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Randy Starks contract a win for Dolphins

The re-signing of Randy Starks was a win for the Dolphins because it brings back a two-time Pro Bowl player who happens to play a position of need (until he signed his name on the contract) for the Dolphins.

It was also a win for general manager Dennis Hickey and Executive vice president of Football Administration Dawn Aponte -- who are working the contract for Miami -- because the deal they got seems beneficial for the Dolphins.

The reported deal of two-years worth $12 million is a mirage.

Oh, it might be worth that $6 million per year annual average if Starks maxes out and actually sticks around for the two seasons because there are $1 million in incentives each year -- in 2014 and 2015.

But the deal is actually for a total of $10 million with $5 million guaranteed in the form of the $2 million signing bonus and his $3 million base salary this coming season. The other $5 million comes in the form of 2015 base salary.

What does that mean?

Starks, 30, is really only assured of being with the team in '14. If for whatever reason his play drops off or, God forbid, he gets hurt, or the Dolphins simply want to go in a different direction, the team can cut the defensive tackle next year and save $4 million in cap space even while carrying $1 million in dead money.

And because there is no triggering mechanism that would force the Dolphins to make a decision on Starks next offseason, they could carry his contract through training camp 2015 before making their final decision on his future.

I suppose Starks understood all this when he met with the media Wednesday and didn't exactly do cartwheels over signing the deal.

“I mean it feels really good," he said. "It could be worse, I could be out on the street, but for the most part I’m glad to be back. I’ve been in this organization for six years and I think I’m established here. I’m just happy to be back."

The reason Starks is glad to be back "for the most part" is because he clearly expected a bigger payday in perhaps his last big bite of the contract apple. A league source tells me Starks' representation was talking about a $7.5-million-per-year-plus salary for Starks before free agency began.

Obviously, that never materialized. So Starks was sort of forced to go back to the Dolphins, who had balked at his initial asking price and told him to go shop himself in the market.

"I had options out there, but like I said this is where I want to be," Starks said. "I want to finish my career here, and I think this two-year deal gives me a chance to do that.”


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After Matthews, Robinson and Lewan, the LT pool in the Draft is quite shallow of ready to go, impact Players.


Posted by: Ape Tamer


Yeah... I agree... I agree that fans... ALL OF THEM.... Need to come to the realization that if they knew half of what they BELIEVED they knew... They would know .010% of what the people paid millions to do the job know. And if they started RIGHT NOW as a scout... In 20 years they could offer a legitimate and educated evaluation that was without agenda or ego...

So Yes... By all means.... Let us all allow the Pro's. those hired because of years of coaching and scouting experienced in several different leagues, levels and teams fix our broken franchise.....

Are you one of them..? If so... which team do you represent..? If you can answer that with legitimacy... I'll be your biggest fan.....

ETF……Brady and the Pats werent our problem last year…..the Bills, Jets and Bucs were

Going back to his days with the Giants Belichik has always had that shutdown CB in his D's along with a Strong Safety calling out the signals. I remember in the Giants 86 SB team they traded for Everson Walls to be that guy while 1st Rd pick Mark Collins developed. In N.E.'s SB runs it was Ty Law before he was forced to go more zone when his best CB was gambler A.Samuel. The thing he's still lacking is that QB back there at S.S. they haven't had since R.Harrison retired and Chung and Meriweather flamed out at carrying the responsibility.

how do the Jets somehow get linked and in the news with fabricated, no fact stories?--suddenly they were "talking reunion" with Revis?……all of about 7 minutes before he signed with NE?--really?--the ways the media continue to somehow inject the Jets into any story they can is unbelievable…..

Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 6m
Dolphins plan to meet with Rams free agent OG Shelley Smith per @jthom1. He left NY Giants without a deal & is meeting with Pats right now.

What do you guys know about this OG?

Texas…..that the Rams and NYG didnt want him?

One thing I will agree on with the Tanny haters. If the GM does his job and sets the table, the onus will be on #17.

The defense should be a little better. Not great but better another year into the system.

If the offensive line gets retooled properly and gels there should be no excuses.

The WR's know their role. Running backs are manageable although they must improve in pass protection.
I think even with the addition of Lazor this offense goes as the QB goes.

He has to make his reads, make the proper check down, and deliver the ball on time with accuracy.

Tanny will have to be more than a game manager for this offense to click.

He's shown flashes but can he do it consistently and with the game on the line?

