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Randy Starks contract a win for Dolphins

The re-signing of Randy Starks was a win for the Dolphins because it brings back a two-time Pro Bowl player who happens to play a position of need (until he signed his name on the contract) for the Dolphins.

It was also a win for general manager Dennis Hickey and Executive vice president of Football Administration Dawn Aponte -- who are working the contract for Miami -- because the deal they got seems beneficial for the Dolphins.

The reported deal of two-years worth $12 million is a mirage.

Oh, it might be worth that $6 million per year annual average if Starks maxes out and actually sticks around for the two seasons because there are $1 million in incentives each year -- in 2014 and 2015.

But the deal is actually for a total of $10 million with $5 million guaranteed in the form of the $2 million signing bonus and his $3 million base salary this coming season. The other $5 million comes in the form of 2015 base salary.

What does that mean?

Starks, 30, is really only assured of being with the team in '14. If for whatever reason his play drops off or, God forbid, he gets hurt, or the Dolphins simply want to go in a different direction, the team can cut the defensive tackle next year and save $4 million in cap space even while carrying $1 million in dead money.

And because there is no triggering mechanism that would force the Dolphins to make a decision on Starks next offseason, they could carry his contract through training camp 2015 before making their final decision on his future.

I suppose Starks understood all this when he met with the media Wednesday and didn't exactly do cartwheels over signing the deal.

“I mean it feels really good," he said. "It could be worse, I could be out on the street, but for the most part I’m glad to be back. I’ve been in this organization for six years and I think I’m established here. I’m just happy to be back."

The reason Starks is glad to be back "for the most part" is because he clearly expected a bigger payday in perhaps his last big bite of the contract apple. A league source tells me Starks' representation was talking about a $7.5-million-per-year-plus salary for Starks before free agency began.

Obviously, that never materialized. So Starks was sort of forced to go back to the Dolphins, who had balked at his initial asking price and told him to go shop himself in the market.

"I had options out there, but like I said this is where I want to be," Starks said. "I want to finish my career here, and I think this two-year deal gives me a chance to do that.”


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Thank god all you dopes with the sign everyone mentality are should not be alnot running the franchise! Think about this.

Next season Miami has only 35 players under contract, Pouncey & Odrick UFA's & only $25 mil in cap space which just so happens to be 28th in the NFL. EVEN THE COWBOYS, STEELERS & REDSKINS HAVE MORE SPACE!

Need 18 bodies to fill the 53 & try to retain those 2 with $25 mil & eventually less as they sign more players? YEA, GOOD LUCK!

THis approach would be fine if you were winning. We'll be in perpetual cap hell & sub .500 for the next 10 years.

All these contracts are going to hurt..>REAL soon. You'll say we'll just cut guys to make more space. As if cutting guys doesn't create more holes to fill.

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will be there
and ne gets back all
of last seasons
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4 2014

Mike and Mike in the morning can gag on my dik. It was a NYJ love fest all morning with Greenberg and Herm Edwards. They were talking about how the Pats better watch out even with the addition of Revis because the Jets are looking so good. Really? Why? What empirical evidence have you seen from that abortion of an offense to make you think Geno Smith can take the next step? They were talking as if Smith and Brady are the only QBs playing in the AFC East. Of course, they ripped Miami, which is fine because they still have a lot of work to do, but still, there is nothing the Jets have done to improve their offense besides sign Eric Decker, who is going to get abused by Revis twice next year. Un-blanking-believable!

Remember trading Marsha for nothing? We had a huge hole in 2012 at WR because he didn't want him on his team.

Again, it is ridiculous to assume he didn't want him on his team.

Posted by: Dashi | March 13, 2014 at 08:11 AM

I agree that was more about the Org. as a whole but Philbin has/did want a Locker Room full of Boy Scouts. Today his Honeymoon period is faaaar in his rear view though and he knows that.

yeah, the Jets signing Decker is overrated. He was the 3rd best receiver on the Broncos for chissakes, behind Demarius Thomas and Welker. He was rarely, if ever, double covered and benifitted greatly by the attention those 2 got. And of course he had Manning throwing to him.

