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Randy Starks contract a win for Dolphins

The re-signing of Randy Starks was a win for the Dolphins because it brings back a two-time Pro Bowl player who happens to play a position of need (until he signed his name on the contract) for the Dolphins.

It was also a win for general manager Dennis Hickey and Executive vice president of Football Administration Dawn Aponte -- who are working the contract for Miami -- because the deal they got seems beneficial for the Dolphins.

The reported deal of two-years worth $12 million is a mirage.

Oh, it might be worth that $6 million per year annual average if Starks maxes out and actually sticks around for the two seasons because there are $1 million in incentives each year -- in 2014 and 2015.

But the deal is actually for a total of $10 million with $5 million guaranteed in the form of the $2 million signing bonus and his $3 million base salary this coming season. The other $5 million comes in the form of 2015 base salary.

What does that mean?

Starks, 30, is really only assured of being with the team in '14. If for whatever reason his play drops off or, God forbid, he gets hurt, or the Dolphins simply want to go in a different direction, the team can cut the defensive tackle next year and save $4 million in cap space even while carrying $1 million in dead money.

And because there is no triggering mechanism that would force the Dolphins to make a decision on Starks next offseason, they could carry his contract through training camp 2015 before making their final decision on his future.

I suppose Starks understood all this when he met with the media Wednesday and didn't exactly do cartwheels over signing the deal.

“I mean it feels really good," he said. "It could be worse, I could be out on the street, but for the most part I’m glad to be back. I’ve been in this organization for six years and I think I’m established here. I’m just happy to be back."

The reason Starks is glad to be back "for the most part" is because he clearly expected a bigger payday in perhaps his last big bite of the contract apple. A league source tells me Starks' representation was talking about a $7.5-million-per-year-plus salary for Starks before free agency began.

Obviously, that never materialized. So Starks was sort of forced to go back to the Dolphins, who had balked at his initial asking price and told him to go shop himself in the market.

"I had options out there, but like I said this is where I want to be," Starks said. "I want to finish my career here, and I think this two-year deal gives me a chance to do that.”


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Quick Dashi, name the 5 other players on the cards D better than Dansby that you mentioned.

Hurry, don't google it.

Something is wrong with some of your recipes.
Could run the ball and could stop the run = 7-9, 7-9, 6-10. Peanut gallery and Armanda "screw the OL, screw the DL they don't score points, we need more playmakers that score points" Couldn't run the ball and couldn't stop the run = 7-9, 8-8. Peanut gallery and Armanda "we need more OL, we need more DL, we need guys in the interior who can help us score more points"

Aren't you guys dizzy yet?

Why do we have to sign a MLB anyway? Why can't Misi move inside, slide Ellerbe out & use Jordan as the other OLB?

Misi is bigger than Ray Lewis was so, why can't he play there?


Is anyone even scheduled?

The Blog,
Instead of focusing on my comments why don't you focus on all of the quality free agents that are out visiting teams not named the Dolphins.


Is anyone even scheduled?

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | March 13, 2014 at 10:15 AM

What is this? A different post for a change? SHOCKER!

I have a feeling they're going to make a play for a LB in the draft.

FYI, You think your idiotic comments resonate with me in the least?

Actually we are both wrong it seems... spotrac reporting miami has $27M in cap space...


It's still a lot

You're insignificant and I'm in your head.

Just a tip, when you want to correct someone, you should remember to include all the facts.

1. Whatever the Dolphins don't use gets rolled over to next year. (currently $27M)

2. The cap is not set for next year. No team knows for certain how much cap space they do have but it is expected to increase significantly.

3. Currently they have $120M dedicated to next year. Assuming the cap space stays the same which it won't - they have $40M under next year's cap. If you don't know how we came to that, I'm not surprised. learning disability and all... Also we can axe Ellerbe and save another $10M if we amnesty Wheeler this year June 1 - that adds another 9-10M- oh, but that would be creating a huge hole in the roster right? Of course not.

You're a friggin joke.

You're the only person on the planet who thinks we are even close to being in cap purgatory. SPEND SPEND SPEND...

We probably ~ $60M as it stands under next year's cap and this guy is worried about spending a commitment of $10-14 mill over the next two years.

Ring the bell, class is out...

The Jags are getting aggressive as well with Gus Bradley. They signed Red Bryant and Chris Clemmons from Seattle and now seems they're adding Ziggy Hood to the DL as well with Emmanuelle Sanders to the WR Corp. When is Justin Blackmon eligible to come back?

I know to some Dansby is the Best LB.

Dansby had the Best Season of his life. Judge him by the 10 other mediocre Seasons he has had.

Dansby will be 33 when the season starts. Doubt he will get better.

And I know your need to be right blinds you from what is right in Front of you.

A litlle "Comprehension" will be Nice.



To me Beason was the Best MLB on the Market.

Posted by: Dashi | March 13, 2014 at 09:57 AM

"To me Beason was the Best MLB on the Market."

To me- My opinion, not anyone else's. Beason was #1 in my Book.

MLB- Dansby himself calls himself a LB. Because he knows he isn't a True MLB. I was talking about a MLB for the Dolphins Defense.

Just because you want to comment on everything Dashi says, Doesn't mean you are always right.

Now if you want Dashi to admit he is wrong to you! For some sick fetish. You need to try better.

Unlike you, When Dashi is wrong he admits he is wrong.