His and Philbin's fate depend on it, as do our hopes for getting off the snide this year.

The 12 times that Wallace was "wide open" must have been after Tannehill was sacked or had handed off on a go-gogo play. He would not fight for the ball or to get open.

Posted by: fin4life | March 12, 2014 at 08:21 PM

Well teach us how would you describe it ? We can all learn from this injustice. The death penalty is wrong and should be revoked through congress and the senate.

Posted by: Marco | March 12, 2014 at 08:27 PM

Having his entire life taken away from him entering the Correctional system in your 20's exiting going into your 60's is about the most horrific thing I think a person can experience. So I don't think you can put words to it because only he and a handful of others know what that feels like.

I believe in Capital punishment just fear our Judicial System's ability to give a fair and impartial shake to someone on trial for their life without the financial means of securing the best defense money can buy. I believe Labrant Dennis who beat UM LB Marlin Barnes and Timwanika Lumpkins to death with the butt of a shotgun deserves the Death penalty. You don't have to agree and I'm far from a Bible thumping conservative tea bagger but the crime does mitigate the punishment.

Charles Manson and his group out wore there welcome long ago while tax payers foot the bill and were all reminded by some hard copy/TMZ type outlet (THUNDERDOME for chicklet brains!) reminds us all with some off the wall prison interview with a guy who obviously lives in Oz. He should have seen San Quentin's famous green room long ago!


Ex-Rams G/T Rodger Saffold has failed his physical with the Raiders, and will not be signing.

well……I will say…..what about our Oline?

Now is too late....the line will have 2 pro bowlers and 3 mediocre/rookie players

The mission is year was to fix the line. Dickey has gotten only one The line is on fire

Dickey! Read my post please

Posted by: Go gogo | March 12, 2014 at 09:35 PM

Davin Joseph is a 2nd tier FA I believe we ink in the 2nd wave of FA. Your getting way ahead! Outside Beadles there was NO GUARD in this FA period worth over 6 Mil per. Incognito was always destined for the scrap heap. Some talk is if though we lost Steve Hutchinson in his prime. The man was tough as nails but was also the slowest pulling Guard in the NFL Barr None!!

It's the reason you've seen Pouncey pulling from Center around LT in his Pro Career. Go google our home game Vs. Seattle in 2012 were he pulls around Cogs leading Bush with LT Long on his keester as well into the endzone. This was forced because with Cogs pulling the play was to slow developing. D.Joseph will be an upgrade over what we had in the last few Yrs. by a mile and the signing I'm waiting on to cement LT,LG & C.

It's the other spots RG & RT that will have to wait and the reason we probably do take Z.Marin by default. The alternative in your scenario is blowing out all our space (entire 38 Mil) on these guys (4 players) with all making in the 8 to 10 Mil range and Pouncey a pending FA in 2015 without mentioning we have to sign our draft picks! I'm glad your not running this thing bouncing off the walls on Espresso's!

Yep somehow Saffold is returning to sign with the Rams.

Mark the Raiders down for LT in the Draft.


Ex-Rams G/T Rodger Saffold has failed his physical with the Raiders, and will not be signing.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | March 12, 2014 at 10:16 PM

Hadn't heard wonder what they were thinking letting Veldheer walk? On NFL Net. there reporting that J.Tuck, Lammar Woodley and Terrelle Thomas were all set to sign with the Silver-n-Black.


Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 12, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Tex don't know much about Shelley Smith outside that he started 14 games at LG for them last Yr after the starter went down. I figure he has no deal so far because he's pricing himself out of the market with the 1st tier guys. He did play LG in a brutal NFC West so he has to be a servceable player just not familiar with him.

Mark the Raiders down for LT in the Draft.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 12, 2014 at 10:34 PM

Yep! A real game changer for us because now the 4 at large OL in the draft are all in demmand before our pick. The scenario we dreaded Tex! Dolphins maybe forced to bring in Bengals A.Collins in a hurry now!

Saffold right back to the Rams for crazy money.

The Dolphins still have no playmakers on offense. Very dissapointing offseason again.

Thoughts on the Free Agency period.

Two losers with the Starks signing. Starks with the amount of his contract. Philbin because he had to swallow and consent Starks' signing after the finger, well knowing he needs good players to win or else he gets canned. No more of Philbin's evangelisation and preaching. He is now learning the ropes of being a NFL head coach.