Hoping fins don't spend a whole lot on the corner position. We drafted 2 corners last yearwith a ton of potential. At some point you have to have faith in what you believed in when drafting these guys and let them play. Wouldn't spend much here at all. Would rather spend on o-line and linebacker.

To Go gogo:

Agree that we need offensive lineman, but there really were not a ton of quality o-lneman in free agency. Maybe 3 or 4 that were all snatched up immediately. Once the pre-season starts there will be good veteran options that shake loose that can be had. The rest need to come through the draft.

I think hickey is doing a great job he upgraded the safety position , retained grimes , signed a young aggressive defensive tackle retained Starks so the defense is done now the Albert deal was a great start so we need a few guards and right tackle with 20 million in cap space and all our draft picks

I agree with phins4ever, injuries really held Taylor and Davis back last year so if they are healthy it's time to plug 'n play.

The Dolphins will make the playoffs. And Philbin will keep his job.

Rick, Agreed Philbin and Ireland were on the same page early on. And Cogs was a Parcells guy. The Boy scout was J.Martin. That falls on Ireland.

Philbin has always made a point that he wants "Football Players". Smart, Hard Working Football Players. He has made it a point he doesn't care about prototype. Or Combine Numbers. Philbin wants guys that move like football players on the field. I know it is difficult to understand to some. But look at our current Free Agents. They aren't the biggest or fastest guy at their position. They are just the "Best Football Player Available(BFPA)" at their position.

Ireland is/was a good GM. His main problem was getting a coach better than him (If a HC is worth his weight the GM is always under them). And changing Philosophy midway through the Build, Ireland didn't have more time Philbin had more time.

We went from Building a Power Run Offense with a 3-4 Defense. To a 4 Wide Spread-Option WCO with a Hybrid 4-3 Cover 2. He hired a coach that runs a completely Different Philosophy. So Most of the Players Ireland had already acquired didn't fit the new scheme.

Decker is another Brian Hartline a good WR but nothing to fear. I just dont understand why we wont look at one if these veteran players that can help us win.

I like Sproles, Beason, Peppers, Cromartie etc

A team full of rookies, 2nd year players and no leasers cant win or get in the playoffs..

Areas that still need to be addressed in FA and draft:
OL (everyone knows that one)
Power RB who can actually pass block, or a true No. 1 back.
MLB who can actually tackle so Ellerbe can move outside, or Jordan can play OLB. Or just draft an OLB and get rid of Wheeler.
Safety to replace Delmas after this year.
TE to pair with Clay and is good in red zone.
Later round QB for grooming and in case Tannehill slips back.

Has Philbin been fired yet?

We need a power back to get tough yards. A RG, RT, LB, a big WR, maybe another TE. Please cut Egnew already..

Seems like Hickey sitting on his hands right now..

How is it that Philbin still has a job?

The Jets signed Decker so they improved their receiving corp which may have been the worst in the NFL.

Posted by: MassDolphan | March 13, 2014 at 08:40 AM

Not blown away by a WR group of Decker, S.Hill and T.E. Cumberland. An average group IMO, the Jets still have to address who the speed guy is because as of right now that's Clyde Gates.

We won't be getting CJ Mosley...Miami better set their sights on Chris Borland. That guy will be a superstar, period. He's not as NFL ready as Mosley, but the guy set the FBS record for forced fumbles. He could be a more athletic ZT type for us.

Yeah MassD, definitely need a top right tackle available. Maybe I'm being a dreamer but I'm hoping they do what they need to do to secure Collins who is really the only "surefire known commodity A o lineman" out there left. I know it would be expensive but would you rather have $33M in cap apce left and Dallas Thomas as your right tackle or $29M in cap space left and Anthony Collins as your right tackle. Just get it over with already ... sign the man, put out a feeler on Daryl Smith to play MLB and close up shop until the draft...


My point was more on how if Philbin doesn't want a Player here. You aren't going to be here or comeback. Doesn't matter if you are a Superstar WR, a #1 Overall Pick, a Diva MLB, or the Most Overhyped RB in History. Philbin decides who is on his team.

Like any good coach will.

Hickey's job is to scout and do his due diligence on College Players and Free Agents. Following a set of guidelines Philbin gives him. Hickey does have say in the matter. But at the end of the day Philbin decides who plays.

