homer Dolphins fans who know what is best for our fallen FRANCHISE! as of late Eh?.JAJAJAJAJA. You SEE ! Homers?, US ,We can say ,,,, ? NOBODY LUV'S OUR TEAM MORE THAN WE TRUE AQUA BLOOD SUCKERS DO and you tykes who are trying to crawl up the ladder are going to get SMACKED DOWN because you are happy with 7-9,8-8 6-10 etc,and I say it again BUT FPHUCK, LET US REAL DOLPANS HANDLE THE MESS AND you stupid Homers can enjoy the ride,GOT IT DUMMIES eH?/Yes You Do/jajaja.GET OUT OF THE WAY AND LET THE PROS HANDLE THIS eH?

Nice draft Mr. Beerphin!

Please can expand on your starting OL?


Why is that?

Miami needed to be aggressive and go after 3 top OL in FA, to set the line so on draft day they would be in position to select one more lineman (1st round) and that would not only clean up the line but made it stronger

Miami with a good OL last year makes the playoff.

The line had to be fixed first, then these other Delma's and mitchel

Now is too late....the line will have 2 pro bowlers and 3 mediocre/rookie players

The mission is year was to fix the line. Dickey has gotten only one The line is on fire

Dickey! Read my post please


So Mando has no sources on the inside that can tell us who is visiting.

I always hear about Revis this and Revis that.... Yeah, good player, he's had his days against Miami... I've also seen him completely neutralized by chasing a fast decoy.... And Miami just by chance has......... Well... you get the picture... Revis can only cover one guy at a time... He's not Octocorner..........

Hartline, Gibson, Wallace, Binns, Mathews, Clay and whomever else is around.... How many can he cover in one play..?

You'll hear them talking about Revis half the time this year; the rest of the time they'll be talking about Brady exposing Delmas and the rest of the secondary not named Grimes.

WOW! what a powerful QUOTE Ape Tamer. But with all do respect, can we give the new staff at least 1 more season?,Yes, it is mostly the same staff but with a lit welding torch attached to their back sides.

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