Nobody wanted Vontae Davis and that's why he got traded to the Colts. But Vontae signed a hefty contract yesterday which means he is wanted. I wonder if this means something as to our coaching not being good enough with players with virgin talent as Vontae seems to show now.

Dansby seems to be on a roll with his new contract with the Browns. Amazing amount for a 32 year old LB who did not prove much with the hefty contract he got from the Dolphins. In contrast, Fasano on Sean Smith, both under contract, are not much talked about in any Chiefs reports.

Collins would be a good choice IMO but yeah, the Raiders will almost have to drop their first pick on Matthews or Robinson. Which are very good options to have. I would imagine 1 of those 2 make it to 5.

Shelly Smith would be stupid to sign with New England tomorrow. Their cap situation is almost maxed. If he comes to Miami they can probably give him some guaranteed money. The guy reads like exactly what this young team needs.

beerfin, some good players on your list. I don't believe Bullough will last past round. Great call on Connor Shaw. He may be the gutsiest offensive player in the draft. He'd be my 2nd choice after Murray..McCarron up there too. I'd love to see one of them make it to the 4th round.
They were wrong about Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, and several others these last few drafts.

Yeah, Collins would be great. Shelly Smith would be a decent guy to kick the tires on. Sounds like he did good in limited action with the Rams and would be a good fit in our blocking scheme.

Pats can't have much money left, hopefully they lose Edelman.


I'd sign Shelley Smith in a heartbeat!
Was bored.

I can't imagine that with all the money the Raiders have they would be outbid on Collins.
I think the Patriots have about 5 mill left on the rule of 51.
Miami can outbid the only other serious contender being the Rams for Shelly Smith. Hickey please make this your next target.then find us one more CB and push away from the frenzy. BTW Brandon Browner can be had for a 2 year 6 mill deal. And you won't have to pay 25% of the base in the first year.

"I just read a tweet". You stupid idiots use other people's opinions to make up your minds. Be proud dummies.

Wow, a positive comment about Dawn Aponte without references to her gender or alluding to her controlling/having sex with Philbin..well done Armando! Perhaps, your gender politics have finally entered the 1960s!

Wow. Revis to the Pats? The rich get richer.


Far from case where rich get richer. Remember, 2013 AFC Championship game, Pats vs Broncos? See the Broncos fa moves?

Well, Belichik's been standing in quicksand until the Revis signing. Question now:

"Is Revis signing nearly enough to keep Pats on Pa with Broncos"?

I don't think so.


Jets agree to terms with WR Decker


By Sports Network

The Sports Network

Florham Park, NJ (SportsNetwork.com) - The New York Jets agreed to terms with wide receiver Eric Decker on Wednesday.

Decker started all 16 regular-season games for the Broncos last season and set career-highs in receptions (87) and yards (1,288) while hauling in 11 touchdown passes from Peyton Manning.

The 26-year-old wideout has spent his entire four-year career with Denver since being drafted by the team in the third round (87th overall) of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Over 62 career games, including 44 starts, Decker has racked up 222 receptions for 3,070 yards and 33 touchdowns.

Also Wednesday, the Jets agreed to terms with offensive tackle Breno Giacomini, who served as the Seattle Seahawks' starting right tackle over the past 2 1/2 seasons.

Giacomini, 28, has made all 33 of his career starts over the last three seasons.


Who else

Before the Draft we need a right tackle!

After the draft we need a QB.

Tannehill definetely deserves another year after playing behind that O line.

Its a miracle he wasn't hurt.

Hartline didn't help week #16, dropping ballls, trying to catch with his chest.

Marlon Moore single handedly cost us the Jets game.

Wheeler cost us 2 games with his dumb penalties.

And the refs gave away a game to the Pats.

Don't be a monkey molester like the Ape guy.

no # 8 in points allowed, This gives us a hughe start for 2014, now go draft ol ol ol


How bout Albert, Shelly Smith, Pouncey, Brenner and # 50 pick Tiny Richardson?

Mando, so whats Dawnhojoe doing looking over Hicheys shoulder making sure Philbins interests are being watched over? What does Dawnhojoe know about NFL talent, other then being unable not to find any?

Keep in mind now that the Fins actually hired an O line coach who knows what he is doing may be one of the best signings made during the off season. Players like Brenner, Garner, and perhaps Thomas will get the proper coaching and improve. There are still a few second teir O lineman out there that could be brought in to compete as well.