Now admit it for once. YOU ARE WRONG!!

(It is to early to start, but I just finished it. Keep throwing shade at your 2 other buddies. Dashi isn't having it you Home-O)


I have read that with a new TV contract starting next year they are expecting the CAP to exceed 150 million. You're right though, no one knows until next league year. That is a huge chunk of change.

Twit, wrong again. The cap figure on overthecapdotcom is assumed to be 140 next year & our total obligations AS OF RIGHT NOW is over 114 m.

That's 25 million blowhard. And if you read my post I stated we need to carry over because the needs next year will outweight this years with reduced space & critical players coming to UFA.

Stop getting all uptight. You're in over your head with me. You're a mental midget. You may be a lousy account, but you're terrible with salary caps.

FO F yourself you self aborbed weenie! How's that for being in my head? PUHHHHHHHHHHHHHLEASE!

You Canadians are so smug & WRONG! This is why you're defensive when someone challenges your idiocy.

And Twit in shytville doesn't grasp that with rising caps, contracts ALSO rise. It's all relative. ANd the fact is, Miami is RIGHT NOW 28th in total space next year.

Less than perennial cap purcgatory teams like Pitt, Wash & Dallas.

We will not be able to compete for good FA's because when cap space rises, so do salaries & we will be near the very bottom of the NFL.

Good luck Twit!

Texas, have you heard of them being interested in any o lineman? As of now, this line is worse than last years.

Build throught the draft is correct in essence but this line is such an abortion. If we think going into the season with three rookie or first time starters is a good formula ...?

Just as Home thought/blogged last week
Revis to the Patriots!


why bother even playing the games?

simply start the play offs now w the Dolphins on the couch as usghe


Go Fish!

Fat Albert = ROTFALMAO

Players better than Dansby on the Cardinals #2 Ranked Defense


And the Honey Badger

I know it is difficult to understand how someone is smarter than you. And Knows way more Football than you will ever learn.

The Sooner you come to the realization that Dashi is Superior to You. The Sooner you can move on with your life.

Big blow for Tom Brady. Nolan Carrol just left our division for philly. Addition by subtraction.


I have read we have a OG coming in today. Shelley Smith from the Rams. I don't know much about him though.

I know Dashi was asked but everyone should know that Washington, Patrick peterson and Darnell Dockett are all better players than Dansby... not sure what Abraham did last year but he's had a better career...

Dooshy, tell us again how Lamar Miller is Barry Sanders LOL

Again FYI, learna bout the unused rollover... the number you are using doesn't factor the rollover...

we can roll right now up to $27M so add that to your cap space - plus another up to $20M if they get rid of Wheeler this summer then Ellerbe next summer.



Bottom line add $27-47 M to your figure and you will see where we stand for next year as of today...

How much more are salaries going to go up to eat up that 50-70M in cap space?


Rollover is not just something your ghey lover asks you to do when he sticks his dikk up your arse...

The patriots did not get better yesterday. They lost a good corner and replace him. Thats not improvment. I thought Talib played better than Revis last year. Revis is clearly not the same guy after the knee injury.

Of all things Darrell Revis winds up back in our division. Not happy.

Tom Brady 2014 4 Superbowl victories

Toronto, no offense but, you're a numbnuts.

The guy said when you release guys for space you create holes.

You're dumping players & salary to resign players & reassign salary.

Get a clue bub!

Patriots Rule the NFL World

Patriots sign Revis

Dolphoons sing a fat gut who sat out w a
"precautionary knee injury" for the last 4 games of 2013 regular season

Way to go Dolphoons!


Seems teams like Cleveland and Tampa are destined to just continue to flounder. Think what you want of Miami but we're nowhere near as bad as these guys. Last year Tampa's applauded for their deal of adding Revis. Costs them a first round pick (9th overall). All the media says (great add)! This year, new regime, and they release him for nothing.

Same with Cleveland. Loaded with picks, they draft a 28 year old QB in the first round to be their franchise QB. He's run out of town two years later for nothing and they have to start over. They cut Jackson and add Dansby (is he better?). And they cut Jason Campbell, telling everyone they need a draft via FA or the draft. These franchises just keep changing regimes and spinning their tires.

Add Oakland to the list. Most cap space of any team and they let their LT and Houston walk and do nothing of significance. They add Saffold to be their LT but he can't pass a physical. Very sad!!!

Steve Ross save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

The Dolphins have the worst rated deep passer in the NFL

The Patriots have Tom Brady


Go Fish !

The Dolphoons have a 2nd yr bench warmer Jeffy Ireland CB to start

The Patriots have the best CB in the league


Go Fish !

8-8 Aint that great !

Go Fish !

6-10 Do It Again


Go Fish !

7-9 All The Time !


Go Fish !

Douch in TO also refuses to readh what I said.

Keep spending this year & you WONT have much to roll over next year.

I know about the roll over moron. I've been talking about it all morning.

Keep spending on big nbame guys & see how much is left to carry over next year.



Whats your deal,bud? You fight with EVERYONE on here? Today its Mark. Other days its me. I've seen you fight with Dashi. And its always this time of year. Or the draft. You're always trying to prove you're smarter than everyone else and you're opinion is the only one allowed. YG was a lot like that too. Could never live with the fact that others had a different opinion than him. Interesting that we've never heard boo from him in. The longest time.

Just saying.....

Dashi, how many other names have you used today?

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