Then after they both decide that they want a certain player, Dawn negotiates the Contracts. And the lady does her job.

I agree the Honeymoon is Over for Philbin. Playoffs or Else. And Hickey is on a 1 year deal also depending how bad the team does.

Now when the Fins make the Playoffs this year and go into the next off season with the same cap space and all our draft picks again. Our expectations can be a little loftier.

We need to sign Moreno at RB. He is great at blitz pickups and runs hard. He will reduce our sack numbers by ten by himself. We need a mlb and we should resign Clemons. Delmas is not very good. He hits hard but that's it. We need to go after the best cb and and g available

... oh maybe get Chandler or one of the other TEs to play a complimentary role to Clay. Chandler is aan able blocker and kills the middle of the field where Clay is too small to operate ...

I thought they traded S.Hill. Didn't they get that bust from the 49ers?

I have gone on record many times that if Ebron falls to 19 Miami needs to grab him immediately. We could run a double TE set and shove it up the Pats arse.

Still no playmakers on offence. We need 2 new RB's and a new QB.

Yet again, Mr. Irrelevant Twit in Toronto is wrong on the cap numbers.

Miami is only $30 m over to start the day.

And not just that, next year w/Odrick & Pouncey going to hit FA & only 35 guys under contract, Miami is currently only $25 m under next year. That's 28th in he NFL.

Keep loading up on fat contracts ladies! Lemme guess, we'll cut guys & free up space? At the same time, creating more holes. BRILLIANT!

Need to carry over a large sum so we can address holes & resign priorities next year too! Sign 1 more budget OT & addres severything else IN THE DRAFT!!!!!!

Yeah, Dashi I like Philbin, but like you said honeymoon is over. No more 8-8 and get there next year, we already went through that.

The Browns are trying to sign Edelman, I hope Farmer backs up the truck full of cash.

I think after the Starks contract we have 26.5 mil in space still. Prob need 5 mil for the draft and another 5 mil for practice squad and emergency space throughout the year, so we still have plenty of room.

I'd feel a lot better if we signed Collins, Streif, or even Shelley Smith.

Randy STarks was the biggest steal this FA so far! You cannot beat a player of his caliber at that price. Even if he sees every dime of that deal including incentives. It is still a bargain!!

I know we were all turned off by his comments at his press conference. But can any of us really blame him?


1. Did the move make the team better?
2. Did the GM get swindled in the process?

Hickey is not getting swindled BUT to me this roster today is not better than the roster we ended the season with. I think it is a little worse.

Sorry Ray Mcdonald. But if hartline had Manning as a qb i am sure he would crack 1000+ yards effortlessly along with 10+ touchdowns


Has that been improved? No

Deone Bucannon should be another option in the second if available..our safety play is going to be an abomination


Has that been improved? No

WTF, I am frustrated, Pats sign Revis, now they will get Steve Smith for low $$, I can't take it anymore! This team gets every break and discount going. Every year I pray Kraft suffers, and it never happens.


Ravens will get Smith. They are mutually hard for each other!

Rushing attack will improve with better O-line players.

Rdubs, I hope your right! Living in MA is a complete nightmare around all of these spoiled PATS fans.

I thought they traded S.Hill. Didn't they get that bust from the 49ers?

Posted by: Dashi | March 13, 2014 at 09:31 AM


WR Stephen Hill will now be the #2 guy opposite Decker.


That he wants to build around NOT that are going to move us from 8-8 to 9-7.


1 more linemen and D.Smith or J.Beason need to be signed.

I would sign Both. Cut Wheeler and make Ellerbe my #4. Rotating him in for the 3 Starters. Plus, he could start if Beason gets hurt.

On the Linemen. It could be a RT or a RG. I would sign Penn and D.Joseph from the Bucs in a couple days. Sign them to 2 year deals like they did with Starks.

I wouldn't mind looking at an O-line of ..

LT- Fat Albert
LG- Brenner or D.Thomas
C- Pouncey
RG- D.Joseph
RT- Penn

And draft RT- S.Henderson in the 2nd. To replace Penn after this season or compete with him to start.

Dashi's Mock if we can get the O-line fix like this

1- K.Benjamin or M.Bryant
2- S.Henderson
3- C.Borland
4- A.Williams


I thought Beason signed with NYG.