Glad to see Starks brought back. Provides starting calibur talent and besides would hate to see him standing out by the Davie road 595 ramp intersection holding up a card board sign, "will tackle for food"

The fins have made some ok moves to be somewhat relevant . This team may have the makings of a wildcard team IF THEY FIND THREE MORE O-LINE STARTERS. BFD! NE, SF and Denver are making big bold moves. They will never catch NE with this coach and management. Philbin has no fire, no creativity, Coyle has taken a very good defense and made them average. They have replaced two starters Clemons and Solai with players rated worse. They kept a couple good players, fine. Albert is one player and for 5 years they had a better LT and how many playoffs did Long get them ??? Thats right 0 !

J T SANDER, astute comment concerning John Benton. While M Pouncey and B Albert will be the anchors of the new OL, good schemes and coaching can have average talent performing at above average levels. The goal will be for HC Philbin and Benton to get the new OL familiar with one another and all working as a top unit in their first year together.

I also like R Starks, J Odrick and E Mitchell over Soliai as DTs. All three of these guys can get after the QB and if Starks plays motivated, this will be a tough trio to beat. D Jordan getting up to speed and posing an opposite side threat to C Wake should make the DL a formidable group.

ok hickey big day, lets get some oline help

yeah billcale but oline still awful right now, they need more bodies in here. and with pouncey gone 4-6 games to start season it could get real ugly

need to do something solid today with pats getting revis and now bringing in browner, no clue why miami hasnt talked to him

On Starks and the middle finger.

Give it a break. It wasn't a big deal when it happened. It isn't a big deal now. Philbin and the Coaches were laughing on the sideline.

The reason Starks couldn't do it again was because the league will fine him.Not cause of Mr.F-Bomb (Philbin).

It just makes you look silly. Apparently you don't know as much as you think your know.

* you know

was a telling tale dashi, those arent rumors, starks doesnt like philbin and i dont blame him. be glad once philbins fired after season

You can say they dislike each other. I just find it ridiculous to say that another grown man is going to hold a grudge because of the Middle Finger. I bet Philbin dislikes Starks more for taking plays off, than for a middle finger.

And by him resigning. Starks was only mad because the fins didn't extend him.

Using some logic here. Maybe Starks was mad at Ireland and Not Philbin.

If Philbin didn't want Starks on the Team. Starks wouldn't be on the team. Common Sense. He got rid of Better Players that created a bigger hole. Just because he didn't want him on the team.

Remember trading Marsha for nothing? We had a huge hole in 2012 at WR because he didn't want him on his team.

Again, it is ridiculous to assume he didn't want him on his team.

The offense could be the Montana led 49ers and the Bears' defense but Philbin would still screw it up. A clueless coach + clueless owner = losers.

2 third rd picks isnt nothing, only to u. gms would love that this year. and no not cause of middle finger, he just doesnt like philbin as im sure most guys dont, no fire at all

Failbin is more of an accountant than a leader of men

yeah dave, least the clown will be gone after season

Saffold failed his physical with the Raiders - aren't you glad now the Phins did not pursue him? He's been injury prone his whole career.
I still can't believe Revis signed a one year deal with the Pats. He could've gotten a much better multiyear deal if he just tried. And the Pats can franchise him next year if they want to. The good news is he really just replaces Talib, he is not really an upgrade. Unless he returns to his old form, of course.

yeah oakland got lucky on that on, that deal was awful for them


I have to agree with Dashi. I think Starks's frustration was with the organization in general.

I think what your both missing is that Ireland and Philbin were on the same page early on with the character and "culture" the they wanted to change.

They should have been worring about winning football games instead of building boyscouts because when you go overboard you end with the preachers son syndrome, like what happened with Cogs and company.

just be glad when philbins gones, def worst coach miami has ever had. never thought id say that after cameron

The Jets signed Decker so they improved their receiving corp which may have been the worst in the NFL.
Hopefully someone will sign Edelman so the Pats don't get him back.
I like the moves the Phins have made, but other teams have done better, such as Denver. With the first wave of FA signings over, the rest of the signings will trickle in more slowly. Phins still need to sign a RT or G, and have not addressed the RB position but the draft is deep in RB so I am not worried about that.

oh yeah mass, u can put denver in super bowl again already. way better now than any afc team for sure

ask mck
to move
2 rt

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