But he doesn't talk about it whenever the Cuban-born custodian is in the vicinity that is why Mando knows nothing about it.

Every year I pray Kraft suffers, and it never happens.

Posted by: Poizen | March 13, 2014 at 09:43 AM

Bob Kraft is by faaaar one of the Gold Standards in terms of NFL Ownership. My only regret was that Tim Robbie sold to Wayne when Kraft was looking for a team to buy himself!

"It could be worse, I could be out on the street, but for the most part I’m glad to be back."

Smart man


I thought Beason signed with NYG.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 13, 2014 at 09:48 AM

Correct! About to post it myself.


My bad I thought S.Hill was traded for the Bust from the 49ers. A.J. Jenkins.

S.Hill has been on the verge of being cut for the past season. They just didn't have anybody else.

S.Hill is a Nonfactor. C.Gates is higher on the Depth Chart than S.Hill.

NE possibly signing Sproles is way more worrisome than NE signing S. Smith

Looks like Sproles is headed to Philly. Thank god.


New Orleans showed the world that if you throw deep early and often against the Phins you can put them in a hole and force them to abandon the running game.

If anything our secondary is worse and our DL is the same or worse so why would teams act any differently against us based on these crappy moves?

He should do most of the rebuilding in the draft. Who would really complain about that except the blind homers who think Ireland left enough pieces to be able to win now?

They've given out enough contracts the last 2 years. They need to fill the roster with young blood since they'll be dumping bloated contracts beginning next offseason. Wheeler, Ellerbe anyone?

Some ppl here still advocating signing players that were signed 1-2 days ago. Spend, spend, spend LOL

Sproles is heading to Philly for a 5th round pick. Eagles also signed Nolan Carroll. Good luck with that.



To me Beason was the Best MLB on the Market.

Whomever thinks Jeff Ireland was a good GM needs to go back to football 101

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | March 13, 2014 at 09:55 AM

WTF are you babbling about bro? They showed that if you have a very quick, very agile back you toss the ball to him all over the field within 5 yards and he will burn our LBs jocks. Your assessment is poo.

I would of love Beason! This is what I mean Hickey sitting in his hands. We need more help with FAs. The LB core was god awful last season and was the main reason we fell to 24th in run stopping.

Couldnt stop the run and couldnt run the ball a receipe for disaster in the NfL



To me Beason was the Best MLB on the Market.

Posted by: Dashi | March 13, 2014 at 09:57 AM

Actually, that distinction belongs to your favorite, Dansby. Explains why he was 1 of the 1st FA's signed.



That $300 million that Ross is spending on upgrades any of you know where the money is coming from?

The money will come from a bank loan. The payments on the bank loan will be made from the money NOT going to high priced free agents. Ross will be able to depreciate the improvements to increase his profit. He will blame the legislature for not financing the improvements to free his money up for better players.
Ross wins.
Fans lose.
Legislature gets blame.
Mando will be the last one to figure it out - again.

Notice how ETF & gogo doll say the same things?


They don't garner enough attn. under 1 name so they foam at the keyboard from 2 names. Likely more.

Banish this idiot Mando.


Direct Quote from the Self-Proclaimed Best Linebacker in the League.

“I definitely want to dominate in a winning program, definitely want to be in a winning situation at this point in my career,” he said in early February. “I’m having fun, man, I’m just getting started. I’ve got some things up my sleeve I’m going to be doing this offseason to really solidify myself as the best linebacker in the league, period. I let it slip through my fingers last season, I won’t let it happen again.”

Just had to post it. Who wants to bet that Mr.Dansby doesn't even do half as good in Cleveland as he would in a Top 5 Defense like the Cardinals were he wasn't even the 5th Best Player on that Defense. Dansby wasn't even the best LB on the Cardinals. D.Washington was.

Dashi watches the Cardinals more than the phins.

Explains his moronic phins comments, don't it?

We finally have a logical explanation!

I have a feeling the Dolphins coaching staff and GM doesn't feel the same about the LB position. I have not heard of any meetings or hints os anything saying a LB was visiting. I know that doesn't mean it won't happen but I just get the feeling they are fine with status quo at LB.

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